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Reviews Categories | Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Hand-held | Alinco DJ-V27T Help

Reviews Summary for Alinco DJ-V27T
Alinco DJ-V27T Reviews: 10 Average rating: 4.1/5 MSRP: $219.00
Description: 222MHz 5W FM Handheld Transceiver
Product is in production.
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You can write your own review of the Alinco DJ-V27T.

K6QT Rating: 2/5 May 8, 2015 20:55 Send this review to a friend
I'd give this radio a C+ max  Time owned: more than 12 months
I've owned two of these radios. One of them I've owned for about 5 years, the other about 1 month. The five year old one came with a bad battery (I tried it on both my new and old radios -- Alinco says because of a problem with the DC jack, when I push the PTT button, the power will flicker on and off -- go figure. So not only is the battery a dud, the radio is a dud as well). Ordered a 2000 mAh battery for this radio, which was also a dud. Ordered a new radio this month. Same deal. The battery that came with the radio will last 4 hours if I don't transmit. If I do transmit, it lasts about 1/2-1 hr. I also bought an extra 2000 mAh and pitched the other old one. New one is a dud, as well. I can tell that the new radio doesn't seem to have the jack problem because I'm using a dry cell pack that lasts somewhat longer, while the other batteries last around 45 minutes of normal use. I wouldn't get this one.

I'm going to include a section here which I hope no one will object to. It's not exactly on topic of a review of the DJ-V27, but for anyone looking for a 220 MHz radio, it might be helpful.

Alternatives to the DJ-V27: I own over 20 220 MHz radios and they're all better than this one -- even the other Alinco's. The DJ-V27 is $150 from AES -- Las Vegas, the price I could get two Baofeng UV-82X's, and I prefer them. I own 7 of them -- one for each family member -- never a single problem over a year's worth of use so far. Already wouldn't mind buying another set if I needed to. For such cheap radios, they're really disposable. I own 6 Wouxun KG-UVD1P's (the 220 MHz/2 M version of the same model #). The batteries on these are not as good as the Baofeng's, but at a price of $150.00 for the Wouxun's, they're fairly decent. Still the Baofeng's are superior to the Wouxuns. The Wouxun's have nice Maldol antennas and still have more trouble getting into the repeater than the Baofeng. With 25W, the mobile Alinco 220 MHz radio seem to do the best job. All Alinco's have a slight hum, whether HT or mobile radios. The Alinco DJ-G29 seems to hit the repeaters quite a bit better than the DJ-V27. Even the Yaesu VX-8DR with only 1.5 W on 220 MHz (why Yaesu continually does this kind of thing, I will never understand) hit the repeaters better than the DJ-V27. I also own the Yaesu VX-7R, but the output measures only 300 mW and is really no good.

So of all the radios that do 220 MHz (and I've got many of the newer ones on the market), all perform better than the Alinco DJ-V27 except the Yaesu VX-7R. I would think twice before buying one of these. Hard to hit repeaters, all the batteries are duddy. Maybe it's just too old of a radio and been sitting in boxes for far too long or something -- I have no idea. So again, main problems are bad batteries and radio has trouble hitting repeaters even with the 9V dry cell battery case.

