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Reviews Categories | QRP Accessories | Rework Eliminator(TM) K2 Option Bypass Headers Help

Reviews Summary for Rework Eliminator(TM) K2 Option Bypass Headers
Rework Eliminator(TM) K2 Option Bypass Headers Reviews: 18 Average rating: 5.0/5 MSRP: $23.50
Description: Rework Eliminator™ Option Bypass Headers are a set of un-modules for the Elecraft® K2. These clever devices are perfect for troubleshooting and tinkering because they dramatically simplify the task of reconfiguring the K2 to re-enable operation upon removal of their associated option. Un-modules are also a key ingredient for building a new K2 that’s “Option Ready” from the outset.

The 1.3" × 3.825" circuit board easily snaps apart forming six postage-stamp-size headers.

A small four-page color-printed booklet of assembly instructions is included.

Product is in production.
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You can write your own review of the Rework Eliminator(TM) K2 Option Bypass Headers.

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KC5WA Rating: 5/5 Mar 28, 2008 05:44 Send this review to a friend
Super Value for the K2 owner  Time owned: 0 to 3 months

"The Rework Eliminator" Header Kit's time has arrived.

This is a very small kit.
However In size of importance and value to the K2" owner it's HUGE and almost priceless".

The Quick Start Instruction sheet is so small you might throw it out with the packing but don't do that. One single sheet with printing on both sides. Yup! That's it. BTW! DON'T DISCARD THAT HUNK OF PRETTY PINK FOAM!

That's it! 3 resistors, two capacitors, some SIP pins. Look close some of the SIP pins have longer long pins. It takes longer to read the instructions than to install the parts. Now! Where is that hunk of pretty pink foam?

After breaking apart the PCB's stick them into the foam so that they don't just rattle around inside something.

Now! Just why did I purchase the "Rework Eliminator" Header Kit? If I should have a problem with any of the several options that I have installed in K2 #6321 I am able to remove the option and plug in the appropriate header and continue to use my radio. With out the header I would have restore the K2 to its before option state to use my K2. UGH! THAT'S TOO MUCH REWORKING.....

IF I HAD BEEN A TINY BIT SMARTER I would have purchased the "COMBO KIT then I'd have had the "OPTION READY KIT" and installed it during the K2 build then I would have ELIMINATED REWORKING my K2 to install the desired options. The options could then be installed any time I was ready to do so....

BTW I'm just a very satisfied customer.
K4DGW Rating: 5/5 Jul 3, 2007 18:23 Send this review to a friend
Great place to get started, wonderful support  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
It had been a few years since I did much soldering. So I started the work on my K2 with the Rework Eliminators. It was a good way to get warmed up and back in the groove. The owners give great support and are very helpful. The newer manuals make things a lot easier. The product fits great and does its job. Once these are installed, adding most of the additional boards is simple. Would not hesitate to use them again.
AD7GR Rating: 5/5 Apr 6, 2007 13:01 Send this review to a friend
K2 Plus RE... Excellent!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have just finished building the K2 kit with many of the options and I am very glad that I decided to use the Rework Eliminator K2 Option Bypass Headers as part of the K2 build process. I found the RE manual's instructions very easy to follow in conjunction with the K2 manuals. Gary and Ken have gone far out of their way to help. I especially thanked them "... for the definite sense of the fellowship of ham radio that I learned to love back in the 70's when I was first licensed." Very nice fellows to work with and an excellent product.

I believe that the marriage of Elecraft K2 and Rework Eliminator boards is an excellent one. The RE boards have saved me time and eliminated unnecessary rework during the K2 assembly.

What a great feeling to just unplug the RE board, plug in the Elecraft Option and have it work correctly the first time, every time... that really made it worthwhile.

The only RE board still plugged in is the one for the K60XV option which I have not bought as yet. In using the RE boards the K2 definitely is "Option Ready".

I would do it again... and again.

Ed - AD7GR
G3VGR Rating: 5/5 Mar 20, 2007 15:40 Send this review to a friend
Very good idea  Time owned: more than 12 months
I bought these after installing most of the K2 options, so they haven't been fully utilised. They were very useful for some troubleshooting when I had some problems after making some modifications to the K2. The PCBs are very high quality, similar to the K2's PCBs. Fortunately, I had enough components in the junkbox to populate the boards, so I didn't need to purchase the parts kits.

If I was ever to build another K2, I would definitely purchase the Rework Eliminators at the same time. I would also buy the K60XV Parts Kit as well, to avoid having to disassemble the bottom cover from the PA transistors. Even though I have no need for a 60m Transverter, the J8 socket is useful for providing PTT to an Amplifier.
LU5OM Rating: 5/5 Jan 5, 2007 04:02 Send this review to a friend
A PLUG & PLAY K2...  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
What else can you ask for?

