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Survey Question
Do you have a smartphone and does it have any ham radio apps loaded?
  Posted: Jan 12, 2016   (1038 votes, 46 comments) by K0JEG

  Yes, but I don't use apps
  Yes, but only free apps
  No, but I have a tablet with ham apps
  No, I only have a flip phone
  No! Cell phones are evil and I'll explain why in the comments...
    (1038 votes, 46 comments)

Survey Results
Yes. 46% (482)
Yes, but I don't use apps 9% (90)
Yes, but only free apps 18% (191)
No, but I have a tablet with ham apps 5% (57)
No, I only have a flip phone 17% (181)
No! Cell phones are evil and I'll explain why in the comments... 4% (37)

Survey Comments
Android Powered Station
My primary operating conditions are:
- Yaesu FT-817ND
- Chameleon F-Loop
The reason this is relevant to the survey it's
because of the following add-on components to
my station:
- HTC Nexus 9
- WolphiLink interface
- DroidPSK app
- DroidRTTY app
- AndroidJT65 app
- DroidSSTV app
- SSTV Encoder app
- Robot36 app
- APRSDroid app
- APRS Messenger app
- 817 Companion (CAT Control & logging) app
- WSPR Beacon app
- HamLog app
- HamGPS app

Working primarilybman-portable, the only
practical solution for ultra portable qrp
digital Comms, is an Android smartphone or
tablet, which you are likely to be carrying
I can power my station with a lightweight (7-
20watt) folding/rollup solar panel. Use an
Anker Pro 2 with 12v input and 12v/USB output
to charge/power the 817 & Nexus 9. Finally,
use my magloop to alleviate the need for a
tuner, minimising my station either further.

So yes I do run amateur radio apps on my
smartphone (and my tablet)!

Posted by OH8STN on April 13, 2016

Ham Cell Phone Apps
Use my cellphone with DroidAprs,w2aprs for tracking other Aprs users in the field as part of Search & Rescue, works great to keep track of members with APRS functionality.

Posted by AC2KW on February 17, 2016

I have EchoLink downloaded on my Android phone
and tablet, also on my Laptop.

Posted by MI6NIR on February 5, 2016

Responding to and agreeing with NJ5G
I totally agree with: NJ5G !
'73; AA7LX

Posted by AA7LX on February 5, 2016

My smart phone stays in my pocket. My ham radio hobby
stays in my shack. Keeps my life simple and the stress level
down. I agree with WB0HZL.

Posted by K7NSW on February 5, 2016

Cell Phones
I fantasize about having a shirt pocket
sized cell phone jammer that would stop
all cell phone usage within a 50-100 ft
radius of me. I would like to be able to
enjoy a nice dinner out without some bozo
pacing back and forth shouting at his cell
phone or wondering whether or not to
answer some incoming call while his
obnoxious overly loud ring tone just goes
on and on and on. Cell phone usage in
restaurants and other public places should
be restricted, like smoking, to OUTSIDE A

Posted by NJ5G on February 4, 2016

Cell Phone
This may read more a tirade than
informational, but I feel compelled to write.

...Although I consider myself fairly
technology savvy; I hold a Extra Class
amateur radio license; a general
radiotelephone operators license (45 years)
and a degree in communications engineering, I
continue to wonder... Here I sit, the couch
cushion to my left is covered with 3 remotes,
and across the room in front of the
television I see two more remotes, neither of
which do I recall ever using since removing
them from their packaging; but, I digress.

Back to the plethora of remotes on the couch
cushion... there is one for each of the
various TV functions that I ABSOLUTELY NEED,
one for cable, one for the DVR and of course,
the newly acquired iPad (which I inherited
from my granddaughter for goodness sake) that
contains my Yatzy and other incredibly
addictive games which I seem to be compelled
to play while watching "absolutely nothing on
TV". And finally, THE iPhone, to which I have
become equally addicted.

With that array of technology at my
fingertips, I still can't ever seem to put my
hands on THE controller I need to change from
one HDMI(PORT) to some other HDMI(PORT) in
order to select another device or application
that doesn't have anything worth playing or
watching either. What's wrong with ME?

I'm telling you these devices, given their
unique capabilities and overall appeal, have
literally taken control of our lives. Oh
yes, I am as guilty as the next person. I do
apps loaded to my iPhone; BUT, only those few
that really interest me...

The continual bombarding of garbage and junk
into my iPhone and or iPad from the internet
email has created for me a daily process of
separating good "garbage" from bad "junk"
because; as we all know, advertisers have
taken control of the internet to get as much
in our "face" opportunity for their products
as is possible...

