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Survey Question
Have you got a Multiband Dipole like antenna up at your QTH for any/several bands, Or your main operating band?
  Posted: Oct 03, 2013   (1422 votes, 63 comments) by VK5LA

  Yes, it's my main antenna...
  Yes, as a backup/comparison...
  Yes, but only for the lower bands...
  No, moved on from wires to beams/ other gain antenna...
  Nup, no room!
  Antenna? I wish!
    (1422 votes, 63 comments)

Survey Results
Yes, it's my main antenna... 56% (803)
Yes, as a backup/comparison... 10% (140)
Yes, but only for the lower bands... 16% (227)
No, moved on from wires to beams/ other gain antenna... 6% (84)
Nup, no room! 7% (105)
Antenna? I wish! 4% (63)

Survey Comments
All Bands
I stretched almost 2,000 feet of wire across 40 acres in a V shapes, between three tall trees as an experiment. My FT-950 internal tuner tunes it on all bands from 6 to 160m, except for a small portion of 80m, and it works equally well in all directions. So well I never got around to using 60 ft of tower I bought to put up a directional antenna.

Posted by AK4AT on January 19, 2014

All Bander
I have a 135 foot dipole at 45 feet, fed with balanced feed line. It works ALL bands, and the balanced feed line has basically NO loss. I have used this type antenna for 35 years and it is the BEST of the all banders. No coax fed antenna even comes close to its all band ability.

Posted by WB4TJH on December 28, 2013

Wire antennas
I consider myself lucky to be located in the subtropical hinterland of the far north coast of the state of New South Wales on the East coast of Australia on a 300 acre property.
We have 35-40 meter (140 + feet) high hardwood trees that allow with the aid of wire propulsion devices antenna heights and lengths many can only dream of.
I currently use a 204 ft double G5RV, a ZS6 G5RV an 80 meter doublet and a receiving 300 meter longwire. They are up at around 90 feet high. We are in a wide valley at 1000ft above sea level but do have large ranges to the north and west of our location.
Being in a rural location running on a standalone solar system with extremely low noise from man made interference it is only atmospheric conditions to worry about.
I recently acquired an 80 ft windup tower now redundant from our local rural ambulance service, (HF was commonly used for emergency services here into the 80's until the introduction of sat/phones and UHF repeaters) however the wires work well and I'm in no hurry to put up a beam until a suitable tribander and rotator falls into my grasp at a budget price.
Being subtropical we have no ice or snow to deal with however we do receive egg size hail at times and in the late summer we can be in the path of cyclones, as yet the wires have survived the elements.
I can easily work into New Zealand on 80 and 40m, South Africa on 20/15 frequently and VA's JA's Europeans and US on 40/20/15/10 on a regular basis. My IC 7410/7200, Icom 2KL linear and At-500 seem to tune the W8AMZ ZS6/G5RV and doublets well!
I will be experimenting with other wire styles in the future.
regards VK2NZA.

Posted by VK2NZA on December 21, 2013

OWF 80M Dipole
I have replaced all my coax fed dipoles at both QTH's.. I use an 80M open wire fed diplole and a tune at both locations.
Tuners are a TenTec 229,Johnson KW Matchbox and I just picked up a HeathKit SA-2040.
73 CNC #14 wire spreaders.600 Ohm
I want to remote the SA-2040 to load up a flagpole or a square held up by palm trees.

Posted by W9OS on November 12, 2013

skywire loop
I recently changed my 135' center coax fed dipole to a center coax fed skywire loop, 546'length and 35' to @25' high. I have a coax balun at feed point of antenna and internal tuner on my ts440 kenwood. This antenna tunes all bands easily, has great ears, and my kenwood transmits 100 w on all bands. Much better antenna than my hygain multiband vertical.

Posted by KK4BGT on November 12, 2013

HF Western G5RV
I have an HF Western Multi Band 62ft total its quiet and brings in really good signal compared to my DX-88 I have connected to my Icom 756 and the Dentron but once i complete the sb-220 i`m putting it back on the FT2000 in combination with it but all in all ive been very happy with it I will be ordering a second antenna from Mr. Western. Tunes in all the bands nicely except 160 meters which i don't use anyway..swr 3:0
Simon KG6HTG

Posted by N6SCG on November 11, 2013

HF Western G5RV
I have an HF Western Multi Band 62ft total its quiet and brings in really good signal compared to my DX-88 I have connected to my Icom 756 and the Dentron but once i complete the sb-220 i`m putting it back on the FT2000 in combination with it but all in all ive been very happy with it I will be ordering a second antenna from Mr. Western. Tunes in all the bands nicely except 160 meters which i don't use anyway..swr 3:0
Simon KG6HTG

Posted by N6SCG on November 11, 2013

Switched dipole
Using a MacTenna switched dipole. Set mine up for
12,17,30,40,80. Switches cut in and out right resonant
length for each band. Mounted 70ft hi as flattop.
Works great. Beam for other bands.

