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The Bully

Created by Jerry Benson, K1OU on 2000-08-21

Chances are he has a very modest transceiver and an amplifier. Chances are he has had episodes in life that have chilled most mortal men. Chances are he can be found on one or two frequencies with the same people holding court for hours on end, making one wonder if the man has a real job.

This man is insufferable in victory, and being wrong is not part of his fabric. This man has the greatest station around. This man is louder and has better audio than anybody.

He has experiences that are far more interesting than yours. He has no interest in you, except morsels of information that he can throw in one's face. He has the frequency, and anybody who gets too close will receive a tongue-lashing and a threat that Riley will be notified.

This, is the bully.

An unfortunate part of amateur radio, much a reflection of life. The airwaves are his pulpit, and his disciples shall follow blindly or be cast aside as weak-signal, off frequency, terrible audio buffoons.

His reputation is known far and wide, as he has shared his conquests and points of pride, and to buttress his esteem, he is condescending to those who do not agree with his point of view or choice of equipment. Afterall, if everybody was just like him, life would be grand.

This man has a wonderful personal life, with the probability of several marriages, with none of the divorces being his fault. His kids are most likely computer sycophants, of whom he enlists help when he needs to demonstrate superiority by tearing up the hard drive of, or harassing the poor guy who did not pay homage to the king, and/or had the audacity to butt heads with him on the air.

This is the place where our bully gets to vent his frustration, by shouting down lids, backstabbing, quirming, speaking ill of others, and thumping his chest in justified rage. He worked hard for the privilege, and for that, I am sorry.

W5HTW 2000-09-04
RE: SSTV Bullies?
Re: N3ELZ - and SSTV problems on 14230

You said someone might "straighten you out on this." Re: your comments on SSTV and 14230. I don't think "straightening out" is what is required, but perhaps a better understanding of what is actually taking place might help. It would be difficult to write this without sounding curt, and for that I apologize, as that is not at all what is intended, in any way. There are just so many ways to say it, and I'll take the short cut. No offense is intended at all, but perhaps a suggestion based upon your remarks, which may have been heavily edited in the interest of brevity, resulting in you not completely stating your feelings. And I better do that, too -- brevity!

I hear the people you talk about on 14230. Boring to me, but then I don't do SSTV, so I suppose it would be.

What would be the purpose of sending a photo, and to whom would you be sending it?

As I read your post, there are some hams in QSO, who are sending each other photos, and are talking about them, and you want them to quit so you can do that, too. Your frustration is understandable, but you are not locked to 14230. Tell your friend you will meet him 5 up or 5 down, and make QSO there, whichever is free. This presumes you are not trying to send your photos to these guys already in QSO, or to do a one-way (illegal) broadcast of photos. You have someone in mind who is going to be receiving them, and that someone is waiting for you. So coordinate a new frequency. Like the rest of us, you have to either wait until they are done, or QSY.

Maybe these guys don't want your photos. I agree, they should be listening for breakers, in case someone they do want to talk to calls them, but if they have the frequency first, it is not up to you to tell them to move off, to cut their QSO short so you can get on there, or to tell them to answer DX stations. If they wanted to work DX, they would probably be doing so. They are in a conversation, albeit it a video one, and if they choose not to let others join, DX or no, that is their right.

The content of their photos, as long as it does not violate the FCC rules, is really their business. Swimsuits or jackrabbits, their choice. I hope they avoid obscenity, porno, commercial interests, etc., but within the rules, they are in the right. That requires proper ID, etc.

You say you feel like you are at someone's vacation slide show. And so you well may be. And uninvited at that, so you have the option of leaving. You are not required to monitor or to watch.

After all that, though, I do not condone rudeness. If you attempt to break in, for legitimate reason, not simply because you want them to "go away," and someone offers you a snide comment that is not in good taste, I disagree with that entirely. I wouldn't get into an on-air fight about it, as I would then become a contributor, but I would remember their rudeness. For someone to say "We are in QSO, would you mind waiting/moving?" is perfectly acceptable.

With the exception of the phone versus CW subbands, we have "suggested" places we do certain things, like DX, etc. I'm for that. But they are not rules, and if I get into a ragchew on 7.005 CW I don't expect or want deliberate QRM just because I'm where someone wants to hunt DX. I won't get into a QSO on top of anyone else, as I hate butting in, whether on radio or in person. I would QSY, whether on CW or SSTV, then I'd let my buddy know that's where I would be, and we'd go from there.

