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Survey Question
Are you a Box Keeper? With your Ham Radio gear, do you keep the box that it came in?
  Posted: May 25, 2011   (1703 votes, 47 comments) by K7AAT

  Always...better resale with the original box...
  Sometimes, depends on the nature or size of the item...
    (1703 votes, 47 comments)

Survey Results
Always...better resale with the original box... 65% (1104)
Sometimes, depends on the nature or size of the item... 29% (488)
No. 7% (111)

Survey Comments
Keeping Boxes
Why are there sooooooo many wiseguy, unconstructive remarks? There are other hobbies (one in particular) that if the box is included the value increases substantially.

Posted by K9CSM on June 25, 2011

Box keper
I was surprised when I got FT 290R from local HAM about eight months back. I got the radio with original box with serial No. I have also got box alongwith little used FT817nd.
We can keep the boxes as long as they are not burdon.

Dinesh Patel VU2DCI

Posted by RADIOPATEL on June 25, 2011


~73~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

Posted by VE3CUI on June 24, 2011

Keeping boxes
I keep mine and put them inside one another so i have them if I need to send back for servicing. Don't sell too often.

Posted by W8ZT on June 23, 2011

Box it up and move on to the next survey please.

Posted by KG6WLS on June 23, 2011

Time to move on.
Put this question in a box and put it on a dusty shelf behind your oil burner along with those shoe boxes of old QSL cards. This is so stale, even the mice won't eat it. How often do you look at this feature?

Posted by AI2IA on June 22, 2011

Survey Frequency
I would suggest a new survey every week. This one has gone
on for more than a month and isn't too interesting. I love the
old saying, "Vote Early - Vote Often!"

73 es Hpy 4th

John - WD1V

Posted by WD1V on June 22, 2011

Box Keeper
I had so many trips to the Icom Distributer in Washington, for my IC-740, that the box was worn out, and the final time they shipped it back to me, it was in a new box.

Posted by AA8AX on June 20, 2011

Don't EVER
Don't EVER try to send an Ameritron amp without the orginal box.. even then the UPS idiots will try to use it as a football...

Keep the original boxes, gentlemen/ladies... many buyers insist on it, or you can watch your asked-for price drop, drop, drop... Bob KK8ZZ

Posted by KK8ZZ on June 19, 2011

Original Boxes are Important
Always keep the boxes. Others have stated this in their comments but it is worth repeating.
Three important reasons for the boxes:
1. Gear can be shipped to repair shop/returned much more easily with original box.
2. Gear can be sold/traded much more easily with original box, manuals, & papers.
3. Storing older gear in original boxes makes it much easier to find and identify in a cluttered shack!

Posted by KF4LVC on June 18, 2011

>>OF COURSE you have to save the box that your rig came in! How else are you gonna ship it back to the factory for repairs when something breaks down...?!<<

I don't have that worry. I usually do my own repairs, unless the rig is under warranty. Once that has expired, if I like the rig, I deep six the box. If I don't, the rig and box is usually gone before the warranty is.

Posted by K1CJS on June 17, 2011

Hate Elecraft
I hate Elecraft because of boxes that their
equipment comes in. I want to keep a nice
collection of brand boxes and Elecraft ships
in nondescript ones. This hurts the resale
values on Ebay. On top of that these boxes
are too small because their equipment is too

My wife seems to be pleased with Elecraft
boxes, though. Not sure why. Since I spend so
much time near the boxes I don't have time to
talk to her.

Posted by NO9E on June 16, 2011

In my experience, people are willing to pay a bit more for a piece of gear with original packaging/manuals.

Posted by TKENDALL on June 14, 2011

keeping carton
usually cut/remove numbers/ids
dispose of large/cumbersome packaging
usually buy something to use(box/package or not)
if thats a selling/trading point,i'm not interested

Posted by KB2ZXC on June 12, 2011

Save 'em for a short time
Until the warranty runs out- then when I know I'm going to repair my rig myself if it breaks, I relegate the boxes to yeoman's duty, i.e. ship something I sold to someone else in the box.

Posted by WY3X on June 11, 2011

Motor Home %#$#&
I always kept my equipment boxes, usually in the attic area where they were out of sight, etc.

Moved into our motor home full time, now I consider myself lucky to be able to have room for the radios.

I had to build up a "mini-station" on a roll around laptop cart. When we up anchor, I break down the dinette table, roll the ham station into the dinette space and fasten things down for the ride.


Posted by N6DMR on June 11, 2011

"Must Have" For To-Day's Gear
Are you kidding me with this question...?!

OF COURSE you have to save the box that your rig came
in! How else are you gonna ship it back to the factory for
repairs when something breaks down...?!

Seriously, I could hardly believe my eyes when I first saw
the 1985 (I believe) edition of the ARRL HANDBOOK---
and there, for all to see, were extensive & illustrated
instructions on how to safely box & ship your gear back
whence it came, in order for repairs to be effected.

