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Survey Question
Are you a member of your local Radio Club?
  Posted: Jan 08, 2011   (2230 votes, 76 comments) by VK5LA

  Yes, active member...
  Yes, but don't go to many meetings
  Yes, but not an active member...
  No, I don't do Clubs...
  No, no club in my area...
  No, I have issues with the club/members...
    (2230 votes, 76 comments)

Survey Results
Yes, active member... 42% (935)
Yes, but don't go to many meetings 15% (339)
Yes, but not an active member... 7% (159)
No, I don't do Clubs... 24% (531)
No, no club in my area... 5% (122)
No, I have issues with the club/members... 6% (144)

Survey Comments
Area Clubs
Since my posting of January 2011, I have been more disgusted with many of the clubs in my area. Way too much emphasis is on ARES/RACES and public service. I used to participate in storm spotting up until 2003. Now you have to take a bunch of FEMA courses to be a spotter. I was a storm spotter for many years prior to 9/11 and didn't need these courses. I guess I am "not good enough" to be a spotter now. I for one don't want to go to a club meeting and be "brainwashed" all the time with ARES/RACES public service stuff that I could care less about. I just don't attend any meetings.

Posted by KE0XQ on February 26, 2012

Not "PC" enough!
I have been a Ham for 22 years this Dec.2011. In the early days, being part of 2-3 of the local Ham Clubs in Colorado was fun. As time went on, things changed. I agree with the statement 2 posts ahead of mine, the meetings were like going to the local SENIOR CENTER. With all the mountains in CO, we have the "king of the hill" attitude, and it runs old and new Hams away. Its now to the point where one has to be "PC" enough to even fit in to some of the clubs.
This is VERY SAD! This is a hobby, not a job. I for one, "there are many others in CO" never plan on being "PC" enough for anyone or any Ham Radio Club.
There is so much one can do with out being with a local club.

Posted by N0ISV on June 30, 2011

My local club is the product of the whims of about three
people. They refuse to answer membership questions
or explain why my wife (a licensed Amateur) doesn't get
club e-mails. This after multiple quiries. "The needs of
the many outweighs the needs of the few, or the one."

Posted by N2WEC on May 15, 2011

Not only am I an active member of my club, for the past 4 years I have been the chairman as well. Just got re-elected as chairman again about 2 months ago.
I am PROUD to be a member of OAKDALE Club, Belville RSA. All hams should belong to a club, are we not one massive great family? Cannot exist without my ham-family.


Posted by ZS1FCS on April 30, 2011

Not only am I an active member of my club, for the past 4 years I have been the chairman as well. Just got re-elected as chairman again about 2 months ago.
I am PROUD to be a member of OAKDALE Club, Belville RSA. All hams should belong to a club, are we not one massive great family? Cannot exist without my ham-family.


Posted by ZS1FCS on April 30, 2011

the club i joined
the club i joined was not interested in
helping they were in my opinion waiting for
the old timers to become SK so they could get
there hands on the goodies ,,,,,,,not my cup
of tea .....i was going to give radio away
when i found out what these people were up to
they should be ashamed !!!!!!!!!
the people i talk to are the real guys that
are there for each other , not for them self
s ...good onya guys you know who you are
73`s have a happy qso

Posted by VK2LOZ on February 27, 2011

Shortly after getting my Technician ticket, I joined two local clubs. One was a lot friendlier than the other; people would talk to me casually. The other club had meetings barely under control of the President and people basically ignore me. So now I belong to only one club, plus a RACES organization. Truth be told, I got interested in ham radio because of the emcomm aspect anyway.

Posted by KD8MON on February 25, 2011

I reviewed our local club's web site. And the pictures looked like they had been taken in the geriatric ward of the hospital. The ones i've met in person are hateful old goats, or holier than thou. No thanks.

Posted by KI4QPU on February 25, 2011

I'm not squawking mind you but after close to two months isn't this 'survey' getting a bit long in the tooth??

Posted by K0CBA on February 24, 2011

Not a member
I am not a member but there is only one I might consider here in Bellevue, other than that I have no use for many of them. Why? There are other clubs here in the Omaha, NE/Council Bluffs, IA area that have left a sour taste in my mouth in how they treat certain people. They go out of their way to either ignore you or they will give you dirty looks and then ignore you. I experienced that personally on Field Day last year and frankly I have no time to deal with people who want to act that way.