Posted by K6ELE on November 9, 2013

Two that I use
...G5RV-JR in the attic

...OCF 135 ft Windom outside in the trees

both work

K3LRH in "Delawhere?"

Posted by K3LRH on November 9, 2013

G5RV jr cheap
Homebrew G5RV made from 16 gauge speaker
wire (cost $11). Just pull apart 25.5 feet of 42.5 ft
wire, hang from two trees - gives 17 foot
balanced input which I feed with coax. Cheapest
antenna I've ever built. Good dx.

Posted by RSHIRE22 on November 5, 2013

Living in the South I have several large pine
trees that allow my wires to hang rather high
and long. My main wire is a 256 foot dipole
80 feet high. The balun is a Antenna Products
SM-153 12:1. Feed with 600 ohm lead.
One leg runs NE/SW and the other is N/SE. So
the 'arc' opens up towards Washington state.
Do not disrespect the wire antenna! I have
made over 6000 contacts world wide with my
wire and love it!!

Posted by AK4QA on November 4, 2013

I had a Slinky dipole up for a while. What a crappy antenna that was! Then I tried a G5RV..well that's an antenna that is equally bad on all bands!! So I did some reading and internet browsing and decided to try a Alpha Delta DX-CC. It is stretched out flat top at 40ft. took a little time to get it tuned but now it works just fine. If I can hear them I can work them with 100 watts. WAY WAY better than the slinky which was deaf as a post and better than the G5RV in the fact it is tunable for each band so I rarely use a tuner! So I am sold!!

Posted by N0FPE on November 3, 2013

End Fed Half wave on 40m. Works great on 20m and 10m (with a little tuning) too.

Posted by K4RCH on November 1, 2013

Wires work wonders.
Don't underestimate a simple wire antenna. I've worked 200+ countries with a trap diploe only about 30 feet high. Most recently the TN2MS Congo dxpedition on 15 ssb with a 40 mtr half wave dipole and 100 watts. No it isn't like my beam (which is on the ground at the moment) but they work just fine.

Posted by W7WQ on November 1, 2013

Survey Comment
I'm too old to climb to put any antinnas up anymore. Tied to oxygen tank as well as heart condition. Use to build my own antenna's in the past except for the VHF and UHF ones which were so easy to hook up, and hardly worth the time cutting them, Lol.
I don't have much space in my yard to put anything up. Too many power lines and Oak tree in the way, etc....

Bill aka W4ZJM

Posted by W4ZJM on October 29, 2013

W5XJ M/B Wire
At my QTH I use a non resonant multiband antenna that tunes well from 6 - 80 meters. This is 110 overall dipole in an inverted "V" feed with 30.1 feet of high quality twin lead into a Balun Designs antenna tuner "hi-rate" balun and then RG-213 into the shack. It works great and the center is at about 40 feet in the pecan tree. For DX I have a Giga-Strike 20 M delta loop hung vertically fed on a corner and a Steppir Big IR ground mounted vertical with 60/80 remote coil kit for 6 - 80 meter resonant ops.

Posted by W5XJ on October 28, 2013

Multiband antenna
I have a long wire for all bands. Lenght 30
meters.Horizontaly 25meters and vertical 5 me
ters.So it is a L-antenna. EndFed at the end
of the horizontal side with open 450 ohm
and using the MFJ ATU MFJ 949 for 10 years
.and although it is not a DC antenna (only 8
meters above ground level) I make lots of DX
Example in fair condition a 28 Mhz CW station
with only 1 watt output near the coast of New
Foundland !
To my opinion making DX is listening and not
shouting with one KW.

Posted by PA3ALX on October 28, 2013

Replaced my G5RV with a 40 meter mono band dipole to
eliminate the need for a tuner. My station is working
gangbusters on 40 meters.