Hope this makes some sorta sense. It is meant in a very constructive way, and my apologies again if it does not sound that way, or isn't taken that way.


N3ELZ 2000-08-27
SSTV Bullies?
Being a new extra I could hardly wait to try just about ANYTHING in the HF bands below 10 meters. One thing I did of course is start using some software SSTV and digital mode software. Having read the topic about "bullies" I feel I must comment on what is a regular occurence on 14.230 (the 20 meter SSTV frequency).

A small group of domestic hams regularly use this frequency to send silly glamour and swimsuit pictures back and forth. It's a free country so no problem there. But, they (and others) often talk on this frequency more than they send pictures and they COMPLETELY ignore any DX. Once when they were operating a South American station was calling them by callsign and sending CQ's as were some European stations. When someone got on and told one of the men (calling him by his first name) that DX was calling him his reply was, "That's not the way it works around here."

I'm sure someone will straigten me out on this; but I thought a special mode frequency like that was to be used PRIMARILY for that mode, and not for chit-chatting about the picture you just sent for 5 minutes or more? I feel like I'm at someone's vacation slide show. Most of these guys boast of their kilowatts and a little 100 watt station such as myself doesn't have much chance of working "through" them. Shouldn't we move off the frequency to ragchew and let others share pictures? Perhaps we could as least acknowledge those others and not pretend we can't hear them because "we own the frequency"?

When you have a "special" frequency like this the "bully" mentality is especially noticeable and annoying. I'm sure it's more dramatic to me as a newcomer to the HF bands and I'll get used to it -- but I still don't think's it's correct.

73 All
KI6JL 2000-08-25
7255 - 7258 KHZ in California?
Like the anonymous post before me, many agitators make comments that are un-identified and are therefore worthless.
Yes, there are problems in the so called California
"WAR ZONE" of 7250 KHZ - 7260 KHZ primarially on the two frequencies of 7255 KHZ and 7258 KHZ with occasional excursions to 7253. Those excursions to 7253 force the inhabitents of 7255 to move up 1 KHZ to 7256 to avoid interference. Their 'buddies' purposely left on 7258 start "Cranking the Hate Machine" saying the resulting interference on 7258 KHZ is intentional. Of course the guys on 7253 have no intention of moving. And on and on it goes every day, every day, every day, every damn day.
It never stops. Why? The desired end result is to drive every one not in their 7258 klick off the frequency and the adjacent frequencies and reserve that 10 KHZ segment to themselves, only.
This stupid WAR has been raging since late 1968.
Talk about the Hatfields and McCoys!
In the case of the WAR ZONE, there are many bullies, and the number varies. The '58' klick hangs out on 7258 KHZ mostly but exhibbit no remorse by dropping down to 7255 KHZ regardless of it's present occupants. They then increase their transmitter power to excessive levels & start talking over the existing conversation. In a few minutes they begin saying they were there first and those that were previously talking are now the "jammers" that are interfering with them. You've heard this 'argument' before. It seems to be the favorite tactic used by agitators everywhere. You move some where else in the 10 khz segment and they follow you and do the same thing again. You can move out side of the 10 KHZ segment and they will still follow. Their desire is to remove the 'non 58 klick' station from the air at any cost. There are '58' vigilantes who stalk station licencees taking photographs and engage in other harassment.
I'm not going to mention any call signs here. I don't have to. The offending stations are heard over vast areas of this country during the day. Witness it for yourself.