Came in with no agenda and was about to ask if they needed help. Got the cold shoulder twice from two of the clubs so that's their loss... The Bellevue folks were much friendlier. If they weren't around I would probably not consider a club.

Posted by K0WVM on February 22, 2011

Concerning clubs that seem to be fading away I have noticed the Butte Montana club (W7FO) just doesn't seem to get involved in activities any more.The members are very nice folks however. It just seems the Club is fading away. What a shame.

Posted by W7YBV on February 21, 2011

Radio Group
I am a member of the Galway VHF Group located in the West of Ireland. Our Group is active in the majority of the facets of Amateur Radio. We are not involved in the "politics" of radio. We just get on with the hobby. There are enough people to resolve technical problems and offer advice where needed. The group is not large and so we don't have problems where rival factions forming within the group itself. I had been a member of a Club which has undergone many rifts since it was formed which really took the good out of the hobby. Thankfully this is not the case with our own group. We continue to keep up with the technical developments and share the knowledge with our members. Those who may not be interested in a particular mode of operation are always willing to lend a hand and sit in the hot seat where necessary. I think this is what contributes to the success of our group. Lets face it, in recessionary times, it costs little to indulge in Amateur Radio once you have a modest station built.


Posted by EI5DD on February 21, 2011

The local club where I'm at has lots of nice people, but they don't seem to be very interested in amateur radio. The meetings and chat on the local repeater seem to just be a social time to gossip about the local doins' and such, who's going to the doctor, and all the various symptoms they have. Nice enough people but not much radio banter.

Posted by KG6BRG on February 20, 2011

I belong to a club where I took my test to get my ticket and was very active the first few years even served as president for one year then things in my life changed and the price of gas went up so the drive of 80 mile round trip plus the time the meeting got over on Tuesday night and get up to go work early in the morning slowed me down but I pay my dues and atend events like field day and certain diners they have on Saturdays. I do not use the repeaters that much now I am a general but someday I will retire and get reativated. I am a member of a group called Wester Public Service System (WPSS) on 3.952 75Meters and pay dues for that as well and I am very active in this group because we meet on the frequency every night from 6 PM to 9 PM PST and go to a few events at least one a year to match a face to the voice. 73 DE Curtis KG6UCW

Posted by KG6UCW on February 15, 2011

Let's see....I belong to...
ARRL Life Membership
ARRL VEC License Test Team Member - Richmond VA
Quarter Centry Wireless Assn. Life Membership
SEDXC - Georgia
Richmond Amateur Radio CLub
Metropolitan Radio Repeater Assn. (145.43)
Associiate Member-Dominion DX Group
As a senior citizen, I don't get around as fast as I used too.
Jon NQ4A
Richmond, VA

Posted by NQ4A on February 10, 2011

2nd Shifter
I have joined two clubs in central and southern New

But I work 2nd shift so I can't attend any meetings during
the week.

Why did I join? I use their repeaters a lot. $15 a year for
each machine is so easy for me to do to help keep them
on the air.


Posted by AB1XG on February 7, 2011

Club membership:
I belong to three area clubs and being a life
member of both the ARRL and QCWA. I do not
like to travel in my advanced age so I no
longer attend. I want to support those that
do tho. I think clubs can become ingrown
like other associations can become and need
to be getting newer blood providing it is not
too radical. At the beginning of my ham
radio activity I went to coffees in a local
library and in coffee shops. It was a good
way to get acquainted with those on the air
and what ideas they had to share.

Posted by K0IC on February 7, 2011

I belong to three clubs, primarily to support our repeaters. Best one is the very informal 7:00 breakfast meeting every week. Lots of neat stuff passed around. Some of it even "Ham Radio".

Posted by K5PMC on February 6, 2011

Only one. The ARRL.

I once knew a coworker who arrived an hour early each day so he could read his newspaper in the break room over a cup of coffee. He hunted for all the news articles that he could find to be offensive in any way, tore them out and stuck them into his shirt pocket.