At age 72, I am about to return to the days
of using the telephone as it was intended.
Make calls as needed and answer it when it
rings, stop worrying about what that last
"ding" emanating from the cell phone is
about, or that "startrek sound" alerting me
to a message from someone that, no doubt,
could have been spoken over the telephone
during a beautiful conversation with a
family member or friend.

Thank you for reading my comments and
thoughts and yes, tirade about the cell phone
and electronic technology device addiction
that has taken over the world.... My
goodness, what did we do with our hands and
fingers before the remote, iPads and

Posted by K9DCS on February 4, 2016

Old Glories
Y'know, reading a few of these posts here makes me feel just
exactly how a spark radio transmitter aficiando must have
felt like in the early 20's, in the face of the coming CW

Oh well, time marches on---even if it marches upon the
prone backs of those who may have preceded this latest
technological overhaul of the Amateur radio "status quo"...

Posted by VE3CUI on February 3, 2016

it is a useful tool
I have a couple android smart fones and a
tablet, too.

I like Blitzortung Lightning Monitor
(tells me when to disconnect antennas,)
QRZdroid, SOTAfinder, RepeaterBook,
SDRTouch, NKCCcluster, KX3companion, the
HRO app, KS7D's KX3 manual app, LoTW Look,
and Google Earth. I'll probably try a
couple of apps people reported here.

My smartphone is a useful tool for many
things, including amateur radio.

Posted by N1KDO on February 3, 2016

I use HamLog for logging portable ops contacts. Works great and I can export them to an ADIF and add them to my main log.

Posted by W2LJ on February 2, 2016

Flip Phone
I have a flip phone with a plan that gives me calls and texts, to the tune of 1250 minutes a month for <$28.00. No smart phone, no Facebook or Twitter. I dumped the satellite TV, 3 years ago and spend that $840 on other things, or save it. I don't feel the need to clutter my life with a lot of the latest fads and gadgets. It's amusing to see folks in the checkout line at the store that are positively mesmerized with smart phone in hand!

Posted by WA4DOU on February 1, 2016

WSPR Beacon on Android
The WSPR beacon app on android is awesome.

WSPRwatch for iphone is great too!

Posted by K5ACL on January 28, 2016

Todays "cellphone" is nothing but a small
portable computer platform that happens to
handle telephone calls. If you're not
interested in anything beyond that, get a
flip phone and take advantage of the great
rates on them. But most smart phone users
are using them for far far more, and paying
for the privilege of having the connectivity.
It gets kind of silly in a way because
today's young people have their noses crammed
in them and not socializing much at all with
the real world. Unless you count online
social networking. As far as ham use I have
a few of them loaded but rarely use them.

Posted by HR2510 on January 28, 2016

Remote ctl, echolink, etc
I have a Samsung S4 Android and have had
echolink on it for some time. It works
great and I frequently use if for backup
communications to an IBM group of hams,
mostly US based but occasional non US
We've had a Sat morning 20m net for over
10 years and many times listen on echolink
after the regular net for hams in
restricted antenna space or those that
don't hear each other due to skip.
Recently our Weds 40m net went to echolink
on a trial basis. The smart phone
echolink works great, the main limit is
you can't see texted comments while
"transmitting", only during receive...not
a big deal.

For the "etc" the primary app I use is
Repeaterbook for 2m mobiling away from
home, also for DSTAR.

Now new news: just installed Skype on the
smartphone and Splashdot on my Nexus
Google tablet for remote control of my HF
station per Aug 2015 QST article. I went
with dual systems since initial use of
both apps on the tablet caused a lot of
latency, so using both seems to have fixed
that problem (these processors can only
handle soooo much). I'd had HRD remote
control in the past using a Windows laptop
that went kaput, trying a new approach on
my new mobile systems. So far so good but
in very early stages of use. BTW my ham
rig control PC is Win10, many more ham
apps for that than either Android or for
sure Chromebook. 73 K0VH in SE MN

Posted by K0VH on January 28, 2016

My cell phone is better than a flip-phone, but not by much. . . However, I do have a couple Android and iOS tablets, which do have ham apps along with electronics, music production and a few other things. For "serious" work, including ham applications, I use a PC.

Posted by N5LXI on January 25, 2016

I have a BlackBerry Q10 for limited calling & texting. ABSOLUTELY DETEST discussing personal matters in a public enviornment.

For data, I use a computer.

For amateur radio, I use KNOBS. Remember what they are?

Posted by N9LCD on January 24, 2016

Love my smartphone. Hate phone calls, but rely
on it for all my news.

Posted by KA3AUD on January 22, 2016

Mobile Texting, Etc.
Texting while in command of a motorized vehicle---or
ANY use of a hand held device while driving---is ILLEGAL
here in Ontario. Hands-free "Blue Tooth" connections are
an exception.

