I moved from a sunny house with no trees and a reflective pond to the west to reduce the intense sunlight in my west facing windows. I bought a smaller house with weeping willows to the south. When I tried to install solar panels they told me I have to remove all the trees. Doah.

Product Reviews

Sullaway Technical Systems - Tower Services by NN1C
Professional, Safe, Efficient, Great team to work with
Great transceiver
Quansheng (and Anysecu) UV-K5
Easily the best under $30 handheld
Baofeng DM-1701 5W Dual Band DMR
DMR on a budget
QYT KT-8900D
Good radio, but not for ragchewing
Radioddity GA-510 VHF/UHF Handheld
Solid handheld; but buy it on sale
Anytone AT-D878UV Dual band DMR Transceiver
Excellent DMR radio, if you can comprehend it
Heil Pro Set 3 Stereo Headphones
Who Would Think You Need To Read The Manual for Headphones
Chameleon Antenna Tactical Delta Loop
Great piece of kit
Idiom Press/Ham Supply Hy-Gain Illuminator
Now I can see the light!
Viewstar VS 1500A tuner


Citizen Scientists can Join a 'Ring of Fire' Eclipse Radio Experiment:
Every year or two, the solar system lines up just right, with the moon casting a shadow over part of Earth's surface and blocking out the sun -- a sol...
Radio Ham, and Mountain Goat to Activate 10 New Summits in Outer Hebrides:
Ben Lloyd is taking on the challenge of "activating" ten new summits in the Outer Hebrides with some amateur radio equipment. In Ben Lloyd's case, it ...
Ham Radio Enthusiasts of 3 Nations Meet to Promote People-to-People Connect
Santiniketan, Sep 23 (PTI) A two-day conference to revive the ham radio movement with a special focus on the technical aspects of amateur radio and to...
Meet the Gaston County Man, the Oldest Living Ham Radio Operator in the US:
Gaston County resident Oscar Norris, also known by his call sign W4OXH, is turning 106 on Sept. 25. Norris is not only the oldest living amateur radio...


Issued 2023 Sep 25 1810 UTC
Flux: 174 A-Index:21.
Actv: SW:moderate GM:G2 
Fcst: SW:minor GM:G1 

NOAA Solar Activity
Measurement Current Next 24 hrs
Solar Radiation
Radio Blackouts


The PL259, A Tale of Woe
An "eHam Classic" by K0BG
KC4ZZE Wi-Fi Antenna Connect-Disconnect System
How to disconnect your antenna from virtually anywhere!
Sherlock Investigates: Seismic Signals Below 1 Hz
See some equipment to detect earthquakes at this seismic observatory.
CDE/Hy-Gain T2X, HAM 4 etc. -- Repair of the Directional Rheostat
Having problems with your rotator? DL9BDM may have the fix you need!


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