Throughout the whole day he’d use them to rant and rail to anyone who’d listen about this injustice and that lie and those imposters. He’d be back in the break room the following morning to glean more ammunition to provide complaints and accusations for this new day.

We all thought he was some kind of a nut and we all hated to see him coming with his repertoire of angry ravings. Then when I joined the local ham club I discovered there were a lot more like him.

These guys take any person’s comment, proposal, suggestion, idea or report apart piece by piece to find some reason to be offended. Next day at the coffee shop, each instigator will take a turn at trying to incite the group to anger with his observation about Tom or Dick or Harry. If it doesn’t ignite, the next instigator will take a turn at casting light on some other perceived lie or injustice or criminal intent. Frequently one will be successful in creating a whole new campaign of fury against some nefarious club member or another.

It seems that electronics, radio communication, experimentation or technical projects are of little to no interest. Ham radio is only a vehicle to provide a platform for generating conflict and contention in the hope of inciting a fight. Plan an electronics presentation and most are totally bored but pass the word that there’s going to be a confrontation between George and Ted at the next meeting and it is standing room only.

Interestingly, it isn’t only the ham radio club having these ambitions. Other local clubs of various disciplines seem to meet for the purpose of discovering a reason of provocation to fight, to prevail and to demonstrate superiority and they thrive on it.

When the local rescue squad showed up at a severe head-on collision between a small car and a bread delivery van, the team left the injured motorist bleeding, still trapped inside the car while they argued to determine who was in charge of the accident scene. The quest for superiority always supercedes the purpose of the activity at hand.

I dropped out of the local ham club because I have no interest in joining conflicts to demonstrate my Alpha id. I belong to the ARRL. It has a primary interest in radio and electronics technology with a generally friendly attitude among members.

Posted by W4XKE on February 6, 2011

How many?
Lets see...


Plus a few others I can't recall at the moment. Highly active in four.

73 de Donald

Posted by AE6RF on February 4, 2011

How many?
Lets see...


Plus a few others I can't recall at the moment. Highly active in four.

73 de Donald

Posted by AE6RF on February 4, 2011

Not much of a joiner. Plus, I don't have much time to get on the air much less participate in club activities.

Posted by KB9SDS on February 3, 2011

No Clubs in SW Nebraska
Unfortunately, there's no local clubs around where I live. There is some interest from a group of Skywarn weather spotters, so I am working on setting up a class and a VE session. Hopefully, there will be enough interest to start a small club. Perhaps we can get a repeater up and running to generate more interest.

Posted by NY0K on January 30, 2011

Value Added Benefit
Our club is alive and well and in addition to regular meetings there are Saturday gatherings at a local bakery,we call them CAKE sessions for Coffee Assisted Knowledge Exchange They provide a relaxed forum for technical discussions at all levels. We like mystery items, and other exhibts of old and state of the art. CAKE has been very well attended for over 5 years as a form of group Elmering.
Feel free to visit our web site at K6BJand read a few issues of Short Skip Ron W6WO

Posted by W6WO on January 30, 2011

I am a new AR
I live in an area of three Counties, each with their own ARES and emergency centers.I am a member of the DEARS ( as I work at Walt Disney world and this group is composed or Disney Castmembers. This club is not affiliated with a County emergency group directly. They do assist in the Orlando area but I live in Polk County, 20 miles south of WDW, and have started to work with the Polk ARES group. I think I can be of help with both the DEARS and the Polk ARES.

Posted by KJ4VGV on January 30, 2011

When I used a local repeater I joined the club running it. Few regular members at the meetings.

When I used an internet cluster I joined the club running it. A great bunch of DXers and contesters.

When I moved to this area I joined a local "DX" club to support the local DX cluster. It was way too contentious for me.

With the advent of the internet, I've never thought about looking at a club again.

Posted by W7ETA on January 30, 2011

2d Comment on Clubs
We have about 15 2M repeaters in the area. Good luck on getting ANYONE to talk to you on them. And one of the clubs is so bad, they put up a second repeater because of the split in the members cliques. NO THANKS!

