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Reviews Categories | Keyers & CW Keyboards | Begali CW Machine Help

Reviews Summary for Begali CW Machine
Begali CW Machine Reviews: 53 Average rating: 4.9/5 MSRP: $295
Description: The CW Machine is a unique software-defined keying device which combines the functions of an advanced iambic memory keyer and a keyboard keyer with the functions normally performed by a logging program. The CW Machine will collect the information for a log record from the signal that you are sending out and store up to 12,000 log records. The firmware in the device can be updated with a few mouse clicks in a Windows program to let you stay up-to-date as enhancements are provided. This update capability also lets you load the optional CW Trainer, a combination of Windows software and firmware that runs on the CW Machine device. It lets you improve your copying skills, no matter what level you are currently at, with a great variety of techniques, and the CW- over-IP function even lets you connect to another CW Trainer over the Internet to practice QSOs off the air.
Product is in production.
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KD2FIP Rating: 5/5 Apr 17, 2014 08:42 Send this review to a friend
If you do CW, this is an invaluable tool  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I have been interested in CW for many years but never really took the time to learn properly. Finally, I decided to buckle down and get this learned. I tried every method known to man and kept stumbling until I got the CW Machine. FINALLY SUCCESS! Ulrich was very helpful and the customer service (when I had a question or didn't understand something) was incomparable. You can see that virtually all the other reviewers are giving a "5" and with good reason. This machine does so many things that I have yet to explore every aspect. Suffice it to say that with this machine, and a very short period of time you will be copying and sending Code naturally and with great proficiency. CW isn't hard when you have a CW machine as your teacher. It will continue to provide value after you're code proficient as a logging tool as well, and let's face it, few of us will ever be copying/sending at 35 wpm, but with the CW machine, you can practice, practice, practice, with perfect code being sent to you. It will also help you refine your hand so that YOU will be able to send code that others can read!
VK2CRI Rating: 5/5 Jan 8, 2014 18:49 Send this review to a friend
Really surpised at the design   Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have been QRT for 20 years , this time back, very keen to become more proficient in CW.I purchased the CWMachine.It was fascinating to see my CW appearing as text displayed on an LCD Screen with a Yellow Background .
Another portion of the screen enabling one to type in Black text with white baground which can be sent out on a keyboard.Another feature enabling adjustment of the key This one feature I like the best of all,(results( Just try Tuning a key this way) I feel my Cw has improved There are so many other good features which I have seen in reviews.I contacted Ulrich,about a small problem .He replied the same day,with info to apply an external DC PS Which on doing so led to a fault in the PC connection .Well done Ulrich The CW Machine has enhanced The Hobby of HamRadio 73s John

BWOETTKE Rating: 5/5 Oct 31, 2013 02:07 Send this review to a friend
My most important accessory  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have been a user of the CW Machine for many years, and I have become accustomed to the logging function which lets you create log entries almost automatically by just sending your normal QSO exchanges. However, until a few weeks ago, the CW Machine logging served mainly as a data collection front-end for a "real" logging program, in my case DX Keeper. I would run my QSOs for a couple of days and then upload them from the CW Machine into DX Keeper, mainly for statistics (DXCC etc) and some final editing before submitting them to LotW.

Several weeks ago I challenged Ulrich to enhance the CW Machine so that I would not need an additional logging program, and I offered to serve as a beta tester for the many improvements which are now part of the product. The goal, to eliminate the need for an additional logging program, has been fully accomplished for me.

The latest version of the CW Machine lets you submit logging information directly to LotW and eQSL, which give me all the statistics I want. It also directly interfaces with QRZ.COM to show you the information for the other station. The real-time display of my most recent QSOs lets me see what is in the log, and the greatly enhanced editing functions let me correct errors or omissions right away.

I always use the CW Machine in combination with a computer. But the enhanced log editing functions come in handy also in stand-alone operation without a computer. When Ulrich is in Africa early next year, operating as 7P8US and 3DA0US, the CW Machine will again do all his logging without a computer connection - like in early 2013 when he gave me my first QSO with Lesotho as 7P8US.

