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Reviews Categories | Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - not QRP <5W | Kenwood TS-570S(G) Help

Reviews Summary for Kenwood TS-570S(G)
Kenwood TS-570S(G) Reviews: 69 Average rating: 4.6/5 MSRP: $1300.00
Description: HF and Six Meter
Product is not in production.
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You can write your own review of the Kenwood TS-570S(G).

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WB4TJH Rating: 5/5 Nov 17, 2003 00:42 Send this review to a friend
antenna tuner weakness  Time owned: months
I see that one ham had to have his antenna tuner repaired...that is the one weakness in the 570...the tuner uses latching relays, instead of motors like the TS-450 and TS-850, both of which have better tuning systems. Stan at Memphis Amateur Electronics once showed me a burned up tuner in a 570...YOU CANNOT TUNE A HIGH SWR WITH THIS RADIO!!The manual plainly states that you must keep the swr under 3:1 or risk damage to the tuner. I routinely use the tuner with a higher swr when running qrp power levels, but 100 watts into a high swr will damage the unit. This is only real weakness I have found in the radio. I use an external tuner most of the time anyway, since I use 300ohm feedline to my main station antenna. Other than the fragile tuner, I think that this is one of the best radios for the money available today. This is my second 570...I had the first one for several years, then had a fit to trade for several other radios...I finally realized that the 570 was all the radio I really needed for rag chewing and so got a new 570sg...I have the 500hz cw filter. I do wish it would take more than one filter, but have to admit I like the radio very much. Also, you can't beat Kenwood stock transmitted audio...only TenTec can equal it. I don't believe in throwing money away on fancy audio equalizers, ect..what a dumb waste of money and radio spectrum. All you can do with any silly radio is to talk on it....who needs "FM studio quality audio" and a 10 khz wide SSB signal. (Listen to some of these "wide"band audio nuts and note how much bandwith they waste and listen to how much money they throw away to achieve it). The stock TS-570 is plenty good enough for comfortable listening. After 30 plus years on the air, I guess I am opinionated, but then, who isn't.
KC2IHD Rating: 5/5 Sep 25, 2003 18:33 Send this review to a friend
OUTSTANDING  Time owned: months
VE3TMT Rating: 5/5 Sep 25, 2003 16:09 Send this review to a friend
Excellent Radio  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I recently picked up this radio having traded my FT920 for it. I didn't need the size of the 920 on my desktop, and the 570 seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I was immediate impressed with the crispness of the receive audio on both AM and SSB. I replaced the stock SSB filter (2.4 khz) with a 3 khz filter from a 930. It is an exact fit replacement. I then wired the 2.4 into the optional spot on the circuit board. Now by using the filter button I can instantly switch between the two. The difference is dramatic. I have made many PSK contacts and the radio is a joy to operate in digital mode. YOu can download a program from the internet and design your own audio filters and upload them to the rig (G model only I believe). I use a 50 hz bandwidth on PSK and the receive is perfect. Sorry to hear about the other poster's problems with his rig, sounds like he may have had a bad one. Have not heard of those problems before. Mic TX audio is fed directly into the balanced modulator and the audio monitored on a second receiver sounds great. Wish it had a real TX monitor like my 850. All in all, I think Kenwood has managed to pack a lot of radio into a small package and keep it affordable too. It will make a great addition for Field Day next year.
KG4GLI Rating: 0/5 Sep 25, 2003 14:29 Send this review to a friend
Kenwood TS 570s JUNK!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I own a TS 570sg for about 3 months. I have had nothing but problems with the unit. The first day I recived the unit I had to send it back to have the antenna tuner repaired. After that I had to send it back a second time to repair the tunning dial. After having all of these problems I returned the rig back and purchased an ICOM 718 Cheaper Pirce but much better rig.
6K2DXJ Rating: 5/5 Jun 28, 2003 05:07 Send this review to a friend
EXCELlent!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I am beginning my HAM hobby with this rig.
It was good for money and I am using WHIP mobile antenna but I had QSO to S.Africa and argentina
form Korea,My QTH.
TX and RX equalizer is a very convenient function
and I like the autotuner.
It needs improvement for it's RX sensivity,however, It is the best rig for somebody who begins DX...

from Sungnam, Korea
W1ZOO Rating: 5/5 May 27, 2003 19:50 Send this review to a friend
A REAL WORKHORSE !  Time owned: more than 12 months
I've had this TS-570S for over six years now. After over one-thousand long ragchew c.w. QSOs it hasn't given me a bit of trouble. Flawless transmit and great reception even with stong QRM. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one ! I think it is the best bang for the buck ! Those I talk with on c.w. seem equally as pleased.
KB4QLZ Rating: 5/5 Feb 26, 2003 06:27 Send this review to a friend
A+  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
Never had the first problem. Always receive excellent audio reports (Heil Goldline GM-4). DSP works good. 6 Meters if fun! Received audio is better with an external speaker, as always. Easy to operate. Would purchase another one...
AC5XP Rating: 5/5 Jan 24, 2003 14:39 Send this review to a friend
A highly sophisticated transceiver  Time owned: 0 to 3 months

By L.J. díHont AC5XP

Let me start with saying that I never really was a Kenwood man. Iíve owned numerous radios but the TS-570 was my first Kenwood, and it still is the only one. There are no good reasons why this is the case; I guess buying a transceiver from a manufacturer that also sells stereos did not feel right; also I always have seen Kenwood as a bit of an "old geezer" brand, which is probably unfair. But now that I am starting to fall in that geezer category myself, I guess I felt it was time for a Kenwood radio, hi.