Posted by N4VNV on January 28, 2011

Clubs etc.
I belong to 3 clubs if you count ARRL. My local Club is "OARS"; the Olympia Amateur Radio Society which meets monthly and we have some great presentations and discussions. My regional club affiliation is Mercury NW (W7MNW) which is another wonderful bunch of people who try to get together once a year somewhere in the 'Great NorthWet' (pun intended). All of these folks are very friendly, helpful, and NOT egocentric. I am proud to be associated with them! They are part of the reason I love Amateur Radio! W7RUE

Posted by W7RUE on January 27, 2011

Join a Club
Many say the local club doesn't participate in the activities they are interested or active in - GREAT! Join the club, and give a presentation about your interest. You may find there are others interested and active in the shadows.
You may find people that didn't know about the subject of your interests.
Remember, you learn more by teaching. Also, the person you show may be the person that makes a breakthrough - because of you! How would that make you feel?!! You may be the person your club needs.

Your Elmer took a leap of faith with you. Take a leap and get involved with a club - help them be better, and help them help you be better.

warren - nm3u

Posted by NM3U on January 25, 2011

I've been holding back on joining a local club for a few reasons.

What I've been looking for and what I haven't found yet are groups that are *proactive* and those that are not primarily interested in repeaters. The ones that seem interesting are the ones that are not in my region or are too far to drive to their meetings.

Many have very poor and minimally maintained websites. There's not enough there to keep me excited about their organization. I'm not a software/web designer so I can't usefully volunteer my time to help them out either.

Oh well.. Still searching.


Posted by N1ERF on January 24, 2011

I am an officer in the local club..member of another.
clubs NEED new members wit NEW ideas. IT gets stale. Join..become a member and an officer! I think 90% of our members have all ready been an officer of some kind at sometime! CLUBS need new blood and new ideas!

Posted by WA0OFO on January 23, 2011

Far Too Busy!
Far too many interests - Orienteering on a motorcycle and a mountain Bike, hill walking, general computing and keeping up to speed with all the family's activities. Clubs ...? but may get time this year to visit Dayton.

Posted by G3XYS on January 21, 2011

I like to support local repeater
I usually join the local club who support good coverage open repeater in 144 MHz band. I join mostly to support such open repeater in the area. I understand maintaining repeater at hill top cost money.

Posted by AE6ZW on January 21, 2011

No time!
Are you kidding?! I have no time. Between work, taking care of two 'special needs' family members, and everything else that fills up my schedule, i'm lucky if I get a half hour a week operating time!

Posted by W8KQE on January 21, 2011

local radio club
yes I am a member of our local radio club .It is called the RADAR club.Also I am a member of the W.I.A and the ARRL. being a club member is very benaficial to new hams in the local area.


Posted by VK4QO on January 20, 2011

There is no a.r.c. in our town. No interest.!!
33 hams but no one wants to take the time to perhaps learn a bit more.All are satisfied with present status quo.So I must travel 35 miles for AN ACTIVE CLUB MEETING...

Posted by KI4ROG on January 20, 2011

No interest
Last visit to local club was about 5 years ago and they spent the 1st hour arguing over the meaning of 1 word in the by-laws. My guest was treated rudely, and members talked about how they worked 200 countries on 11 meters. So I have no interest in re-joining the club. It's best to find a few hams who share the same interests as you, such as DX'ing, SSTV, etc, and hang out with them - no by-laws, no rules, no dues, no meetings, etc.

Posted by LONESTRANGER on January 19, 2011

No interest
Last visit to local club was about 5 years ago and they spent the 1st hour arguing over the meaning of 1 word in the by-laws. My guest was treated rudely, and members talked about how they worked 200 countries on 11 meters. So I have no interest in re-joining the club. It's best to find a few hams who share the same interests as you, such as DX'ing, SSTV, etc, and hang out with them - no by-laws, no rules, no dues, no meetings, etc.

Posted by LONESTRANGER on January 19, 2011

Why bother?
One club in my area has a power hungry megalomaniac running the entire show, and even pulling the officers' strings. No, thank you.

The other club was taken over by people from outside the club area just because it had a substantial income from a cell tower installed on club grounds. There, a private e-mail to a former friend was made public, and I in turn offered to resign my membership. The resignation was accepted--unanimously, (yeah, some friends). I haven't been back to either one, nor will I try.

