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Survey Question
Are you going to Dayton this year?
  Posted: May 06, 2012   (857 votes, 43 comments) by VK5LA

  Yes! Back again...
  Yes! For the first time...
  No! Not this year...
  No! Never again!
  I'm still thinking about it...
  I want to but..
  What's Dayton?
    (857 votes, 43 comments)

Survey Results
Yes! Back again... 14% (122)
Yes! For the first time... 3% (23)
No! Not this year... 39% (337)
No! Never again! 6% (55)
I'm still thinking about it... 2% (17)
I want to but.. 30% (257)
What's Dayton? 5% (46)

Survey Comments
cheese with your whine
Geez I've never seen so many lame excuses or read so
much whining. I know its impossible to please every one.
Dayton is not a required pilgrimage but if you get a
chance to go just go and make the most out of it. It, like
so many others may not be here some day and then
people will complain about how they wish Dayton ( or their
kaput hamfest ) was still here. Ha, go figure. I dont go
every year but I make it when I can as I do some local area
fest. I think the people who put these on should be
commended for their efforts considering all the obsticles. I
better quit ,don't want to sound like a whiner.

Posted by WD9ICU on May 21, 2012

Dayton 2012
Well, travel for me is some what just about
6000 miles from ZL. Had a great time (last time
was 2006). Better weather this time (was almost
too good). Read all the comments here - geez
what a group of moaners... it is what it is.
Many things could be better that is always the
case, just get on with it. I had and another ZL
ham had a great time over the three days.
Probably not able to go every year but will
return again in the future.

Posted by ZL2UFI on May 21, 2012

After the election!
If the economy gets better, I may go next year.

Posted by KI4SDY on May 20, 2012

I went to the DAra event & ENJOYED it. While this is a 335 mile trip, not as long as others have travelled. Best way to approach this for me is plan ahead if possible but that can be difficult when your job is unpredictable! Stll the sheer enormity of the event, the international flavor, the new gear and the those old rigs<and ops>all combine to bring out the appriciation for this hobby.

Posted by WJ2L on May 20, 2012

Only Once
Been there in the early nineties and was not really impressed: nice to see friends from all over the world but the venue and the exhibition wasn't that exciting. At the time the HamRadio in Friedrichshafen was still small in comparison. But when I visited Friedrichshafen last year I had the impression that it might be a good alternative: modern venue, plenty of parking, good choice of places to eat - not too crowded........
Also because getting into the USA ("border protection" they call it) is even more of a hassle then getting into the DDR before the wall came down I won't travel to the USA again. Sorry fellows.

Posted by VK2GWK on May 19, 2012

Need Schematic Mods
I need the mods for a Realistic Navaho TRC-490 Radio to change the radio to 10 meters. Could someone help me please.
William G. Moores

Posted by VO1WMM on May 19, 2012

Maybe one day
I've just heard too many horror stories about the "run down" venue. Hamfests these days seem to be stockpiled with junk, not too many pristine items available, most of the "good" stuff ends up on QTH, Ebay, of the trader nets. My fear is, I would make the trip, and Hamvention would be the same junk times twenty.

I probably would rather go to Hamcation before Hamvention. I've heard better reviews about the venue there. At least in Florida, if the hamfest blows, it wouldn't be a total waste of time. You could always find other things to do, to make it worth the trip.

Posted by AB4D on May 19, 2012

You have to go at least once...
Yes, it is a long drive or flight, you often
have to stay at a motel 20 miles away, the
grounds are tired and old, the washrooms are
always packed, and there is no where to sit
down and grab a bite. But in some ways, that
is all part of the magical experience.

The 12 hour journey there an back can be fun
(talking to other hams on .52 or on HF for
hours on end), the motels are generally good
value, the grounds tick all the boxes for
outdoor and indoor space, and sitting on a
wall or a rock next to another ham you have
never met before while having a hotdog gives
you a chance to share experiences make a new
friend from afar. The entire city welcomes
the hams for one long weekend.

The outdoor flea market treasures are simply
wonderful - you always come away happy with
something special, and the vendors and shiny
new gear and unveilings inside the buildings
makes it feel like Christmas.

To me, you simply have to pilgrimage to
Dayton at least once in your lifetime, or you
will not have lived your ham life to the

BTW - Hats off the absolutely wonderful,
unsung volunteer heros at Dayton who make
things tick for everyone else, especially
those who pick you up at your car when you
park behind the Salem mall and make sure you
get on the right bus.

May long live Dayton!

Posted by VE3OP on May 17, 2012

Love it!
If ham radio were a religion, it would have two holy festivals: Hamvention, and Field Day.

