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Survey Question
For 2017, the Dayton Hamvention moved from the Hara Arena to the Greene County Fairgrounds in Xenia, OH. What's your take?
  Posted: Jun 12, 2017   (705 votes, 28 comments) by N2MG

  Hated Hara but Xenia was great!
  Hara was OK. Xenia was better.
  Xenia was fine, but I miss the Hara arena.
  First time going - Xenia was OK!
  Been to Hara many times, didn't make it this time.
  Never gone, probably never will.
    (705 votes, 28 comments)

Survey Results
Hated Hara but Xenia was great! 4% (28)
Hara was OK. Xenia was better. 10% (70)
Xenia was fine, but I miss the Hara arena. 7% (48)
First time going - Xenia was OK! 3% (23)
Been to Hara many times, didn't make it this time. 21% (148)
Never gone, probably never will. 42% (298)
Other 13% (90)

Survey Comments
Credit to the DARA club to find a new location and move HAMVENTION. After 50+ years with not much updating, the deteriorating HARA Arena had to be closed. If we all will be patient as more buildings are built and flea market grounds are improved, XENIA will become the perfect location for the HAMVENTION.
Keep in mind that DARA received the jolting news that the arena was closing several months after the last show at Hara so with very little time the club had to 1. find a location and 2. prepare it for the show. They did an excellent job in just a few months they had to make it work. Congratulations to all at DARA. They now have a beautiful platform to grow this world wide event. Xenia will just continue to get better each year.

Posted by K9EID on October 25, 2017

I have been to the Dayton Hamvention 39
years in a row.
Hara was run down, but it was
air conditioned and all the indoor vendors
were easy to walk to. Xenia was much
harder to get around due to the buildings
and tents not being all that close
together. Mud pit parking and flea market
was bad for visitors and vendors (I will
bet many flea market people will not
return). Many went to see how Xenia
compared--many will not return.

Posted by WB4KLI on July 22, 2017

Great time at Xenia!
Been to both venues. Xenia was probably the
best time I've had since becoming a ham.
Knowing that it rains during Hamvention is no
surprise, so I brought hiking shoes. DARA
can't control the WX, so for me the rain & mud
was a non-issue. Food was great, people were
friendly, good deals to be had. I'll be back
next year.

Posted by KD8AMR on July 21, 2017

Nice job by Dara in moving to the new venue. Things will get better.

I missed the non profit organizations that supplied the food at Hara's. Xenia had the commercial food trailers, which I assume was part of the facility use agreement.

Traffic was a nightmare getting into the fairgrounds, which hopefully will improve over time.

And then there was the mud. Plenty of it. Having the flea market on grass was nice, as long as it was dry. But when was the last time Hamvention was dry?

Posted by WB6SSW on July 11, 2017

Ohio too far for me. How about the same kind of event out
west? I am in Arizona. Drier out west and there are locations
that can handle the crowds and the heat. Humidity lower in the
west. How about Reno or Las Vegas or Salty City or Portland,
Oregon. Not much mud out here. Seattle probably not a good
choice - millions of people in a fairly compacted area. Traffic
would be a nightmare. Anybody want to offer a Canadian
location? Must be some suitable spot in VE7 country. There are
smaller similar events out here which seem to do just fine. SFO
Bay Area has one. Problem is, tradition is hard to ignore. Ohio
has been the center of the universe for this kind of event for a
long time. Anyway, my vote is with the group that says Ohio is
too far to go from "out west".

Posted by K7NSW on July 11, 2017

Mud Pit
I heard stories & saw a few pictures & it
appears the new location would be better
suited for a Monster Truck Mud Bogging
event. Many who attended could not even get
into the Bone Yard because of the mud & also
many vehicles got stuck in the parking area
& required assistance just so they could
depart the Hamfest? HARA may have had issues
but I never heard of not being able too get
into the Bone Yard which is the best part of
the entire Hamfest.This pole is pretty much
useless with it's choices & it's obvious it
was rigged so that it favors the Hamfest &
makes it look much better than it was.It's
much better just sharing the TRUTH about the
whole thing & see if any adjustments are
made so that the issues that were had are
corrected in any way.