Posted by KA4AZY on October 27, 2013

A Dipole? You bet!
If you want an antenna that radiates efficiently, few come close to a 1/2 wave dipole antenna. Again, what goes into a resonate dipole, goes out as RF and does not turn to heat as many other antennas do. While height directly affects the takeoff angle, never let that stop you from putting up this simple design and getting on the air. A simple coax choke at the feed point and you have an inexpensive antenna. I have used 22 guage copper wire for a 160 meter antenna, 1.945 mHz, with 100 watts and have talked Single Side Band 1000 miles away, and it was only up about 35 feet at the feed point and 10 feet at the ends. 240 feet long and looking down on it from the air it was in the shape of a big C.

Posted by KA7HQP on October 23, 2013

8B-DXCC with 80m dipole
I'm a big believer in dipole - the most under-rated antenna in our hobby. 5B-DXCC took 27 months, followed by 8B-DXCC. Antenna is an 80m dipole up 75 feet and fed with 450-ohm ladder line for use on all bands 10-80.

Posted by AE5X on October 23, 2013

My Antennas
My property measures 50 x 135 feet. I have a tower with a Cushcraft A3S. A roof tower with Yagi's for 6M, 2M and 440. Dipoles for 80/40M and 17/12M. Would I like better antennas? Yes, but this is the best I can do.

Posted by W2OSR on October 20, 2013

Alpha Delta DX-CC
I have a very small yard, and had a 43' Vertical (S9V) with about 50 random radials up for a few years. It worked great, but always had to take the radials up in the summer. Converted that to a multi-band loop last spring (4:1 balun from the vertical!) great results on 20 through 6. Wanted to add 30 through 75, and after reading the reviews on about everything here at eHam reviews, decided to try the DX-CC. It's almost to spec at 38' with the ends about 18' off the ground. Took plenty of time to make adjustments over the summer with an analyzer and it turned out to be a GREAT decision! It "hears" better than all the others. I'm QRP - up to 100 watts max, and getting great reports. Even some DX on 40 and 20. Saved the loop for summer portable QRP/fd along with a QRP 40/20/10 EFZ. Still looking for an answer for 160 and 60 meter coverage, but I'm very impressed with the DX-CC.

Posted by K0ALN on October 19, 2013

Multiband Dipole
I have a 102' G5RV, actually this is my second one, my first lasted about 6 years in the Florida heat and humidity, which isn't bad considering. That said, I have been using either a G5RV or a multiband off center fed dipole of one sort or another for 10-12 years now. I do like the functionality of a multiband dipole, however there are some trade offs involved as well. For the most part though, I like my G5RV, and being that I do live in town, must have it up in an inverted vee configuration, as my city lot wont permit me to have it as a flat top. I will continue to use not just my G5RV, but my 40 meter full wave loop up and whatever other wire antennas I can string up in addition to my 52' crank up tower.

Posted by AI4HO on October 19, 2013

Dipole Antenna
I use an inverted v G5RV Jr with a LDG Z-100 Plus tuner. My
primary band is 40 meters.

Posted by W2UIS on October 18, 2013

OCF Dipole
I have a 270' OCF dipole up in the trees at about 35-35', bent into the shape of a 'Z' to fit the property. It's fed with 100' of RG-6U quad shield and PL-259 connectors.
It's useable on everything 160M to 10M, though it works better on the lower frequencies.
The internal tuner on my TS-480 will tune it on all bands.
I use it as my primary antenna, and it gets the job done well enough. It's never going to be a DX-Crushing antenna, but it does what I want it to..

Bill AB9TA

Posted by AB9TA on October 15, 2013

No Wires right now
I had wires in the late 70's and thru the
late 80's. My profession as a Tool Die maker
and automation machining center (small
scale) allowed me to make beams and vertical
antennas. I took great advantage of the
fall-off of the CB rage and kept a close eye
out for fallen vertical and beam antennas. I
built several different interlaced beams and
verticals monoband verticals.
As my position in life improved I purchased a
new Hustler 4-BTV antenna. If I could only
have 2 HF antennas It would be the 4-BTV and
an Inverted V for 80m.
As of now, I have the 4-BTV in its 31 year
old position, A 35 year old Hygain TH3mkIII
up 45 feet on a TV push-up pole(custom made
aluminum clamps at the joints, and guyed at 2
points with 3/8" black Dacron rope and bolted
to the side of the house) The beam has been
there since 1980.(original rope, in central
Texas Plains.
For 40/75/160m I have a 73 ft vertical made
for a 16-1/2ft tower section,43 ft of 3" boom
material from a KLM beam and 13-1/2 feet of
double wall 1-1/4" tubing. It is remotely
switched for the radio table. It is still
remotely switched outside.
I am now coming back to wires for 40m and
80m NVIS to add to my 2m system for an Ice
Storm warning system along Interstate 20
between Ft Worth and Odessa Texas. I am
located in Clyde just East of Abilene in a
very good position at the highest point
between Weatherford and Sweetwater.
Always experiment for the best you can do
with what you can gather up. Keep your eyes
open as you drive.

