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Product Reviews

Icom IC-9700
Does what it says on the box
Yaesu FTdx-5000 (including D and MP versions)
Yaesu FT-891
best portable radio
SGC SG-500 Smart Power Cube
Best universal amp, but getting old
Icom Canada (service)
Don Daso, K4ZA
The ultimate tower consultant
Yaesu FC-40
great tuner
Not worth being called a kit...
Begali Intrepid
A Work of Art
Argent Data Tracker4
Nice hardware design, but firmware needs help!
Vibroplex Origional Bug
Fun & nostalgic to use.


VHF / UHFAlpha Monocerotid Meteor shower/storm
DXingUS Fish and Wildlife
Antennas, Towers and moreMFj-2982
Antennas, Towers and moreA99 or Imax 2000 for 10m
Antennas, Towers and moreAttic-Tri-Band


Amateur Radio Event Attracts 127:
KOTA KINABALU: The 10th Borneo Amateur Radio Festival (BARF) event which was held for the first time in Sabah, from Nov 1 to 3, saw 127 participants, comprising of 36 from Brunei, ...
Ham Talk Live! Episode 191 - Youth on the Air Camp:
Thursday night at 9 pm EST, Jocelyn Brault, KD8VRX, Sam Rose, KC2LRC, and I will be on the show to talk about Youth on the Air camp in the USA coming June 21-26. Call us with your ...
Ham Radio Operators Seek Youth Movement:
When disaster strikes in America, amateur radio operators are a crucial tool. “When hurricanes happen, one of the first things that goes down is communications,” said Joseph La...
Ham Operators Still Crucial Part of Disaster Response:
When disaster strikes in America, amateur radio operators are a crucial tool. "When hurricanes happen, one of the first things that goes down is communications," said Joseph Lawren...


Issued 2019 Nov 20 1505 UTC
Flux: 69 A-Index:2.
Actv: No space wx storms observed.
Fcst: No space wx storms expected.

NOAA Solar Activity
Measurement Current Next 24 hrs
Solar Radiation
Radio Blackouts


Sherlock: The Case of the Three Orange Pips
Troubleshooting the United Kingdom's military radio PRC319
Morse Code: A Final Short Treatise On the History of Mr. Morse' Code...
Suitable for the meanest understanding...
80-Meter Base-Loaded Mobile Antenna
An "eHam Classic" by W5DXP
Tapping Into The Load
How to add a scope connection to the MFJ 260C 300 Dry Dummy Load.
I Have Always Wondered About the Attraction of Operating Amateur Radio
W3TTT explores the joy of the radio hunt


Q: Have you ever seriously considered the possibility of your taking part in a DXpedition, either with a group, or by yourself...? If you have, tell us about your experience!

Responses: 147
Comments: 19
1:NO---I'm just not that serious about DX.
2:YES---I've thought about it, but the expense frightens me!
3:NO---I'd like to, but I'm just not that savvy in managing pile-ups.
4:YES---I've done it! Here's how...
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