Hamvention is something I look forward to every year. I consider myself fortunate that it's only a 4 hour drive from home, and that I am able to stay for the whole weekend. And the stuff that happens at hamvention makes for some great stories to be told later. The stories aren't the same if you're not there to live it.

And Dayton is NOT just like every other hamfest. Dayton is where the back of QST magazine comes to life before your very eyes. I've never been to another hamfest where the manufacturers are there, in addition to the dealers. It's as much of a trade show as it is a hamfest. And I've never been to another hamfest where you could almost work DXCC from a chair in the lunchroom, without a radio.

Dayton is different. Dayton is special. Long live Dayton Hamvention.

Posted by N8AUC on May 16, 2012

not worth it.
I went in 2009 and to me it is NOT worth it.
I will never go back there again. Went there
on a cramped bus. The bus trip was done a ham
club from NJ. We stayed in a motel that
wasn't too bad BUT not really close to food
and other necessities if needed. The arena
itself is crap. Dirty, rundown and extremely
crowded. Not enough seating for lunch. And
the food stunk too. That convention is better
suited to a domed stadium with plenty of
seating and some really cold A/C. Also need
better parking lots at Dayton. My HUMBLE

Posted by W2ACO on May 16, 2012

....and now it was just announced we're going through a reduction in force (RIF). Guess working for the Department of Defense isn't as stable as it was 10 years ago.

Posted by KH6DC on May 15, 2012

Poop poll
I am bringing nose plugs this year.

Posted by AD9DX on May 14, 2012

Poop poll
I am bringing nose plugs this year.

Posted by AD9DX on May 14, 2012

A money making gathering
Never been there and since I had my Novice ticket Ham Radio always took the back burner because I have so many other hobbies.
Now I am teaching Wilderness Survival skills and SAR and I am requesting new students to go for at least the TECH license.
So I won't make it to Dayton but I got cleared this morning to go back and have my ups and downs in life.
It's more fun:-)

Posted by AF2DX on May 14, 2012

Never been, living in the UK it is a long way. Hoping this year will see the announcement of the Yaesu FT817 successor. This is long overdue and this is the last "window of opportunity" before the sunspot cycle starts to slide further down.

Posted by G3XBM on May 14, 2012

when times are better
I have never been to Dayton. I would
enjoy to go, but the cost of an airline
flight, rental car and hotel, that would
cost a few dollars. The good news is
that Pacificon is not that far from my
QTH and I do attend that show.
Granted, Pacificon is not Dayton
, but it is much cheaper for me. Let's
see how the economy does in the next
few years.

Posted by KB6QXM on May 13, 2012

Not since 1995
Havent been since 1995. will I go again? Maybe someday, maybe not. If your worried abt crowds and the venue and all the other things that go with any large event then stay home for sure! In fact stay away from anyplace that more than 2 people gather!! Thats a lame excuse!

Posted by N0FPE on May 12, 2012

back Again
This is my 6th time. I can only go every other year... That was the arrangement with the XYL!!

Can't wait!!!
Disney World here I come!!!! I mean. Dayton!!!

Posted by NP4G on May 12, 2012

Too damn far for me

Never been to Dayton Ham Convention; it's just too far from the West Coast for me to travel. I'd sure like to experience it some day. However I am quite happy with the June 1 Pacific Northwest Convention in Seaside Oregon just after Dayton so not all is lost for me as far as Ham Conventions go.

Posted by K7AAT on May 11, 2012

Dayton '12
I haven't missed Dayton very often over the past 20 years. All the concerns are valid, like a tired venue, crowds, getting run over by handicap scooters, etc..
But.... getting together once a year with friends I have made in over 45 years of hamming makes the bad things a minor inconvenience. I get to see some of the best operators in the world, top notch technical minds, and guys I went to high school with in the 60's. I can't wait to go!

Posted by N3XF on May 11, 2012

30 years and counting
have not missed a show since my 1st in 1982

Posted by N8FZ on May 11, 2012

Its been awhile
Haven't been to a hamfest for nearly 30 years. I'm just wondering if that same old boy is trying to peddle his Galaxy 5. 16 hour drive from Oklahoma City but its gonna be a good time cuz we are gonna make it that way.

Posted by KF5PKF on May 11, 2012

I'll pass on the dump.

Posted by K7LA on May 11, 2012

Dayton 2012
Hello All, After hearing all about the continuing deplorable conditions of the HARA arena and the infamous parking lot escapades this past year, I can only imagine what unforgettable new "LOW" will be achieved this year! Stay tuned as they say.
Over all though, there is nothing like the Dayton hamvention! Good Luck to you stalwart hams attending yet again, don't forget to bring your quinine pills and step carefully. best 7 3

Posted by KA2VTI on May 10, 2012

No. 36
I went to Dayton first in 1976 and have been back each year since.