In March 2006, I entered my K2 review into eHam. Here is what I wrote then about the Rework Eliminator (TM) K2 Option By-Pass Headers:

""I would also like to address my experience with the REWORK ELIMINATORS (an
after market K2 accessory) that I bought from Gary Hvizdak, KI4GGX and Ken
Kaplan, WB2ART. My K2 is now a Plug and Play unit for all options, and
assembly, believe you me, was a breeze. All parts arrived in perfect order
and after annotating a few changes on the K2 assembly manual, everything
worked as indicated and what a rework has to be done and every
option plugs in and works perfectly. Congratulations are due to these two
gentlemen for an innovative and extremely efficent product. Thank you Gary
and Ken!""

Gary and Ken have continued to improve their product and support information. If I ever build another K2, I will buy another RE from them.

Manuel Wilches

G3TJP Rating: 5/5 Jan 3, 2007 11:51 Send this review to a friend
Really worthwhile  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
Rework Eliminators were added to the two K2's I built. The first K2 was already half-built before adding them but the job was made easy thanks to the excellent instructions (which have now been further improved).

They ensure that the K2 is prepared as far as possible to receive the addition of option boards. When option boards are added to the K2, physical disassembly of the transceiver is reduced to removal of the top cover and a soldering iron isn't required to create a "working environment" for the new option. I don't know about you, but after completing an option board, I want to get on with its test and setup, rather than taking the K2 apart each time to remove/add/change components. Naturally, some options require additional K2 tuning, but this is easy when the top cover is off.

The Eliminators remove the possibility of mis-linking when option boards are removed for faultfinding. No need to look up what components are needed to plug into headers and where to poke the wires (to restore basic K2 functions after option removal), just pop in the Eliminator PCB and the job's done. There's nothing to compare with the convenience of a straightforward plug-in replacement, completed in under 10 seconds.

The Eliminators can also be added during a once-and-for-all stripdown of a completed K2, rather than repeating such a performance for each and every new option.

They're more of a luxury than an absolutely essential accessory, rather like adding cream to the coffee!

Vy 73. DaveL G3TJP
AI4NS Rating: 5/5 Dec 24, 2006 12:03 Send this review to a friend
Should be required  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
I purchased and installed the Rework Eliminator kit when I assembled my K2. It was great to have all of the work completed for option addition at a later date. Additionally, they give you the ability to troubleshoot, by simply removing the suspect option and replacing it with the header board. My K2 fell off a table at Field Day this year, and it was invaluable to be able to isolate the area that was giving me problems.

NI0C Rating: 5/5 Dec 23, 2006 18:49 Send this review to a friend
Put away those desoldering tools  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
One of the appeals of the Elecraft K2 radio is the ability to customize it with options such as: the SSB module, 100 watt amplifier, analog and digital audio filters, noise blanker, modules for 60m and 160m, computer I/O interface, etc.
Thus you can buy and build the radio with the features you want, and change it later. The Rework Eliminators make addition and removal of the various K2 options as seamless and painless as possible.

I completed K2 s/n 5853 only a couple of weeks ago. Mine is the QRP version, with the optional battery, 160m, DSP audio filter, and noise blanker. The Rework Eliminators helped me to integrate my chosen options with a minimum of hassle.

Using the rework eliminators, the disassembly and desoldering required to add K2 options is minimized. I do not relish disassembly work or desoldering components from plated-through holes on an expensive PCB. The following are some concrete examples of work saved:

Example 1: Installing the KNB2 noise blanker option in the completed K2 requires removing three resistors and one jumper from the RF board. By using the Rework Eliminators, this desoldering work can be avoided entirely, and you gain the ability to remove the noise blanker at any time for troubleshooting by simply
unplugging it from the K2 RF board, replacing it with the KNB2 "un-module."

Example 2: Installing the 160m module in the completed K2 involves removing a jumper on the RF board and removing the heat sink to install the standoff and pc connector for the module. Why mess with those shoulder washers and thermal
pads on the PA transistors that you've so carefully installed ? By following the instructions with the Rework Eliminators, the connector and standoff would already be in place, holding the 160m "un-module" that you so cleverly installed during the initial build of the K2. There is no jumper to remove because its
function is provided by the un-module which you simply unplug when it is time to install the 160m module. The heat sink stays intact!

Example 3: Installing the KDSP2 involves pulling the Control Board (with the Allen wrench provided by Elecraft) and desoldering two resistors or jumpers. If you had incorporated the Rework Eliminators when you assembled the Control Board, you could install the completed KDSP2 module by simply replacing the un-module with the DSP module. No need for desoldering components or even removing the Control Board!

In my view, the rework eliminators provide advantages for all K2 owners and builders:

1.) If you are building a new K2, the rework eliminators will help you to test your basic K2 before you install options, then allow you to just plug in your selected options.

2.) If you have an existing K2 and want to add options, the unmodules will allow you to remove the options for troubleshooting and maintenance.

3.) If you are thinking of re-selling your K2 at sometime in the future (I am not!) incorporating the unmodules for the options you don't have may make your rig more desirable to a buyer who wishes to add those options.

I think the advantages are particularly weighty for new builders like myself who purchased a number of options with the new K2 kit.

In summary, the Rework Eliminators helped me get my new K2 and options on the air within a span of less than three weeks.

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