The CW Machine is easily the most versatile accessory on my desk, and I would not want to be without it (after having grown so accustomed to it, I probably COULD not be without it ;-)
KD8RQE Rating: 5/5 Sep 19, 2013 19:10 Send this review to a friend
Great Tool  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
I learned CW about 10 months ago (after 45 years of procrastination). The CW Trainer software was invaluable in this process. I used G4FON to copy and the CW Trainer to practice sending. It is RELENTLESS and unforgiving of any mistakes in spacing. You get immediate readout of what your are sending, or you can record and play your lousy CW back, repeating the process until you get it right. It will be just as valuable as I transition to a paddle.
KA2Z Rating: 5/5 May 28, 2013 16:33 Send this review to a friend
The Best!  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have been using the Begali CW machine for about two years now and it is far and away the best keyer I have ever used in my 25 years plus as a HAM. It has so much versatility, and is so easy to set up and use-- a sheer joy! I have a Logikey that I was using with another radio. It works OK, but I work a lot of CW, and when I bought my Omni VII I wanted the best keyer I could get. I wanted something that would deliver superior performance and be versatile to my needs. I use Bugs, Paddles, and straight keys. I use a lot of memory messages. The CW machine handles it all! If you want the best-- this is it. You will not be disappointed! Also, great customer support from Ulrich if you have any questions.
WY2E Rating: 5/5 May 14, 2013 16:49 Send this review to a friend
A great, high quality product for anyone interested in CW   Time owned: 3 to 6 months
This is a great, high quality product for anyone interested in cw operating. Just learning? You will find it makes it much easier then other methods. Want to increase your speed? This is the tool for you! Send code and you will see how well you do. It copies what you send and displays it as you go. If you have a poor fist you will know it. Try all your keys and compare the results, to see where you need work. The mill is certainly better then paper copy. It seems to me it makes learning easier.

73 de Fred WY2E
WB2LQF Rating: 5/5 Dec 24, 2012 10:25 Send this review to a friend
The Gift that Keep On Giving  Time owned: more than 12 months
This is my 3rd review of the CWM Machine. It has proven to be the "gift that just keeps on giving" because the designer is continuously enhancing it by adding new functions and streamlining existing ones. In keeping with eHAM policy, I have copied and pasted my previous reviews at the end so that they are not lost with this new posting. Sorry for using all this space but gosh, you *did* come here to learn about other's experiences, didn't you? ;)

Five days ago, I emailed Ulrich and asked if it would be possible to build a "mill" into the CWM. For those not familiar with this term, a "mill" is a typewriter with all capital letters that was used by military and commercial CW operators to record all received text. Many amateurs today use the Windows "Notepad" function to do this. Ulrich was very receptive and the very next day he sent me a software file and I became his remote tester. Ulrich expanded the basic concept with a tinted background in the active box, automatic line spacing between typed text and received text, the ability to store the text in a .txt file and review it or do something else with it. Along the way, he made additonal improvements to the CW keyboard feature for those who wish to send either directly from their keyboards or from buffered text rather than using a key. As a 100% CW Op I feel as if I now own a true "total package" with this new "mill" feature. I enjoy being able to type the received text, especially when it's above 25 wpm because every character is but a single keystroke. This really is a fabulous device for those willing to take the time to read the documentation and learn how to to make the most of its capabilities. It is actually a small computer with an instruction set. It can be operated at the 'newbie' level initially until more experience is gained. To truly enjoy the rich array of function requires a commitment to studying the excellent documentation which is among the most well thought out and presented tutorials I've ever run across. Of all my station accessories, this is the one that gets used each and every session.

