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Reviews Categories | Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - not QRP <5W | ICOM IC-7700 Help

Reviews Summary for ICOM IC-7700
ICOM IC-7700 Reviews: 127 Average rating: 4.5/5 MSRP: $6999.95
Description: Description: The ICOM 7700 200W HF/6M has been introduced at the 2007 Dayton Hamvention. ICOM has followed all the success of the beautiful IC-7800 with the smaller, single receiver IC-7700. It utilizes two separate 32-bit floating point TI DSP chips, has a 7-inch wide TFT display, built in RTTY/PSK31 receive and transmit using a USB Keyboard interface, external video connection, high res spectrum scope, plus high voltage MOSFET 200 Watt PA.
Product is in production.
More info: http://
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MD11DRIVER Rating: 5/5 Jul 29, 2009 21:39 Send this review to a friend
Top Quality and Performance  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
This is essentially (except for the 9500) Icoms top of the line. The 7800 having two receivers adds to the cost, but the component level in the 7700 is top of the line. Amazing is also the use of a Oven controlled VFO and a decent spectrum analyzer. The Filters are the best I've seen, Noise blanker works on everything I've tried it on, and the LCD screen is the best of any radio I've seen in terms of available controls. My only wishes are backlit button wording, and a few items that can be fixed thru firmware update.
TERRY_PERRY_EX_W3VR Rating: 5/5 May 12, 2009 17:05 Send this review to a friend
Still working well.  Time owned: more than 12 months
Serial number 0201019 purchased last April 2008. I totally agree with the last reviewer on the NB, NR, and I don't miss the Dual Watch either. I used the 7800 before purchasing the 7700, and since. I still do not regret buying the 7700. I think contesting is great, but I do very little of it and for that reason I would not be using the 7800 and its sub receiver to its full potential. Such a fine radio as the 7800 would wasted on me.

A little over a year of ownership, and no problems.

KC1MR Rating: 5/5 May 12, 2009 15:45 Send this review to a friend
Best bang fer the buck !  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
After my bad experience with the FTdx9000c this honest rig is just unbelievable (not a kit or computer simulator). It all starts with the very classey loose leaf instruction manual; but a spin of the tuning knob which is by far the smoooothest I've ever used and QSY's faster the faster it is spun with a flick of a finger seals the deal !!

Oh yes, the 7700 is by far the quietest; it is only rig that is absolutly silent with preamp #2 turned on even on 50 meters, sometimes it is hard to tell its on!

NR from very little to full on with no distoration, just the way it should be (It is a well known fact that ICOM has thebest NR &NB).

The NR depth and width can be adjusted just by holding the NB button fer 1 sec; no gosh awful series menus (the 9000 has 178 !!).

Manual notch can be adjusted fer nar mid and wide just by pushing the notch button on the front panel.

You can set three seperate DSP-IF filters fer each mode and with passband tuning set the high and low cut seperatly fer each filter (way better than Clr ? and width). The shape can also be changed without
going to a menu

The Speech Comp is very good and not fussy at all

The record / playback actually is usable since You can adjust BOTH the record AND playback levels; I use this feature when calling CQ and
being a net cintrol all the time (I could never get the 9000 's to work,no adjustments).

AGC much smoother also adj w/o going into a menu

Auto Tuner much faster and will easily match swrs over 3to1

Digi-Select works automatically (You'll hear the relays clicking) or it can be turned off.

RTTY/PSK encode/decode usable with the 2 usp ports on the front

To sum it up --easy to use --most of the commonly used adjustments out front --quiet -- as the gentleman said a pure joy
to use -- and no 178 SERIAL MENUS !!

p.s. don't alnost all rigs & speakers use plastic feet ?

pps. I don't miss dual/watch at all ,I just push XFC and watch the

N9VR Rating: 4/5 Apr 9, 2009 04:28 Send this review to a friend
Fun!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
This is one Fun rig to run. Everything on the radio works and works well. Icom should have added Dual Watch for the price, but if you have a second radio or receiver it is not a problem. The filtering is outstanding, and the N/B works well.
If you want to transmit 3.0kc wide, this is not the rig for you. It will only go out to 2.9, but can achieve a very nice sound at that range.
But if you want just plain fun rig to run, this is it. The ability to use an external monitor is also very nice. And if your use to the Pro series, the control are very much alike.
Add dual watch and this rig is a 5+.

