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Survey Question
Have you invited non-hams to your station while in operation letting them talk over the radio?
  Posted: Feb 02, 2015   (1532 votes, 44 comments) by AA7LX

  No, I operate stealth.
  Yes, I have had people visit and talk on my station.
  Only with those I have elmered.
  Only with other Hams.
  Only with family.
  Family and/or nobody cares.
    (1532 votes, 44 comments)

Survey Results
No, I operate stealth. 6% (95)
Yes, I have had people visit and talk on my station. 41% (630)
Only with those I have elmered. 3% (46)
Never. 20% (310)
Only with other Hams. 9% (131)
Only with family. 10% (149)
Family and/or nobody cares. 11% (171)

Survey Comments
Please help me with my MSc thesis research by filling out this antenna surv
Dear Amateur Radio Operator,

My name is Greg Linton, also known as

As a member of a popular eHam website I
would like your assistance in conducting
my research. I require a number of
volunteers to complete an online survey
about antennas used for APRS.

I'm a part time graduate student with the
University of Manitoba in the Department
of Electrical and Computer Engineering and
as part of my Masterís thesis research I'm
building a computer model of the Automatic
Packet Reporting System Internet Gateways
(APRS I-Gates) across North America.

The model Iím building will eventually
look similar the common APRS node maps on or, with a few key

Each point on the map would represent an
APRS I-Gate mapped to a curved globe and
with Far Field radio frequency antenna
models attached to them. By focusing on
the I-Gates we may find out more about how
the APRS network functions and what other
interesting things the community could do
with it.

To get a more accurate model, I need to
know what the antennas are like at many of
the APRS I-Gate stations.

To accomplish all this I would like you
and your fellow forum members to complete
this online survey
( The more
volunteers who complete the survey the
more accurate the model becomes, coming
closer to a representation of the real
world network.

The survey should take between 10 to 18
minutes to complete, and is completely

Volunteers can find out more about the
survey, how their privacy will be
protected, the ethical standards followed
during the research and more by clicking
on above link.

This research has been approved by the
Education Nursing Research Ethics Board as
the survey involves human volunteers. If
you have any concerns or complaints about
this project, you may contact me as the
principal researcher by email at You may also
contact the Human Ethics Coordinator (HEC)
at 1 204 474 7122 or email:

Volunteers can also contact me directly by
email at:

Anyone can also link to the project on
Twitter and Google+ with #AntennaSurvey.

If you feel that members of your forumís
community would be interested in
participating please email me with details
on the best way to contact the potential

Thank you for helping me with my research.


Greg Linton
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Department of Electrical and Computer
University of Manitoba

Research Supervisor: Dr. Witold Kinsner,
1 204 474 6490
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Electrical and Computer

Posted by VA4GL on April 20, 2015

It's Over---Get Over It
I think this web site has, sadly, run its course...

Andy hasn't even acknowledged the receipt of an e-mail
that I sent to him a couple of days ago re. his updating
this page with any sort of regularity. User interest will
eventually flag in this page, surely, just has that of the site

Better to turn your computers off, and check-out band
conditions, instead---I did that very thing here in the
past week, & was rewarded with QSOs to "9J2," "SU9,"
"3B8," and "4Z5"---all on 10-meters CW, too...

I would have missed those (one of them a new DXCC entry
for me) had I opted to waste my time here...

Posted by VE3CUI on April 18, 2015

Ben Franklin
I think that it was Ben Franklin that said "Fish and surveys stink after two months."

Posted by AI2IA on April 12, 2015

Conspiracy Theory
After due deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that
the fact that topics on this site are not changed with any
regularity tells me that there is a conspiracy afoot on the
part of the good people at to disinterest each &
every one of us to the point that we might increasingly
come to say to ourselves, "To HELL with this boring,
repetitive, pointless, endless, unchanging on-line

And hey, y'know what...?

