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Survey Question
Do you think social media i.e Facebook, Twitter is a help or a hindrance to the Hobby?
  Posted: Mar 19, 2014   (1172 votes, 44 comments) by VK5LA

  Good, Lots of great info on DXpeditions and the like...
  Good, A great way to hook up with other hams, arrange skeds etc etc...
  Bad! We should be talking ON THE RADIO...not on social media
  Bad! Nastiness and keyboard warriors keep me away...
  Never tried social media...and probably never will...
  I'm still on a straight key!!!
    (1172 votes, 44 comments)

Survey Results
Good, Lots of great info on DXpeditions and the like... 13% (147)
Good, A great way to hook up with other hams, arrange skeds etc etc... 25% (292)
Bad! We should be talking ON THE RADIO...not on social media 20% (230)
Bad! Nastiness and keyboard warriors keep me away... 5% (61)
Never tried social media...and probably never will... 33% (387)
I'm still on a straight key!!! 5% (55)

Survey Comments
It's really ANTIsocial media
It's interesting that it's called SOCIAL media,
considering that there is so much ANTIsocial

Posted by WA7PRC on June 21, 2014

No way

It's ridiculous to show the world your private life & family photos, and your location. Any 15 yr old kid can hack into your account & really mess you up, for a LONG time. Since the last credit card scam at Target, I only buy cash when shopping, unless a CC or Debit can only be used. And after I check my accounts for fraud.

The thought of Identity theft is really a night mare.

Posted by K2JX on April 26, 2014

get with the times
it is sad that my radio club is not on facebook, not may club members are on facebook. alot of people who use facebook are not hams, an untapped market for people to get intersted in ham radio, as there is advertising on facebook. at least there are some hams that post on you tube.

Posted by VK4TJF on April 19, 2014

Social media
A good platform for identity thief to begin. Use at your
own risk

Posted by KD6TWC on April 19, 2014

KK4ITN hit the nail on the head, as far as
Facebook is concerned. I have an account,
and most of the people I am friends with
(except for the YL) are hams. The 10 Meter
Group is a cool "forum" for 28 MHz
enthusiasts...but as far as making it a
"primary destination", it's sadly lacking. There
was an article that appeared in one of the
Toronto publications a few years back...the
writer, a modern hipster, explained what she
(and like-minded individuals of Generation Y)
enjoy doing after work. The first paragraph
included the phrase "...and a couple of hours
socializing with friends on FACEBOOK".





Posted by KB2HSH on April 16, 2014

It's what you make of it
Social Media is a tool, and it's what you make of it. I have used the "I just worked" page on Facebook a few times to work some DX that other guys had recently posted. In that case, it's not much different than using a Telnet Cluster. Twitter and Facebook are useful for keeping up with friends, new products and trends. If you find that bothersome, then don't use it. If that's your thing, have at it!

Posted by W2LJ on April 15, 2014

Real lowlife
Never been scammed by a ham but was scammed in a fraudulent charitable scam that had "Vietnam Veteran" in it's name. There are real Vietnam Vets charities but,there are others that are fakes. After giving, I found out the one I had given to a fake charity.
Lowlife scum stealing from war-zone veterans makes my blood penalty would be too harsh.

Posted by N8REL on April 15, 2014

Social Outcasts
Social media, ie facebook and the like is for people who don't have a life. I hear of people talking about their boss,wife,family. Nobody loves me,kids at school think I am a nerd.
HEY tell them to their face. Bullied, face your enemies,don't write stupid stuff.Peoples problems today will not be solved by writing about them only by facing up to them. You may get your butt kicked once in a while BUT ONLY AFTER THE FIGHT!

Posted by KK4ITN on April 13, 2014

Good Ham Equipment
It sure is great to have DX Engineering on
our side for ham radio. Just purchased some
RG213 and it arrived at my QTH in what seemed
to be hours! Great price, better than others
out there. I also love my tilt over plate and
radial plate for my Hustler 6 BTV. They make
great products and the service is
outstanding. Their coax installation kit is
the BEST I have ever seen. Does a magnificent
job of cutting coax and prepping for the PL
259. Great product.

Posted by K0DRA on April 9, 2014

Different animals
IMHO (in my humble opinion), ham radio is much more
than its communication aspect. Learning the material for
tests, setting up an effective station with an efficient
antenna along with countless other activities make it
more than simply something to do in one's spare time.
The social media sites have little in common with our
hobby which enriches members with technical
knowledge, participates in the advancement of
electronics and science, fosters international good will,
and continues to provide a vital public service.
Too many posters (but not all) on Mouthbook simply use
it as a 'me, me, me' forum. NOITTWUI (no offense
intended to those who use it).
I was on it for less than a week, being sickened by the
Sunshine Club members, and my XYL drooling over
Keep the sheep occupied while the handlers shape the
landscape to fit their needs. Don't believe me, check the
voting numbers....IMHO!