Posted by W4KVW on July 4, 2017

Dayton Club
LooK: You gotta credit the Dayton guys/gals for keeping this thing going--and making it survive. Yeah, I got in that big traffic jam on Friday for an hour but EVERYbody is a volunteer at this vast, country fairgrounds.
Interior lighting was poor. But what OTHER national club wants to do the work these guys do? Look at your distribution map: most hams are, still, on the east coast, near-Midwest.

Posted by KZ2U on July 4, 2017

Bogus selections
Other: this survey is more about attendance than the two different HAMvention facilities?

Whom ever created the selections has an obvious agenda and it speaks poorly of this Survey. To the topic of the survey ONLY those attending both could answer - not anyone that never attended or first timers.

So this survey is purely to keep the hit counters rolling but not to answer the topic!

Posted by N6JSX on July 3, 2017

Parking in Mud
Xenia was great with two exceptions.
Parking in mud and a flea market in mud.

If it rains, and it usually does,
Hamvention committee should issue car wash
coupons. Second, I did not even visit the
flea market because of the mud.

Need a place with more pavement.

On the plus side, the food was MUCH better
than the Hara dump. Did not smell as bad
as Hara.

Oh, and as for the tents. Poor lighting.
Could not see the displays very well.

I went on Saturday and it was nice in the
buildings. But I understand Friday that
the buildings had unbearable heat.

Posted by WB8NUT on June 29, 2017

would like to go someday but far away

Posted by VE1PGC on June 28, 2017

Do they charge admission to see the new
vehicles at the annual auto show? Do they
charge admission to go to the gun show, knife
show, home show, coin show, etc.? How is this
show any different? Twenty-two bucks is a
bargain! I drive 800 miles each way to attend
Hamvention. Hamvention is much, much more
than just looking at new gear.

Posted by K3GM on June 27, 2017

Been there
Been there, done that, probably won't go

Posted by WW3JR on June 27, 2017

I operated from the gondola of the Goodyear Blimp America
while technician in Spring (Houston), Texas

Posted by K8INA on June 26, 2017

Would love to go but...
...probably never will, until I retire. It's just too far to drive. I would have to take off a week from work, two days to drive (As the saying goes, "half your trip is getting out of Texas"), two days at the convention, two days drive back, two days to recover. Maybe once I retire, I can plan an RV trip up there. Heck, I don't have the time/money to drive to Dallas from South Texas.

Posted by AD5TD on June 25, 2017

Never been - but
I've never been to Dayton. Could not justify the price of a new rig to go see a new rig. But, this last weekend WIMU hamfest that had taken place for more then 50 years, started up again at Garden City, Bear Lake, Utah. There were only 120 hams, 10 tailgaters, and a lot of old friends we eyeballed with, and a great time for all there.WIMU stands for Wyoming-Idaho-Montana-Utah, and it is up and running again. Ron Moss, K7ENE was the director for the 50th anniversary and I, WA7NDD was the treasure. We both attended in our old age and enjoyed it to the max. I am sure Xenia was great also.

Posted by WA7NDD on June 23, 2017

Dayton and also Pacificon pay admission fees for hams to look at vendor's equipment.Live advertisement for vendor equipment. Huh? Am I missing something here? I can understand if you want to attend some technical conferences,you should pay some money, but to spend money to go to Dayton(Drive or Fly), rent a hotel room, then pay admission. No thanks. It used to be at least for Pacificon that you could get in for free and you had to pay for the presentations. Not anymore. No thanks!I would rather save the money, read the reviews on eham and buy another piece of ham gear online!!!!!!