The conspiracy is WORKING...! For ME here, at any rate...

Posted by VE3CUI on April 9, 2015

Ham for 61 years and I still enjoy CW and SSB and all the digital modes.. Ham radio offers so much for so little. I live in a little dinky Texas town with small population, Yet I communicate with many people all over the country and even DX ... It is a wonderful hobby and is good to keep your mind active.
73 de KA7W
Tom Wilson
Hamlin, Texas
7.195 daily

Posted by KA7W on April 9, 2015

This survey
I know you all are busy, but how long are you going to keep this one up? Perhaps you need to request survey ideas from the readers?

Posted by W2FBS on April 7, 2015

Surely theres only one correct answer..
I was kinda worried to even see this survey. My
understanding is that ONLY licensed hams can
use your station, not your kids or your wife,
not the mailman, not the sister-in-law (no
matter how gorgeous she is) not your unlicensed
buddies, no-one. Perhaps rules are different in
other countries, but this is how I was trained
here in EI land.

Posted by EI5JS on April 6, 2015

A quote taken from the right-hand side of
this page:

"Please note that there are many potential
surveys in our queue"

Assuming that that statement is true, why are
we seeing surveys up here for months? I
would expect to see one at least every month,
perhaps every couple of weeks.

I'm getting out of the habit of checking this
page because it never changes.

Posted by K2CMH on April 6, 2015

Letting others talk on my station
I live in North Texas on a Ranch in a temporary home at
this time. Small mobile home without a lot of room. My
wife was licensed last year and uses the 2meter rig in
the Truck. I have been teaching ham radio classes with
some friends. We have 20 people signed up for the next
class at the end of April for the Tech and General
Classes. And 4 for the Extra Classes.

I will share it as we get into our permanent home here.
Byron / W5BPF

Posted by W5BPF on April 5, 2015

"...There surely are plenty of suggestions..."

Sadly, it seems, we'll just never know...!

Posted by VE3CUI on April 5, 2015

This neglected survey is older than stale bread. Let's keep the site dynamic. Change it at least every two months, if not once a month. There surely are plenty of suggestions.

Posted by AI2IA on April 3, 2015

I would
I would, but my shack is too messy.

Posted by AJ4LN on March 20, 2015

morse code
I and a young ham who had went through my
Novice class who was then a General and in
High School made arangements with his 6th
grade teacher to demonstrate ham Radio in her
class room. he and a couple students put up a
40 meter Dipole in the front lawn of the
school, near Her class room. We operated on
40 Phone. and let the kids Talk, with
permission of ham who answered our CQ. At
first we had a problem getting somebody to
talk and finaly a little girl agreed. the Op
on the other end was great he encoraged her
by asking questions. then we had a line up of
other kids who wanted to talk. when we signed
with him another ham jumped in and wanted to
talk with the kids. We had a ball. We made
sure we didn't break the 10 minute rule HI
G ED King K8OT

Posted by K8OT on March 16, 2015

Morse code
I might add to my Post that I taught Novice
classes from abt 1974 to when the FCC in their
xxx wisdom eliminated it.
I sometimes hear the code at a slow speed
calling CQ and I always give them a call. It is
probably somebody who got a nocode License but
still wants to wrk DX or they like it because
it's fun.

Posted by K8OT on March 16, 2015

Morse Code
Back in 1970 when I got my Novice Ticket, one
of the things I discovered, that I never hear
anybody talk about , Is that here I am
communicating with a person in a another
country, and neither knows the other persons
Language, but yet we still understand what
the other is sending like. ua3xxx de wn8iot
ur rst 559 the name is ED qth birchrun mi.
the rcvr is s76 hallicrafter es the xmtr is
ht40 hallicrafter ant is 5 el gothem beam. hw
cpy ua3xxx de wn8iot kn
Of course we don't send all the information
all at once. usually rpt name and qth and
turn it over. sometimes that is all, and then
rig es ant next the wx rain, snow, hot, cold.
so you see we really don't have to know each
others language. we speak HAM