Posted by K1CJS on January 19, 2011

Yes... but
Well, I was a member of a very large club, but have since lapsed with no intentions to re-up any memberships to the 'large' club. At least not planning to re-join until the political "business as usual" continues with circulating the same few individuals through the ranks of 'elected positions'. Seems there is NEVER any room for competent new comers to even see a nomination. These travesties of unmannered and deceptive organization qualities, coupled with gross misappropriations of massive amounts of club funds - as the club claims "non-profit" status, wreak heavily of corruption.

This is on a local level, too. Just so no one gets the impression I am bashing any international clubs we partake in.

I do belong to one small, local radio club, though. I as well, plan to continue membership with the small club. Seems all involved learn a great deal more, and even enjoy the meetings and functions when the gatherings are not so heavily inundated with "formalities" and procedural time killers - that only serve to pedestal the 'officials'.

Posted by N8NSN on January 19, 2011

Ham radio Clubs
I often wonder about hams who constantly find
fault with several clubs-could it be a case of
psychological projection? If you feel so alone
why not start a club of your own! When I hear a
guy dumping on his three or four ex-wives it
makes me wonder about him, not them!

Posted by WA1UFO on January 18, 2011

To All HAMS Out there,
There are Two GREAT Clubs I belong to.
In my hometown of Alliance there's The Alliance Amatuer Radio Club. Club website being
Also the county above me is Portage County Radio Service (PCARS) with the website of

Check these out.


Posted by KD8JRK on January 18, 2011

Our club
I've been a member of the Alexandria Radio Club for a couple of years, and now I'm the secretary. Most of our club "business" is done at the January and November meetings, with the rest of them being some sort of program (December is the Christmas party). We've had programs on test equipment, solar activity, upcoming legislation, among others.

It's a small club, but a good quality membership. We had a good turnout on Field Day, and Art, our Field Day coordinator did a good job of holding things together. It was my first field day, and I wasn't really in practice for contests, so Rick let me use his station for an international HF DX contest in July and showed me what I was doing wrong. I'll do better this year.

Another benefit is access to cheap equipment that you can rely on being operational. I got a RadioShack HTX-10 for $5.00 at one meeting.

There are several clubs in our area, so hams in Northern Virginia/DC suburbs should be able to find one to fit their needs. Just be prepared to help instead of just being helped.

-- Tom

Posted by KJ4FUU on January 18, 2011

All good but...
In countries with more land accessible this is
fine but in the UK we are often limited by what
the local authorities ancient rulings are and
by our small back yards. By small I don't mean
a few hundred meters square either. My HF
antenna runs down a fence opposite the house
until someone notices..

Luckly just about everyone here can get away
with a colinear for 6m/2m/70cms

Posted by M0ZIF on January 18, 2011

Wy3X hit the nail on the head. There is much more to ham radio than Encomm, but most clubs still don't realize that.

Posted by EX_AA5JG on January 15, 2011

Multiple clubs
In the Northern Virginia area (DC burbs), we are lucky to have multiple active clubs. I am an active member of 2 (SPARC, LARG), and I occasional visit a few of the other clubs in the area (VWS, AMRAD, MAARC), and there are a bunch more local clubs I hope to visit.

Posted by AJ4LN on January 15, 2011

Interesting support
Interesting story. When I joined my local club, I was a ham that had been out of ham radio for 20+ years. Kept my license up to date, but off the air for the entire time.

My ham radio gear was 20+ years old. The club did not initially say that they would assist me to put up my towers. Now that I have been attending meetings and field day activities, the membership seems more inclined to assist me. From the encouragement of one of the key members of the club, I have purchased new cutting edge radios. Still off the air, but moving in the right direction.

Posted by KB6QXM on January 15, 2011

They should have included these three additional responses:

1. I am a club officer.
2. I am on the board of director.
3. I am a club trustee.


Fred, WB4AEJ

Posted by WB4AEJ on January 15, 2011

Great Club
I am newer member of a great club near Buffalo, NY who was welcomed with open arms by the friendly members. The club is active in field days, lighthouse days, hamfests, some ECOM, repeaters (4) and other events such as bike/foot races and tracking dog searches. We have many active hams of all ages from octogenarian down to a new ham of 13 years old and all ages in between. Besides a general meeting night with a program and a board meeting night we have a weekly get-together at our clubhouse for working the club radios, radio repairs, testing, demos and discussions. It has made me a much better ham.

