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Survey Question
Have you tried the JT65A Digital mode?
  Posted: Dec 08, 2013   (1161 votes, 32 comments) by VK5LA

  Yes! Love it...
  Yes, but is it really a contact?
  Yes, but it's not for me...
  No, but i plan to soon...
  No, can't see the point...
  Nope, don't do digi modes...
  Whats JT65A?
    (1161 votes, 32 comments)

Survey Results
Yes! Love it... 17% (194)
Yes, but is it really a contact? 4% (43)
Yes, but it's not for me... 7% (87)
No, but i plan to soon... 18% (206)
No, can't see the point... 10% (116)
Nope, don't do digi modes... 18% (214)
Whats JT65A? 26% (301)

Survey Comments
The unskilled amateurs way of communicating.

Posted by G1WFK on September 9, 2015

Not for me
I respect those who only enjoy exchanging a signal report and prefer to keep things impersonal but this is not the ham radio I grew up with 40 years ago. If God gave me a mouth it's to rag chew and if he gave me fingers, a hand a a wrist is to rag chew on CW.

Posted by WY4J on May 28, 2014

Geeky Mode
Yes I like this low power mode, originally used in meteor scatter and moonbounce. Your signal with low power goes a LONG way.

Posted by W1XWX on February 23, 2014

I like looking at the map on PSK Reporter just
to see where I heard signals from while I was

Posted by KD1XH on January 5, 2014

Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor is among the few, the humble, the
genius hams. (Sorry for the plagiarism,

Posted by KI6DCB on January 5, 2014

Weak signal work
Granted, it's good for weak signal work. But
man, the length of time it takes to get such a
small amount of data across keeps me from
liking it.

Posted by AA4MB on January 2, 2014

Its like HF packet but slower!
And about as much fun as watching paint dry.

Posted by N1GMV on January 2, 2014

there are many hams who enjoy JT65 and use it regularly. So if you dont like it, stop bitching about it and shove off to some other mode Nobody says you got to use it.
To each his own !

Posted by G4ICB on January 2, 2014

jt65 CB

Posted by W7WQ on January 1, 2014

jt65 CB

Posted by W7WQ on January 1, 2014

When I have time
Owning a Flex SDR lends itself to digital modes. I still have to adjust the audio chain for SSB/AM, then I will take the time to setup my digital modes including JT-65. Hopefully there is some digital rag chewing. I refuse to do the mindless exchanges as they do with contesting.

Posted by KB6QXM on January 1, 2014

Comments for the JT65/9 haters
I find the comments particularly amusing from
those that don't like the JT65/9 modes. For
those of us that enjoy the JT modes...we know
the true power of the software.

But let me ask you this: Is it any more of a
contact than a SSB contact where you know
DAMN well you're operating under marginal
conditions...but still give AND receive a

Call signs, grid squares, and confirmation.
YEP...legitimate QSO.

Oh yeah...I've worked Japan twice today.
Anyone that doesn't like the mode do any


Posted by KB2HSH on December 31, 2013

Useful Tool
I like to have JT65/JT9 perking in the
background when I'm doing other things on the
radio. I will call people who interest me, or
call CQ on a 'dead' band. I get some pretty
amazing responses to CQ's on a dead 10 meter
band - from places I'd never guess could be
worked on 10 at that hour. JT65 does enjoy a
tremendous advantage over most other digital
modes and CW for just making contacts.

And yes, exchanging callsigns, signal
reports, and confirmation is what makes a
'contact'. How often do you hear DX stations
on both phone and CW give reports, but not
even acknowledge them. Is that a contact? No,
it's not.

Posted by K0RGR on December 24, 2013

It's OK
If you are only interested in making a contact
it's fine. But if you are more of a ragchewer
it leaves you with a "so what" feeling. To me
it seems like the digital "5 9 and callsign"
exchange on phone. Not really my style. I like
PSK31 and other chat style digital modes much
better. 73 KB9TMP

Posted by KB9TMP on December 24, 2013

Not interested
Most of what we do today is the transmission of Digital. Whether wireless or wireline.

The magic of radio to me is hearing the wavering voice or CW.

It is just not for me.

Good luck to those who use it.....