Posted by K8OT on March 16, 2015

Real hams share it
I often have visitors in my radio room. If they are interested, I give them a current tech book and offer to loan them a 2m rig and will help them get on the air. I have a couple of 2m radios I bought at hamfests that I loan. If they get their tech, I offer them a current general book. If they get their general, I offer a loaner SSB rig along with coax and a dipole wire antenna which I will help them set up and train them on how to use it. Those 2m rigs seem to be always on loan, and my 820 has been loaned out several times. I have a nice station, with a good antenna, but it is expensive. Best way to get folks interested is to help them get their license and loan them equipment to get on the air. Once on the air, they are hooked! Used equipment is not that expensive, especially the 2m stuff. I love this hobby, and want to share it!

Posted by AL2V on March 16, 2015

Stealth Mode
My neighbors see nothing, suspect nothing and
that's the way I like it!

"Out of sight, out of mind!"

Posted by KG4CLD on March 13, 2015

Half One's Luck
I wish the bands would come back, I haven't spoken (SSB) to anyone for six months...I know the gear is working OK....

Posted by VK5AGC on March 12, 2015

I am trying to get my granddaughter (age 11) interested in Morse. She has made me birthday cards with "Happy Birthday" spelled out in Morse code. She is very intelligent. I just want to expose her to ham radio and she can decide if she wants to get involved on her own.

Posted by N1IX on March 9, 2015

I have asked some friends and neighbors into my shack
but their interest is practically nil. They usually ask why I
don't use the Internet, cell 'phone, or Facebook! We
must get the younger folk interested in Ham radio or it
will become moribund. Can't let that happen. I am
working hard on my CW skills...I think CW might
become the wave of the future...some phone
conversations I've listened to are a little mundane...and
sometimes, ENDLESS.

Posted by KK4PNS on March 8, 2015

Sharing my hobby
Sharing a hobby like ours is difficult. Most
of my friends and co-workers know that I am a
ham, but they don't really understand why.
"Can't you just talk to people on the
internet?" or "Morse Code? Do people still do
that?" are the typical responses. That's why
I go to my local ARC club meetings even if I
am not interested in the topic being
presented--it's nice to share the hobby with
people who "get it".

Posted by KF7ATL on March 7, 2015

Sharing my hobby
Sharing a hobby like ours is difficult. Most
of my friends and co-workers know that I am a
ham, but they don't really understand why.
"Can't you just talk to people on the
internet?" or "Morse Code? Do people still do
that?" are the typical responses. That's why
I go to my local ARC club meetings even if I
am not interested in the topic being
presented--it's nice to share the hobby with
people who "get it".

Posted by KF7ATL on March 7, 2015

I'm famous, but no one is interested in talking on the radio.
Everyone knows that I am a Ham, which is good
I suppose. You can ask most of my friends what
my call sign is and they will tell you. I am a
highly portable station that can be ready in a
flash. I always have at least one HT on my
person at all times, which causes a few
questions sometimes. Cool walkie talkie, who
do you talk to, how far does it go? It's
actually a Ham radio, anyone, 100+ miles. You
get the picture.

I usually will be chilling on the porch with
the neighborhood kids listening to airplanes
on the scanner (one of their favorite
hot/cold/rainy pass times). I will usually be
on the other side of the porch with one of my
radios scanning the ham bands or talking to
someone. And one of the kids will ask me what
I am listening to or who I am taking to, I
tell them what I am doing and I ask if they
want to join in.

Usually they are to shy to join in but
occasionally one will join in and talk, then
get mic shy and hand it back to me. Everyone
has a lot of fun whether they are talking or
listening. So to answer the survey question,
yes I have had people talk on the radio, but
it is a rare occurrence.

