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Reviews Categories | Ham Software - Other than logging | Icom RS-BA1 Help

Reviews Summary for Icom RS-BA1
Icom RS-BA1 Reviews: 36 Average rating: 2.7/5 MSRP: $100
Description: remote control software for newer Icom radios.
Product is in production.
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WA3V Rating: 4/5 Jul 13, 2015 18:58 Send this review to a friend
Recommend the Software  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
Knowing that I would be retiring in 5 months and would be spending considerable time away from my home, I wanted to try remote control of my icom 7800 in order to enjoy it when I was not home. I read the reviews of the RS-BA1 and felt intimidated and somewhat discouraged. At that time, about half of the reviewers would recommend the product. I should point out that I knew little about networking and connectivity, but I have been a ham for a long time and I am very persistent.
I am using a Macbook Air with 512 GB of memory. In order to use the software, I needed to install Windows 8. I used VMware initially which readily loaded RS-BA1 and other ham software. However, when I began to try to initiate the software, the program would not recognize the RC-28 controller which I also purchased. After kicking the problem around a couple of weeks, I called Apple and they thought that the problem was with the VMware and suggested that I use bootcamp to create a separate space for Windows in memory. This was also easy to do and after reinstalling RS-BA1, the program recognized the RC-28 controller.
Using Wifi, I initially tried to connect to my icom 7800 via the LAN port using the local router IP address, but later used my server internet address. In order to do the latter, I needed to change the port forwarding of my verizon router via the internet and enter my user ID that I needed to also enter directly into the icom 7800. Being very leisurely about this, it took me another week. Once you are connected to the icom 7800 via the connection command in the "server list", you need to enter data via the "radio list" including the com port of the icom 7800. I used com port 11. You are not able to do this until you are connected initially to the radio via the command under the "server list." It took a call to icom to figure this out. I might point out that they were very helpful here.Finally I got everything together and was able to control the radio via wifi in my home shack.
I then took the radio remote, about 90 miles away, and was unable to make an internet connection to my home radio. I went home, and then by trial and error was able to turn on and off the radio via the program only when I first started controlling the radio with the radio on via the power button on the radio. Once the program controls the radio, you can turn on and off the radio via the program. When the icom 7800 is turned off by the program, it goes into a sleep mode with the orange light on the power button oscillating slowly from bright to dark and the fan will occasionally go on. At this point with the radio in the sleep mode, I went to a remote site and immediately was able to connect to the radio and made several contacts on 40 meter cw.
The radio went off when I turned it off via the program and this was confirmed by my son who was at my home site. Two days later, while working a contest, I found that my transmission was being delayed and traced this to not making my prebuffer zero in the radio list settings. Once this was resolved everything worked fine.
I really enjoyed using this program with the controller and I felt very good about getting it to work. I do recommend this program and give it a 4 rather than a 5 . because it took me a long time to work through the problems which admittedly were due largely to my inexperience with networking and connectivity issues.

VE7TJL Rating: 3/5 Apr 12, 2015 12:37 Send this review to a friend
Works good once you figure it out  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
It took a little while to figure out how to get a remote connection going with this software.

It's two programs - a client/server that forwards the audio devices and serial port - and another that connects, on the client, to that forwarded serial port to control the transceiver.

The instructions are rubbish. Still now that I have it running I make quite a few contacts through it and it's solid - very little trouble and good performance. Interface is pretty good.

$100 is steep but I would still recommend it if you want to use an ICOM remotely.
VE2DC Rating: 4/5 Jan 31, 2015 09:57 Send this review to a friend
Lifesaver living in a high-rise condo.  Time owned: more than 12 months
Read WB0KZB's review. It sums it up pretty well. Ignore 0 or 1 reviews... that's nonsense... it works great. With radios with an imbedded server such as the 7700 and 7800 (possibly some others) setup is a snap as all you need is a LAN connection to the radio and a router. I don't think it took me 20 minutes. Others, such as my 7100 were a bit more confusing. You basically have a program on your local computer which controls the radio via the CI-V interface (via USB with the 7100). You then have to set up another instance of this program on a remote computer and they communicate. You then run the Radio control program on the remote computer which connects to the server program on the remote computer which connects with the server on the local computer which talks to the radio... getting an bit hairy, but it all works very well. Some of the "complaints" you will read in the reviews are not actually problems with the software, but issues with the radios control features. Icom got into the remote control game late... logging program authors have been complaining about the limited CI-V control capabilities for years. With the later radios Icom has addressed some of these limitations by allowing us to flash them with upgraded firmware which has given us some enhanced control possibilities such as putting the radio in a powered down standby mode. For that reason you need to be aware of the limitations of this product with older radios which cannot have their firmware updated.
K5CPF Rating: 4/5 Oct 15, 2014 19:22 Send this review to a friend
Gets the job done  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I ordered the RS-BA1 solftware, along with an Icom IC-7100 so that I could use the RC-28 remote.