Posted by KB6QXM on June 20, 2017

Volunteered for 2nd year... Lot of fun!
Hara was OK, but the family that owned it did not have their act together resulting in it's demise.... Xenia was pretty good for first attempt, but I'm sure it will get better with more experience and improvements in the coming years... Vendors should give more discounts if they want more sales & better reputations... many things were over priced in my opinion.. Saw 1 item listed in a catalog for $225 that was show priced @ $299 as one example (recv loop).

Posted by K9PLG on June 20, 2017

"How about something on the West Coast? It seems that
EVERYTHING is Ohio and further East or South.
Posted by NS6V on June 17, 2017"

I'm going to be going to SEA-PAC in Seaside, OR one of these
years. I've heard lots of good things about it.

73, Scott VE7JKE

Posted by VE7JKE on June 18, 2017

Hamvention in Xenia Ohio
First time visitor happened to be at the new location. About 8-9 hr drive from NJ in a moderate weather.Had fun.Young volunteers were excellent in organizing and helping the guests shuttling from hotels to the event with school bus and hay rides! Nice to see thousands of friendly fellow Hams discussing radios! Great vendors and displays, not much of discounts. Not enough and quality food vendors. Budweiser stall was crowded. Flea market was in sad shape with muddy road in rain. Saddened to see so many unhealthy and disabled hams struggling to move around with scooters and wheel chairs. I hope We all pay more attention to personal health even while enjoying life with a relaxing hobby.

Posted by KF2ZO on June 18, 2017

How about something on the West Coast? It seems that
EVERYTHING is Ohio and further East or South.

Posted by AG7AA on June 17, 2017


Posted by W7WQ on June 16, 2017

Too Far for me to go
It's just too far for me, Dallas would be the
limit for me. It's just about 200 mi.

Posted by KA5ROW on June 16, 2017

5 of went for the 1st time, 14 hr drive. We all enjoyed it, great vendors- not much for discounts., Thought the seminars could be better- aprs good but DMR & Fusion not so much.Parking not a problem for us with handicapped sticker. The venue was good for our hd member. We thought the variety and number of food vendors was good, could have even used more. I thought charging $2 for water was a rip-off!I've been to Orlando 3x ..they might be able to handle the vendors inside but then the tailgaters would be outside. Problem is you would go from 2 good events to one. Expensive weekend but it was a 1 time deal.

Posted by WG2W on June 15, 2017

Dayton Xenia Location
I have been to Dayton many times in the last 25 years. The
Dayton club running the event did a great job of running the
Hamvention as always. The Xenia location is a fairground that
is not equipped for a convention. A terrible traffic
management problem, no air conditioning, an extremely muddy
flea market area, and most food vendors in the 85 degree sun.
I heard vendors complaining about the lack of air conditioning.
In this day and age, if ham radio is going to have a national
trade show, which Dayton is, then it needs a venue that that is
up to that kind of a task.

Posted by W0LD on June 15, 2017

Dayton was good. Xenia was good. The volunteers who are involved with running the event are great.

Posted by K9FH on June 14, 2017

Never gone, but hope to someday.

I have been following it on the W5KUB webcast for several years (and I've donated $ to the webcast a few times).

I attend several local hamfests, and I've been going to hamfest (or hamfairs as we used to call them on Long Island) for several decades.

Posted by AJ4LN on June 14, 2017

Great USA Hamfest but think moving this to
either Washington DC under the noses of
politicans could be helpful. Maybe Orlando
Florida or Huntsville Alabama to get in the
eye of younger crowd or the Space interests.
Maybe moving it every so often to a place
that would raise the visibility of Ham radio
culture to the national scene.

Posted by WJ2L on June 13, 2017

I attended the HAMvention 11 times in a row at the old HARA arena.... it was getting pretty run down! Now it is closed and the HAMvention has moved to Xenia at the Green County Fairgrounds... A far better event but it is new and needs to be adjusted.
I had fun! Good food! great people! I have already got my room for next year!
73 Rod W8GRI

Posted by KB8DNS on June 12, 2017

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