Posted by KE0ANY on March 4, 2015

Share and shared
My neighbor who was a novice let me listen in on his CW operation and the bug bit me. I got my novice ticket in high school in 1973.

I have allowed others to talk SSB since I have my general license, and I also taught novice classes back in the eighties, as well.

Lately, I have only had my grand kids in my shack, but I need to get the boat anchors repaired and running so I can see if the bug still bites!

Posted by N8CMQ on March 2, 2015

Only other hams
The last time I brought in a non-ham (an apparently
interested young man) he returned a few weeks later
and burgled me, cleaning out my shack entirely.
Although he was caught and confessed, my gear was
long gone. I just won't take that chance again.

Posted by K2PI on March 1, 2015

Yes, CW only.
Replying to: "So let me get this straight. Some hams
are so dedicated to CW that they would only let an
interested person listen to them chirp away? They
wouldn't plug in the mic for a demonstration? That
speaks really highly of CW operators. Insert eye-roll
Posted by KC7MF on February 5, 2015"

Yes, CW only. And no, I won't plug in a mic or let them
listen to SSB. Why? Because none of my radios have
plugs for a mic! They are CW-only. I can't even use
them to listen to SSB. Many CW operators are not
equipped for voice communications.

Nobody has even shown interest in listening to Morse
code when they can't understand it. However I usually
do get a few questions when operating outside.


Posted by AK4YH on February 28, 2015

I let my sister-in-law and wife talk to their missionary cousin in Equador.

Posted by WD4CHP on February 26, 2015

Young Alex Plays Radio for First Time
Alex, my 14 year old nephew, his parents, and
his grand parents were visiting me one
weekend. We had a big family supper. Dishes
were done and table cleared. We had spent the
day in the sun, beach combing, driving in the
woods on an ATV, setting up a bow and arrow
range for Alex, fishing a bit, etc.
So by supper, we were all pretty well played
Grandad went off to read a book, grandmother
was talking to her daughter and son in law, I
retired to the shack, and Alex followed me.
I was sitting in front of my radios glancing
at a magazine.
Alex sits down beside me and asks ... "What's
all this stuff?" ... pointing to numerous
dials and knobs in front of him. Now bear in
mind, Alex is your typical teenager, complete
with cell phone and ample texting
I gave him a brief explanation of HF radio,
and followed up with "do you want to try
"Sure" he said, unconvinced. I dialed in the
strongest signal I could find on 20M SSB,
wrote down their callsign, wrote down mine
(in phonetics for him to use) and we did a
practice run off the air. The parents and
grandparents were paying full attention now
when they heard Alex practice.
Okay, I warned him ... the DX station is
going to call for more stations. They did,
and Alex pounced on the mic in microseconds!
With paper in hand he rattled off the nicest
sounding phonetics of my callsign, and got an
instant comeback.
"Good afternoon Dan, you are 59". Bear in
mind my speaker output from the rig is wired
into one of those stereo amplifiers with 5
small speakers, and a woofer. The response
boomed into my living room shack. Full
quieting as if it was 2M FM.

Again, paper in hand, Alex replied "G0???
Also 59, thank you, and good luck, 73".

The room was quiet as I congratulated Alex on
working the official Olympic station in
LONDON, ENGLAND.(2010 maybe?)

Parents, Grandparents, and more importantly
Alex were amazed how easy it was to talk to
England, how clear their signal was, and all
off a 43 ft vertical they could see in the
back yard. No internet connection I

We didn't play radio much after that, but I
know that the next opportunity we sit down
together, we'll probably fire off some SSTV,
do some PSK, copy CW, rattle a bit on SSB,
try 2M, and generally have a bit of fun.

All Good Stuff!

Posted by VE9DAN on February 21, 2015

Ham invite
I have on occasion had the neighbourhood kids over only because they were curious about all of the antennas on my truck.
"With" the parents permission, (remember when this wasn't needed?!?!) The kids enjoyed an afternoon of talking to Europe through radio and Africa!
Explaining to them that if it not were for people in NOKEA and Motorola that were amateur radio operators you would be in a different place now.

