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Survey Question
Your Ham Station and Electromagnetic Radiation...(EMR)...Is your station safe?
  Posted: Aug 01, 2011   (1333 votes, 42 comments) by VK5LA

  I have no idea...
  Yes, my station complies...
  I need more information to be informed...
  I want to check it, but don't know how...
  What's EMR Safety?
    (1333 votes, 42 comments)

Survey Results
I have no idea... 19% (247)
Yes, my station complies... 65% (868)
I need more information to be informed... 8% (105)
I want to check it, but don't know how... 5% (72)
What's EMR Safety? 3% (41)

Survey Comments
Interesting comments here
Most of these comments do not surprise me. So
much of the population is living in the dark
now a days. Common sense has gone out the
window. It doesn't surprise me that we have
the health issues and Government issues after
reading these comments.
I have worked in EMC for many years, I have
done studies on myself radiated with high
levels of RF for long periods of time. The
thing that most are missing is that the
culprit is the Stress that a continuous RF
field puts you in. Why do think the incidence
of cancer is so high? It is the constant
stress on the human body caused by today's
society. EMF exposure just cause more stress
on the nervous system which in turn causes
sleep issues. I know many hams that stay on
the radio for all hours of the day and night,
never getting into the rem sleep state
required for good health. AS for someone else' s comical comment here, that is
probably why you see the large bellies and
the completely out of shape individuals at
the Ham fests...hi Hi. I have experimented
with sleep studies for many years now, I will
tell you that EMF exposure is a definite
factor in poor sleep due to stress related
issues caused by long high field exposure.
Just wait until the labels finally appear on
the cell phones just as it took many years to
convince people that cigarettes caused
cancer. I have developed a machine that makes
you sleep like never before, we have been
using it for almost 3 years now with unbelievable results. Sleep is your most
important issue in your health next to
staying away from Pharmaceutical drugs (the
biggest killer ever)and proper nutrition.
Without saying too much about this device, it masks EMF exposure while you sleep. I could
sleep through a thunder storm with this
device running. All you non believers in EMF
should evaluate yourself, how do you sleep?

Posted by K8NDS on April 12, 2012

Wow! There sure is a great deal of junk science here.

No wonder people think cell phones cause cancer. Love the part about EMP and Faraday shields.

The fact is, if the RF doesn't cook you, you really should just worry about something else.

Posted by W8JI on November 20, 2011

HAM RF levels
1-30 MHZ low band RF is a big wave , you do not catch much of it. , now VHF and up , you absorb the entire wave , cell phone next to your head
is by far the worst... we can only hope the
corporate CEO will all drop dead in 20 years from non stop cell phone abuse.

Posted by KO6KL on September 10, 2011

I will guarantee that 99% of the 65% that say their station is "compliant" are not.

Unless your rig is IN a complete RF "
Faraday Cage". You ARE NOT covered. That means taking the rig out of your operating station and putting it in a RF SEALED enclosure, like a 20mm Rocket case that has ground straps from the lids to the body. Anything less, you are NOT protected, especially from EMP.

Posted by AD5TD on September 10, 2011

What the hell is EMR? Sounds like another load of tree-hugging, mamby-pamby BS, concocted by liberal whiners that never shut the hell up about whatever is currently killing us. Someone please tell these fruits that we're all gonna die eventually, anyway. Doesn't matter how much wheat grass you eat nor how much "bad stuff" you avoid. You're time on this planet is limited so stop pissing and moaning and enjoy it. Or at least let the rest of us enjoy it. O.K.?

Posted by KC5CQD on September 8, 2011

Danger From Antenna
I think I am in more danger of the tower falling on me as I walk by someday then from RF killing me.

I do think RF can cause you to loose hair on the top of your head and make your belly grow!

I see a lot of guys that look just like me at the swaps, it must be the RF!

Posted by K8OCN on September 8, 2011

I used to have a cat named RF. We named him that because he always would get into everything.

