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Survey Question
Do you own an Automatic Antenna Tuner (ATU)?
  Posted: Sep 29, 2011   (1291 votes, 52 comments) by VK5LA

  Yes, I use one in my shack daily...
  Yes, I have one I use occasionally...
  Yes, Mainly for mobile, portable use...
  Yes, for outdoor/qrp fun...
  No, but wish I did...
  No, don't see/have a need for one....
  Resonant and matched antenna only spoken here!!!
    (1291 votes, 52 comments)

Survey Results
Yes, I use one in my shack daily... 48% (626)
Yes, I have one I use occasionally... 15% (198)
Yes, Mainly for mobile, portable use... 5% (66)
Yes, for outdoor/qrp fun... 1% (17)
No, but wish I did... 12% (155)
No, don't see/have a need for one.... 13% (162)
Resonant and matched antenna only spoken here!!! 5% (67)

Survey Comments
Remote ATU user
I use an L-network ATU all the time on HF, but it's mounted at the feedpoint of my 160-10m inverted-L, and it's grounded to the radial plate & the 60 65' radials with low-inductance copper straps.

Posted by N0NCO on November 25, 2012

My radio has one TS2000 and have a Manual legal limit one but would like to own and intelli Tuner for Digital operations !


Posted by N5MDV on April 13, 2012

LDG Z11 pro11
Have Z11pro11 very pleased with it, use with Ft-450 and I use an old MFJ-948 verstuner with my FT-101E as I am happier using a manual tuner with valves.


Posted by G6UWK on March 10, 2012

Had one once, but only because it was built into a TS-440. I try to use resonant antennas, but do use a manually adjusted tuner to tweak and/or operate off resonant bands/frequencies. I would use an ATU if it were built into a rig, but it would not be a factor in my purchase decision (unless I had the option to pay less for no ATU).

Posted by KY3R on October 16, 2011

Auto Tuner
YES,I own & use an LDG AT-1000.It works VERY
fast & has done so now for about 5 years or
more.EASY operation & trouble free as well.
Works great on my G5RV on 40 & 75 meters along
with the AMERITRON 811H. }:>)

Posted by W4KVW on October 15, 2011

I have several manual tuners, but I'm getting old, crotchety, and lazy. OK, I lied -- I do have one in my Kenwood TS-940SAT, and I like it. I need one for my Johnson Pacemaker.

Posted by KI6DCB on October 14, 2011

I have one that I use with my 857D. Yesterday I added the
12meter unit to my Hustler vertical. I checked the swr on all
the bands without the tuner and discovered the tuner wasn't
necessary. I removed it from my station. Lesson learned.

Posted by W2UIS on October 13, 2011

I welcome the latest technology in amateur radio.

Posted by N2FWR on October 12, 2011

SGC-237 at Antenna
Autotuners have their place.

I've been using my SGC SG-237 autotuner at the base of my inverted-L for about 12 years now on all bands, 160 m through 6 m. I use to build antenna couplers and put them at the antenna but I never got around to remote controlling them. My SGC unit was just the ticket for my small city lot.

Any antenna system compromises something somewhere, whether it's convenience, performance, etc. You just have to decide what you are willing to compromise.

I'm not all that keen on the automatic antenna tuners in the rigs these days. They are useful in some cases but it's never very efficient to tune your coax unless the SWR isn't too high to begin with. This is especially true with high Q (short) antennas. They are useful for allowing the use of an 80 m full sized dipole across the whole band for example but not to use it as an all band antenna.

Steve - AA5TB

Posted by AA5TB on October 12, 2011

I use a AT-Auto to keep the PA finals of the rig (if running barefoot) and linear happy. I don't have an ideal setup due to the yard space otherwise I want to have all of my antennas resonant.

73 Delwyn KH6DC

Posted by KH6DC on October 11, 2011

I use a AT-Auto to keep the PA finals of the rig (if running barefoot) and linear happy. I don't have an ideal setup due to the yard space otherwise I want to have all of my antennas resonant.

73 Delwyn KH6DC

Posted by KH6DC on October 11, 2011

I contacted Jeff & ordered the PW-200 PS SS COMBO for my SB200 as the old PS gave some trouble. It is difficult To get in parts in Sri Lanka but the prompt response from this dealer was excellent, The parts just arrived & am putting them into the amp carefully. It is so cler the instructions that little trouble is seen.
Great to have these available for this fine AMP.

