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Survey Question
What is the first thing you look at on page when you get on the site?
  Posted: May 18, 2015   (1289 votes, 31 comments) by KA2VTI

  Product Reviews
  Strays/other stuff
    (1289 votes, 31 comments)

Survey Results
Articles 27% (346)
Forums 11% (141)
News 6% (74)
Product Reviews 33% (431)
Surveys 2% (22)
Strays/other stuff 2% (27)
Classifieds 19% (248)

Survey Comments
always use EHam
99.9% of the time I go to the DX Cluster first.

Posted by K9KUZ on March 8, 2016

Antenna Restrictions
It's always neat to see how some of us get stealthy and creative when it makes the difference between operating and not.

Posted by KA8SYX on August 2, 2015

Spoiled Fish
It must be too much effort to change the survey once every thirty days. Are hams so dull minded that they don't contribute enough questions? This is kind of hard to believe.

Posted by AI2IA on July 3, 2015

I look first to see what frequencies and bands are open, but that was not on the survey...very nice ham radio web site !

Posted by WA0IRZ on June 30, 2015

Today is June 29th, survey began May 18th. Let's have a contest and see who's survey can stay up the longest.

Posted by WB4M on June 29, 2015

K1CJS, the greatest threat to the continuation & longevity of
ANY institution---be it something as grand in scale as a
democracy, or something as personal as a relationship with
another---is APATHY.

And unfortunately we are certainly seeing apathy, and in
spades, too, on this web site...

Posted by VE3CUI on June 29, 2015

Too bad...
...but I agree. Seems the entire site is suffering from the same malady. Allowing handles to post instead of requiring callsigns. Letting some of the site "favorites" to have free rein while censoring others. Locking some threads while letting others run on. And so on...

Seems like this site has run it's course, and it's on the same downward slope the ham radio hobby seems to be on.

Posted by K1CJS on June 28, 2015

QRL...? Is This Frequency In Use...?
I don't think the powers-that-be are at all interested in
updating this page, and am quite confident that this current
topic---like so very many of its predecessors---shall be
old, grey, & whiskered before it's shown the door...

And that's really too bad, too.

What a potentially nice resource this site could be, rather
than being squandered by complacency, such as it currently

Posted by VE3CUI on June 25, 2015

Stale Surveys
How much effort does it really take to put on a new survey after one month of enduring the previous one?

Survey life of one month is reasonable. Beyond one month someone does not give a rat's backside.

Posted by AI2IA on June 25, 2015

Survey Display Time
I too would appreciate a more rapid turnover of the
surveys. This section, while not the first thing I read when
I get to this site, are of significance to me. Perhaps every
30 days is a compromise rate...

Posted by W6AAJ on June 22, 2015

Survey Display Time
As, a Researcher and as a designer of Technical and Social population Surveys; For a Survey to have value and to be validated accurately across a population; and considering a Worldwide audience: 2 weeks is not long enough to have a good and valid cross sample of the surveyed population. Because is a Worldwide site open to the Worldwide Radio Amateur population, 30 days is really the bare minimum for an accurate and valid Survey.

Posted by AA7LX on June 20, 2015

As before the last poll this poll is staying
up much to long.Next poll Please! Two weeks
is more than enough for any poll & maybe even

Posted by W4KVW on June 17, 2015

I am interested in classifieds. Are they no longer available here?

Posted by N5NHF on June 16, 2015

Survey question(S)
it has been a long time since I was an active ham, so as I started building a station, I appreciated the equipment reviews. I also enjoy QRP operating and read that forum (usually the first thing) and then Good Seller/Bad Seller as I got taken this year for a chunk of change. I enjoy the site overall and the membership fee is a small price to pay for the amount of information here.

Posted by N7WAS on June 15, 2015

The first thing I look at is the propogagtion
Flux and A/K Indicies, then the DX spots

Posted by AA0FO on June 14, 2015

First thing you look at
The first thing I look at wasn't on the list. It's the calendar.