Posted by N3EG on September 3, 2011

Bo Diddly is CRAZY
My Momma, she throwed me out the house
When RFI made me foam out the mouth.

Posted by KL2TC on September 2, 2011

Wow i was wondering why my beard and mustache and eyebrows were shinged when i use my amps...hmmmm, thank for the heads up!!!!

Posted by W3NRL on August 31, 2011

A cure for EMR?
I have my shack in a metal building (including the roof). A built in Faraday shield!

Posted by W7VO on August 29, 2011

EGAD !!!
Really wish WY3X would point his antenna away from me!

I ran 3 250kw hf transmitters and we also had a 1mw tx, and I'm still here!

Posted by N4EV on August 27, 2011

For a moment I really cared...
As a Health and Safety Professional (forgive
the caps.) I had to act in a duly caring way
when a friend of my son's, who is a tower
climber and deals with commercial
communications, suggested that I might be
over-exposed to EMR at my home station, due
to a vertical antenna I am running.

I have performed the calculations for some
pretty hefty commercial gear that runs on our
company's sites around the world. None posed
any problem, so I failed to see how my 100W
would pose much of a problem. I did perform
the calculations. Anywhere outside of a few
feet I will never have to fear, no matter
what the conditions.

Is there a problem? In most cases no.

You can find out exactly how you fair by
doing a Google search with your station
parameters and the Google calculators will
reduce your fears to calm scientific



Posted by KL2TC on August 21, 2011

Emr not a big deal
there are real hazards, but we are talking
serious power in VHF or higher and aimed.
Or in a microwave oven.

First you have to be in VHF to low UHF to be
even concerned at the 100W level or higher.
Even then with 1kw and 14dbi of 2M or 70cm
gain you're not likely standing in front
of it.. Most people doing this run towers and
usually 50-60ft or more of vertical distance
is enough. If not they are usually aimed up

At HF, it's not an issue unless you live 10ft
from the dipole at 1kw. I'd suspect the
burns from the hot mic would you give you
hint then.

There is an on line calc for this and it's
fun to try number to see what _may_ be a
hazard. to hit that threshold you need to be
at VHF, runs serious power and serious gain
and be at stupid distances from the business
end of the antenna aimed at the person
(rather than some useful direction).


Posted by KB1GMX on August 21, 2011

Nope, Nada
I could care less about EMR.

Posted by N9WW on August 18, 2011

Nope, Nada
I could care less about EMR.

Posted by N9WW on August 18, 2011

What EMR?
I have a friend who worked in ship navigation using the 420-450 MHZ Band. After his third child, he tried to sterilize himself by standing in fron of the log periodic loop antenna running 20 KW. It did not work and he had another child a short time after. So much for EMR.

Posted by K2OWK on August 15, 2011

Is that what burns my mustache all the time?

Posted by WW3JR on August 15, 2011

It's not high on my to do list to check.

Posted by N0AZZ on August 15, 2011

its a bit warm in here
I could imagine if your feeling the effects of radation, you have a prob, but who am I to say, I ran 600+ ave watts mobile, and the only heat I felt was either directly from the heat sink, or when I rolled my window down. I say, don't touch your antenna when your transmitting, and your probably ok. (unless you feel unusually hot when transmiting, and its cold out)
73 and keep the qro alive!

Posted by AE7QT on August 13, 2011

The question was, "Is your station safe". but they did not include an option for NO! Why not?

BTW, I run an Alpha 8410 and legal limit with a beam most of the time and I don't lose any sleep over EMR safety. I do, however, worry about some government entity forcing us to cut back on the power, or telling us to stop transmitting, because THEY think our RF is unsafe.

Posted by NU1O on August 12, 2011

Another politically created crisis
Just like most of the green crap and global warming...


Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Clark County Indiana. EM78el
former K9ZF /R no budget Rover ***QRP-l #1269
Check out the Rover Resource Page at:
List Administrator for: InHam+grid-loc+ham-books
Ask me how to join the Indiana Ham Mailing list!