Posted by W2EM on January 14, 2011

My "local" club is very active. Two meetings a month with an average attendance of 40-50,
usually standing room only, membership over 300, active VE team, active for quite a few
contests (although not seriously participating, more of a social gathering with some
operating thrown in) and a very big Field Day operation 10A the last two years, with
rumors of a bigger operation this year. I don't make a lot of meetings since it is 50 miles
round-trip to the meetings, usually following an 80-mile round trip commute for work.
Since there is a program meeting at least once a month, I try to make the ones that sound
interesting (at least to me.) I can see that the relatively skewed age would be somewhat
threatening to a younger person but we are seeing more and more younger members.
Hopefully they will see the light and take some leadership positions in the club.


Posted by AA3CS on January 14, 2011

Local Club
Having been away from amateur radio for about 25 years, I found the local club a great source for getting back up to speed and advice on rounding up gear. It can also be a way of involving the xyl in gatherings so she doesn't feel left out. Our cllub is civic minded and has a couple of good repeaters.

Posted by N5HDX on January 14, 2011

There are worthwhile amateur radio clubs still operating. The strong gut feeling is they are few and far between, and diminishing in number and presence.

Can only speculate on the reasons for this, but here goes:
1.) amateur radio had a greater appeal for those who are now older than approximately 55 years of age than it did for those who were younger,
2.) as humans age physical and mental changes ensue- slowly at first- but the trend accelerates toward the end of life,
3.) we live in a society that, particularly since 9-11-01, is notable for a lack of meaningful communication between it's citizens on matters of importance both great and small,
4.) DHS grants as trickled-down to state & local EMA's have had a corrupting and corrosive influence on amateur radio clubs and amateur radio in general when spent for the purchase of 'club' equipment and repeater improvements.

Posted by W3DBB on January 14, 2011

In my case i would belong to a club if the
club is worthwhile. I meant if the club or
assn. have clear targets, many radio
activities, public service and open
directions. TNX. CArlos

Posted by YY1CIR on January 13, 2011

I'm a member of three clubs including ARRL. I have been involved with half a dozen different clubs over my 19 year tenure as a ham. Generally it's been a pretty good time, but I notice that 10% of the membership does 90% of the work/activities. Aside from wishing that the other 90% would either help out or quit snivelling I have no regrets about the 90 dollars a year I spend supporting ham clubs.
My local club has a club station aboard a museum ship that only gets activated two days a week and I know that well over half the membership is retired, so why can't they be bothered? Because they are ham crammers and can't even program a HT, let alone operate using phonetics and heed HF protocol. That's not so much the fault of the new hams but the people who push them through an 8 hour class where they memorize as many questions and answers as possible...
Hopefully the MANY clubs that are doing this realize that quality over quantity is becoming a real major issue and knock that mess off!!!

Posted by KD6HUC on January 13, 2011

Our club here in Fannin County, TX is very active in every aspect except maybe Field Day. We usually hold a mini-Field Day in the park after the weather cools down. I am presently the Net Manager for our weekly Net on the 2M repeater, which we link to the 440 repeater and 6 meters, so we reach way outside the county when conditions are good. We get many check-ins on Tuesday night and it is a joy to be a part of this club. We have some great Elmers in this club that will help in anyway possible. The meetings are aways informative and well attended. Like most clubs, we need to reach out to the youth of the area, but we are working on that. I really enjoy being a member of our club. We are active in EMCOMM when the need arises and we also participate in community activities like the annual Autumn in Bonham Bike Rally, one of the biggest rallys in North Texas.


Posted by KE5WDI on January 13, 2011

I agree with this comment by KC2OTX; "My local club in Rochester, NY is terrible. VERY unfriendly to new members and they have the standard "regulars" and "good old boy" system. As the XYL says- they want your money, not your membership".(end quote) I have been a member three times of various ham clubs within forty miles of my home in Kentucky. It's been all about "Cliques".