Having said all that, the TS-570 I have followed for years, in advertisements and test reports, because I have always liked the radio from its appearance and positive test reports. Letís face it, a radio in this price category that comes out of the QST test with a receiver dynamic range of almost 100 dB , that showed up on my radar screen for sure.
I came close to buying it some years ago, but the barrage of new rigs from Icom covering 2m and beyond as well made that a hard decision.
That latter issue might also be the reason why this radio never has been a roaring seller for Kenwood. Although it has a lot of sophistication, price vs. performance is not the most competitive Iíve seen in the market. Also, the TS-570 price has remained relatively constant, where the competition keeps lowering their prices.

But I have found that such a dilemma is easily solved by buying a radio used. And that is exactly what I did, I recently got a TS-570S(G) it in almost new condition for $500 less than the current street price.

It is always a good start reading up on a radio before you buy, which should include a study of the schematic diagrams. Good thing the Russkies have all that on their version of (see ), they might be breaking some copyrights, but hey, it sure gets us that needed information to us.

From the diagrams one will learn that the TS-570S(G) is a dual-conversion radio, with the 2nd IF at a relatively high frequency. Only for FM a third IF of 455 kHz is used.
I kind of like such high IF schemes, I have never really understood why some manufacturers add even a third and a fourth IF to their radios while all needed selectivity can be achieved at the 2nd IF, given the good crystal filters available for that today. Keep it simple is important for an HF radio, as less mixing stages will improve the receiver behavior.
There is room for an optional CW filter inside the radio, but I have found the radio does not really need it, the stock (ceramic?) filter seems to do the job just fine.
The radio has a built-in AF DSP which allows the user to switch in two noise reduction levels, as well as a heterodyne killer (auto-notch). It also has a high-cut/low-cut audio filter derived from the DSP.
Of all this, I only think the heterodyne killer is useful. I have never liked DSP noise reducers in general (you canít increase S/N ratio when the noise is random, there are some laws of physics in the way there). The low/high cut filter works well, but actually less good than the switched-capacitor filter in my FT-990. So much for DSP.
But that is about the only negative that I have for this radio. On all other fronts this radio is truly remarkable. To name a few:

-The receiver is excellent. Very quiet but highly sensitive and very robust with regard to strong signal handling. Signals sound crystal clear, also on FM and AM. The FM receiver in this radio is probably the best I have ever experienced on any radio, very refined.

-Modulation is superb in all modes. Even without speech processor.

-Ergonomics are fantastic; Kenwood has done a great job here. All the important functions are under their own button; less frequently used features are kept behind menus.

-Talking about the latter, just about everything but the kitchen sink can be adjusted in these menus. Very impressive but too much to discuss here. Download the manual from if you want to know more.

-The readout is clear and functional. No unnecessary "Christmas-trees" here.

-The radio is built well; it has a die-cast chassis in which the printed circuit boards are mounted. I havenít tried it but I think access for service would be easy.

-The antenna auto-tuner works very smooth

-I was unable to find any receiver "birdies", regardless of set frequency range

-The radio was designed (and constructed) with great eye for detail. I like that in a radio. For instance, the AM mode (which only 1% of us will ever use in transmit) is by far the best I have seen in any Japanese radio.

Letís talk about that last aspect a bit more. Not only on AM-receive does this radio perform very well (it is very selective even with its stock AM filter), but especially on AM transmit this radio impresses me. The radio sends out real AM (in both sidebands) without the need for the user to manually balance the carrier level with the appropriate microphone gain. It does it all automatic, regardless of set power level. And this is the only radio I have ever owned that does not make my VSWR forward-meter wiggle when I modulate the AM. This means the modulation is very well balanced in its level consistency. It works so well that I probably will hook it up to my Ten-Tec amplifier one of these days, to work the heavy metal guys on 75 meters. I bet you they will not spot it as a Japanese radio!

Last but not least, I also should mention the TS-570 remote control capabilities. This radio makes that a breeze with its standard RS-232 interface, and the free control program you can download from the Kenwood web site. Just about everything can be controlled through it. This radio is probably the only Japanese radio that does NOT require you to buy a special RS-232 interface! I have never understood why not all manufacturers give their radios a standard RS-232 interface; do they really try to get you for more bucks by selling that as an option?

If you are considering this radio, I recommend you to buy it used, as it is a bit overpriced when new. I also recommend you to buy the S version, not the D (latter is HF only), as the former has a MOSFET power amplifier, which apparently was necessary to give it the 100 watts on six meter.

To summarize: A big thumbs up. Good job, Kenwood!
N0AH Rating: 5/5 Dec 1, 2002 22:03 Send this review to a friend
Holds FB in CQWWCW  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
3rd contest while operating in France as F/N0AH using father in law's stock TS570. I was somewhat concerned about it's performance in crowded CW contest bands but it well exceeded expectations down to 600Hrz filtering. Past this, the DSP is not as strong as a mechanical filter. But for S/P tactics used by the majority of those in a contest, it was awesome. Everything about this rig is great. Compare it dollar for dollar to an Alinco DX70, or FT847, and I think one would need little time to choose this rig as the best for the money- The TS570 is miles above these stock rigs due to to significant differences in wide/narrow filtering options. How one can buy three of these rigs (read reviews below) and have difficulties is really odd compared to the excellent standard this rig has set in my experience. If one only has under a thousand $$$ to buy a new rig, I would highly recommend the TS570-
G7TOK Rating: 1/5 Nov 24, 2002 15:45 Send this review to a friend
Overpriced & Underspec'ed  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
An awful piece of tail-end marketing by Kenwood.
Audio DSP !!!! what were they thinking, control layout is terrible, IMD performance risible.
Extra's priced way out for a budget HF transceiver, someone even says this outperformed an IC746, they must have owned a different 570 to three I had.
It's basic architecture was a re-hash of the TS-50, and that was NO great shakes.
Do yourself a favour stay away.
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