Posted by 4S7NS on October 11, 2011

No, but then ...
No, but then there is the issue of being a new general - thus, just only kissed, and haven't actually been "all the way" (:) Actually, my best analogy is that at my lifestage, I still would rather drive a stick than an automatic!

Posted by KC9SJI on October 10, 2011

I have an older LDG Model AT-11MP and also the LDG 7000 for the Icom 7000, and a small one for the FT 817. They all work very well, better than the internal units in your HF transceiver.

Posted by K4YRK on October 8, 2011

I own the LDG 600PRO and 1000PRO and love them!

Posted by KK2DOG on October 8, 2011

Only resonance fer me
I monkeyed around with various tuners with antennae for years. Coax fed, ladder line, end fed, auto tuners, T network, L network. Everyone claimed my signal was just crappy.

Then one day a gentleman told me to go resonant and resonant only (even if only a dipole). He said I would be amazed at the difference in my transmitted (and receive) signal(s).

One by one I started switching over to dipoles, beams, verticals. And you know what? The fella was absolutely right!

Ain't never goin' back to tuners....

73, Bill - WA8MEA

Posted by WA8MEA on October 7, 2011

SGC at the Feedpoint
Have an SGC 230 outside, right at the base of my SV9 43' vertical. Tunes 80-10 just fine, and in most cases in less than 1 second with SWR on 80 at 1.3:1 and lower on each higher band. Very effective, very pleased. Built like a tank.


Posted by KF7DS on October 7, 2011

Automatic Tuners
I love my LDG AT-897Plus that goes with my FT-897D. Works great with my MFJ-2990 vertical. However, I still have a manual Palstar AT-500 tuner for my Icom 718 and Tokyo Hy-Power 400 watt amp. Auto tuners that are rated at 1000 watts or more are just too pricey for me. I don't use my amp much because I do mostly digital stuff on HF but I occasionally do some SSB contesting.


Posted by AA9UF on October 6, 2011

Auto Ant Tuner
I think some of you are missing the point. An automatic tuner placed at or near the feed point of a low band antenna (practical application) is applying the best amateur operation possible. Less likely to bother your neighbor with line radiation. Less loss in the feed line! Now if they could just shrink them up a little more for less wind load.

Posted by W6LE on October 6, 2011

Auto tuner
I run an open wire fed 80m dipole on 80,40, and 30. That has a remote switched tuner with motor drive to the tuning cap. The tower is fed as a folded unipole on 80 and 160: that has another dedicated remote tuner with motors in it.

Changing band automatically chooses the right set of antennas for that band - that's all home brew.

Posted by G3RZP on October 6, 2011

Where's the Fun in That?
No automation here. I have an old MFJ 949D, but even that has dust now. I use LnR EndFedz for 10, 15, 20 and 40 meters. Once they are "sculpted", they are as good as gold. It's nice to know my power is really radiating and not heating a wire.

Posted by N6XJP on October 5, 2011

No: My Ten-Tec works fine
No; I have an extent Ten-Tec 238A tuner. I know where my settings need to be for 40, 80, 160, meters so when I switch bands I just change the tuner, and then do a little fine tuning just to get it very close to 1 to 1. I see nothing wrong having one, but one for 3Kw would be expensive.

Posted by KA5ROW on October 5, 2011

I have three - need a fourth
I have an MFJ remote autotuner at the base of my flagpole antenna, an LDG KT-100 for my Kenwood TS2000 and an LDG YT-100 for my Yaesu FT-100D. Looking for a fourth unit to use with my Alinco DX-SR8T.

Posted by KG4RUL on October 5, 2011

I have an ATU in my FT-2000 that I use occasionally. Both my 43 foot vertical & 66 foot end fed wire are tuned manually and fed by DXE 5kw Baluns so not much tuning is needed in the amateur bands. Otherwise I use an MFJ-989C "tuner" just to make everything "see" 50 ohms.

Posted by K2JX on October 4, 2011

Internal Only
I use a internal tuner in my Yaesu VL-1000 amp just to touch up my resonant antennans on 6-160m. When I get serious about tuning a wire antenna like a end fed or something I use my Palstar AT-4K.