Posted by K9ZF on August 12, 2011

What EMR?

Posted by W1JKA on August 12, 2011


Why am I here doing this.
I O U One

Posted by KE4EX on August 12, 2011

Industry Canada "Standards"
Hi Sean,

Many thanks for that info---it was just exactly as I'd

Our licensing body has thrown Canadian Hams to the four
winds with this latest capitulation of their mandate.
Consumerism rules---non-technophiles reign supreme-
--ignorance conquers all, I'm afraid!


Posted by VE3CUI on August 11, 2011

Probably easiest to direct you to my blog. Start at the post
entitled "Return of the NIMBYs" and you'll get the picture.
Blog is at

Sean - VA5LF

Posted by VA5LF on August 10, 2011

Varying opinions
VHF RF power (144 mhz) isn't harmful--unless you're running way more power than you should be into an antenna low enough to expose you to that power. It's when you get up into the UHF bands--above 440 mhz--that you get into the area of RF radiation that may really affect you.

And still, hams have been running 50 watts of RF power at 440 mhz into mobile antennas for years, and there has been no reports of harm done to anyone.

I really wish that this super cautious attitude of the government would stop. It's killing the industry of this country--and now it's going to kill the pleasure of any hobbies we have that may be higher tech. We're already seeing warning that we shouldn't be so near to CRT monitors--next we'll be seeing that computer towers and desktop units are dangerous.

Posted by K1CJS on August 8, 2011

Nope, and don't care. I agree with N5TSH. -WY3X

Posted by WY3X on August 7, 2011

Attention: VA5LF
Please share your recent experience re. Industry Canada, for MY personal benefit at least, please...!

Were your travails the result of some neighbour who disputed your erection of a tower...?

At one time, long LONG ago, our Canadian licensing body was seemigly on the side of Amateurs---it seems to me they've caved-in to pressure from cash-strapped policies from on-high, & poltically-correct "consumers", and are now merely heeling under the universal dumbing-down of everything around us...

...But I could be wrong...I sure do hope so.

More details, please...!!!


Posted by VE3CUI on August 7, 2011

Yes, I do comply
And I have a letter from Industry Canada to prove it. Too
bad I had to be off the air for 7 months before they got
around to measuring that I was at most 2.3% of Safety Code
6 (EM radiation exposure guidelines from Health Canada)

Now another local ham will probably get to go through the
same thing. Just IC's way of punishing those who dare to put
up a tower, methinks.

Posted by VA5LF on August 7, 2011

re: Put a e-field probe right next to your cell phone...
re: Put a e-field probe right next to your cell phone...
Posted by K8NDS on August 4, 2011

Ummm... yea right. My experinence with the AR FP-2000, FP-2080 & FP2083 isotropic e-field probes is that they "average" the measured field strength. They simply can not be relied upon for accurate field strength measurements of modultated radiated RF signals of any kind.
73, Don Ko7i
Sr Staff Mil/Aerospace EMC Eng
CKC Labs, Inc

Posted by KO7I on August 7, 2011

Being Careful
For the average ham - If your top HF RF power is 100 Watts, since your output is not continuous and you do not operate next to your antenna, you should have no problem. If you use a linear amplifier, well, so you do your homework, and still no problem.

What I suggest you watch are VHF and UHF RF power. Ten, six, two, one and a quarter meters and maybe throw in seventy cm for good measure - keep your RF fifty watts or under and your head out of the antenna, and you will have no problem. Show some extra respect for VHF and UHF, because that is where things can be unhealthy. My opinion.

Posted by AI2IA on August 6, 2011

Does it feel warm in here....?

Posted by W8AAZ on August 5, 2011

Cell phones in your ear
I don't think that you have to worry about kids getting asima for Ham Radio.
They all have cell phones in there ears all day long. The field in your head for 600 miliwatts with time exposer is greater then 1 kw running next door intermittently. Put a e-field probe right next to your cell phone, then put one 50 ft from 1kw antenna; that will tell the story.