The software could be way more user friendly to set up, but part of it was that I had not learned the radio itself, either.

Once installed, it operates efficiently and reliably on my setup, which is more than I can say for HRD or flirg.

LOVE the RC-28. I wish they'd open source the driver code. They could sell a lot more of the little buggers that way.
PA3MET Rating: 5/5 Feb 26, 2014 05:16 Send this review to a friend
install is painful, works very well  Time owned: more than 12 months
starting off with the fact that the installation itself is not very intuitive.

Even with the printed documentation it's not logical.

At the moment you understand the flow the programmers had in mind, its easy to set up though.

The control itself is _very_ good, fast response, very good audion. Only draw-back is that the used protocols are closed s/w.

If you can stand the somewhat clumsy setup the first time, it's a steal (around EUR 50 here).

Much better compared to HRD -- which needs quite a few cpu cycles. This one is just OK, no crashes (and have the TX timeout programmed in case...)

VA2DV Rating: 4/5 Aug 14, 2013 07:34 Send this review to a friend
Hard to setup , then fine.  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
Like the previous reviewer said , you must be able to fiddle with settings and networking to get this
thing up and running.I spent 2 night setting it up
with an old Celeron Laptop as the server and my mini
netbook as the client.It now works great both within my home network and from the internet.Both laptops are running wireless so I do have a high latency but everything is still usable.So I would not say it's plug and play but once running , it's like having the rig in front of me anywhere in the world.The user interface is even better than the real faceplate of the radio because you have access to everything without having to push and hold a series of buttons.Well done but kind of pricey.
WB0KZB Rating: 5/5 Aug 13, 2013 11:25 Send this review to a friend
Why this good product gets a bad review  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
The software gets bad reviews, but really works well, provided it is properly setup on compatible computer networks. The most common problem encountered is probably because of the network router. If extreme care is taken to install the software properly, the remote system should work admirably.

Before buying the software, check your network router for “Port Forwarding”. Do not confuse this capability with port filtering, port triggering, or port anything else. “Port Forwarding” is the key to making the software function. If you don’t understand networking, or don’t have the time to setup the network properly, either hire someone who does know how to do it for you or do NOT purchase this software. My installation needed a new router at a cost of about $80. The one that was in my home network was a common one, but it was a cheap one. Most of the routers made for the lower price-points do NOT offer port forwarding. As I understand it, if you have a “gaming” system your router will probably work. I would strongly advise that you check it anyway. The instructions that Icom provides for the router setup are generic and meant for use with the router documentation. The information supplied by Icom is NOT enough to setup your router unless you are very knowledgeable in router operations: if you don’t have the documentation for your router, get it.

Once the router is setup, setup the firewall. If you are using the Windows Firewall that is supplied with the Microsoft Windows operating system, the instructions provided with the software are good enough for someone with a working knowledge of firewalls. If you don’t understand firewalls and network security, ask the person that setup your router to do it for you.

The setup network can be tested before the software is purchased, but testing requires a detailed knowledge of TCP/IP networking and another network. I used a laptop at a coffee shop and Telnet. Search the internet for other ways to send two-way traffic over the specified ports. Once complete to your satisfaction, your risk of wasting $100 is greatly reduced.

Once you have the software, I highly recommend that you PRINT the documentation. I have found that the printed version is easier to follow simply because you can check off the steps as they are done. This is not a simple install, but the documentation is good. I printed out a total of 84 color pages:

1. 28 pages for the “Quick Reference Guide” found online at
2. 50 pages for the instruction manual found on the CD
3. 6 pages for the driver installation guide found on the CD (note that the document for Windows 8 is different than the document for the other Windows versions)

There are three printed documents that come with the software they are numbered and will reference the other documents. Follow the instructions to the letter, including the verification steps. It took me a couple of hours to set up the base and the remote, but it worked for me.