This year is no exception.

73, N4KZ

Posted by N4KZ on May 10, 2012

Hamvention 212
Been attending the Dayton Hamvention continuously since 1987, this year will be no exception. Most of the original crew has passed on, some new faces have joined the group. Its the Grandaddy of em all !!! 73 K9ZK

Posted by K9ZK on May 10, 2012

Love to, but
I would really love to attend but, I am having a hard time just coming up with the money to return to the US from the Philippines, to get my amateur radio equipment. I do plan to attend someday, just will not be this year.

Posted by WA0TML on May 9, 2012

Love to, but
I would really love to attend but, I am having a hard time just coming up with the money to return to the US from the Philippines, to get my amateur radio equipment. I do plan to attend someday, just will not be this year.

Posted by WA0TML on May 9, 2012

Before I die...
I will make a trip to the Hamvention. This one is written in ink on my bucket list. Not enough free time or available cash to do it this year though...

Posted by KB1GKN on May 8, 2012

"Australia is a long way from Ohio, but I plan on getting there one day!!!"

Don't wait too long, Andy. I feel the sun slowly setting on this once "got to see it to believe it" event.

...and apologies for the multiple posts. I'm not quite sure how that happened.

Posted by K3GM on May 8, 2012

Maybe next year
I just started a new job less than a year ago, and we are sort of short of staff in our department this year, but I hope to make the trip within the next year or three.

Posted by KJ4FUU on May 8, 2012

We're going....
..and we'll be tailgating. Driving 250 miles from central MA to Philly, to meet my old buds. Then 535 miles due west to the Hamvention. Is it worth it? Darn right it's worth it!

Posted by K3GM on May 8, 2012

Not before elections
Considering the hardships faced by many friends and relatives, this is not the time to go. Enjoy yourself while others are doing without necessities? There is no fun in that.

This is a most critical election year. The entire economy is in very bad shape. The economic future is uncertain. It is better to skip this year, and if there is a strong upturn in the economy to go next year.

Posted by AI2IA on May 7, 2012

Dayton 2012
I have attended every year since 1994 except
for 2006. I have never won a prize. Now,
this may just be the year...


Posted by WA8KAZ on May 7, 2012


Posted by N4UED on May 7, 2012

Dayton 2012
I know it's "Dayton", and I know it's practically "next door", but not this year. Guess it's just the uncertain times. But I'm there in spirit!!! :-D


Posted by K9CTB on May 7, 2012

I miss it
I went ever year from 1989 to 2000. It used to be a 500 mile drive. Now, with kids and given that it's a 2500 mile flight, I haven't made it in 12 years.

It's true, if you can't find it there, you can't find it anywhere.

However, the flipside was that given the 3-day flea market, sellers were typically insistent on waiting to get top dollar for their stuff (with the exception of items that sold within the first hour on Friday morning).

I always really enjoyed the forums and off-site activities (QRP FDIM, DX, contesting, etc.).

I'll get back someday.

Posted by N7JI on May 7, 2012

First Timer
I am Looking forward to it after just being re-licensed last year after a 40 year absence from the hobby. Used to enjoy them very much when I was younger. Have been to some smaller local ones in the past year and was really not impressed for the most part. Am also looking forward to the Contest U. seminar on the Thursday before... Have loved reading some of the stories folks have posted about their experiences there...

Posted by K9PLG on May 7, 2012

....all the horror stories from that venue in the past years. I can't say that I would want to. For what? To get jostled and pushed around by the crowds? You can get that anywhere else. To get a good price on equipment? Thanks--I'll spend a little more.

Dayton is like any other hamfest--just bigger. And since the rest of them are slowly dying off, Dayton can't be seen as any big deal anymore.

Posted by K1CJS on May 7, 2012

It's expensive to get there from Hawaii. Airfare, hotel, meals and possibly rental car would run maybe $2,000. Could use that money to buy a better antenna or pay 1 month's mortgage.

Posted by KH6DC on May 7, 2012

Not worth the money
I've been 3 times and seen enough. For what it would cost to go, I could buy a really nice piece of ham gear, such as an antenna, or rotor, interface..whatever. It was fun to go and experience it, but it's just like any other hamfest, just larger. What I did enjoy was touring the USAF museum at Wright-Patterson AFB.

Posted by WB4M on May 6, 2012

Dayton '12
Looking forward to the "Annual, Once-in-a-Lifetime" trip to Dayton! 73 Tom, NY0V

Posted by NY0V on May 6, 2012

One day...
Australia is a long way from Ohio, but I plan
on getting there one day!!!

Posted by VK5LA on May 6, 2012

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