This is in a radio manual that once encouraged us all to
be stand-alone tech-savvy "do-it-yourselfers"...? Wow.
How times changed.

But I guess it IS a sign of the times in that fewer & fewer
of us have the smarts (or the eyes!) to fix our modern-day
radio marvels ourselves. "Time marches on."

Posted by VE3CUI on June 9, 2011

you need the box it good for the sale

Posted by KB1UPZ on June 8, 2011

Save the box?
Depends. If the item has value, like a decent transceiver, okay. If some skanky little Chinese handleld, or some accessory like a microphone, naw. Also over many years, boxes go bad from oxidation. Newer boxes have ingredients in the paper that makes them break down, and some insects even consider them food. Again, it depends.

Anybody have a OEM box for my HQ-129X or DX-100? Hah.


Posted by AF6AU on June 8, 2011

Box Keeper
If I kept all the boxes it would fill up the garage and create a fire hazard.Some of us are hoarders so I went cold turkey.Lots of other equipment also comes in boxes.

Posted by W6IEZ on June 7, 2011

Did not save many until I bought an Astron 50
amp power supply. It is a real beast. 50
pounds I think. It comes in a double box. The
inner box has handles built into it you need
just to get the thing unpacked. No way to
store or move this thing without the original
box. In fact, the box is more "cool" than the
power supply!

Posted by K7NSW on June 7, 2011

If you have ever looked on eBay, Original rig boxes bring quite a premium price. To me saving the box is essential. You never know.

Posted by K2BEW on June 6, 2011

BOX KEEPING "Unique form of self medication"
Well Ladies and Gentlemen, It goes like this;
Having been diagnosed as a "Rabid Ham" I am afflicted
with uncontrollable urges to purchase Amateur Radio
related equipment with reckless abandon in an effort to
dull the pain upon arrival of surprise family related bills!

This effort of compensating for the slings and arrows of
life regrettably at times has "said purchases", reside in
their original boxes for inordinate amounts of time. This
is due to the continual work effort to pay original bills!
As a yearly accredited member of the "Spends Like a
Drunken Sailor" organization, it seems the trigger for
this "Box-Aholic-Ism" is typically a knee jerk response
to an unusually high college tuition bill's arrival, another
Digit payment on the three kids Orthidontry or a major
Vet bill for the pets! And here you thought it was tough
being you !

Posted by KA2VTI on June 5, 2011

Original Box
I have had times where I got rid of the box and needed it to ship the item somewhere. If the item is not too old, the company that made the item will usually have the original packaging that you can obtain from them (At a significant cost)

From now on, I am keeping All of my original boxes. They do add value to the sale, but will cost you a pretty penny, if you want to purchase the box again.

Posted by KB6QXM on June 4, 2011

Box Keeper
For sure, I have found as others have stated, that ir is a good idea to keep the boxes. You never know, if your favorite rig (IC-746Pro) has to go back to the factory for repair work. If you happen to be selling your once favorite rig, (IC-746Pro) for a new favorite (IC-756 Pro III), then having the box is plus, as you can box it up, then box it up again, then ship, knowing that it is well packed and short of some terrible accident, or the ineptness of the shipper your package will arrive in fine shape,

Also, it isn't a bad idea if you have the manual...keep it, if you have the service manual...even better yet..keep them both, it will definitely add to the resale value of what ever piece of gear you are selling.
Just the other day I found a couple of HT battery boxes for different HT's I own. Put them aside, and put them with the appropriate HT box, then into a larger box, where it will now reside in my small basements in Fl. so gotta use the attic. Hope every one has a great weekend, stay safe, see you on the air.

de Mark

Posted by AI4HO on June 3, 2011

Box Keeper
I always keep the box, and you should too. “Always”
You may think you will keep something forever, then 5 years later you have it on e-Bay.
I think it will always have a better re-sale value. If I were to buy an amplifier on e-bay I would be far more likely to buy one which had the original shipping boxes, just because I know with that kind of packing it should get to me in fine shape. I have heard horror stories especially about amplifiers that are badly damaged from poor packing. You should keep a manuals too that helps in the sale.

Posted by KA5ROW on June 2, 2011

Box keeper
"I've got an IC-7700, now THATS A BOX !!!!

Spike - G0CVL"

Thats not a box... get the FTdx-9000d, now thats a BOX!

Posted by G8UBJ on June 2, 2011

Box saver? You bet!
I save the boxes for primarily one reason: For shipping later if the item is sold.

Of course, it depends on the size and value of the item. No one would save a cassette box. However, MFJ items and Yaesu radio items are keepers along with other, similar equipment. I also saved a box that I received an old HF rig in merely because it has the size and padding I will need if I carry through and sell it to someone else. One radio (a Swan 350) and power supply was shipped in a box used by a mining supply house for a gearbox. It was big, tough/double-walled corrugated paper, and strong enough that both the radio and power supply were shipped inside along with a Swan mike.

Another problem comes from this box-keeping scheme: Lack of storage space. I have box inside of box and a separate box for shipping peanuts, etc., because I just do not have space for it all. I ship things enough that it has not drowned me but that day is coming if I do not discard some boxes on occasion.