Posted by W5YZR on December 24, 2013

unpleasent limitation
i tuned the receiver in and let the jt65
program run with it and then was stunned that
the software could read signals that i could
not even hear with my ears at all. that is
what i liked about jt-65.

what i dont like about jt-65 and why i dont
use it, is because a transmission is limited
to only a few cyphers. that gives a feeling
like the answer in the survery: "Yes, but is
it really a contact?"

the limitation of jt65 makes its use
unpleasent to me, that is why i dont use it

Posted by RADIOMANN on December 23, 2013

Is that the warbly, almost eerie-sounding stuff that one
hears periodically in the CW portion of the bands...? Like a
step-tuned VFO that moves up & down the centre

I caught its presence only by the unmistakable nature of the

Posted by VE3CUI on December 19, 2013

It's a great lazy persons band - just push a few
buttons. No need to talk, be friendly or copy (like
cw). The downsides - shack rf, a lot of cables,
splatterers and hi power jerks. I grade it B+.

Posted by RSHIRE22 on December 18, 2013

JT65 is useful
I like JT65 for when band conditions are marginal--Great for 15m and 10m in the early morning to Europe....

Posted by WB0EBG on December 17, 2013


Posted by NY7Q on December 17, 2013

I'll pass too...
Except CW & slow/fast scan, all the digital
modes are nothing
more than instant messenger via HF...a waste.
Just my
opinion. YMMV.
Posted by W8LGZ on December 15, 2013

I couldn't have said it better. Good one Jim!

Posted by KG4CLD on December 16, 2013

Except CW & slow/fast scan, all the digital modes are nothing
more than instant messenger via HF...a waste. Just my
opinion. YMMV.

Posted by W8LGZ on December 15, 2013

Great Mode
I now have WAS with JT-65. This past summer worked over 40 grid squares with just JT-65 on 6 meters. A lot of activity on 6 when you cannot even hear any voice/CW stations. This mode is just a lot of fun.

Posted by WB8NUT on December 15, 2013

Will Give It A Try
Am a knob twister of the "old school". Not yet
comfortable with a computer in my shack. Very
awkward. But, I am hearing good things about this mode
and many friends are using it. So I will give it a try. My
friend, KA0OBC Dennis Baker, is home brewing an
interface for me. Hard to turn that down!

Posted by K7NSW on December 13, 2013

Just not for me
I played with it. Ok so it was sorta a contact. but not really. It is more 2 computers talking to each other. And slow as molasses in the winter. I like a true person to person contact. I deleted the software and will not go back any time soon. But it is different strokes for different folks. so if you like it have fun! Its just not that thrilling! Of course I am also not a fan of echolink but oh well...

Posted by N0FPE on December 11, 2013

JT-65 vs JT-9
I think the answer to K7AAT's question is that the software for JT-65 (JT65-HF + JTAlert) is a lot more user-friendly than WSJT-X.

Posted by K9OHI on December 10, 2013

But what about JT-9
I do like JT-65 but the newer and narrower bandwidth JT-9 is superior. I do not understand why the transistion to JT-9 has not been greater.

Posted by K7AAT on December 10, 2013

jt65A Works
I've made over 150 QSO's this month and have worked
stations I would have never reached. It's no kidding
that you can easily work stations you can not hear or
see in the waterfall display. As for boring, I can see
that point but I solved the issue for myself by writing
qsl cards during the long transmissions. Please try it,
I'd like to work you. 73

Posted by W6AAJ on December 10, 2013

If you like that kind of stuff
I run PSK-31 and Rtty most of the time. I like a 20-30 min exchange. If I wanted to e-mail someone I would. Seems extremely unsatisfing to me. But that is why we PLAY with radios. Love the sound of Rtty. So I will stick with AM phone Rtty PSK-31 and on special nights CW.

Posted by KF9XK on December 10, 2013

JT65 "Contact"?
I find the whole concept to be boring.

Posted by KG4RUL on December 9, 2013

All modes are fun
I've tried most modes on HF and above, they all have their entertainment value. The JT65 modes are easy to use and even with CW I can't begin to make the contacts I do with JT65 and JT9 (a similar mode), using 5W. I'm a true blue CW op but JT65 and other digital modes are a nice option. If you work a lot of DX, you might note that the amount of information exchanged on CW or SSB contacts is actually less than the standard JT65 exchange...

Posted by K7NG on December 9, 2013

JT-9 is fun too.
I can't say I love this mode but the answer is about the only positive one of the 7.
JT-65 is a fun, low-power mode and there is plenty of DX to be worked on JT-65. JT-9 is similar but much more narrow. The software for either mode is free and easy to set up and use. A lot of hams are earning WAS and DXCC with JT-65. If you get bored with CW or SSB and need a new thrill, give it a try.

Posted by WB4M on December 8, 2013

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