My QRP rig a IC-703+ uses the internal tuner is used 90+% of the time but do use a small manual QRP tuner for portable wire antennas.

Posted by N0AZZ on October 4, 2011

old school
i just like tuning manually. it takes it bit of skill sometimes. i don't like auto
transmissions either. give me a V-8 with
a 5-speed and i'm in hog heaven. saves gas too.

Posted by KJ6MEV on October 3, 2011

Where do you draw the line?
I for one certainly cannot and would not want to tune an antenna in a matter of seconds. Yet, where do you draw the line on "automatic"?

Now I am not advocating that autmatic amateur radio gadgets of any type be banned, no, not at all. I am saying that the more any individual latches on to automatic devices, then surely the less "skill" is needed and the less knowledge is gained by experience. Now I can see contesting with speed. Fine! I can also see using old boat anchors and learning a lot about the nature of radio and radio circuits by using what seems like slow, awkward controls. It is a sliding scale where along the way you can learn, you can acquire skill, you can get pleasure out of doing it yourself, and you can be more involved or maybe immersed in amateur radio.

What's wrong with having and using both automatic and manual gadgets? We can be become fat sitting in chairs, but we don't have to become spoiled and lazy, too!

Posted by AI2IA on October 3, 2011

In the yard
Mine (an SGC) is out in the yard feeding an inverted L. It can tune the L to any frequency 160M thru 10M in a matter of seconds (less than 1 if I've been there before) and provide an SWR well under 1.5:1. Can you operate a manual tuner that quickly - especially if its out in the yard?

Posted by AA4PB on October 3, 2011

Follow up to "automatic."
Here is an idea for a new transceiver:
The rx portion scans and selects the best received signal. It waits for the opportunity. It then responds with a synthetic voice via VOX, or if Morse Code, sends the appropriate station identification and signal report. It also powers up or down as it determines automatically. You don't have to do a thing. You don't even have to listen to it. It is fully "automatic." Would you be happy with such a transceiver?

Posted by AI2IA on October 2, 2011

Just what does "automatic" mean?
Think. An automatic camera makes the settings and you take the picture. You get a certain quality photograph as determined by the camera. You make the settings, and you get the quality photograph based upon your own settings.

An automatic tuner tunes an antenna. You key the mike. You are not involved in the process. You must take what you get, like it or not. You tune your antenna. You get what you set the antenna for.

Would you also spend money on an automatic PTT depresser?

Posted by AI2IA on October 2, 2011

YES and NO
Daiwa CNA 2002

I use it on 160/80/40 as antennas is Flattop dipoles and SWR is 1:2 . ONLY used here.

For 15mtr the SWR is 1:2,5 and not the magical abracadabra 1:1 story here. Also used here.

For 20/17 and 10 mtr SWR is perfect 1:1 via Foam Helix coax.All antennas on same coax.


Posted by ZS6AF on October 2, 2011

No need for tuners or baluns,since I operate qrp only to homebrew tuned wire antennas.

Posted by W1JKA on October 2, 2011

Have enough space to have a few antennas here.
Have learned and now can make a good antenna.. Yesterday I removed my Nye MB-V from the shack.

Posted by KD8IIC on October 2, 2011

antenna tuner
Do I use one? Yes and no... I have a built-in
3:1 on my FT-450AT. So, I tune the antennas as
close to resonance as I can and use the atu to
clean up any mistakes I make, and allow for any
unforeseen issues. It's handy if I happen to
hit the band change by accident (as it's by the
VFO). If it won't tune, I double check to make
sure I haven't done something dumb.

Posted by KJ4KKI on October 1, 2011

Somehow I made a dupe entry. Sorry guys!

Posted by K9CTB on October 1, 2011

ATU needed here
Yep, I use one (mine is an LDG AT-200pc) to match up my 80 meter dipole on MARS frequencies (4-5 MHz and 7-9MHz). This setup has worked great for me. I think using "window line" as feedline really helps.

Posted by K9CTB on October 1, 2011

ATU needed here
Yep, I use one (mine is an LDG AT-200pc) to match up my 80 meter dipole on MARS frequencies (4-5 MHz and 7-9MHz). This setup has worked great for me. I think using "window line" as feedline really helps.

Posted by K9CTB on October 1, 2011

money, money, money. Vintage radios are higher
up on my list.