Posted by KK5R on June 1, 2011

I'm a boxer
Yes, I horde the original boxes! I still have the boxes for a (an?) HT I bought 20 years ago!! You never know!

Resale value? Yes, I think it can count. Also, if I ever sell anything it is just one less headache when it comes to packaging for shipment. I have received only one pre-loved radio in unoriginal packaging, and it was definitely less inspiring than all the others in their branded boxes (which are, by definition, the correct size, shape, and protect things properly).

Wife wonders why we have so little space left....I tell her she can alway move out to make some more ;-) </joke>

Posted by VK2BEN on June 1, 2011

I've got an IC-7700, now THATS A BOX !!!!

Spike - G0CVL

Posted by G0CVL on June 1, 2011

Keeper - uh, sometimes!
Got to thinking about it. Looking over my ham "inventory", most of my gear was purchased used, and of those, only one piece was shipped to me in the original box. The only two rigs I bought new still have the original boxes with them. I guess I surprised myself. Most of the accessories I own also have the boxes with them. I should have kept them in better shape, however! :-)

Posted by K9CTB on May 31, 2011

Shipping Box's
If one keeps the original double shipping boxes it
does increase the resale value of the Item.
Also should you need to send the item in for
warranty work or for repair. The Shipping
Company’s USPS, UPS, FedEx ect. Cannot claim that
item was not packaged correctly should there be a
damage in shipping claim.

Posted by W7TG on May 31, 2011

Only for the rigs ...
I keep the boxes for the rigs only, that being ... base units, mobiles and HT's. I very rarely sell anything, so I'm not worried about having the boxes around for that purpose.

Posted by AC7AP on May 29, 2011

boxes we don't need no stinkin boxes

Posted by W8ZIP on May 28, 2011

Too big
Big rigs boxes take up too much space. I save the boxes for mobiles, HTs, etc. But even with a big box, if it has custom fitted packing foam or something, probably a good idea to keep it if you can. Maybe in an attic but not a leaky basement. I think a clean used radio with the original packaging is more appealing to buyers. Think of all the radios for sale, with no manual, accessories, etc. Then your burden to search for a manual, at least, to figure it out as a potential buyer. At least save the manuals! Leave them in the box with the unused acc.

Posted by W8AAZ on May 28, 2011

Boxes = Cash
I keep the boxes until I sell the rig. I've learned that on resale, you can recoup more of your investment, if you part out everything.

Unless its a really high end rig that will fetch a premium price or something unused I am flipping, I will part out everything, filters, add on boards, boxes, connectors, manuals, etc.

There are folks who will actually pay a decent sum for an original box.

Posted by AB4D on May 27, 2011

If I bought it new, then I have the box. If it was used, then I may have the box (depends on how it was shipped).
It also depends on how/why I want to trade radios. If it's aspur of the moment type thingy, I may not have the box handy. If 'they' want it bad enough, I'd certainly ship it to the buyer though.
For 'lesser' things... the boxes are probably history, or being used for something else. Oh well...

Posted by W5LZ on May 27, 2011

Box Keeper
I Always keep the original boxes just in case
of repairs,upgrades and Selling of radios and
all things related?. I believe in double
boxing, all because transportation can be
If boxes are packed properly it insures
delivery and if damaged it's a lot easier to
file your claim. It's also more attractive for

Posted by KB9ON on May 27, 2011

of course
I treat my stuff the way I would like to find it if I were buying it.

Posted by AJ4EM on May 27, 2011

It really adds value when it comes time to trade up.

Posted by N8FZ on May 27, 2011

boxes are good
boxes are good but women hate them! hee hee
73 K4EB

Posted by K4EB on May 26, 2011

I think if you had to send something back good
idea , at least while still have some warranty
time on it . On other stuff, if old guns or
antiques boxes and stuff can add to value. ok,
I watch to much 'pawn stars' ha ha . kg4ymc

Posted by KG4YMC on May 26, 2011

I have a loft full of boxes, my wife doesn't know what they are from so I am not about to let her know there real purpose.
Christmas decorations my dear...

Posted by GOEDK on May 26, 2011

Worth Storing
I've had two radios go back for upgrades to their respective dealers (one Icom, one Yaesu), and having both the proper boxes and packaging
inserts helped in getting them safely shipped.

Posted by K6JPA on May 26, 2011

For a while...
...and as I use the radio and get to know it, I'll either keep the radio and get rid of the box or put the radio back into the box and sell it.

If the radio is a good one, you don't need the box, since everyone would probably want it. If the radio is a dog, having the box and the original packing can only help to get rid of it.

Posted by K1CJS on May 26, 2011

I always keep the boxes especially for any radios I purchase. Don't know way anyone would through them away.

Posted by W3DDF on May 26, 2011

Box Keeper
It may be good to keep the box should you discover you've ended up with a boat anchor and need to send it back.

Posted by K4NYK on May 25, 2011

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