Hope you have more luck than I've had if you decide to go with this one.
AL4V Rating: 5/5 Jun 18, 2014 14:36 Send this review to a friend
Superb Solid HT  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
The DJ-V57/17/27 and 47 are an excellent family of radios. Read all the 5 and 4 star reports for more. The family of DJ-V*7 radios are also the easiest to mod for full extended transmit. Remove the battery, remove the two screws and plastic cover. Inside you will see a lone blue wire. Cut the wire and re-assemble. Do a full reset and now you will have full RX/TX operation. 220 Mhz operation from 216 to 249.995. This is great if you travel overseas to operate.
K6QT Rating: 3/5 Apr 25, 2011 16:50 Send this review to a friend
Another update  Time owned: more than 12 months
Just today I got this back in the mail the second time for problems. I don't think I'd buy another one of these. I'd probably go for (even though it's more expensive -- but hey, you get what you pay for -- ESPECIALLY with this radio) a Kenwood TH-F6A, tri-bander, which also does (and is the only other radio of this HT type, which does 5 W on 1.25). I've had to send it in because it wouldn't receive, which they said, they needed to replace a filter for. Then when I got it back, I could never squelch it. I just got noise even when I set the squelch to 10 -- all frequencies. I sent it back in and they had to replace something else. I do love the fact that it has, as an option, a 7.2 V 2000 mAh battery, which I LOVE. I don't have to recharge it but once a month, with average use. I still have problems with the radio not accepting memories. I follow the instructions to the letter from the manual, but, as others here on have noticed, it's still impossible to program in memories. Then, sometimes, magically, it works. Then later, it doesn't work. Now I'm out of warranty time, so I'm hoping and praying that nothing else goes wrong with it. But to date, I have never had one single solitary problem with my Kenwood TH-F6A, which I have owned for 6 years. No problems, no hitches, no sending it in (I have already had several problems in the first year with the Alinco and have had to send it in twice in that time.). Buyer BEWARE! with Alinco. Again, you get what you PAY for. I have another (supposedly very posh radio, the DJ-G7) Alinco radio. The power wouldn't work right nor would repeater frequencies work right until I upgraded the firmware. To do this, I had to order a $50 cable. Later, I was told by Alinco that I actually had to buy ANOTHER $50 cable to upgrade! There are good things about Alinco, but please realize, you're not getting top of the line.
KE6SBT Rating: 4/5 Jul 16, 2010 08:33 Send this review to a friend
Receive Problems Confirmed  Time owned: more than 12 months
Problem is that it will intermittently stop receiving. I can transmit to a repeater and hear the return on my base or mobile but at times the HT will not receive. I can not attribute the symptoms to anything specific. A friend that bought the same radio about a year ago experienced the same problem but his was under warranty and was replaced so I do not know what the problem was.

Just yesterday I put out a call on the repeater, heard it kuchunk, went to make a second call and the repeater came up (as heard on the base) but not on the HT. Later in the day, it worked fine.


It has been confirmed that Alinco had a problem with a batch of these radios during production. Apparently one component was defective and used in a batch of these radios. I believe the part number is XC 0060. I know the numeric part of the component is correct, not positive about the prefix. It was called a transformer if I recall.

I purchased a second DJ-V27T since my first one had problems with the receive thinking that the new one would be free of this problem and also would be covered under a new warranty. Right out of the box it failed on multiple repeaters in multiple areas.

Contacted GRE America who performs warranty service on Alinco products and learned that Alinco (Japan) has acknowledged the problem and they are issuing replacement components. I do not know the range of serial numbers that involve this faulty component.

So, if you are having problems with your DJ-V27T HT that sound like the ones described at the beginning of this tread/topic, contact your dealer or GRE America for assistance. GRE America has been great in following up on this problem.

KW6C Rating: 5/5 May 2, 2010 16:10 Send this review to a friend
Works great IF you want it to  Time owned: more than 12 months
the problem related to most of the reported audio shortcomings are related to a microscopic mic orifice that allows only a minimum of audio to pass through to the microphone. The fix? Remove the cover GENTLY and separate the front and back case. I believe I used a 3/64 drill to open up the orifice and a 45 degree countersink to bevel the mic opening on the front of the radio face to make it a bit more uniform. The result-a fuller more natural audio on the receiving end and it can all be done without an engineering degree-hi. This little mod will NOT hurt the mic(as it is mounted on the main board). Remember to replace the little orange seal that installs between the mic and the mic orifice. This improved the tx audio dramatically and allowed the station on the other side of the radio actually hear my transmission. So far, I love this little V-27 as it gives me a window into the 220mhz world at a reasonable price. 73 and have fun.
N0FPE Rating: 5/5 Feb 13, 2009 18:35 Send this review to a friend
works for me  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have had mine since they first came out. I sold 2 DJ-280's and replaced them with this radio. works great. I have NO problems with memory write. Great small ht that does everything it is supposed to and more. Heck I even like the antenna. nice and flexible. For the money you show me another 222mhz handheld that is any better!!! LOL!
VA7CRH Rating: 5/5 Feb 13, 2009 17:53 Send this review to a friend
Very good feel to it  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I, too, was going to give it a 4, but give it a 5 because of its uniqueness. Alinco could have skimped on this one for lask of an alternative, but did not. It feels very good in the hand.

We, too, have a lack of 222 repeaters in the area but the V27 can hit four or five with 5 watts no problem. (There's a definite lack of traffic, not the radio's fault!)

I had NO problem with the memories. Not quite sure what other reviewers mean. This is one of the more straightforward radios for programming.

However, it IS a basic radio, no frills. I would have liked some "banks" associated with the memories, as I plan to use the rig while travelling.

