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Reviews Categories | Antennas: HF: Vertical, Wire, Loop | Pixel Technologies Active Magnetic Loop Antenna PRO 1B Help

Reviews Summary for Pixel Technologies Active Magnetic Loop Antenna PRO 1B
Pixel Technologies Active Magnetic Loop Antenna PRO 1B Reviews: 54 Average rating: 4.7/5 MSRP: $500
Description: • Unique Moebius Loop architecture provides enhanced performance over standard loops
• Very low IMD, 30 dB Low-Noise Preamp insures good performance in both strong and weak signal environments
• Up to 30 dB rejection of locally radiated noise compared to whip antennas
• Figure eight directivity and deep nulls to further reduce interference.
• Primary coverage range: 100 kHz to 30 MHz
• Rejects power line noise
• Rugged construction, easily mounts to a pole or flat vertical surface, 1m dia. aluminum loop, supplied with LNA, power inserter and DC power supply
• No manual tuning necessary
• No Home Owners Association problems; low profile, easy to camouflage and works at ground level
• Modular design for easy installation and maintenance
• Adjustable output level to optimize output for your radio
• Internal Transmit / Receive Switch disconnects Antenna / Preamp from your receiver when transmitting
• Made in the USA
Product is in production.
More info:
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You can write your own review of the Pixel Technologies Active Magnetic Loop Antenna PRO 1B .

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K5ML Rating: 5/5 Nov 19, 2013 15:29 Send this review to a friend
Great Product, Great Service  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
I'm very pleased with both the antenna and the company.

I installed the Pro 1B this past February. The longer I have the antenna, the more I appreciate it. I live in an antenna-restricted community and my only other option is to listen on a ground-mounted vertical. More often than not, on the higher bands, the vertical hears DX better, but not always. From 40 meters on down, I've gotten to where I use the Pro 1B almost exclusively. In addition to being quieter, it has sharp nulls that come in handy for squelching plasma TV noise, other QRN or stateside QRM. I bought a small TV rotor to turn it. Usinga rotor to get maximum benefit from the antenna is highly recommended. This week I worked XR0ZR on 160 meters. The Pro 1B was the difference between hearing and not hearing him and this has happened on many other occasions as well.

The reason why I like the company is because they are very good about responding to problems. About 2 months after having the antenna it started intermittently not working. Pixel sent me another preamp and coax jumper believing that would almost surely that would solve the problem. It seemed to work at first and then it started cutting out intermittently again. Finally, I decided to physically shake the loop when it was functioning to see if I could make it stop working. Sure enough, it did and after shaking it several times more, it finally started working. I e-mailed Pixel, they sent me another loop and that fixed the problem. When they send a replacement part, they send a postpaid label to return the defective part. Just drop the old part in the box and drop it off at Fed-Ex.

In summary, I highly recommend the Pro 1B because it delivers as promised and the company is quick to respond when there's a problem.
KR4JA Rating: 5/5 Oct 1, 2013 08:52 Send this review to a friend
Excellent Results  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I've had the Pro 1B for about a week, and boy am I impressed. I had it mounted at 30' for a few days on a chimney mount (with rotator), then moved it into the woods behind the house at 7' (fixed N/S) Little if any difference except maybe somewhat quieter near the ground, as others have commented on (although I will probably add a rotor in the future since there are noticeable nulls on some signals). I've mainly stayed on the low bands, 40-160M, and boy does the Pixel shine there compared to either dipoles (75 &40) or inv L (160). So much better S/N ratio, drops the noise floor substantially while not dropping the RX'd signal as much as the noise floor (the lower in frequency, the better S/N ratio). I'm using it with a FLEX 6500 and the combination of an SDR with the Pixel Loop is really paying off. I find myself using the Pixel 90% of the time, and 100% of the time at night on 40M-160M, as the nighttime signal pattern favors the Loop. I have a 50KW AM radio station 6 miles to my west, and I have no problem with overload (the Loop really makes it fun to monitor the AM BCB at night). See my QRZ page to see the actual signal differences on the Panadapter with/without the Pixel, as well as links to YouTube videos from others showing the difference.