Posted by K8NDS on August 4, 2011

I don't know
I believe I should worry more about the cell tower I can see from my house than 100W on 20M.

Posted by WA2E on August 4, 2011

EMR Safety
If you look at actuarial tables that pertain to health risks, EMR doesn't even show up when compared with smoking, automobile accidents, drowning, fire, exposure to harmful chemicals in the air and water, food poisoning, insect-born disease, cancer, etc. Numerous studies have been done on cell phone exposure and been inconclusive or negative. And the very short wavelength EMR is only millimeters away from the brain! I also agree with the comments of VE3CUI as it appears that a little RF can actually be beneficial! Finally, I would suggest to those who are really concerned about lowering their exposure to EMR, they should allow for increased tower/antenna heights. As EMR follows the inverse square law, the higher the antenna the less EMR you have to worry about, squared.

Posted by VE6TL on August 3, 2011

Like global warming ... CO2 ... etc ...the studies all come from some egg heads in a think tank .. all they ever lead to is another request for more federal grants to study the "problem" .. which was created by them in the first place.. there is a whole segment of academia who make a very good living "studying" all these so called threats to the human race funded by our tax dollars...

Posted by K1VV on August 3, 2011

What if...
one of the answers was to be "I really don't care, it being run the way I always ran it--and I haven't kicked off yet!

Posted by K1CJS on August 2, 2011

I, too, have yet to see ANY PROOF to all this.

I ALSO gave up on trusting ANYTHING these "so called" scientist ever say, YEARS AGO, as I find them even MORE "flip-floppy" than your average politician!

How many remember when they used to claim that RF radiation could heal - broken bones, at least - maybe more?

If one stopped to think about it, we are constantly BATHED in EMR. Don't you think that ANY effect, negative or positive would be showing up by now, if there really WERE any?

Posted by WD8OQX on August 2, 2011

Are You Kidding Me...?!
"The Canadian Amateur"---The Radio Amateurs of
Canada's version of QST magazine up here inThe Great
White North---regularly publishes a compiliation of
recent Silent Keys, but with a twist: the list also includes
the AGES of the deceased Hams.

Awhile back I looked at the ages of all of the deceased
Hams' ages from just one issue of TCA, & averaged them:
it was something approaching the average age of death
for the average Canadian male---78+ years, if I recall

Now, I'll be the VERY FIRST to concede that mine was
HARDLY a definitive scientific study, or the "last word" in
this matter...but what struck me at the time as being VERY
interesting was the fact that a disproportionate number of
guys (and gals) who probably started as Hams in their
early teens did NOT climb up into that great big Ham
shack in the sky until the reached their 90's.

My question is this: can the ARRL / EPA / WHATEVER
"nanny authority" pressing this issue back their claims &
concerns with even a modicum of historical fact...? Or is
this just another knee-jerk reaction that will generate
even further NEGATIVE knee-jerk reactions in the public's
personna of Amateur radio...?

Posted by VE3CUI on August 2, 2011

EMR Safety
It's really hard to imagine how hams got by for over a hundred years without the EPA and such.

Posted by N5TSH on August 2, 2011

counter info.
Just claim that according to ARRL, emr, works like viagra. ok, honey I got the amp on . kg4ymc mabey villages and condos would welcome ham then, its all in the spin folks .

Posted by KG4YMC on August 1, 2011

next anti antenna attack by Hoa.s
Interesting, that this came up on survey.There is article on now saying emr causes asima in kids. Wait till homeowners nazies get ahold of that . I run onely ten watts, figure not likely to be a problem. Onely if I , cough cough gag hack , get an amp. kg4ymc . I promise if get a job , I will subscribe or buy stock in eham .

Posted by KG4YMC on August 1, 2011

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