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Survey Question
Of some 3 million total Hams worldwide, the top 6 countries in terms of population are Japan, the U.S.A., Germany, England, Spain, and Canada. From your personal first-hand experience, which country has the best overall operators in terms of courtesy / timing / skill / savvy when it comes to DX pile-up proficiency...? And why...?
  Posted: Nov 22, 2011   (1304 votes, 54 comments) by VE3CUI

  Other (Please describe).
    (1304 votes, 54 comments)

Survey Results
JAPAN 47% (612)
U.S.A. 16% (208)
GERMANY 12% (162)
ENGLAND 12% (160)
SPAIN 2% (23)
CANADA 7% (97)
Other (Please describe). 3% (42)

Survey Comments
I think the Russians and Japanese are the
best.As an American, I think we need some
serious improvement! Sorry, but I don't
believe in BS!

Posted by WA1UFO on February 19, 2012

Best Operators
The Japanese hams are the best hands-down. They
listen before sending, and will stay with a weak station
until the QSO is completed. Next are the western
Europeans, then U.S.A./Canada. True, the populous
nations also produce their share of lids, but I've never
heard a Japanese "lid.". The VK/ZL ops are just as
good as the best of the best Euro/N.Americans, and
they are also the world's champion rag chewers.

Posted by W2AAB on December 29, 2011

I like the Europeans and particularly the Russians. The Russians can be quite curt, but why should any of that hurt our feelings? I get a little miffed by the LZs sometimes cuz many don't seem to have the patience to always dig you out. Same way with some of the SAs. I'm sure some of that is nothing more than a language problem. There are a lot of real fine ops out there everywhere.

Posted by N5XM on December 29, 2011

Ireland EIxxx
I find that the Irish DX operators are very passionate about the hobby. They are always nice and try to work all that call them. My favorite Irish DX"er is Alan, EI8EM

Posted by KB4BJM on December 29, 2011

Best Operators
first off, why do some of you take this so personal?????? Guilty of something???
That chip on the shoulder must itch.
And why is it, the east and south operators always seem to have a chip on their shoulder, about anything in ham radio??

Posted by K7NNG on December 25, 2011

Rsponse from KØTF
You, and your political correctness already done enough damage, as for the rest:-"...if the shoe fits..." I can't help if you saw yourself(ves) in the description. But still, get a real license first... Merry X-mas.

Posted by K0TF on December 24, 2011

Answer to K0TF
Asking that everyone be treated with the same courtesy isn't making "a fuss out of nothing." RWS questioned the terminology, and although I said I agree with him, I was really questioning the ill will--however slight it may be--of surveys like this one. Or do you think that some of the operators that may be painted with this broad brush won't be offended by it? 73.

Posted by K1CJS on December 24, 2011

In the age when only laziest of the lazy didn't get amateur Extra license, you two decided to make a fuss out of nothing. Everybody else knows that "yankee" is a generic term among HAM radio operators for stations transmitting from CONUS. (Yankee pile-up. yankee over long path etc.) Thus, why don't you leave that keyboard alone and do something more productive, may be get a real license? or run little pile-up?

Posted by K0TF on December 22, 2011

Most Courteous:
From every pile-up I have heard - The JA's are by far most courteous. Example would be in the recent 10 meter contest with condx to multiple continents/countries open. While working some areas and countries of the world, it got almost impossible to run at times. I would pick out and give a partial call, and op's with calls no where close would keep calling. Sometimes even in the middle of an exchange they would continue to call. When the JA's were coming through, it was smooth and effiecient with twice the rate because of it. We should all take lessons - including myself :-) 73's all and see you in the piles Bryan W5MX

Posted by W5MX on December 19, 2011

I have to agree with 'RWS. And, although unintentional, surveys like this one just seem to add fuel to the fire. Why can't we say we're all part of the same worldwide brotherhood (including, unfortunately, the lids) and leave it at that?