Posted by W2DI on April 8, 2014

Social Media Survey
I got my ticket in 1952, so I've seen the "rise" of the Internet and all its minions. SO, when the latest "Internet Gadget" came along, I tried Facebook. BIG mistake! I kept getting "notices" and tons of "make me a friend" from people I'd never heard of!

Took a lot of time and effort to get all their junk removed from my computer, and to stop all their related emails.

As to Twitter and the others, based on my experience with Facebook, NO WAY!

Posted by W4VFZ on April 8, 2014

No real effect
I think that social media has no significant effect on the hobby.
However, ham radio discussion sites (of which I participate) probably detract from the hobby by taking many interesting conversations off the air.
And DX clusters are likely very bad for the hobby by taking much of the fun and adventure away from DXing.

Posted by WA2DTW on April 8, 2014

Non Ham Social Media
Now that I am a Ham, Facebook and others Neo-
Social Media is of no value to me.
Before Amateur Radio, Non Ham Social Media was
a good dictation when out somewhere with the
XYL and I was just standing around waiting on
With EchoLink on a Smart Phone I can HAM
places where I one time could not. I just
carry a set of ear buds with me.

Posted by AF5DN on April 7, 2014

The key word is "social" and ham radio was the first social media. I am on Facebook & Twitter and am the president of the Hoosier Hills Ham Club. I have the club on Facebook ( Twitter (@hoosierhillsham) on the internet at and have a G+ page set up for us at You can't have too much social media because that is how the world operates now. BTW my Twitter is @kb9tmp and I'm a "youngster" at 58. You either "go with the flow" or drown.

Posted by KB9TMP on April 6, 2014

More communication is good
Seems to me that more communication opportunities is
a good thing. I'm on Facebook every day and enjoy it.
What can be wrong with having yet another place to
publicize an event or to exchange information or get
technical questions answered? Oh, and I'm 70. No
oxygen tank, no scooter yet. ;-)

Posted by K7KQK on April 5, 2014

Social Media
As a 62 year old guy, just retired, and licensed since 1963.. my comment is that the world is changing... your choice is to change with it, or not. Simple.

I'm active on Twitter, but not Facebook.

I occasionally text, I email daily.

My choice, and I don't give a damn what anybody thinks about it.

Posted by K3UG on April 4, 2014

I don't care what it is,if it was not used by Hiram Percy Maxim Then it's n

Posted by W5PVR on April 1, 2014

There was a time when you actually knew--and were friendly with--all your next door neighbors. That time was back when a fence was also a meeting place besides being a property divider.

Posted by K1CJS on April 1, 2014

So what?
So you still hang your wash on a clothesline. So do I--and I still wash dishes in the sink and dry them by hand too.

That's one of the major problems of these days--most people have to have things done for them, and they have to be done fast too. There's a lot to be said for the older ways--and that doesn't make me an old fogey, either. I'm 59 years YOUNG!

Posted by K1CJS on April 1, 2014

Like some other surveys that appear in this space, the range of choices don't cover all possible responses. I view the eHam website itself as a form of social media. As far as Facebook and Twitter are concerned, I find them largely irrelevant to ham radio, and I currently use neither for any purpose.

Posted by NI0C on March 31, 2014

In the minority
I had to vote for "Still using a straight key" since I still believe in hanging out my laundry on a clothes line.

Posted by W1JKA on March 30, 2014

Good and bad I think social media can be over used but in the same turn if there are interest pages out their it could entice the curious into the hobby. just my 2 cents

Posted by KB9MQL on March 29, 2014

WY4J's whine
So anyone who doesn't agree with WY4J has a "Spark Gap" mindset and is an "angry old white man on a scooter pulling an oxygen tank".


' Nothing wrong with white men or the disabled in my book, so why weave that into your nasty little rant?

As usual, the liberals resort to name-calling when they're losing an argument.

BTW - Who is Holly Methuselah?

Posted by HFHAM2 on March 28, 2014

No Hope
Holly Methuselah...everyone is entitled to
their opinion but the spark gap mindset is
what's revealing in this particular survey.
This why all you see at hamsfests are angry
white old men on scooters pulling oxygen
tanks. Pray that our hobby can be at least 10
percent as successful as Facebook, Twitter or

Posted by WY4J on March 28, 2014

No Hope
Holly Methuselah...everyone is entitled to
their opinion but the spark gap mindset is
what's revealing in this particular survey.
This why all you see at hamsfests are angry
white old men on scooters pulling oxygen
tanks. Pray that our hobby can be at least 10
percent as successful as Facebook, Twitter or

Posted by WY4J on March 28, 2014

If used responsibly
I think Facebook and Twitter can be very useful for coordinating events and meet-ups. Unfortunately too many times social media is overused or used where it's not really necessary. That's what gives it a bad name in the eyes of so many.

While I'd love to hear over Twitter than you're scheduling a get-together or other ham event, I have no interest in what you had for breakfast or that jerk who just cut you off on the highway.