Review dated April 28, 2012 - I just returned from passing the commercial Second Class Radiotelegraph exam today and I owe my effective and efficient preparation to the Begali CW Machine with Trainer option. To prepare for the 16 wpm cipher groups element, The CW Trainer allowed me to rapidly generate practice material. I could focus on whatever combination of letters, numbers, punctuation or pro-signs I needed to work on. Every practice session could be custom designed or randomly generated. For the 20 wpm plain text element I was able to easily cut and paste all sorts of material gathered off the internet. For example, I realized that the ARRL code practice files have a decidedly "ham flavor" and I began to get just a little too good at guessing what was coming next. If I saw, "imp" I pretty much knew it was going to be "impedance." Instead I simply Googled other topic areas, for example, excerpts from novels. I could then cut and paste plenty of plain text copy to keep me going all night long with much less chance of guessing ahead. The CW Machine hardware and software never once complained, hung up, or failed me in any way. It was totally reliable. What a confidence builder this was. I would recommend this CW Machine with Trainer Option to anyone, at any level of code proficiency. Yes, OK, it's not *the only way* to learn (or improve) CW. It's just the *best way* in my opinion.

Review dated July, 2011 - I can't imagine a more legitimate way for a true CW Operator to spend so little to purchase so much! I knew about the CW Machine but quite honestly just considered it a "super keyer" and worthy of neither my time nor my money. In my opinon, it is undermarketed. Geez, all my Elecraft rigs have more than adequate keyers, especially the K3. What would another $300 buy me beyond what I had? This is the key question the marketing doesn't address. It just so happened that I met Ulrich Steinberg at our recent Field Day and asked him why HIS keyer was better than MY keyer! Turns out the Begali CW Machine is not your mother's keyer! This beautiful little blue box is just about everything a true CW Op could ever ask for - and Ulrich continues to update the firmware and provide new releases as time moves on! It's a superior keyer, a CW training tool, an "evaluator" for all of us experienced ops who think we no longer make mistakes (just try fooling the damn thing!), a semi-automatic logger of up to 12,000 QSOs before you just create ADIF files and upload it to HRD, etc. The documentation files are massive and Ulrich has thought of everything - or, more precisely - he has engaged the cooperation of and sought the input of some of the world's most experienced and respected CW Ops to exercise his invention and report their findings. Then he acts on their advice! The CW Machine is clearly Major League. I have figured out about 10% of its capabilities so far. That's just fine with me - I feel like I've really gotten my money's worth and then some! No matter what you currently have - in your rig or outboard - its capabilities are no match for the Begali CW Machine's range. Times are difficult - spend wisely! I did.
VE3JLC Rating: 1/5 Dec 23, 2012 19:20 Send this review to a friend
Regret this purchase  Time owned: more than 12 months
Way over priced. Software and firmware awkward and poorly documented. Just "sexed-up" I can't read the funny little screen with only the "mood lights" on.
KA1KU Rating: 5/5 Dec 20, 2012 18:47 Send this review to a friend
A CW Must Have  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
If you're serious about CW and have not attained the proficiency you desire this Swiss Army Knife is a must.
The CW Machine offers a lot of power as a logger but it is mostly the CW Trainer which I'm refering to. The hardware is the same, just different software/firmware. My sending speed has gone from zero to 25+ solid sending on a paddle in about 6 months. For both a paddle and a straight key, you will know if your elements and spacing are formed correctly based upon the character displayed. At the same time you also hear it. Combining this dual feedback lets you learn to create correct code at any speed, set by the simple turn of a knob. I'm approaching 25 on copy but still need word space at about 16. I wanted to learn word sounds at high speed, repeated several times. I sent an email to Ulrich requesting a new field to enter the "number of times to repeat a word". I thought this would perhaps go on some future enhancement list. I had the updated CW Trainer software the next morning!
Enough said, get one.
EA3GXH Rating: 5/5 Sep 18, 2012 10:41 Send this review to a friend
Perfect CW Companion  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have had a cw machine since 2009, and nothing beats this beast. It is the ultimate state-of-the-art device regarding telegraphy. It is the perfect complement for a Begali key. For increasing speed and accuracy, I found the trainer firmware extremely useful.
Furthermore, the developer assistance is second to none. He has been very helpful, guiding me setting up again the device after I recently upgraded my pc hardware.
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