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Reviews Categories | Interfaces, Radio to computer, amp, rotor, coax switch, internet | Remoterig RRC-1258MkII Help

Reviews Summary for Remoterig RRC-1258MkII
Remoterig RRC-1258MkII Reviews: 30 Average rating: 4.7/5 MSRP: $449
Description: End to end complete control of many popular HF trasceivers over the internet without the need for a computer at either the Radio or Remote Control end.
Product is in production.
More info:
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KQ0C Rating: 5/5 Nov 13, 2013 11:14 Send this review to a friend
Works Great  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have the 1258 control and remote radio boxes as well as several other Remote Rig accessories (the USB dongle, the antenna switch and the web switch rotor controller). Everything works perfectly. It does take some attention to detail to get all the settings right for both your radio and your internet connections. But there is a good documentation, an active support forum and great support from the manufacturer. Basically just get everything working when it is all in the same room but connected over your local network (LAN)... then move the remote radio to its true remote location and make one change in settings to incorporate the new address for the remote radio.

You can use almost any radio, but after trying a few I strongly recommend the Kenwood TS-590 if you are buying one for remote. The free Kenwood control program lets me run this radio as if it were on my desk... and does so way better than HRD.

I gain about 4 S-units between my home deep in a valley and my remote location on a hilltop. So the cost of the remote gear is pretty easily justified. This is perfect for anyone with a poor radio location or limits on what antennas you can put up at home.
W4YB Rating: 5/5 Sep 2, 2013 13:34 Send this review to a friend
works great  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
Remoterig works great. It does take some knowledge of routers, etc and I did need some help with this. HRO help me set it up in a few minutes. I use it with my IC 706. It takes time and patience to make the special cable from the IC separation cable but it works almost like being at the radio. The latency is really not noticeable if you have a great internet connection. They continue to come out with new accessories which makes it more and more like being there in your shack. The one problem which is not major is that it comes from Sweden. However, the guys at HRO, especially Josh, is really knowledgeable enough to be very helpful or he can get the answer for you. I'm working now on getting a web power switch for the central power supply and the amp. I have really enjoyed it traveling since it doesn't mean you have to take a ton of equipment with you. They have software out now that takes the place of the remote unit and you can take only your computer and a good router. I use the Pepwave surf 3gand4g router which goes through a hotspot on my iphone. Most of the motels and hotels will work but occasionally it doesn't. With the hotspot you can operate anywhere there is phone service. All in all I think it is a quality product and would highly recommend it.
N5VGK Rating: 1/5 Aug 24, 2013 08:35 Send this review to a friend
power failure x 2  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
This is the SECOND one of these that has quit working. No LED for power and the host unit won't work. This unit is less than year old and has been on shelf for 4 months. I pulled it off shelf to connect today and the remote one comes on but the host won't. No activity. I just spent money to buy 2nd one. I will not do this again.

I have been to and cannot find way to contact them via Internet.

I am not happy camper.

KB8BWE Rating: 5/5 May 9, 2013 08:00 Send this review to a friend
Works fantastic w/IC706!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have set up the boxes to work with my Icom 7410 using CI-V control and HRD, as well as my current configuration with the remote head of the IC-706. Both worked flawlessly. I prefer having the control head with me (guess I'm a knob turner) when operating. There is no discernable difference between being at the rig, or operating remotely with the RemoteRig. This solves my HOA problems at my Florida condo, where I got chewed out for having a 26 AWG end-fed wire off my balcony. :-)

I have operated from a hotel using a wifi connection on my notebook (using Windows ICS - Internet connection sharing, and a crossover ethernet cable to the RRC box) with great success.

Most important to me, a devoted CW OP, is the ability to run paddle CW from the remote end. the RRC blocks the sidetone audio from the rig while transmitting, and supplies it's own keyer circuitry and sidetone on the remote RRC box. Even at speeds of 30+WPM, there has been no problem using it.

I am intrigued also by their "Micro" dongle unit, which allows you to use a notebook computer with the dongle to access the home RRC box using HRD (or other control program) to control the radio functions. The audio is top rate. In short, RemoteRig makes a quality system for the remote operation.
WA6DIL Rating: 5/5 Mar 22, 2013 19:06 Send this review to a friend
Fantastic Remote !  Time owned: more than 12 months
I'm using the RemoteRig with a TS-480HX, an LDG 200 watt auto tuner, and wire antennas at my home QTH in Sparks, NV. It is nothing short of incredible. I bring the faceplate of my TS-480, the RemoteRig control box, wall wart, and a mike and I'm on the air. The included CW keyer works great, and any Internet latency is a non-issue with its buffering. The built-in speaker in the TS-480 faceplate is more than adequate for use.

I won't say it was plug and play, as there is a bit of cable modem/router port opening configuration required, but after it is set up you just turn on the radio from the faceplate just like you were home.

When on the road without an Internet connection, I've used my iPhone 4S as a hot spot, and using a $50 Netgear Wireless Bridge I get excellent results and audio reports just using Verizon 3G service.

Tech support from Microbit and also RemoteRig guru, Mitch DJ0UN is excellent.

