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Survey Question
What do you do with your back issues of ham radio magazines?
  Posted: Jan 12, 2017   (916 votes, 46 comments) by AA9UF

  Recycle them.
  Take them to my doctor's office.
  Take them to work.
  Store them in the basement.
  Throw them in the garbage.
  Burn them.
    (916 votes, 46 comments)

Survey Results
Recycle them. 29% (270)
Take them to my doctor's office. 5% (44)
Take them to work. 4% (33)
Store them in the basement. 21% (192)
Throw them in the garbage. 22% (199)
Burn them. 1% (12)
Other. 18% (166)

Survey Comments
I throw out all old ham magazines. Lately just a bunch of advertisements anyways.

Posted by KB6QXM on August 7, 2017

New hams
I used to keep them for reference, mostly QST. I still like to read dead tree magazines the first time around, but since they are now archived on line if I need something, I take mine to the VE session. They disappear every time. I did the same with many year's worth of books and pamphlets on hamming. Poof! Instant shelf space.

Posted by WA4SCA on June 16, 2017

No Need
Just don't have any.

Posted by K1CJS on February 21, 2017

Our local library takes donations of periodicals, less than 6 months old. I donate my QST and other magazines to the library. Who knows, maybe we've gotten another person into the Ham Radio Fraternity.

Posted by WA2ADS on February 20, 2017

Donate them
Many fellow hams in Greece donate them to
local clubs or to new hams and sure not to any
doctor's waiting room. I think that this is
done also by many other hams. Why you haven't
include these options in your survey ?

Posted by SV1BDO on February 18, 2017

Radio Communication RSGB
I give mine to another Amateur Radio friend, to use the
RSGB bureau you have to have the
book monthly. It has improved tremendously over the
last year or so with its new format, technical articles

Posted by G3OZN on February 17, 2017

I used to recycle them but since I moved we
don't have recycling here.

Posted by NO2A on February 15, 2017

Old Ham Radio Magazines
I cut out and save the articles that interest me, and throw out any magazines more than one year old. The exception is Electronic Radio (ER) magazine. I keep all of them for reference on my collection of "boat anchor radios".

Posted by W7KDL on February 13, 2017

I give them to new, poor, hams that cannot afford them.

Posted by W4SEX on February 10, 2017

QST magazines
I give them to my nephew. He love's
reading them and especially loves the weather
magazines too.

Posted by KD8RFO on February 10, 2017

Fake News
The ARRL used to have really good articles.
Now the magazine has been dumbed down to the
CB level. Dropped them after the 60 meter BS
When you have most of the new hams that don't
even know Ohms law, how technical can you

Posted by W4JLE on February 10, 2017

Time to recycle!
Is it not time to recycle this question? There has to be more important or interesting topics than this.

Posted by W2FBS on February 9, 2017

Good for the fireplace!!
I peruse the magazine but, like most have said
full of ads and few articles. Most articles
have little substance anymore. I renewed my
membership to the ARRL but, once it's finished
that's it. The only reason I renewed was for
ARES. Now, I don't even care about it and,
that's sad. The magazines are good for
starting the fireplace. It's our only method
of heat during the winter. They do come in
handy for something.

Posted by N0FQN on February 8, 2017

I take them to the ham club meetings. The new hams love them.............73

Posted by WB6VYH on February 5, 2017

. Doctors office
I go to the doctor every 4 months for
checkups and take a few, place them it the
racks. It’s a good way to stir interest in
ham radio.

Posted by KA5ROW on February 3, 2017

Give to new hams
QST is received electronically. CQ and others are saved and given to new hams after VE sessions.

Posted by KW4J on February 1, 2017

Ham Radio
The QSTs are not worth saving. The only really good technical Ham magazine is no more. That was Ham Radio Magazine. Had the entire collection until I finally ran out of room. Now if the League would put the technical info that's in QEX back into QST where it belongs maybe QST would be worth saving?