Posted by K1CJS on December 18, 2011

Seems to be a lot of skewed results based on many of
the comments here. As usual there are those who
think its okay to use slang terms to talk about people in
certain parts of the world. Hopefully one day these
people will get over their name-calling phase and
simply try being courteous to folks without calling
people "yankee" and such. But its clear even in our
great hobby there are those who think they are better
than others and it comes out in what they say here.

Posted by KE4RWS on December 17, 2011

No way
AC7DX the USA operator is very great operators but
remember forever, the first one in challange is 1 italian ,
the first 1 in the IOTA is 1 italian , in all dxpedition the
italian's ham are always in the first position for number of
qso , band , mode , what you do not understand is why
mention Germany, England, Spain and Italy do not.
n any case I very much agree with the 'opinion of VK2GWK


Posted by IK0OZD on December 17, 2011

I always found the Russions to be fantastic operators.

Posted by N8UZE on December 16, 2011

Really...? The USA scored better than the Italians.... tic

Posted by AC7DX on December 16, 2011

Canadian ops are usually decent enough but there are quite a few nutters who are big into ARES. ARES is a french word which roughly translates to "getting in the way".

Plus those who voted for Harper in the last election are probably douche-bags.. C'est la vie.

Posted by VE3ES on December 16, 2011

IMHO there is not much difference between the various Japanese US and Western EU operators in the way they operate in a pile up. And.... I am very regularly at the receiving end of one - both phone and CW. There are good ones and bad ones in each country: people that don't know their own call sign and keep yelling and yelling even when a specific suffix or prefix is requested. Some mediteranean stations are worse than others and the closer to the equator one gets the more mike gain and processing is used.... resulting in splatter and bad audio.
So I have no specific preference.... and I don't think one should have.

Posted by VK2GWK on December 15, 2011

Japanise & Italian
in terms of courtesy Japan 300% sure, these people are
out of proportion, the 'European education is at a much
lower level, let alone on the radio, never heard a pileup ...
opss Zooo in europe?

in terms of skill and experience Italy 300% sure (just look
at the online log)
and this is a fact does not bar talk or gossip

in terms of timing i prefere USA

Posted by IK0OZD on December 15, 2011

Best DX Ops
The UK and the Aussies are the best! I've hammed from the USA and Europe over the last 43 years, and these two groups are the best overall. They know how to set up their linear amplifiers and microphones so as not to "SPLATTER". AND they are FRIENDLY. Not just 5/9 and 73's. I love a good ragchew.

Posted by N4VNV on December 10, 2011

On the subject of countries
While we are at it about courtesy, I would like to add this opinion. It is a generality and I would certainly not label all the operators in the U.S.A. and Germany with these characteristics, but there are enough of such operators to make it noticeable:

U.S.A.: Speed through their call signs and use non-standard phonetics. Unwilling to exercise their many transceiver options to pull in weak stations. Short on patience.

Germany: Many are a little bit too serious. Their main object is to get their signal report, after that they implode.

Posted by AI2IA on December 8, 2011

Japan not common in Florida

Just wanted to say I don't hear too many JA stations in
Florida. The ZA and DL operators are pretty good - the
UK guys are pretty decent too. One reason that JA is
scarce in Florida may be the "noise" from other USA
stations between here and there....

Posted by N0GV on December 7, 2011

Best Op's
Got to be Japan by far German's not bad i find a lot of Americans are now going the way of Italy with the 5/9 73 way of working


Posted by G6NJR on December 6, 2011

Generally the best fists. Many fast ops but almost always QRS - usually without needing a request. Also the best when it comes to common courtesy.

Posted by K7NSW on December 4, 2011

I think you should really have put "UK" instead of "England"!

Posted by G1YGJ on December 2, 2011

why I put " other"
I also agree on the japan contacts. I have had good contacts with spain and belgium stations . I am impressed when spanish or othe sation says " my friend " or best wishes to you and your family . I think they are class operators in all areas really , or they should be . It is great to hear your name in a foreign accent . I wish I could get used to the idea of when an effent operator says " again? if they didn't catch somethiing said . efficent and professional. I admit to saying can you repeat that ? again, is o more to the point and professional . it is contant learing experiance from good operators .kg4ymc

Posted by KG4YMC on December 1, 2011

9A / S5 / VE Ops For Me

Greetings All...