Posted by KD9AQX on March 27, 2014

One possible use.
The only "social media" that I use to aid with the hobby
is an online radio site. It allows me to coordinate with
some Ham friends regarding which frequencies I will be
operating on and when. If you want to try it, just go to from your smartphone or
tablet. Just beware, there are a lot of weird characters
and lids who use it as well.

Posted by ONAIR on March 25, 2014

I use social media
and I'm 54. Good to know I don't qualify as a jaded old fogey yet. I have a few ham Facebook friends too. I solder every day, repair equipment every day, and so on.

I heard this same whining when the internet and computers started to become popular, around 20 or so years ago. Next year I will have been a ham for 40 years, and I will still be learning new technology and keeping up with the latest things. Some day I will be the oldest guy using the newest SDR radio.

Posted by N3EG on March 25, 2014

Good, it gives us QRP stations a break from the Linear Amp Wars on the bands! And what happened to the 3KC spacing? Now days you are lucky to get 2KC of space on either side of your QSO. Apparently the days of self-regulation don't work anymore!

Posted by N4VNV on March 25, 2014

What would... if he could,
Tricky Dick Nixon say about social media and general
dissemination of information to the public !


Posted by KA2VTI on March 25, 2014

Don't you dare ...
... tell me how to enjoy my hobby.

Go do what YOU want. And leave the rest of us alone.

Posted by K0STK on March 24, 2014

That stuff holds no appeal to me whatsoever, at this time. Guess it is somewhat generational. I even still look askanse at cellphone-glued-to-ear or bluetooth babbling pedestrians that appear to be talking to themselves. Or stumbling unaware texters.

Posted by W8AAZ on March 24, 2014

Couldn't care less
To each his/her own...not for me. Too much nonsense information out there.

Posted by K7JQ on March 24, 2014

Another means of communicating
Social Media, like FaceBook and twitter, has its place, at least for me. I find it a way to keep in easy contact with friends and family members who are not HAMS. Like anything else, it has to be used responsibly

Posted by WD8ITZ on March 23, 2014

Social media vs. Soldering Iron
It is my belief that a ham would get more enjoyment and satisfaction, and a better since of achievement from building kits and assembling antennas than he would ever get from a social media site. Meeting fellow hams face to face in ham clubs, emcomm groups, and field day gatherings is far superior to computer social activities. Put these activities together along with operating your rig, and I believe that you will really enjoy ham radio to its fullest.

Posted by AI2IA on March 23, 2014

Social Networking
The oldest version is Ham Radio. At least you know the LID you are making contact with in radio had to jump a bar to get to this and has been tested to show a scrap of intelligence. We should be a bit smug in knowing Ham Radio operators have passed the first idiot filter.


Posted by ZL4IV on March 23, 2014

It has its place
It's great for posting info for clubs or general news. It's a tool. Misuse it and you pay the consequences.

Posted by K1PJR on March 22, 2014

No privacy, too much open
I have a Facebook account, but it's inactive. To my view, there is simply too much being spread around on that site to too many people. I'm not afraid of anyone seeing what I do online, but to give anyone and everyone on that site that may 'like' you such an open channel makes it way too easy to see if something questionable--or inadvertent--is done by anyone on line.

Posted by K1CJS on March 21, 2014

The closest thing to social media for me, is
comments made on e-Ham and QRZ I do have a
twitter account and a face book account mainly
to sign in on news blogs to make a comment on
a new event. Don't think I have directly used
twitter in a few years and just browsed face
book a few times a year. Other than that I
have no use for them.

Posted by KA5ROW on March 21, 2014

For Hams who are rabid social media users, I propose a new award.


After all, a cellphone does emit RF.

Posted by KG4RUL on March 21, 2014

Time waster
Social media like Twitter and Facebook (and, etc.) have their appropriate uses in ham radio, principally for distribution of information. But social media can easily seduce people into spending more and more time there, just being social. How about, instead, being social through ham radio ragchews?

Personally, I spend too much time with social media - here I am posting on while my FT-920 and K1 lie cold and dark on the desk nearby ...

Posted by K4IQT on March 21, 2014

>> ... made an obscure, off-the-wall comment
on a social webpage and it comes back and
bites 'em in the ass ...

I cannot think of many posts at all the past
30 years that I have made online that I would
want to retract.

And although sometimes difficult to do, I'll
wait at least five minutes before replying to
absurdities or "controversial" issues. (grin)

Posted by K6LCS on March 20, 2014

Not for me, thank you.
Social media?? Oh no; why hang yourself out to dry?!

Seldom a day goes by where we don't hear about some 'famous', 'wish they were famous' or other 'notable' that made an obscure, off-the-wall comment on a social webpage and it comes back and bites 'em in the ass.

Posted by K0CBA on March 20, 2014

Another diversion
Social media is simply one more diversion. We have ham sites. They should be enough for ham purposes. If you are going to be a ham, then you should spend your time on the radio, working on antennas, building kits and other things, joining clubs, or emcomm outfits, elmering, or looking at ham sites now and then.

If you want to waste time on social media sites, that is a separate endeavor from ham radio, at least that is how I see it.

Posted by AI2IA on March 20, 2014

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