Posted by N4VNV on January 13, 2011

Wrong objective
The local club tends to concentrate on emcomm and unnecessarily entwines themselves with local government. I would prefer a more hobby-centric club that participates as a group in operating events, has demos of new gear at the meetings, and holds group builds of kits. And one with some integrity, but I won't elaborate. If they read this, they know what they did wrong.

Posted by WY3X on January 12, 2011

I don't do clubs, but I meet with, and have lunches and breakfast with a small group of guys. Guys that help each other.
Funny thing, they are all part of WARFA and OMIK, and a bunch of the nicest guys I know in ham radio.
I have other ham friends that come by, and we do lunch, breakfast and hamfest together, but no formal club stuff and we help each other.
Colorado has a diverse group of hams and most are just normal guy/gals that love radio/electronics.
No clubs please...

Posted by K7NNG on January 12, 2011

Local Club
I am the current secretary/treasurer of the Cherokee County Amateur Radio Club(K5JVL) in Jacksonville Texas, and as one of the younger members(Im 39 by the way) I would really like to see more of our communities youth get interested and involved. We as a club hope to help remedy this on going problem this year by working our activities more around some of the local scouting events.

Posted by K5WCF on January 12, 2011

I am President of one and treasurer of another. I have seen a decline in the number of people who want to take on positions in clubs. We need to bring younger people into the clubs and get them active.


Posted by W3PDW on January 11, 2011

I still belong to the Dayton organization (DARA) that I joined
in 1987 but I'm not a member of any clubs here in New York.

Posted by W2UIS on January 11, 2011

At 59, I am one of the 5 youngest members of our club. out of 55 members, there Are 4 younger, so not many make our night meetings. We are very active in a primariily daytime activity club. Due to our efforts, we got 60k from the state of Texas for counting HAZ-MAT trucks coming into our county. Good group, and adding more all the time.KE5LDO

Posted by KE5LDO on January 11, 2011

surprising results
I'm surprised how many people answered "active member". It seems most clubs are dwindling away.

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Posted by K9ZF on January 10, 2011

Our Club
Our club may be small but the members have big hearts. We have monthly breakfasts at a local hotel restaurant, bimonthly business meetings with speakers, an annual Christmas party, we participate in Field Day as our abilities allow, and joint hamfests with two other counties. I am frequently invited along on maintenance trips to the repeater site for weed whacking, new antenna installs, coax soldering, or what ever else I can do. I'm proud to be a member.

Posted by KC6YFR on January 10, 2011

I'm active, but I think the big problem is the ageing of the general ham population. Having been involved in several clubs in different areas of the country over the past few years I have noticed a few things that many clubs have in common. Many of the old guys seem to just sit there and and offer little or no input on much of anything, when they should be sharing their experience and advice with the other members. Others still have something "stuck in their craw" and remain bitter about what might have happened 40 years ago like the old incentive licensing. Some are cold to newcomers because they are "no code" hams. But go ahead, guys, keep it up. YOU will be the reason ham radio fades into history, not the new guys, the FCC, or the ARRL. WE are ham radio, and it's up to US to see that it thrives or fades into memory.

Posted by WB4TJH on January 10, 2011

The problem with our club is that no one wants to hold an elected office. At one time, our club had 500 members. Now membership is around 150 with about half of them being life members. Many of the new hams coming into the hobby these days are in it for ARES/RACES and public service. There is much more to our hobby than that. Some hams don't know how to use a soldering iron. There are always complainers in our club. When they are asked to get active in the club, they always use the excuse is "I don't have the time". My response to that attitude is then don't complain when things don't go to your likening. There seems to be too much emphasis on ARES/RACES/public service and that is it.

Posted by KE0XQ on January 10, 2011

Local club
I live in the northern suburbs of Chicago and we have a
wonderful club called the North Shore Radio Club. It is
a very active and well run club that offers something for
almost everybody. It participates in three annual events
one of which is the Chicago Marathon. It participates in
Field Day and it not only scores near the top of its
class, but includes a large percentage of its members
in the process. The club has three analog and three
digtal repeaters, an APRS digipeater and a 10M
beacon on the air. The club also has monthly meetings
with interesting speakers and an annual dinner. I have
made many great friendships through this club and I
openly recommend it to others.