Have to agree that the JA folks are fine ops, but I'd have to cite the 9A, S5 and VE ops as being among some of the best on the air. And I wouldn't want to split hairs with it, but the 9A and S5 guys are the best CW ops, in my book.


Steve, K4YZ

Posted by K4YZ on November 30, 2011

It's culture
No doubt the JA's are in all the fields no.1
Even though, I do appreciate also the W and DL/G' s operators having a good experience to maintain and winn DX qso-s.It's a mater of contest and some people insists calling more than listening,because the final target is to GET the DX asap.Finally we do have to congratulate ones for patience and others for skills and initiative.
73's de Cristian and GL at DX!

Posted by YO9FLL on November 30, 2011

S Africa OPs
I find many of the S Africa station are very humble and polite and take their time with each contact, they don't seem to just give the 59 and who's next on the pile up as where many S Africa ops seem to take their time and spend a good min or 2 with each contact. Just my opinion.
Best of 73
de w3nrl

Posted by W3NRL on November 29, 2011

The Spaniards have very good ears. The Japanese are polite to a fault. We as Americans could take a few lessons in the areas of listening, and turning the amplifiers DOWN when all the power isn't needed, and not running over people just because you CAN.

Posted by K7LA on November 29, 2011

JA ops are among the best!
With over 30 years operating experience, I've consistently found Japanese operators to be among the very best. They listen, they're patient (even at 40WPM), and they QSL!

Posted by KA6SGT on November 28, 2011

After retiring a few year ago and working many stations on 20 and 15 metres, I contacted German stations who spoke english enough to have a conversation. Having the time, I decided to learn the German language which I did in about 5 months. They are always so friendly and experienced in radio and communications.
Deutsch Schinken sind freundlich und reden gerne

Posted by K3ROJ on November 28, 2011

Best Ops
Having operated as a 9V1 and VR2 in early 90's, I'd absolutely agree that the JA hams were the best operators. They Listen!

Posted by NC4A on November 28, 2011

yankees too noxious
I grew up as DX and now I'm part of the "other" side of the pile up. Haven't had a problem working anybody with 100w and very modest setup within ten minutes time-frame. But I seen Yankees calling for HOURS with more than legal limits and stacks to no avail, sending fake spots, pretending being DX station etc, etc, etc. On the air behavior reflects general culture in the society, thus... You can bring whore to family, but you can't bring family into whore.

Posted by K0TF on November 26, 2011

yankees too noxious
I grew up as DX and now I'm part of the "other" side of the pile up. Haven't had a problem working anybody with 100w and very modest setup within ten minutes time-frame. But I seen Yankees calling for HOURS with more than legal limits and stacks to no avail, sending fake spots, pretending being DX station etc, etc, etc. On the air behavior reflects general culture in the society, thus... You can bring whore to family, but you can't bring family into whore.

Posted by K0TF on November 26, 2011

yankees too noxious
I grew up as DX and now I'm part of the "other" side of the pile up. Haven't had a problem working anybody with 100w and very modest setup within ten minutes time-frame. But I seen Yankees calling for HOURS with more than legal limits and stacks to no avail, sending fake spots, pretending being DX station etc, etc, etc. On the air behavior reflects general culture in the society, thus... You can bring whore to family, but you can't bring family into whore.

Posted by K0TF on November 26, 2011

JA the best
JAs listen and follow instructions - unlike most of the rest of the world. You know who you are. Good thing they didn't ask for the worst. Might have started a world war.