This really opens up a new world for weak signal detection in noisy conditions. Believe the hype...the Pixel Mag Loop downright plays....
VE4AMN Rating: 4/5 Sep 21, 2013 19:17 Send this review to a friend
Handles the plasma TV  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I purchased this to manage intense interference from a plasma TV. My XYL tolerates my hobby... she will not accept that it curtails her TV time. This knocks out the interference sufficiently for me to copy signals on 160 and 80 that otherwise would be obliterated. It seems to have about 20db front to side. I rotate it using an old TV antenna rotator and it is up about 8 feet on a pole set in concrete. It is not as dramtic as the video, but works well. It is a little pricey, which is why I gave it a 4
HB9AIK Rating: 4/5 Jul 25, 2013 01:22 Send this review to a friend
Works for me, more tests needed  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Preliminary review only to underline the apparent need for a rotator:

Just installed the PRO-1B loop at my home qth in Zurich/Switzerland to replace an aging Dx-One. Made some tests on 40m with Italian stations and found the side nulls on this skywave quite noticeable. Only if oriented correctly I get a clearly improved s/n over my 7m vertical (with Collins 180L-3 tuner).

Looks promising, but I need to install a rotator before I can really compare the results with what I used to have with the omnidirectional Dx-One.
N0AH Rating: 5/5 May 24, 2013 06:10 Send this review to a friend
Amazing with elminating stateside QRN on 40M  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Compared it to just a vertical, and a K9AY commercial loop by Array Solutions and in the QRN static of late May, I would give the Pixel an advantage- it just had a lower noise floor then the K9AY system, S2-3 compared to S3-4, while seeming to boost the reception of signals from over 2,000 miles away on a 40M net being monitored in S9 static off just a stand alone vertical. Not saying it beats a beverage, or the K9AY system in a low noise environment, etc......but what an asset to add to a low band Rx system- I can not believe how well it works- The Pixel I tested was in a backyard mounted 10 feet above ground on a small TV rotor- Property is surrounded by power lines and has a moderate low band noise environment- Thx to W0RIC for allowing me to test this antenna- I know Rick has been very pleased with the antenna-
MAKO36 Rating: 5/5 May 20, 2013 07:36 Send this review to a friend
Just as promised and then more!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Spoke to J.J. about getting information on the Pixel loop. Decided on the Pixel loop over the British loop being that the British loop in my opinion is way too overrated and forbid the chance should something go wrong it would end up being a "long distance romance" causing delays.Also the Pixel loop has a center support in the loop and there is no tuning required. I was promised on getting the loop Friday. It was delivered as promised. They definitely went out of their way to make sure it arrived safely/intact and inside everything was layed out in their appropriate cavity. I marveled at the packaging- they take pride in what they sell! The loop and parts are well made- being a machinist I know what that feels like. I was reassured over the phone a concern I had regarding the life of the nylon washers acting as insulators between the mast stub and preamp and was reassured that they were going to last awhile. It went up yesterday and I have been up eversince tuning in stations that before were buried in QRM but had a few static crashes due to the storms in the midwest(hope all goes well with the poor folks!). In summary I can in good faith highly recommend Pixel Technologies and the loop they sell, let alone the outstanding customer service they provide. Now I gotta go get some much needed sleep.
K2UE Rating: 5/5 May 2, 2013 19:49 Send this review to a friend
Outstanding  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I live adjacent to both a major mall, with gobs of gas-discharge lighting, AND major HV transmission lines. My noise level on 160m was unspeakably bad most of the time, and not a lot better on 80m, using an Alpha Delta Sloper that seems to get out just fine when transmitting. Today I installed a Pro-1B. To my amazement 160m noise levels are a full 20dB lower, while the signals seem very close to the same strength -- ~20dB better SNR! I am a happy man.
NL7UZ Rating: 5/5 Apr 22, 2013 17:56 Send this review to a friend
Pixel 1B +customer service  Time owned: more than 12 months