I was torn between giving the RS-BA1 a 4 or a 5. I rounded up and give it a 5 because it does exactly what Icom says it will do. I connected my Icom 7410 to a Dell desktop computer via the USB port. If you have more than one radio, you might need to use the CT-17. I have a home-brewed CT-17 that also worked with this software. The biggest limitation for me is that there is no way to connect a CW key. Other drawbacks are that the window is a fixed size, you have to have the software running on the base (host) computer, and the radio must be turned on. I recommend that you put the remote utility in the Windows Startup folder and set the computer to reboot after power failure (usually found in the computer’s BIOS settings). This will save you some heartburn if you are on vacation and the home QTH suffers a power outage. On the better than expected side of the ledger, the memory functions of the software are actually better that the IC-7410 it’s connected to.

Overall, the installation is complex but reasonably well documented, albeit you have to print the documentation. While the installation is complex, it’s not difficult if you know your way around a computer network. Time will tell if it’s worth the $100, but if it continues to work and I can take my station with me on the road – its money and time well spent.

Hope this helps.
IZ1TMF Rating: 0/5 Jun 3, 2013 13:16 Send this review to a friend
Really BAD SOFTWARE  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
This is a REALLY BAD SOFTWARE, not work!

N°1 When you use the software with the Icom 9100 and you use the remote with internet, the software change some setup on the radio, and when you want use only the radio (with all the remote disconnected and OFF ) you have lost the audio for the microphone, and if you want again, you must go inside the setup of the radio and change on the setup ACC/USB to MIC, otherwise the radio will be without micro input also you perform a master reset to clean all the setup, and this IS NOT WRITTEN ON THE USER MANUAL !!!

N°2 Really not easy to setup, try to use Kenwood free programs and judge !

N°3 Crash sometime with XP Pro and remain ON TX !!!

N°4 If you use on the radio the CI-V interface to talk with some amplifier or evolute antenna control, the remote not work also if you have different address and you must unplug the CI-V if you use the USB Port for the remote server.

N°5 The radio MUST TO BE ON FOREVER if you intend use the remote !!!
Unbelievable !! You can not turn OFF or put in StBy the radio! like KENWOOD software do. And the radio (9100)take 3A only in receive mode ! A wast of energy and heat for the radio.

N°6 You can not control all the radio feature but only a part of it! Try to use Kenwood and enjoy all the feature (REALLY ALL) and more of the radio by remote.

N°7 The audio codec algorithm need a lot of bandwith on internet and the others codec in the list are really hungy of bandwith, only a little bit changes, but and drastic changes on audio quality. (Again, try Kenwood program, really efficient respect the bandwith). With the RS-BA1 if you have more than 500ms of delay on internet, forget to use the remote interface and forget to listen some audio.

There are others problems discovered on the use, but ICOM not listen ours suggestions and like all the "software writers" in the world, they said "this is happens only to you..)

Now folks,
if you are happy to pay more than $100 dollars for useless programs, welcome! Or try to compare the feature with KENWOOD offer.
A REALLY fantastic remote control on internet.
And really easy to setup!

Try to use Kenwood remote programs or other free programs of third parts for ICOM and you can judge if this is not true.

73 Marco
WU6W Rating: 3/5 May 17, 2013 21:23 Send this review to a friend
Works - But !!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Over complicated setup.
Missing features for the IC-746Pro like the Antenna Tuner !!! I mean the Antenna Tuner ??? Give me a break.
If HRD had an Audio Codec it would totally smoke this software.
KF6WTC Rating: 4/5 May 10, 2013 13:46 Send this review to a friend
Instructions sucks  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Well I bought this software yesterday and it took me all day to figure what was happening. Like most people here I could log on locally, but not remotely. The problem was this. First when connecting to the server in the Remote Utility program I was never getting a "connected" message. It just kept saying "connecting" Truth of the matter is as long as you don't get a bad password error you are connected. After that go to the radio list to make your connection. You will have to go into the settings first and SET YOUR OWN VIRTUAL COM PORT. My thinking was when making the connection to the server that the virtual com port would be program selected. It's not. Last check the memory address in the Radio Control program to make sure it's the same. Mine by default was not. I think it defaults to 7Ch when my radio was defaulted at 7Ah. It's working great now. The Interface is kinda crappy, but it does what it needs to.
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