Sadly, the wide net cast out by the lawmakers in this way
also snares mobile Ham radio use---I don't know what
the fall-out will be in that regard, as I *believe* it's still

You can ALWAYS tell whenever a driver is texting: he / she
varies their speed, they are all over the road, & simply
NOT focusing on that 2 ton guided missile under their
"control." Authorities have proof that the distractive
effects of combining the two are actually WORSE than if
said driver was over the legal limit for alcohol
consumption. Indeed, distracted driving was responsible
for more fatalities on the road here, than drunk driving...

"Everything in moderation"---and that INCLUDES both our
booze, AS WELL AS our hand-held addictions...

Posted by VE3CUI on January 22, 2016

The more I see people working their 'smart phones' while behind the wheel, the more committed I am to not having one.

Thankfully, cars still have horns, and I need it just about every time the light turns green, to remind the people in front of me to put down the phone and drive the car.

Oh right, ham radio...

When I need portable apps, I use a tablet. The monthly fees ($0) are way more reasonable than for a phone. ;-)

Posted by KK5JY on January 21, 2016

Smart Phones
I own (5) laptop computers, and (2) tablets. Why do I need a smart phone? Wifi is virtually everywhere to connect to the internet.

Posted by N0XAX on January 20, 2016

This surprises me ...
Looking just at the three "yes" categories shows
that about 75% of the hams responding actually
have smart phones. I thought hams were old
conservative geezers who would not even know
what a smart phone was, let alone actually have
one. There goes another one of my stereotypes.

Posted by NQ2N on January 20, 2016

Cell Phones
I done need all the calls to buy/repair/clean
every day. Cell phones are nag-phones.



Posted by W7AYS on January 19, 2016

what apps?
wasnt aware there were any for the iphone6+.

Posted by AB3LW on January 19, 2016

Apple Itouch

I have Echolink loaded on my Apple Itouch.

There are now far more available Wifi spots around here than Echolink enabled repeaters.


Posted by G3SEA on January 19, 2016

Smart Phone
A cell phone is probably a nice thing to have in case you fall on your face digging around in the vegetable garden, provided you are able to dial 911 for help that is. Otherwise, I find all phones, smart or dumb, an added frustration I don't need.

Posted by AF7RP on January 18, 2016

Smart Phones
First point. A smart phone is less of a phone and more of
a handheld computer to me. There are many ham
applications that are convenient in my day to day life.
Gps mapping
Repeater data base
Emergency police scanner
Road and weather reports
Scientific calculator
Compass for antenna pointing
Echo link when I travel
IRLP station data base
Plus numerous applications for my professional life

Posted by N0AFO on January 18, 2016

distracted living (dying)
People walking off a cliff while texting,
fall into a hole while texting, walk into
a sign while texting, walk out into the
street and get run over while texting.
Drift into another lane or oncoming
traffic while texting. "Smart" phones or
cell phones in general have given the
Darwin awards an entire new crop of

Used wisely they are a terrific boon, a
mind amplifier. Misused they are a PITA.

Posted by NJ5G on January 18, 2016

I have the following ham/radio/SDR/electronics/satellite related apps on my Android phone.

AmsatDroid Free
EchoLink Finder
Ham Bands
Ham Finder
RF Analyzer
RTL2832U driver
Satellite AR
Scanner Radio
Scanner Radio Pro
SDR Touch Key
space junk lite

Posted by AJ4LN on January 16, 2016

no need for them.

Posted by WA6AM on January 16, 2016

I have a smartphone, it's invaluable for my
business and I use the phone, text messages,
calendar and several other apps during the
course of a normal business day. I have a
repeater app and a logging app for when I'm
out of town or camping during the summer. I
don't consider bracing technology a sin
although I agree there are times and places to
put it way.

Posted by N7KFD on January 16, 2016

Cell Phone
I am going to re-post WB0Hzl's comment, with my changes.....

WB0HZL said:
"I only have a Cell Phone and it only calls or texts from point A to point B - I do not have a need for a phone that does everything. When I am with family and friends, I get very upset with everyone paying attention to their stupid smartphone and not enjoying the comradery with those around them!

Technology has its place, but In My Humble Opinion it has gone too far at this time with smartphones!"

I only use my cell for voice calls as a mobile telephone in my truck. Cant text while driving (aside form being illegal, it is too darn difficult to do that and drive(at least for me))

I agree with the lack of comradery when we are out.... Fun to see a bunch of folks at a table and no one is talking to anyone..... Geez, stay home if you dont want to talk in person to your friends! (coffee is cheaper there too) I dont need to be connected to the entire world 24-7.