Pat H. Armstrong KF5YZ
73 es and make contacts!!

Posted by KF5YZ on October 13, 2013

Low Doublet
56 ft per side, height 15 ft average, fed with ~60 ft of 300 Ohm twin lead and an MFJ949C transmatch. This doublet replaces a 155 ft end-fed inverted vee and a shorter end-fed wire. The EFW antennas picked up too much power line noise (QRNN was S9+20dB on 40M) as well as appliance noise. The new doublet loads easily from 80M through 10M, is very quiet on receive and I get excellent reports even at QRP levels. On the low bands it is a high angle radiator, and on the higher bands it has lower take off angles with gain on major lobes and major attenuation in the nulls. The priority was noise reduction on receive, particularly on 40M and this was achieved at minimal expense.

Posted by W4DBV on October 13, 2013

No Where To Put One
Unfortunately, the only spot on my lot with enough distance and suitable supports (trees) is right under a 17KV power line. This leaves me with a flagpole in the front yard as my only HF antenna.

Posted by KG4RUL on October 11, 2013

260 ft dipole
Using a 260 ft dipole up about 40 ft in the
trees fed with 450 ohm ladder line except for
the last 10 ft where I use coax to get it into
the house. An SGC MAC-200 tuner finishes
everything off and lets me operate everything
from 1.8 through 30 MHz including MARS

Posted by K8CAV on October 11, 2013

Fan Dipole
Three band, legs cut for 75 m, 40 m, 20 m. But with tuner I can also work 30 m, 17 m, 15 m, 12 m, 10 m.

It is fed with LMR240.

Though it is only 20' up I've worked out past 1000 miles on 75 meters, and into Europe and down into southern Argentina on 40 m and higher bands. I'm not supposed to be able to do this, something about that 1/4 wavelength thing.

Paul - AE5JU

Posted by AE5JU on October 10, 2013

6 band trap verticle
Started out with a 4 band trap verticle but added 17 and 80 meters. Radials are where ever I can put them and of various lengths. It works "ok" but doesn't compare to the G5RV I was using until the antenna police said I couldn't have wire attached to trees.

Posted by NH6RF on October 10, 2013

Homebrew 40M New Carolina type Windom.40/20M no tuner, 30M with tuner, only 3 bands I work.

Posted by W1JKA on October 10, 2013

I have been using a G5RV since 1992.
I have had good results and have worked a lot of DX.


Posted by WB4LFC on October 10, 2013

OSCF Dipole
Just installed this 66ft long 40-10M antenna made by Geoff G4ICD (G-Whip Antennas) Superb sturdy construction. Only 10M agl but resonates without tuner at acceptable VSWR levels on all bands plus 6M. Well pleased with results on all bands.
Using 5-150W from TS480HX. A tuner also gives 80M capability.

Posted by M0AEP on October 10, 2013

Cheap, simple, effective. Have used them for 25

If you can run a dipole with ladder line to the
tuner even better. I extended the ladder line
on a G5RV (at about 45' height) by about 20
feet and connected directly to a remote
autotuner (EDX-2) and it works great. Can match
on any frequency 1.8-30 and usually get good
signal reports.

Posted by KC2WI on October 9, 2013

Multiband Antenna
I have a CF 80M Zepp I use on 80M and 40M, and occasionally on 20M, then another 30M Zepp I use on 30M and 15M and a 3rd Zepp cut for 17M I use on 17M and 12M. I found the 80M Zepp just did not perform well on 30M or 15M so I put up the 30M Zepp. It was easy to put up a 17M Zepp so I put one up for that band. I use a homebrew outside relay box set up to switch the ladder line between the different antennas, before bringing one ladder line into the shack to feed my Johnson Matchbox Jr. 73, Steve K4JPN

Posted by K4JPN on October 9, 2013

Hustler Mobile Vertical on a tripod
I use a Hustler Mobile HF Vertical with 3 multiband radials above the ground. I have worked a lot of CW DX but it isn't easy :)

Posted by N4OW on October 8, 2013

Stop gap
I have a fan dipole for 80-10 meters. It is a stop gap until I can get my towers up with my monster yagis.