73 Bill N9VR
WA4KLQ Rating: 5/5 Apr 2, 2009 18:59 Send this review to a friend
A Great Radio  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
This is my first big dollar radio. My previous radio was a small MFJ QRP transceiver so this was a pretty big step up. The radio itself is big. I got lucky when I ordered it. I had been looking at the radio when it was priced at $6999. Then it dropped to $6499. On Black Friday, when AES had it for $5499, I pulled the trigger on the purchase. I was able to afford something a step above the IC-756PROIII and the IC-7700 fit the bill.

The manual is pretty straight forward. One does have to move about the manual to learn how to use the radio, but it is not that hard to do.

The radio works very well. The receiver does a great job on weak signals and the scope is very easy to read. The ability to attach a Flat Screen to the radio makes the job of reading the scope even easier. I really cannot find anything wrong with the radio.
KA7GKN Rating: 5/5 Feb 24, 2009 13:10 Send this review to a friend
Excellent  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
A lovely radio! Every knob, button, and function work as well as advertised or better. The methodology to upgrade the radio is user friendly.

I do not do any digital modes. I only operate "essb", That is "ENHANCED SSB" NOT ESSB "EXTENDED SSB"
There is a difference and the fidelity SSB audio topic is always debated and will never be resolved.
The key is to provide an excellent signal to your audience.

The 7700 although is not really designed as other newer radios [FCC type accepted] to allow a 3.2khz bandwidth. You can still deliver a quality SSB audio signal by routing your audio via the ACC-1 jack. You will deliver an excellent and CLEAN SSB audio signal.

Of course I truly do miss the dual watch function, but this radio has the ability to address QRM so well you don't have to track the signal down. Instead you adjust the radio and almost all of the QRM can be eliminated or significantly reduced.

Martin KA7GKN
QRPNEW Rating: 4/5 Feb 21, 2009 19:51 Send this review to a friend
Good package  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I owned the IC7800 and I thought that I would try the IC7700 thinking I would not miss the second receiver. I was wrong, in many ways its disappointing that the IC7700 does not have a dual receiver. However I can understand Icoms marketing pitch that the IC7800 is there , but when the PRO3 has dual watch how can a more expensive radio have less ability?

The things that I like about the IC7700 are these.

**Large size and superb ergonomics, its a beautiful and easy to use radio
**The bandscope is superb, it would have been nice if click and tune with say a plug in
mouse was available.
** The receiver is great even though its not chart topping or better than a radio like the K3 in key receiver metrics. The K3 is a better CW radio and on crowded bands like 40 meters during big contests the K3 eats the IC7700. For everyday use its great and its low noise/hiss receiver is great. You can hear the superior inband IMD and lack of peak distortion on the received signals when compared to other radios. Very weak signal detection is superior to the K3 on SSB. When the signals hardly move the S-meter they much easier to copy than my K3. However the K3 will hear anything that the IC7700 will. Its just easier copy on the IC7700. On SSB the IC7700 is better receiver in my opinion. The K3 with its quirky roofing filters and non centered IF shift always make the receiver sound hissy. The IC7700 seems to resolve signals much better.
**Built in power supply is great.
**200 Watts of output is superb and it produces this with no power spikes and very smooth power control. I was expecting much better transmitter IMD performance than the QST review returned. However the IC7700 has much less transmitted crud than my K3.
** Fantastic receiver stability. The K3 even after close to 2 years since its release still does not have the TCXO compensation ready yet. This stability thing becomes an unhealthy obsession when you have an Rubidium standard!