Posted by AE6YB on June 8, 2015

Parts & Pices
A new category where old and non working
equipment is listed. A lot of us like to
repair and restore inoperative ham gear. No
commercial ads. Just a source of hard to find
parts and info. on what to, and what not to
do. This would be an attention getting and an
interesting reading especially to those who
have to "do it themselves".

Posted by W5PVR on June 7, 2015

I do look to see what is in the articles at the top of the page. But it has to usually be a subject I am interested in. As when you scroll down to "comments" half of what you see is just flaming the poor writer. As if he is getting paid to post articles and the aggrieved hams had to pay a price to read it.

Posted by W8AAZ on June 2, 2015

When I visit, first I log in, then go to Spotlight and Shack Showcase. It's interesting to see what other amateur radio ops are using for equipment and how their shacks are arranged. I also read the Articles, Classifieds and generally browse the website from time to time. There's tons of info and pics here. After a lot of years and many visits, eham is still entertaining, informative and useful to me.

Posted by k7jsw on May 29, 2015

Posted by AF7RP on May 29, 2015

When I do come...
I look at the articles, but unless I see something really interesting I go to the forums.

Sadly, since most of the worthwhile writers have gone, all too many of the forum writers are just rehashing old topics--not bothering to see if their subject has been covered, and the surveys aren't worth too much (this one at least was informative) I'm coming here less and less.

Sorry, E-ham. I call 'em as I see 'em.

Posted by K1CJS on May 24, 2015

crowdsourced wisdom
Great question! When I visit the site the first thing I look at is the listing of articles; its at the top of the page and hard to miss. When a new article is posted on a topic that interests me I read it and then read through the comments. I've learned a lot from reading the postings of others. I think that's my favorite part of eHam - the community of people who know more than I do (usually) and share. Then I visit the forums...

If the question were "What do you find most useful..." I would answer without hesitation that the product reviews are priceless. Before I buy anything I check to see what the reviewers comments are. I've purposely not bought things after reading poor reviews, and similarly have gone out of my way / paid a little more than I should have to buy something I wanted that was well reviewed here.

Posted by KB1GKN on May 24, 2015

Articles; then review comments. After that, reviews of radios & other gear,.

Posted by AI4WC on May 22, 2015

Articles are first on the page so that is what I see. Start at the top and work down.

Posted by NA5XX on May 21, 2015

since there is no centerfold......I just go
straight to the classifieds

Posted by KC6SOR on May 21, 2015

survey first, then forums, I visit the Product
Reviews very often.

Posted by KA5ROW on May 21, 2015

Excellent question!
A Superb question for this forum. I go to classified ad listings first, but almost everything on EHam holds interest for me.

Posted by K7AAT on May 21, 2015

Excellent question!
A Superb question for this forum. I go to classified ad listings first, but almost everything on EHam holds interest for me.

Posted by K7AAT on May 21, 2015

I like the DX, CW, Amplifiers, and Elmers forums, especially.

Posted by NI0C on May 19, 2015

Survey Questions
It is good to see a changed survey question. This can be
a excellent means of determining the heartbeat of the
community. I continuously find the reference to product
reviews section very beneficial when researching used
equipment. It is my "go to " section on eHam. Thanks

Posted by N5SOM on May 19, 2015

Why is the the only ham site that has this annoying message each time the classifieds is accessed?

Ads since your last visit...

No records found: There are no new classified ads since your last visit. If you would like to view all classified ads, please click on the View All link below.

The next time you visit the Classifieds, you will be shown only ads that have been added since this visit. If you have any questions or problems with the Classifieds, please contact the Classifieds Manager.

Posted by K3MEJ on May 18, 2015

Main interest in eHam
My main interest in can be found in the "Articles." It is here in varying quality that I can find information usually from other Hams and usually of related interest to the amateur radio service.

Sometimes these articles are extremely interesting, and sometimes the comments are just as interesting as the articles. To me, it is the center or hub of the entire site.

Posted by AI2IA on May 18, 2015

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