Posted by K4IA on November 26, 2011

A bit harsh
I feel I was a bit harsh to the US Amateur community with my last post. I apologize to all the great friends I've met and will meet on the radio.
Sometimes the things we do for enjoyment and relaxation become sources of frustration and anxiety. I have to remind myself of that. There are always going to be irritating moments in anything we do, but this hobby has been wonderful to me and I hope I have returned a little to it through public service.
The bottom line...Enjoy!
73 and Happy Holidays to everyone, everywhere! Joe -- W2DI

Posted by W2DI on November 26, 2011

USA score
Just to give an example: After a few calls I contacted a Dublin station in a light pileup recently. During the short QSO there was a loud 'tuner-upper' right on frequency. When I signed the station tuning-up called the Dublin op and said "It's (John Doe) again. I tuned my amp. What am I giving you now?" The Dublin op said, "So you're the tuner-upper. Actually, you're giving me a headache."
It was the same guy who was prior to me and received a 5-5 or so, turned on his amp, tuned up right on top of us and wanted a better signal report.
Also, when you're in a pileup and the station calls you back, many ops continue to shout their call - The dx station has to say, "Only 'xyz,' only 'xyz,' please.
Sorry, maybe it isn't the majority of US ops, but it's rude. Happens often.

Posted by W2DI on November 25, 2011

Oh my goodness, what's this...? Canada is only second-to-
last place on the list...?


~73~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

Posted by VE3CUI on November 25, 2011

Best DX Operators
I second the comment about JA operators being very polite, they set the standard.

Posted by K9RJ on November 24, 2011

Heavy Accent
I mostly talk to well spoken English speaking stations. Several speak English but they have a heavy accent that makes them difficult to understand. In that case it’s just contact info. Now if accent is not a problem you can have a good rag chew.

Posted by KA5ROW on November 24, 2011

Good operators. Wish I could say USA, but...we all know the story.

Posted by AB4D on November 24, 2011

I like working operators from Japan, and being in Alaska I get the opportunity to work a number of them. I always get nifty QSLs from them too.

73 - Al

Posted by KL2TC on November 23, 2011

Japan: Courtesy and respect are built into their culture.

It use to be built into ours, but somewhere, we lost our way....

Posted by WA8MEA on November 23, 2011

Best DX Ops
When operating from T30 and T32, it seemed to me the JA's were the best ops. Why? Well, they stop calling me when I sent a partial call back. They qrx when asked. That popped the station(s) I got the partial on right out of the noise and makes for faster QSO's. Eveyone wins if the p/u listens and doesn't keep calling and calling. Kudos to ZS8M for blacklisting those that kept calling him when he had a partial. 73, Tom, NY0V

Posted by NY0V on November 23, 2011

Japan !! No contest !! Never had a problem with them.[

Posted by VE2JL on November 23, 2011

Japan !! No contest !! Never had a problem with them.[

Posted by VE2JL on November 23, 2011

Polite Hams
As a Opr that has been on both sides of a pile up the Japanese win the prize. I was VQ9MZ back in 1994 and they never called out of turn and listened to my instructions. When I swung the beam to Europe that was another matter. Why does any Opr call call and call? Are U nuts? I see the same thing in the USA...and then you have the dummies that call the DX opr on his freq. What dont u understand about a dx split operation? When a dx stn says up2 dont you understand that?

Mike K8XF

Posted by K8XF on November 23, 2011

American Pile-Up Savvy
Well, say what we will about the behaviour of American Hams
on THIS side of the pile-ups, I personally think that, as
operators on DX-peditions, U.S.A. Amateurs just can't be

I have only very rarely been disappointed with the pile-up
management talents of the W/K types when on foreign
shores. And for that, I am grateful!

~73~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

Posted by VE3CUI on November 23, 2011

Scottish operators are the epitome of the courteous and the skilful!

Posted by GM4CUX on November 23, 2011

Definitely NOT USA

Posted by KB2FCV on November 22, 2011

Best operators
I voted for US hams because sometimes I feel that JA hams are somewhat hesitant (too polite...), at least on CW. However, JA hams are, in general, excellent operators.

73 de TF2JB.

Posted by TF3JB on November 22, 2011

Sad to see the USA score that badly.

Posted by KJ7YY on November 22, 2011

Best Operators
I have no doubt that Japan will win hands down.

Posted by GW1MCD on November 22, 2011

DX operators
Probably a toss-up between Japan, Germany, England.

Posted by W2WO on November 22, 2011

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