I had the pleasure of talking to some students in Sam Adams school and they were enthused about radio, what I did, where I worked etc.

Keep the spark alive people and stop pissing and moaning about why it doesn't work!

Glenn, VE6ND

Posted by VE6ND on February 18, 2015

Almost everybody who knows me knows I'm a Ham. I have Amateur Radio license plates, N9LCD. And I've been known to carry rge VX-7R with me.

As for letting somebody talk over my radio,. I gave it up years ago. Given the level of VHF / UHF activity in the area. every attempted demonstration has ended up a flop. NOBODY ON THE OTHER END.

Posted by N9LCD on February 18, 2015

Respectfully Stealthy
Since I am in an HOA, I am careful about
discussing my hobby. I do tell my closest
neighbors about the wires and about the RF
safety surveys that I do whenever an antenna
is changed or other modifications are made.
Of course if there were a communications
emergency, I would come out to the degree
necessary. Otherwise only other hams are
aware of my station.
Your Buddy Bob

Posted by W4YBB on February 16, 2015

Many years ago a neighbor lady had a brother who was a ham in another state. So I did take the time to set up a sked with him on 40 and let his sister talk to him a bit on the radio. She seemed thrilled. That is all I can really recall, at least on HF. My shack now would probably frighten people off from fear of some injury or something.

Posted by W8AAZ on February 11, 2015

None seem to care
I am a portable operator from my RV. Have had questions about what the antenna is for but none seem interested enough to want to listen in or to participate.

Posted by K6OFG on February 9, 2015

Not many interested
Never had many interested other than just looking at the station. The only person who has shown interest is my daughter-in-law who finds CW fascinating and is trying to learn it, even if she doesn't become a ham.

Posted by WB4M on February 9, 2015

It's the joy watching others talk on the Air!
I let students and family sit with me while I'm operating SSB or FM and they are so excited to use the Mike and talk!(Watching me operate first-- they get excited to talk to far away places and to listen to the unexpected!). I think this is the best way to allow others to become interested in Ham Radio.

Posted by AA7LX on February 7, 2015

So let me get this straight. Some hams are so dedicated to CW that they would only let an interested person listen to them chirp away? They wouldn't plug in the mic for a demonstration? That speaks really highly of CW operators. Insert eye-roll here.

Posted by KC7MF on February 5, 2015

Share the hobby
I take a portable station on many camp-outs I go on with the Boy Scouts. I encourage them to talk and many do. I also am a Radio Merit badge councilor.

Posted by NA5XX on February 4, 2015

Share the hobby
I take a portable station on many camp-outs I go on with the Boy Scouts. I encourage them to talk and many do. I also am a Radio Merit badge councilor.

Posted by NA5XX on February 4, 2015

In the past, family only
Being mostly a CW operator, not much interest
in listening to those strange sounds from
others. As my children were growing up, I
would have them actually talk on the radio
while running SSB. Other hams have also been
in my shack and they enjoy CW, so we have much
in common to enjoy.


Posted by W8VFM on February 4, 2015

CW is not cool
Being a CW only OP no one I know has ever been fascinated by some strange tones coming out of a speaker. That's why hams on TV are phone OPs only.

Posted by K2PMC on February 4, 2015

I speak Morse
I have a microphone somewhere in my shack, but I don't use it myself!

Posted by NI0C on February 4, 2015

Is "sometimes" an acceptable answer..?

Posted by VE3CUI on February 4, 2015

Another answer, but...
I voted the last, but the real answer is that even though my friends and family will listen, nobody wants to say anything on the air.

Posted by K1CJS on February 3, 2015

Real hams share it.

All who joy would win must share it. Happiness was born a Twin.

Lord Byron

Posted by AI2IA on February 3, 2015

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