I purchased this antenna with the intent of using it for HFLINK ALE service utilizing a Motorola Micom 2RS and a DX engineering TX/RX switch for automatic transfer to TX antenna (41' vert) when TX went hot. The loop is mounted 5 feet above ground oriented in a north-south direction. I am truly amazed by this antenna! the noise floor is the most impressive part. Most of the time the s meter is at 1 or 2 bars as compared to 5 to 7 on the vertical. Strength of received signals is lower than other antennas I use, but with the low noise it makes up for it 100 per cent of the time. However, I do not recommend using this antenna unless you establish a full proof tx/rx switch that take the loop out of line on transmit. If you apply a split second of RF to the preamp it will be damaged and need to be replace. This is where the customer service review comes in. At some point in the first 4 months of running 24/7 ALE the amp on the loop failed, no idea why until I sent back to Pixel they replaced the amp unit and recommended that I alter my station to correct this problem, keep in mind that "I screwed up" and did not provide a fast enough tx/rx switch and Pixel replaced the damaged part! How often does that happen when you buy anything nowadays! If you have a receive antenna port on your radio, or can provide a SUPER FAST TX/RX switch you can not go wrong with the antenna, it has made listening to HF a pleasure again. Antenna is now dedicated to a SDR receveiver scanning HF utility stations and other shortwave traffic. I plan on purchasing another loop soon to install at a remote cabin for HF receiving.
Thanks Pixel, 6 stars if I could!
Matt NL7UZ
W3TIM Rating: 5/5 Apr 1, 2013 08:09 Send this review to a friend
GREAT ADDITION  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have a bit different situation here:
I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, with no above ground power lines within ¾ of a mile.
Any local man made noise is generated by me. My location is very quite! I run 3 small homebrew
loop antennas. Two are single turn coax, tuned and unamplified for 160 and 80 meters. The other
Is multi turn, tuned and unamplified for MW. I also run a 630 foot dipole at 80 feet, a small
Beverage, and a wire vertical.
My concern was that the RF PRO- 1B would not be much of a addition to my antenna arsenal…
But I just could not resist Doug’s offer of money back if not happy, so I took a shot.
Here’s a picture of the installation:
After the install I drove myself nuts for 2 weeks, recording noise floors, peak S meter readings and
Signal to noise ratios and just listening for the best overall signal, putting Pixel against my other
antennas. I am not going to get into data or numbers, I will just pass along my findings.
85% of the time the Pixel was as good as or better (mostly better) than my coax loops on 160 and 80
meters …. It terms of noise floor, peak S meter , Signal to noise and selective fading.
Under good conditions the Big dipole, and vertical put BIG signals into the Flex 5000 and almost
always had a better signal to noise ratio, however toss in thunder storm within 500 miles and the
Pixel helps out quite a bit, still not arm chair copy … but better. The beverage still works better pretty
much all the time, BUT only when it is pointed in the right direction … and my rotator for the
beverage ( ME ) is very slow to act, so the beverage was not in the correct direction very often.
On LF and VLF the Pixel is almost always my best antenna, the 630 foot dipole picks up a big signal
but also crazy big noise. 40 meters for me seems to be the Pixel’s best band , signals just come out of
the noise with great S/N … it holds it’s own with any of my antennas on 40.
My point here is the RF PRO-1A is not just for folks with HOA or noise problems, it’s a GREAT
Addition to anybodys receive antenna arsenal!! This things performs ! Plus the fact that I
Don’t have to go out and tune it when I QSY anywhere up to 30 mhz …. It is a clear winner for me!
The XYL was also very happy when I took down the homebrew loops all over the back yard, but I
Haven’t told her what is coming! Hi Hi
FYI: I am not connected with Pixel in any way and have never spoke with Doug until I started
Nagging him about this antenna.
73, thanks for your time.
W6AWO Rating: 5/5 Feb 22, 2013 16:08 Send this review to a friend
Excellent Antenna  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I purchased the PRO-1B to go with my newly acquired QS1R software defined receiver (also excellent). The combination is outstanding. I had the QS1R connected to a long wire while awaiting the arrival of the PRO-1B. The difference between the two was like night and day.

While I mostly monitor HF that's mainly because the MW/LW noise level has always been so high. With the PRO-1B non-directionsl beacons (NDBs) and DGPS signals were standing tall across the spectrum, almost all of which I had never before heard. The best NDB DX: Puerto Rico (from Northern California)!

As others have said the build quality is excellent and the antenna performs as advertised across the whole LF/MF/HF spectrum and into low band VHF.
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