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Survey Question
As, a licensed Amateur Radio Operator just how active are you ??
  Posted: Feb 16, 2018   (367 votes, 19 comments) by AA7LX

  Operate every day
  Operate just for the Net check-in
  Pretty much a Weekend operator
  Every few weeks!
  Mobile operation only
  Only when the "Radio Bug" bites
  When is the next Contest?
    (367 votes, 19 comments)

Survey Results
Operate every day 57% (210)
Operate just for the Net check-in 4% (15)
Pretty much a Weekend operator 11% (42)
Every few weeks! 7% (24)
Mobile operation only 2% (8)
Only when the "Radio Bug" bites 17% (61)
When is the next Contest? 2% (7)

Survey Comments
Every day QRP
I am a fervent QRP operator. QRP since 1978.
Always fun to meet a another QRP fan.
Rig at the moment Kenwooed TS590 always 5 W into the LW endfed aerial 30 meters long.

73 and 72

Posted by PA3ALX on Februari 25, 2018

Posted by PA3ALX on February 25, 2018

Daily...or close to it.
I try to make at least ONE QSO per day.
Sometimes because of work, family, or other
priorities, it isn't possible. TeamViewer
makes it much easier to keep active,
especially with JT65 or FT8. Even its a fast
hello on the 444.000 MHz repeater here, I'm
still around.


Posted by KB2HSH on February 24, 2018

Used to
I used to operate every day, or at least once
a week. Now I'm only on Echolink, because of a
move to an apartment. Maybe someday if I get
back in a house I probably would. I might do
some mobile 6m in the interim. You bet I miss

Posted by NO2A on February 23, 2018

Every Day
Ordinarily, I would have checked off "When is the next contest"...but with the introduction of FT8, I now operate every day.

Posted by W1HFF on February 21, 2018

Nets and occasionally when mobile
Off-road friends got me back into Amateur
Radio for the range and equipment we would
have at our disposal - some have literally
taken to it as a duck to water. I'll be
working with a friend to sort out APRS
operation this weekend.

I like to rag-chew a little when driving
and am working towards getting onto HF.
Tried a Buddistick, but that's just not
quite good enough. As aperture fever is
to Astronomy, one can never have a good
enough antenna (just the ones we settle
for) I'm trying to get a good set of
antennas going.

Posted by K8SQB on February 21, 2018

Posted by LIBBYLOGGER on February 20, 2018

every day
hf cw pretty much daily. im not so good yet like you guys but gimme time.2 meter always on at home too . oh - and the dmr . every day. if I didn't need money shower food & the xyl I would be 24/7/365. im a junkie....

Posted by KE0NAZ on February 20, 2018

every day
hf cw pretty much daily. im not so good yet like you guys but gimme time.2 meter always on at home too . oh - and the dmr . every day. if I didn't need money shower food & the xyl I would be 24/7/365. im a junkie....

Posted by KE0NAZ on February 20, 2018

Tx or Rx?
I turn on my HF radio almost every single day but I may not transmit, depending on what I hear. I have a D-star simplex repeater which is on every day, and I listen but may not transmit depending on what I hear. I have mobile radio equipment and it's on if I'm driving, which is almost every day, but I may not transmit, depending on what I hear.

Does that count as 'operate every day'? I'd hope so.

Posted by K7NG on February 20, 2018

Limited spare time
Seems like every time I get a chance to spend time on
the radio something always comes up.i try and get on at
least 1-2 hours per week some weeks less some weeks
not at all.Working occupies most of my days and grand
kids and the XYL occupy a good portion of the
weekend,however that said when I do get the chance I
enjoy a good CW ragchew.

Posted by K2MMO on February 19, 2018

Operating ham radio:
I operate when I can, which is not all the
time. I have groups I follow fairly close,
depending on coverage at the time. Ham radio
is a hobby along with other business interests
that pay the freight for doing so. I think
people who are not licensed are not well

Posted by K0IC on February 19, 2018

I have been licensed over 53 years starting at age 12; then my answer would have been "Operate every day"

I like to brag that my only "Award" is RCC (Rag Chewer's Club) so when I do get on the air, I like to engage in a conversation with the other operator(s). I agree with VE3CUI's comments implying the exchange of only Name, RST & QTH does not a QSO make.

To increase my own activity, I am going to take the time to listen for real QSO's and note the call signs, time, day and frequencies, then join in when I am free to spend an hour or more in the conversation.

Posted by K4SC on February 19, 2018

Goes Through Spells
Sometimes I don't get on the air for months at a time then sometimes I am hot and heavy for weeks at a time. Recently bought a W6LVP Magnetic Loop antenna which has made my receive seem like the good old days in the 50s and 60s before the electrical noise environment turned so bad. It also reduces the general HF background noise immensely. I use an OCF dipole for transmit and it makes a nice combination.

Posted by WD9GNG on February 19, 2018

Everyone Is All Tongue-Tied Anymore
I have always operated CW 99.9% of the time here, simply
because one's ability to manage the code was always a
good "filter" of the nonsense that is becoming increasingly
prevalent with voice modes…

But lately I've noticed a trend developing: I'll hunker down
after the start of a CW QSO with the mandatory, "Name HR
is, QTH is, etc. etc." for what I assume is the development
of a nice rag chew, when suddenly & unexpectedly, & right
out of the blue, the guy at the other end sends, "…TNX
QSO 73."

Why are so very many people so apparently short of time
anymore, that they can't just sit back & enjoy the fruits of
their labours involved in getting a license, assembling a
station, & erecting an antenna…? Is EVERYBODY so very
pressed for time these days…? Or have most of us
forgotten how to practise the noble & fine old art of

Posted by VE3CUI on February 19, 2018

As, a licensed Amateur Radio Operator just how active are you ??
Truth is radio is just not much fun anymore.
The price of equipment is ridiculously high
all brands. Anyway.

Posted by N0YG on February 19, 2018

When the Bug Bites
I am involved with my local club and currently helping prospective hams get licensed. I do On-Line Workshops for the various license elements here in the Philippines.

Lately the propagation from my QTH had been really poor and the wet rainy weather has caused my antenna to fall over, literally the base just tilts over. No backyard to do a proper mounting either.

I plan to become more active this summer.

Posted by WA0TML on February 17, 2018

Why not..
Is there any reason NOT to operate at least once daily?

Posted by KA4AQM on February 17, 2018

Amateur radio is for people that have copious spare time
As I have my career in the Silicon Valley. Massive hours, grueling commute, I am lucky if I have time to sleep. Ham radio is reserved to 1 hour a week on the weekend. I do not DX-paper chase, I do not contest. I spend the time on the air with friends of mine for 1 hour. If I do not have to work on the weekends, I will will work on other tasks of my life that need to be done. Ham Radio is a luxury of time in my life. Anyone that works in the Silicon Valley should understand that.

Posted by KB6QXM on February 16, 2018

every few days
I selected Only when the "Radio Bug" bites - but the truth lately is that's every few days. Time permitting, I would probably get on the air daily.

Posted by KB1GKN on February 16, 2018

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