I also have a 160 meter convoluted loop. Low frequency fan dipole. 160-6M vertical. I need a WARC band dipole.

That is if I have the time to actually get on the air.

Posted by KB6QXM on October 8, 2013

OCF Dipole
Been using a 140' off center fed dipole with 600 ohm balun for several years. Resonates on 75, 40, 20 and 10 meters. Use it only on 75 and 40. Very good results with it. The antenna tuner stays in bypass mode.

Posted by W2FBS on October 8, 2013

Multiband Dipole

Lost many trees over the last 35 years I've lived here. Now run a 43' Vertical over copper radials, and a 150' end fed wire, fed through a commercial 4/1 10kw Balun and RG-213U. Both work well. Had OCF's and the famous W9INN Fan Dipole up for decades until my trees came down that supported the dipoles. Just wish conditions were better over all. 73 de K2JX

Posted by K2JX on October 7, 2013

OCF Dipole
I have been using an OCF for the past 2 years. I mainly use it on 80, 40, 17, and 12 meters. I also use a vertical and beam for the other bands.

Posted by WB4M on October 7, 2013

Multi band wire antenna
Yes,I have a G5RV at about 48 ft at the apex &
I only use it for 40 & 75 meters & a have a
160 meter half sloper as well.Both work pretty
well for what they are & the 160 meter half
sloper works much better than I thought it
would.I use a Mosley 5 band yagi for 10-20 &
it works pretty well also on 30 meters with an
antenna tuner.prefer the beam hands down! {:>)

Posted by W4KVW on October 7, 2013

20M Dipole
I have 20M up 27' that I can tune as high as 10m and down to 12m with respectable SWR. It replaced my Ventenna HPv in May and its all I use now.

Posted by KJ8U on October 7, 2013

GAP Vertical
Use the big tall one: 45 feet tall. Only one tall pole and
three wires laying on the ground. Very satisfied with
results. Based on RST reports I receive it is clearly
outperforming the typical dipole other ops tell me they
are using: a dipole at 25 feet. Whatever you use, it is all
about how high up it is. That is what my 52 years in the
hobby has taught me. My favorite antenna over the
years? Well, I really liked the dipole fed with window line
up 50 feet, 110 feet either side of center. The length was
random. I had that much room so I used it. Fed it
through a home brew tuner. Good results. Used it on 40
- 80 & 160 meters.

Posted by K7NSW on October 7, 2013

Yup.... a center fed non-resonant dipole fed with a remote auto-tuner. works everywhere.

Posted by K7AAT on October 6, 2013

not a dipole but a horizontal loop cut for 80m
up in a square. I have it fed with coax but
will be switching over to 450 ladder line.
As it is, highest point is maybe 10m off the
ground and it works fine for my purposes.

dreaming of a full sized rhombic someday....

Posted by VE7VJ on October 6, 2013

Center fed Zepp
I installed a Center fed dipole (135 feet long at 30 feet above ground) with 450 ohm window feed line after many years with the same antenna fed with coax. With this configuration I've worked a considerable amount of DX on 40m-10m CW. I would not prefer to use coax to feed another dipole again.


Posted by WA8QNN on October 6, 2013

No just a single band dipole that can be force fed with window line and a tuner to make radiation on other bands in a pinch. But it was not unusual in the old days for some hams to be on only one or two bands due to the cost of multibanding with homebrew or prewar commercial stuff. Not that my radio gear is the limitation.

Posted by W8AAZ on October 6, 2013

Dipoles -wire Antennas

I decided to put up my trusted home brew G5RV...

I had beams with the rotators systems got tired of swing the beams all around and around and around........

I home made and strung up a G5RV just so I can be on the air. I have it strung between trees and my small portable tower only 28 feet up. I cannot believe the performance I am getting out of this simple antenna!?! I am working all kinds of DX and state side...and over seas. but I soon learn it wasn’t the only antenna I needed.