Highly recommended. 73, Dave WA6DIL
K2DER Rating: 5/5 Dec 30, 2012 04:04 Send this review to a friend
Great Product!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
With the kenwood TS480SAT is a very good combo, It took very little time to setup, and it works Great! good audio report, I'm recomend 100%
KB0HMP Rating: 5/5 Oct 29, 2012 14:23 Send this review to a friend
Outstanding Product !!!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I wanted to let everyone know that I recently picked up the RemoteRig (K3 Twin, and the PC Client) about two weeks ago. It took very little time to setup, and it works very, very well! I was able to hold a conversation with low latency, good audio report on the receiving end, and it now makes my remote location a great job to use whenever I want.

On top of that I had a few questions that I sent over to the folks at RemoteRig and it came back with a quick prompt and polite reply.

I can't thank them and Elecraft enough for making the RemoteRig units work so smoothly with my K3.

Very excited, very happy, and if you are in the need for a remote setup I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone!

HB9OAB Rating: 5/5 Mar 19, 2012 07:25 Send this review to a friend
Remote w/ TS-480SAT successful  Time owned: more than 12 months
Utilizzo un remoterig con TS480 e una semplice verticale a 1000msm!
Per la qualità è come avere la radio in casa.
I ritardi sono minimi, ascolto con la radio di casa e quella remota malgrado 2x tratte in WIFI e una cablata per raggiungere il sistema remoto, inoltre con l'aggiunta di un sistema GSM di ON/OFF via SMS a 5 canali accendo e spengo quel che voglio.
Prima andavo con SKYPE e due PC e qualche problema, ora con il frontalino del TS480 a casa (200msm) e la radio a 10km (1000msm) è molto semplice e divertente!

Using remoterig with a TS480 and a simple vertical at 1000msm lacation!
For the quality is like having the radio in the house.
The delays are minimal, listening to the radio at home and remote routes with 2x WIFI link and wired to reach the remote system, also with the addition of a GSM system ON/OFF via SMS on 5 channels that turn on and turn off I want.
Before I went with SKYPE and two PCs and a few problems now with the Remoterig + TS480 front of the home (200msm) and the radio to 10km (1000msm) is very simple and fun!

Franco, hb9oab
N7SG Rating: 5/5 Aug 13, 2011 06:31 Send this review to a friend
Hamming from Starbucks  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Ever wanted to take a ham radio with you wherever you went? Without the hassle of putting up an antenna? Well, now you can! With Remote Rig, it's simple matter of putting an internet connection together to connect the 'two halves' of a radio like the Kenwood TS-480SAT. Take the faceplate with you where ever you go, get on the internet, and transmit from your home station! It's a great way to have instant ham fun in places that, up to now, would be difficult. Imagine sitting at Starbucks with your Kenwood TS-480SAT carrying on a full-bore QSO...nice way to demo Amateur Radio!
Visiting your parents in a condo? No problem. Operating from somewhere that doesn't allow antennas. No problem!

With Remote Rig, you use your actual radio, not a GUI like Ham Radio Deluxe. For those of us who enjoy operating with knobs and buttons vs. mouse clicks, it's the only way to go! Bravo, Remote Rig!

Technically speaking, you'll need to configure the two Remote Rig's with IP addresses so they can talk to each other. And you'll need to configure your home router to pass the traffic between the two Remote Rig's. This is all spelled out in the pdf user guide, which you can download and take a peek at now.

From my experience, the easiest way to get a reliable internet connection from most spots is to use a 3G air card. Wi-fi hotspots are handy, too, but can fail to deliver a consistent connection. With 3G, I've experienced no problems. You can easily plug a 3G air card into a laptop and use Internet Connection Sharing (XP or Windows 7) to route the wireless 3G connection to the laptop Ethernet port. You'll need to connect an Ethernet cable between the laptop and Remote Rig VoIP box...

There is an alternative to the laptop, if you want to streamline your set up. The Zoom Model 4506 Travel Router substitutes for laptop ICS, is small, runs on batteries, and has an Ethernet port. Do a Google search on it for details...

You'll find the Remote Rig will open up a whole new world of exciting remote operating! It's the perfect marriage of ham radio and the internet! What could be better than sitting at Starbucks...with an actual radio...and carrying on a great QSO using your 3 element beam back home?

88 N7SG

K7FD Rating: 5/5 Jul 15, 2011 13:33 Send this review to a friend
Remote w/ TS-480SAT successful  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I purchased the Remote Rig pair from HRO earlier this week. Much of 3 evenings were spent following setup instructions, testing, and scratching my noggin. When things didn't go as expected, I got on the forum and received immediate help from Mitch DJ0QN. Thanks, Mitch!

Once connected, the circuit between the TS-480SAT control head and the transceiver base over the internet was seamless and smooth. I detected no latency between actions on the control head and corresponding reactions at the ham shack.

Things to watch for: port numbers. I had to change port numbers in the RRC configuration, such as the SIP port. This suggestion came from DJ0QN. Also, after configuring the control head, remember to switch the device over to the DHCP setting. There is an extensive pdf manual at Read it and read it again. You'll become very familiar with your home router settings and the settings in the Remote Rigs!

In my case, the goal is to operate away from home, over the internet, back to my ham shack and antennas. With Remote Rig, if I can get an internet connection, I now have access to my system at home...

Special thanks to Martti OH2BH and his article in CQ magazine this month...about Remote Rig!

73 John K7FD
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