The things I dont like:

** digital S meter, its not calibrated. For the price and technology in this radio you would have though that a calibrated meter would have been a piece of cake. It does not really mimic a true analogue meter all that well.
** The tracking preselector seems to be a xmas tree decoration and does not do much. I still have to use my W3NQN band
pass filters when operating in contests.
**expensive radio for not having dual watch or a second receiver
** expected better receiver performance for the price, it does not come close to the K3's on IMD dynamic range.
** Icoms stupid microphone system with the preamp in the microphone, this is a real Joke.
** Icoms still persists with the STUPID CIV level converter which should be in the radio. I mean this CIV is a dinosaur that does not belong in the year 2009 let alone on such an expensive radio.
**My IC7700 blew the finals twice and I also zapped the encoder. I dont know why Icoms radios seem to have so many problems with the PA's blowing up? Its getting expensive and its an nervous operation shipping these big expensive radios. Icom or its dealers should have special armored shipping cases made like HP does for their test equipment where you just drop the radio in and ship it anywhere in the world. I would not mind paying a security deposit for such a box.

Overall I am happy with radio, its represents poor value for money when you look at things like the transmitter and receiver performance. When the IC7600 comes out I think the IC7700 will represent poor value and would not offer enough receiver performance advantage to justify its huge price. The Elecraft K3 offers better value for money and delivers receiver performance and many features that the Icom IC7700 cant match. I would say that if you have very large antennas and you are a big time contester the K3 with its dual receivers and better IMD dynamic range is a deal thats hard to beat. If you are casual operator with average antennas the IC7700s tightly integrated package and superior ergonomics and bandscope will win over most operators. I will keep mine because it has a great layout and ergonomics and ease of use compared to a radio like the K3. However on CW and during contests I will always use the K3.
PE2MC Rating: 5/5 Jan 11, 2009 14:27 Send this review to a friend
Super RIG  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
HI all,

After 4 months decided to Buy the 7700. A big step to buy a Icom. I'm really a Yaesu fan for several years.
I can only say what a great radio.
I did some test with the rig.

The recieving is better then my FT1000D.
The filter are super with Pre Amp 2 on 40mtr no intermodulation from near by HF radio signals.
Before i used a FT2000 on 40mtr and i never good use the Pre amp.. Not that i need it but just to see how things preform.
Also the Audio from the speaker is improved. I don't like the 756 line is small flat and it sound not very good. Als the radio is not quite in this area. I live close to a radio broadcast tower with outputs from 100kw. So you can think i do need a good rig or it will leave the shack.
There are many features in the rig that are handy. Like the audio setting on the RX and also on the TX.
Also i've the rig working with the cat on the rs232 port. So no need to buy the ct1 very expencive thing.

It's a real winner. and i do like the rig very much.

Marco Pe2mc
F4FGY Rating: 5/5 Dec 31, 2008 08:13 Send this review to a friend
BEST  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
hello, ad Unlike other materials, which suggest a slight breath even when the knob is a zero BF, ICOM 7700 it is entirely silent on the plan.
By pushing the volume, we quickly noted that the receiver is quiet, very quiet ..........................
The listening on headphones, for long hours, will not be tiring for the operator. The BF is a roundness that can only please, and if one listens broadband 3.6 Khz will take advantage of the wealth of some spectral modulations, it would be almost the impression of listening to FM.
73 and good DX
Fred F4FGY
GM1FLQ Rating: 2/5 Dec 30, 2008 07:54 Send this review to a friend
Quality skin deep  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
All looks lovely on the outside, but don't let looks and lots of gimmicks fool you and I guess that's what it is supposed to do because inside you can see the cost cutting and opportunistic profiteering with the Chinese PA for example. Having owned several Icoms I believe there was a time when they were at the top of their game, however, since the hideous TV screen era I believe that it has been down hill all the way with dodgy drivers, PA's and TV screens, D-star rubbish and overheating 706's that are only going to end in premature component failure. But don't take my word, just look at the reviews (7400,756 etc) on this site closely and then check e-bay to see plenty of D-star equipment for sale that is in some cases only days old. This radio doesn't come close to the quality of the FT1000D or TS830 for that matter.
I have deducted a point for the cost cutting internals, another for the poor value for money and another for the cheek of Icom - we are not all daft.
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