Posted by WA6EJO on January 31, 2017

I take them to the High School library

Posted by W7TG on January 31, 2017

I take them to the local library for others to

Posted by KA2SSX on January 31, 2017

I used just toss in the garbage. Now I don't bother with any subscriptions. Not going to pay to look at a bunch of ads for expensive crap. Most of the articles would put one to sleep even if the reader had eaten a handful of speed.

Posted by W7WQ on January 31, 2017

ARRL With its increased subscription and declining subscribers, could consider offering memberships, QST with on line digital version only option at a reduced rate, particularly to seniors. Several popular daily news papers offers this option and maintain good circulation. It could be a tough call to consider but times are changing.

Posted by KF2ZO on January 29, 2017

I take them to the swap meet
First, I have no old QSTs, as I have never been and will never be a member of the ARRL. The remaining magazines (mostly advertising rags) I take to swap meets with a FREE sign. Many of the "Silicon Valley" hams will take a bunch of them. Many hams are cheap and the free sign attracts to them to my Swap Meet table to have look at other excess stuff that I am trying to unload that is not free.

Posted by KB6QXM on January 28, 2017

Give them to new hams!
I save them up through the year and then
take them to one of the hamfests. Each
one has a label covering the address
portion, which says this is a FREE copy
for new hams or those interested. It gives
our radio club website address if they
want more information.
To keep some enterprising people from
grabbing the entire stack and attempting
to SELL them at their own flea-market
table [a tacky move that happened once] we
make sure they are distributed at the VE
session under watchful eyes.

Posted by AD7DB on January 26, 2017

Makes for good padding...
Seldom find anything worth keeping in most issues due to
abundance of ads. When I do, it is removed, scanned and
returns to the pile for shredding.

Use the shredded remains in USPS Priority packages. It is
excellent padding plus the "extra" weight doesn't add to the
cost !!

Posted by W6SDW on January 25, 2017

Plant to "grow" a new crop of hams
Some members of our club, USECA (Utica Shelby Emergency
Communications Association) put a sticker identifying our club
and it's web site on our old QSTs and leave them at the
doctor's and dentist's offices. I've taken some to the VA
hospital as well. You never know who might pick it up and
become interested in our hobby. It can't hurt and it beats
burying them in a land fill!

Posted by KI8M on January 23, 2017

I tried, really I tried!
Like several others, I tried to give away all my
back issues of QST and no one expressed any
interest. Since we go to the local recycling
center once a week anyway, anything older than a
year or so gets hauled off with the rest of the

Posted by N0IU on January 23, 2017

Keep only QST digital copies
Have all of QST as digital copies going back
to 1915. Not even an ARRl member anymore. Just
buy their publications DVD annually.
Previously, the paper copies went to the
recycling center at the end of the year.

Posted by NG9W on January 21, 2017

I take 'em to work......
And then a couple fellow engineers went out
and passed all three exams at one sitting....

Posted by K5DHL on January 20, 2017

I keep all of them. Especially the CQs (since I have set so many records and Top 5's in so many contests).

HNY all!


Posted by KB2HSH on January 19, 2017

Space saving hint
With QST, half the magazine is ads, so I tear 'em in half and recycle the back half. That way I can jam twice as many magazines into the same bit of shelf space. At some point I'll start working my way forward from the hind end of the collection, stripping out the one or two articles in each issue that interest me and filing them, then I'll recycle the remainder. I'm thinking about shifting to digital only going forward, but it irks me that there's no break in the dues for not killing trees.

For CQ, I'm looking at getting the complete archive DVDs and going digital-only moving forward. For now, I just store 'em all in Bankers Boxes. Eventually I'll cherry pick 'em like the QSTs. I don't have infinite storage space (alas! :) ) or infinite spousal tolerance!

Posted by WA4UF on January 18, 2017

Got rid of all my old QSTs when they started putting the back issues on the ARRL site. Now I only save the past 3 or 4 years till they are posted. Found a CD with Ham Radio issues on EBay a few years back. Likewise one can find back issues of Popular Electronics on the web.