A quirk is the way you turn on the back-light on the display - it's turned on at power up, and you first hold down another key when turning it on.

I have the 700 mA stock battery, which is a bit small for this radio, esp. when the backlight is on. There just isn't enough activity in the area to justify some of the add-ons, like the 2000 mA battery.

One thing I liked about the other Alinco I own (235T mobile) is that the cable used in programming is the same as Icom cables. The V27 has a unique one, due to it's waterproof, screw in port at the top. A minor disappointment, and not really worth buying the cable - fortunately the manual programming is straighforward.

Is there a 3rd party monoband HT 222 antenna? I can't find one.

All in all, a solid performer. For 222 afficianados, it is a worthy purchase. It tends to be pricey, I got mine for about US$155 new, but the store selling them was selling them out. They usually go for about US$180 or more, while it's sister 2 M rig (the V17) goes for US$150.

It is what it is and it does it well.
KJ4AXU Rating: 5/5 Oct 5, 2008 07:03 Send this review to a friend
solid, great value  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
This 220 HT performs solidly and has good audio. Not many 220 repeaters locally, but even with 5 watts it can hit them when they are on. Another reviewer lamented the memory write feature - it does indeed work - it is just picky. If memory selector happens to be in the repeater mode (a specific setting to store common repeater settings) when you go to program a channel, it will not accept the new input. Turn to a memory channel first, then go to VFO mode, set up your freq. and settings, then write to memory. In other words, read the manual carefully. Not intuitive. Rest of the settings etc. are very intuitive.
When hooked up to kb9vbr's 220 j-pole, I can reach out 50 + miles on 5 watts. Cool!
WB4SLI Rating: 2/5 Aug 19, 2008 17:21 Send this review to a friend
almost works  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
This is my 2-in-1 Alinco - my first and last. Everything but memory write worked. There is no customer support and nothing other than the user guide on their site. Since this is about the only 5 watt handheld for this band I guess they can get away with this. BTW I have been hamming for 40 years and using ht's since 1974. This one gets an almost does what it says it could rating. No more Alinco in my shack.
WN9NPJ Rating: 5/5 Jan 14, 2008 17:42 Send this review to a friend
Good value from Alinco  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Alinco has a reputation for manufacturing radios that give you a lot of bang for your buck. I believe that this hand-held is presently the only one being sold in the U.S. for the 220 mhz band. The instruction manual is well written and easy to understand. This manual is a "generic" type for the "V" series - DJ-V17 (2 meters), DJ-V27 (220 mhz) and the DJ-V47 (440 mhz). I would assume that the firmware is about the same for all three models. The manual can also be downloaded from the Alinco website, as is the case with most manufacturers. This family of hand-helds is IPX7 compatible, but not IPX7 compliant. This means that the construction of the radio is such that it will withstand 30 minutes of immersion in 1 meter of still water. However, each individual radio is not tested in this manner. More and more of the amateur radios seem to be made to this type of commercial grade construction.
This HT has a nice feel to it. It is not too cumbersome nor is it too tiny to not operate comfortably. The spacing between the keys is wide enough for most of us guys so that we hit only one key at a time. There is only one knob on the top. The default operation for this control is tuning in the VFO mode and memory selection in the memory mode. The tuning step is set up in the menu. The volume is adjusted by pressing the * key first and then turning the knob. The display shows the level from 0 to 20. The squelch is adjusted by hitting the # key first, then adjusting the knob. The displays shows the level from 0 to 10. For some of us old timers, this may be different than what we are used to. It is not a major problem.
The external speaker-mic is a type of proprietary connection. It has a screw thread to mate up with the jack. I would assume that this seals the jack to prevent moisture intrusion. It does not appear to be compatible with after market speaker-mics. The supplied nickel metal hydride battery pack is charged by the wall charger that comes with the radio. There is an item in the menu in which you can designate what type of battery pack you are using - lithium ion, Ni-MH, or alkaline.
There are no features which make this HT really stand out from others in the market, with the exception that this is all that you can presently get in new condition to operate 220 mhz. I bought this one to replace my old beat up Standard C228A twin bander which finally gave up the ghost on me. I was originally going to give it a "4". I gave it a "5" because of its uniqueness in the marketplace and the no-nonsense approach that Alinco takes with its radios. Alinco may not be on the cutting edge of technology. But they make radios that work well and are of good value. Kudos go out to Alinco for still offering new products for the often under-utilized 220 mhz band.

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