I since then made several other antennas as ground mount vertical with 46 feet of wire. that worked very well being 40+ over in 9k2 land

my last home brewed is an combo ground mount vertical with 46 feet of wire wrapped around a telescopic pole and the 2 42 feet of top hats position over the North pole, and very successful making many contact with this one.

So since my first home brew wire ( g5rv ) I now have 8 antennas, oh almost forgot I also laid down on my lawn about 4000 feet of counterpoise in all direction.

I enjoy making the contact with a satisfaction that i made these antennas and did not spend ton of money to enjoy the hobby

Posted by W3NRL on October 6, 2013

My Antenna:
I have an unbalanced 180-foot dipole with earth
ground, and radials, for the return. I use my
gutters and lightning rods for my backup
antenna, which sometimes works pretty good in
itself. If one can use gutters, one does not
need to worry about antenna restrictions, in my

Posted by K0IC on October 6, 2013

Fan Dipole
I have a Fan Dipole with 80, 17 and 12 meters. I compare the 17 Meter leg with a 17 meter loop. The 17 meter loop works best most of the time.

Posted by KJ4VVU on October 6, 2013

kushcraft a4s
hi name is robert 8p6ef barbados can someone help me the measurments for 40mt part of the antenna?

Posted by 8P6EF on October 5, 2013

OCF Dipole
My main antenna recently became an OCF dipole. It is much better than the vertical I was using. It is a 6-40 meter antenna 65 feet in length. With a tuner, I have used it on 10-80 with the exception of 17. It will not tune there. I also have no 6 meter so have not tried it. I am very happy with it. My next antenna will be a hex-beam.

Posted by NA5XX on October 5, 2013

My Antenna
135 foot dipole fed with 600 ohm ladder line in to an Icom AH4 Tuner. Seems to work well on all bands. Always under 100 watts.

Posted by K5WLY on October 5, 2013

For the time being, my main antenna is a 40/15 dipole in cloudwarmer configuration. My disguised 6BTV died and this was a quick and easy solution with the deed covenants we've got. Doing some major landscaping right now, with a better stealthy antenna in the works.

Posted by K4IQT on October 5, 2013

Have OCFD 80-6 meters
I use an OCFD (300-watt balum) that covers the 80, 40, 20, 17, 12, 10 & 6 meters. Use my tuner to also cover 30 and 15-bands; and fully cover ALL frequencies. Never go above 90 watts.

Ken KC8Y

Posted by KC8Y on October 5, 2013

Inverted Vee Backup
I have kept an inverted vee backup wire antenna for many years. I use it mainly on 40 and 20 meters. The apex of this one is the top of a big old flag pole.
I have 17 antennas up at the moment including five yagis and a multiband vertical antenna, among others.
My main antenna is an off center fed wire that does top duty on 180 meters.
That inverted vee dipole has brought in many a signal from Italy, North Africa,and Eastern Europe. It's a keeper.

Posted by AI2IA on October 4, 2013

I have two that qualify - a DX-CC from Alpha
Delta and an H422 from Comet. I'm still
evaluating the Comet, but is the best
performing HF antenna I have right now in most

Posted by K0RGR on October 4, 2013

It's all Fun
If there isn't any decent DX, build something. There's always some one some where to talk to, might not be halfway around the world, but it still all good.

Posted by KV4PL on October 4, 2013

G5RV along with a 20/40 dipole are my main HF antennas.. Use a Ringo Ranger and 2 meter beam for 2 mtrs.. No UHF capability..

Posted by W2FUU on October 4, 2013

Multiband antenna
The only multi-band antenna I have room for is a Mosley RV-4C trap vertical It has a bad trap on 40 meters with an extremely high SWR, but the internal antenna tuner in my Yaesu FT-990 is quite amazing and 4 times I was able to make contacts in Europe late at night on 40 meters.

Cliff Gieseke, W4ZFL

Posted by W4ZFL on October 4, 2013

My Antenna
No room for a dipole so I use a multi-band Vertical. Have used dipoles in the past and had no problems, just no room anymore.

Posted by WA0TML on October 4, 2013

Fan Dipole
I have a fan dipole up for 160, 80, and for 40 meters. But there are issues, make a change on one and is has some effect on the others. I do have a remote antenna switch and may use it when the new tower is up that way I can fine tune each dipole.

I does however work fine as is.

Posted by KA5ROW on October 3, 2013

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