Posted by K4JPN on January 18, 2017

Old Radio Magazines
Come July of this year I will no longer have
an issue with what too do with them since I
will NOT be remaining an ARRL Member.Not
worth what I get for my money.They are a Bad
Joke & the QST Magazines are now well over
70 pages of advertisements alone which is
crazy.I won't miss the 5 to 10 minutes of
reading I get each month from them.Guess the
ARRL has no interest in gaining members as
long as they still have their 20% or so of
American Amateur Radio Operators as members
but those numbers will drop this year after
the increase in the membership dues.

Posted by W4KVW on January 15, 2017

I actually mis-entered my vote. Rather than discard in
the garbage I do recycle. Occasionally I plant one in a
doctors or dentists office. I used to save them all but in
my old age I am trying to downsize.

Posted by K7AAT on January 14, 2017

Keep back issues on CD
I tired giving back issues to the High School radio club - no interest. Tried giving them to the local library - no interest. So, after a few years they go to the dump. I've purchased CDs of the older issues to have available if I need them.

Posted by AA4PB on January 14, 2017

Ham Magazine Back Issues
I usually hang onto them for a while just in case. I then share them with family and members of My Amateur Radio Club here in the Philippines. I do however keep digital archives of all of them.


Posted by WA0TML on January 14, 2017

"Personally, I get more substance & articles of interest from just ONE older issue from that era, than I do from an ENTIRE YEAR'S
worth of to-day's version of QST…!"

The biggest reason for that is 2/3rd of the magazine did not used to be advertisements!

Posted by K2BEW on January 13, 2017

as i have time and interest
I just pile my QSTs up and read them as i can.
most of the time I have a few years backlog.
Once i am done with them its recycle time...I
have no interest in taking them to a club as i
am not a member of any club and detest clubs
in general

Posted by N0FPE on January 13, 2017

Pass them on
When I was first learning this hobby I learned a lot from older issues of of QST. I save the last 5 years worth and then put each of those years in a gallon freezer bag. When I wrap up year 6 I bring the earliest bag to the 1st club meeting of the year and give them away.

Posted by NT9E on January 13, 2017

I pass them on
Each year I take a pile old ham magazines to a
local club meeting. I lay them out on a table
and tell people to feel free to take them home.
They usually disappear within minutes.

Posted by KK9H on January 13, 2017

you still get them in paper!?
I'm not really proud that I rarely read
magazines, but I am better now that I have the
physical delivery turned off. Now I don't
have to worry about what to do with them

Posted by AJ4EM on January 13, 2017

The local Library.
My local library has a magazine recycle
section that allows one to browse through and
take, if desired... It's a perfect solution.

Posted by KC6RCM on January 13, 2017

If no one wants them I always recycle. I was
surprised by the number of hams who listed
"throw them in the garbage", but I guess
recycling is a younger persons thing.

Posted by NQ2N on January 13, 2017

Donation time!
When it is time to administer exams as a VE at the local library, I take the QST's on hand to place on the free magazine rack. They always wind up taken!


Posted by WA7SGS on January 12, 2017

Don't have any back issues.
I normally trash QST the day it arrives. It
seldom contains an article that interests me
any more.

Posted by WB4M on January 12, 2017

I leave my ham and gun magazines in doctors
office waiting rooms and hospital waiting

When I return, the ham magazines are usually
still there but the gun magazines are always


Posted by N8EKT on January 12, 2017

Older Really IS Better…!
The content of to-day's calibre of Ham radio magazine
perhaps merits re-cycling, or "deep sixing," but it was
NOT always thus…

Older issues of QST --- particularly those when it was still
in the smaller page format (prior to 1976, I believe) are
quite readable, and indeed, very collectable. Personally, I
get more substance & articles of interest from just ONE
older issue from that era, than I do from an ENTIRE YEAR'S
worth of to-day's version of QST…!

But that's just me, I guess...

Posted by VE3CUI on January 12, 2017

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