Just my 2 cents worth! :)

Posted by N9KTW on January 16, 2016



My girlfriend and I were discussing
just that a few weeks ago. Hell, some
places even have TVs at each table.
Sad how society has compartmentalized
like that.


Posted by KB2HSH on January 15, 2016

And Now For The Next Survey Question...
(1) When was the last time you made a CW contact...?

(2) When was the last time that you were even ON THE AIR...?

(3) Does the acronym "CW" stand for "Continuos Wave," or,
"Constantly Whining"...?

(4) Do you even OWN a Ham radio...?

(5) What's all this "Ham radio" stuff, anyway...?

Posted by VE3CUI on January 15, 2016

Echolink? On a Phone?
Doesn't anyone else see the irony of having
Echolink on your phone?

Posted by HFHAM2 on January 14, 2016

I have Echolink and a repeater finder app on my smartphone. Rarely use them ... but I have them when needed or in the mood.

Posted by K7AAT on January 14, 2016

QST, MorseDecoder, RepeaterBook, Maidenhead,
SatelliteExplorerPro, iDx. I also use mobile
websites frequently such as

I have a few of these or similar things on my
Android tablet, too. Amsat Droid is one of
the best.

Most of these apps are free, too.

Posted by AD7DB on January 14, 2016

How Long Before...?
How long will it be, I wonder, when quaint acronyms like
"CW," or terms like "appliance operator," or,
"homebrewer," might completely disappear from Amateur
radio vernacular...?

We are already WELL on our collective way to that sad end-
--and I don't, in my heart of hearts, think that it bodes
well for our beloved hobby...

"Hello CONSUMERISM, here I come! Have VISA card---will

Posted by VE3CUI on January 14, 2016

I consider my smart phone a tool I do a lot
of sales and pictures this is a money maker
for me. I also have many amateur radio apps I
use for different purposes, also Zello which
is awesome along with my ECHOLINK app, and
lets not forget APRS, my smart phone is a
universal tool.

Posted by KD4YSH on January 13, 2016

%#$@ Smart phones!
I can't tell you how many times the wife have
been at restaurants and watch people sitting
across from each other and playing with their
damned phones.

Kind of wish they'd smear them with KY jelly
and stick them you know where.

Posted by K0CBA on January 13, 2016

Cell Phones
It is beginning to look like cell "smart"phones are indeed the mark of the beast . The phones only look smart because , by comparison the users appear as idiots .

Posted by KG8LB on January 13, 2016

I had a Verizon/Motorola flip phone but service is hit and miss in the Arizona Mountains, 45% of AZ is Mountains BTW and 90% of anything north of Phx is crap service.

Similarly at my other qth I experienced the same poor Verizon no service message constantly in Most of central and Eastern Oregon.

Once the crappy 15 minute talk time battery started to go I let my service expire without renewal and never looked back.

Posted by WB8VLC on January 13, 2016

Land Line vs. Cell Phone
No applications loaded ! I have a basic Flip-Type Cell Phone that takes voice messages in addition to being a regular type-phone. That's all I need ! I have the message system answering turned on. I don't need to have a Text-Type service ! I only obtained a Flip-type phone as opposed to having for many years the Land-Line type Phone because, we had to move a couple of times recently.

Posted by AA7LX on January 13, 2016

Smart Phone?
Don't own or have any use for any cell
phone Smart or Stupid version.Another
unneeded waste of good money that I can
use too buy more Ham Radio Gear.Amazing
how the world got along just fine without
cell phones & now people would have a
Heart Attack if you told them they could
no longer use them even for a week.I've
never owned one & never felt that I needed
one.Everybody is so important these days
they might miss an important text message
or phone call if they don't have it with
them 24/7.

Posted by W4KVW on January 13, 2016

Free apps
The only apps I have on my phone are
Repeaterbook and EchoLink.

Posted by N0IU on January 13, 2016

Apps on tablet only
I only have ham apps on my Samsung Galaxy 3
tablet. A DX cluster app, QRZ lookup app, 2
logging programs, a repeater directory, and a
PSK31 program. The tablet basically
functions as a miniature laptop for me and is
just perfect for portable operating.
Although the screen on my cellphone is large
enough, I don't see the need in tying up my
phone with ham apps because the tablet is
better suited for it with the larger screen
and longer battery life.

Posted by WB4M on January 13, 2016

Cell Phone
I only have a Cell Phone and it only calls or texts from point A to point B - I do not have a need for a phone that does everything. When I am with family and friends, I get very upset with everyone paying attention to their stupid smartphone and not enjoying the comradery with those around them!

Technology has its place, but In My Humble Opinion it has gone too far at this time with smartphones!

Posted by WA0TML on January 12, 2016

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