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Survey Question
How long has it been since you worked a Novice/Tech (or equiv) on an HF band?
  Posted: Mar 31, 2016   (583 votes, 22 comments) by KC0M

  3 months
  6 month
  1 year
  1 year +
    (583 votes, 22 comments)

Survey Results
never 18% (107)
3 months 13% (77)
6 month 5% (31)
1 year 4% (22)
1 year + 48% (278)
never 12% (68)

Survey Comments
...And do the Advanced & Extra Class Hams on the bands
"...find it contemptuous to speak" with you, too --- a mere
General such as you are --- I wonder...?!

Posted by VE3CUI on May 5, 2016

low lives
I am a general and find it contemptuous to speak with these dummies.

Posted by SSBER on May 3, 2016

I got mistaken for another call and got read the riot act for bootlegging because the holder of the intended call was an OM and I am a YL. Got it all straightened out, but I was floored! Could not believe someone would do that and not verify the call first. Must have been having one horrible day.

Posted by KA6VQI on April 30, 2016

tech on ten
isn't 10 meters an hf band?

Posted by K1LLR on April 27, 2016

Interesting question.....
For a while, I was working so many Novices and Techs, I began checking everyone on

After that, my average was about one or two per week, and all of that was in the Extra and Advanced Class Phone Bands.

After working the same guy twice, I mentioned he was out of band and he explained that was OK, because he was "just cruising".

I do work a lot of QRS guys on 40m CW. We should all help the new guys who are serious about learning.

Phil C. Sr.
k4dpk 1955

Posted by K4DPK on April 18, 2016

10 meters
I do not who made the comment that 10 meters
is dead unless their coax is not hooked up
but I work DX 2 or 3 times a week during a
band opening, you have to LISTEN.

Posted by KD4YSH on April 18, 2016

Sad future
The internet and cell phone virus has affected many.

Posted by KB0VHD on April 17, 2016

What the purpose of this survey?
100% CW and have not met a novice on code
since they got rid of the class and novice
band segments. So technically novices do not
exist. Ten meters is dead and have not shown
my face on VHF in 40 years. So what's the
point of this survey?

Posted by WY4J on April 17, 2016

Silly choices
The choices are silly. If I worked a Tech or
Novice yesterday, it's not possible to record
that in the survey.
So IMO, the survey is flawed.

Posted by OH8STN on April 13, 2016

Been QRT for a while
The only reason I haven't worked a Novice
or Technician operator on HF is because I
have been QRT on the HF bands for quite
some time. First it was because we were
in an HOA and I couldn't put up an
antenna, then we moved to a mobile home
park which has even stricter antenna
regulations. However, we just bought a
travel trailer and are going to be doing
some RV trips around the country. I need
to get some antenna gear together for
portable QRP operation, then assemble my
station (the FT-817 has been in storage
for a while) so that when we hit the road,
I can do some operating from our
campsites. Soon KB6OJS will be back on
the bands!

Posted by KB6OJS on April 12, 2016

I'm not an elitist
I'm sure I had to have worked some Techs
on 10m in the last few months, especially
during contests. But, who cares? I am not
one of those snobs out there who refuses
to work "just a tech", or who stays above
28.500 because that's where "real hams"

Now I do meet a lot of Techs on the air
and in person. I never put them down. But
I always encourage them, get your General
and I guarantee you'll have 10 times MORE
fun! Go for it!

Posted by AD7DB on April 6, 2016

Old Advanced op thoughts:
Quite frankly, an old Novice was more
educated than some of the current no code

Posted by WD8DK on April 5, 2016

My idea of a Novice is a 1-year, non-renewable license, CW only. Crystal controlled on 80, 40 and 15. Maximum 75 watts DC input. Now that is a NOVICE class licensee in my opinion.

Posted by KB6QXM on April 4, 2016

Never never?
Interesting topic. But the survey has "never"
as both the first and the last choice. Is that
like the Alpha and the Omega?

Posted by K4EZD on April 4, 2016

Don't get the question

Maybe I am missing the point but how can you
tell license class?

Posted by K0CBA on April 4, 2016

plenty on 10
I worked a tech on 10 meter phone yesterday
afternoon,plenty of techs on 10 ssb.

Posted by KI8DJ on April 3, 2016

Work Them All
Been on CW since Novice days in 1961. I work anyone
who calls me. Also take time to work the slow ops and
obviously new ops. No doubt many are new Techs
getting their feet wet on CW. I like this better than a
dedicated Beginners band. I like the way new CW ops
are welcomed by the on the air clubs - there are several
and they welcome everyone. A good philosophy is lead
with your key, not your ego. My top solid copy speed is
20 wpm. That was acquired during many ARRL Field
Day events and the days when I did the code testing for
my local VE Testing Team in Idaho. I rarely go that fast.

Posted by K7NSW on April 3, 2016

Novice and Tech's on CW
Since I work CW only they are few and far between

Posted by K2MMO on April 3, 2016

I have no idea
I don't ask what their license is nor do I
look it up. Nobody cares anyway.

Posted by WB4M on April 2, 2016

Seems to me the time choices for this poll should have been greatly expanded. My answer of 1+ years is, in reality, probably over 30 years.... maybe 40. This is about the time I ceased using CW in any significant amount. I probably haven't made a CW contact more than once each last 3 year period.
I do intend to remedy this soon, though.

Posted by K7AAT on April 1, 2016

Ye Olden Golden Days...
Hi Guys,

Whenever I might think of working a Novice, I am
immediately transported back to those halcyon days of the
early 70's when I first got licensed myself, & had fun
chasing "WN"-prefixed Americans in the 40-meter Novice

It was simply great fun: here I was with my homebrewed
rockbound rig, giving what was essentially a new DXCC
country to hordes of American newbies. One "CQ," and it
was bedlam, as the "WNs" piled atop one another to work
the new "DX", i.e. me...and then there were the Novice
CQ'ers themselves, who---when greeted by a strange
"VE3" prefix call sign answering them---suddenly became
quiet & unresponsive, as if saying, "Is it even LEGAL for me
to work a non-"WN" call sign...?"

Great memories of that time...I have always considered the
fact that the FCC's elimination of the Novice ticket did a
tremendous dis-service to Amateur radio.

Posted by VE3CUI on April 1, 2016

How would I know...?
... I'm from Europe....

Posted by OZ8AGB on April 1, 2016

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