Posted by KK9H on January 10, 2011

Let's Put The "RADIO" Back Into "RADIO CLUB"!!!
I dropped-out of one of the local big clubs here some years ago...

Far too many of the executives heading the group seemed to be more sold on political protocol & procedure, than they were on actual Ham radio stuff (sound familiar?).

The icing on the cake for me personally occurred on the occasion of our annual "Homebrew Night", wherein members brought an example of their home made pride & joy along with them to the meet, for a hands-on demo to the assembly of just what, exactly, they had accomplished. Well, the meeting kicked-off at 8:00 PM. There was the usual roll-call, the reading of the previous meeting's minutes, updates from the various committees...and then a lengthy, absolutely STUPID digression into some inane point of order, spear-headed by one of the politicos seated at the front of the room...

Finally, at 9:55 PM, the president said, "OK, let's get on with Homebrew Night, everybody!" And the meeting ended at its usual 10:00 PM, allowing members a scant & scandalous mere FIVE MINUTES to showcase their talents.

The very next day I submitted my written resignation, & have had no regrets whatsoever.

I joined the club to celebrate RADIO, not parliamentary procedure!

~73~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

Posted by VE3CUI on January 10, 2011

I attend whenever I can, working second shift causes conflicts. The programs are interesting and the meetings are well attended by a hams with diverse amateur interests and experience.

Posted by W2MB on January 9, 2011

Local Club
I belong to MTARS since 2001, I've always support my club .we have club repeater on 2 on both repeaters !


SKCC #7305

NAQCC #5233

Posted by N4MJG on January 9, 2011

Support is important
Common sense tells us that it is a good thing to support those clubs who operate local repeaters for obvious reasons, whether you regularly attend meetings or not. It is also good to be active in ham radio organizations to the extent that you can make meaningful contributions for the general good.

In unity and cooperation there is strength, and just where do you suppose amateur radio would be today, or in the future if busy hams did not band together for the common good? Will you encounter factions and opportunists? Of course, but be greater than you seem and do what you can. Ham radio is a privilege, not a right, and Big Brother can take away that privilege if we become complacent. Give back to ham radio and ham radio will give back to you.

Posted by AI2IA on January 9, 2011

Local club
My local club in Rochester, NY is terrible. VERY unfriendly to new members and they have the standard "regulars" and "good old boy" system. As the XYL says- they want your money, not your membership. Of course, I have to cut them some slack- most of the people in this area are like that. They call it "Smugtown".

Posted by W2DDG on January 9, 2011

No Time
It is not that I don't do clubs. My job is so time consuming I just never have time to do any activity's. Not even Field Day, and only 4 hamfests in the last 10 years.

Posted by KA5ROW on January 9, 2011

There should be an "OTHER" category for this question. The Club in my area is a very active organization. They meet regularly and have an active membership. The problem I have is their meeting dates conflict with another responsibility of mine which makes it impossible for me to attend. I could probably still join the club but I'd rather not under those conditions.


Posted by WB2TQC on January 9, 2011

Local Radio Club
No membership for me. Going to the monthly meeting is like going to a SENIOR CENTER, half of them are sleeping and the others don't care much about new ways of doing things. There thought is " we have done things this way for years". Well that don't work anymore is whatI say. 1 of the local clubs where i live USE to be the LARGEST club in the state at 1 time. Now maybe 10 people show up and half the time the board members don't make it in. There are currently vacancies on the board.
The repeaters are aging and in need of desperate repair, and some are off air. But they work and of course there is no interest in D Star, Ecolink etc. I have probably said to much already but anyone reading this an agreeing, knows this is only some of the story as it is in your own lo-cal. Much in fighting etc. Believe it or not I have no issues with the local clubs but from what I tried to describe it's like why bother. I will just play on HF.
73 nØyg

Posted by N0YG on January 9, 2011

Our local club is NOT active but we do have TWO pretty good repeaters.444.075(100.0 tone),147.090(127.3 tone)when needed.Most of our ragchewing is done on 6 meters among our locals or the 440 machine.


Posted by W4KVW on January 8, 2011

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