Posted by KC2VDM on October 1, 2011

I use a LDG 7000 with my Icom 706 MkIIG in my mobile, works great.
I also have a LDG AT-11 MP, (their best one, ever, IMHO) for portable, and weekend outdoor Ham events.
In my shack, however, I still use a trusty old Dentron manual tuner.
de Lee, K4LJP.......73

Posted by K4LJP on October 1, 2011

I use a LDG 7000 with my Icom 706 MkIIG in my mobile, works great.
I also have a LDG AT-11 MP, (their best one, ever, IMHO) for portable, and weekend outdoor Ham events.
In my shack, however, I still use a trusty old Dentron manual tuner.
de Lee, K4LJP.......73

Posted by K4LJP on October 1, 2011

Nice, but....
I prefer my manual tuner, as it gives me control over a much wider range of impedance matching than my auto-tuner. Usually, I get my match as close as possible with the manual tuner, and if it isn't below 2:1, I leave the manual tuner in line and punch up the auto-tuner to clean up the remaining SWR.

Posted by WY3X on September 30, 2011

Use 3 LDG
1. LDG AT-897 connected to Yaesu 897D used as a
2. LDG At-7000 connected to ICOM IC-7000
connected to WA2NAN 204' dipole.
3. LDG AT-10000 connected to Icom 718 and a 80
meter dipole.
All are excellent!!

Posted by KE5LDO on September 30, 2011

Three SGC 230's
One for the 160-30M inverted L and the other connects to a run of ladder line up to a delta loop for 20-10M. The third is a spare and is also used at our Field Day site. No hard failures in over 20 device-years of operation in the great outdoors. Just a failed or improperly installed gasket that allowed moisture intrusion. When enough of it condensed out the tuner stopped operating. Dried it out, installed a new gasket, and now it's back in service.

Posted by K3AN on September 30, 2011

Automatic is not always good
The fewer gadgets between your transceiver and your antenna, the better off you are.

Likewise, antennas with loading coils, traps, baluns, etc., have more parts to fail, and are not as effective as monoband antennas.

If you really need gadgets between your rig and your antenna, well, you bite the bullet and insert them, but see first if you really need them.

Pay your money for what you need, not for what makes others richer.

Posted by AI2IA on September 30, 2011

I have one mounted at the base of my Shakespeare AT-1011 vertical. The antenna is mounted on my patio roof, about 10' above the ground, and I have 6 elevated radials.
The SGC tunes this arrangement on all bands from 160 through 6, but I only operate 40 through 10.

Posted by KQ6EA on September 30, 2011

i believe in trying to get most of the signal to get to the antenna,a tuner will get you on the track but not first down the track,i always have a K1LLR signal!73

Posted by K1LLR on September 30, 2011

I use my AT-Auto daily just to keep the finals in my rig and linear happy. The antennas are resonant and <2:1 but I use the transmatch as a safety measure.

Posted by KH6DC on September 30, 2011

Mobile only...
In the truck, I use an SGC-237 (between the IC-706MKIIG and the 8 foot whip), as it simplifies mobile operation immensely - and works FB.

At the shack, I use a manual tuner, even if there's a built-in ATU in the rig. I feel more comfortable controlling that stage myself.

de Tony, W3FLH

Posted by W3FLH on September 30, 2011

I've had mine for maybe 6 years. It works very
well, and I've never had any problems with it
at all. Probably one of the best products MFJ

Posted by WX4O on September 30, 2011

mabey get one later.
Use mfj mobile tuner for now with g54rv. Works ok fo 40 and l5. Mabey when get newer rig would have atu built in ,nice touch . kg4ymc

Posted by KG4YMC on September 30, 2011

Neutral Re. The Whole Thing, I S'Pose...
I guess it's well-nigh IMPOSSIBLE to buy a modern rig
without an automatic tuner that's already either included with
it, or available as an option...

I guess that's OK---but I still prefer to tune my antennas
with a MANUAL transmatch, thank-you very much. I've
become spoiled enough already with modern-day hands-off
no-tune finals, automatic keyers, etc. etc. as it is...

Posted by VE3CUI on September 30, 2011

Only ever use it in the car to match the tapped whip as they're so narrow.
Works very well and no need to take eyes off the road.

Posted by VK3AP on September 30, 2011

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