While on a trip recently to Cimmaron NM, I listened to those frequencies in the WAR ZONE several times during the day and evening. Many time the offending stations were 40 db+ over S9. The point being: The in-fighting and terrible language eminating from Southern Californis could be easily heard in Texas, and in states further East.
Consider a circle of communications coverage with that radius and the far ranging poor 'RADIO AMATEUR EXAMPLE' that eminates from Southern California 8 or more hours at a time, during the day, every day.
Conversations with several of the local hams on 40 meters in the New Mexico & Texas areas revealed a concensis expressing little respect for the Southern California 40 meter amateur radio community. They think we, (collectively), are a bunch of Lousy Operators and are presenting a terrible example to the rest of the world.
I agree.
I don't claim to 'walk on water'. My 'rebellious' times ended over 20 years ago. Today, I feel the regulations depicted in Part 97 were written by people who had common sense in mind during it's conception.
I support it and encourage others to follow it's directives.
They are easy. It adds cohesion to our hobby.
I suspect if we continue to 'clown around' on the radio, the amateur radio community will lose enough credibility eventually to warrant the loss of our amateur radio bands to the commercial interests, who won't.
And so:
A 'tip of the hat' to Mr. Riley Hollingsworth, (SP?) of the FCC for his 7 MHZ enforcement efforts in Southern California. :)
End of Hank's rant.
N.A. 2000-08-25
Sounds like 99% of the inhabitants of 7255 - 7258 Khz on the west coast!
K0RS 2000-08-23
The Bull****
Just one more reason to operate CW...
W3GJD 2000-08-22
A M E N !
N4YQU 2000-08-22
RE: The Bully and Generating Club Revenue
Great Ideas on how to handle these guys, but our local bully tends to hang himself from time to time, which makes it that much sweeter. The other day, our guy said he was looking out the window of his Shack towards the East, and it was the most magnificent sunset he had seen in years! To the East???? Well, as you can imagine, that opened the flood gates! I haven't heard him on the air since. Maybe he went over to FRS, and is bothering the famlies at the local mall!
N0JPV 2000-08-22
The Bully and Generating Club Revenue
Here is a novel way to make a little extra money for the club coffers next hamfest. Get a few of the computer users in your club to download and install a great little program called "Scanner Recorder".

Set the scanner to the local "court" frequency and sit back and let the Bully make a fool of himself over the next few months. If he/she is anything like our local one it will not take long to have a very large collection of racist comments, belittling remarks, and general stupidity.

Now pick out the choicest clips and edit them into small sound bytes much like news casts and politcal commercials. The burn them on to a CD in audio format (you can get up to 80 minutes on a single disk) duplicate and price.

These things will sell themselves! He will be humiliated and probably go sulk for a long long time or better yet sell all his gear and never be heard from again and to top it all off the club has extra money to fund the repeater project that has been waiting for money to finish!

Just a suggestion. <G>
NL7XT 2000-08-22
Having gotten my start in Radio in the CB world and moving on to the Amateur bands, I have encountered many bullies. I have found that the truth works better than anything else. The more I found out about their past... the more they shut up when I came on the air. I don't ignore them, to me, that is the same a tolerating them.
W5HTW 2000-08-21
RE: The Bully
As most people on here say -- Ignore him. Move. There are (less of them today since the FCC crackdown) people who get on a frequency and deliberately goad others into responses. 14313 and 3950 used to be such frequencies. So when the "nasty guy" gets on, instead of going away, these critters just antagonize him more, deliberately, to keep the argument going. They are as guilty as the bully. Don't reply, don't jam him, don't interfere with him --just move.

AB7RG 2000-08-21
RE: The Bully

Wow! This sounds so familiar that it's flat out scary... You must know a guy here locally, as you described him verbatum. Seriously! I just may have to print your article out and pass it around, locals with think it's about the local bully. Guess there really is one in every crowd. Well, as long as it's just one, we're doing alright.

73 & Have Fun out here!

Clinton Herbert AB7RG
"DX IS!" Or WAS, if you were too busy tuning up your amp and missed it."

WA4FOM 2000-08-21
The bully
Yup, I've seen a few of them in my time and I have found
that without an audience, they are nothing at all.
Therefore, I ignore them; I give them a wide berth just
as soon as I recognize them. 'Nuff said.
K3FT 2000-08-21
The bully
The best way I have found, after 30 years in this game, is to just ignore him. Without an audience, most bullies (esp. on the air types with modest equipment/antennas) tend to dry up and go away. If he is impossible to ignore, you just work around him - that is, move off frequency, don't acknowledge his calls, etc. This frustrates him and he goes away. Eventually, you (and other allies who you enlist to help) will overwhelm the bully and he will be shown for what he is.. a person of little ability.. little character.. and a weak maturity.

Nice thing about 'on the air' bullies is that usually propagation takes care of them. Even if they are loud to you, odds are they aren't to someone else - especially if it's an HF band like 20/15/40M. So, they are easily worked around and over and under. Either way.. you just work around them and they quickly get swamped.

Nice thing about radios.. the VFO dial makes it VERY easy to get away from the bully. Especially at contest time.. Hard for a bully to argue with contest types running good antennas, power, and ops who know how to work through QRM.

We used to have them on EASTCARS when I was active. If I was swamped, one of the New England guys would NCS and that would tend to work .Plus we would use relays which defeated the bullies really well. After about 15 minutes to 1/2 hour.. they would go away because they couldn't beat us.


Chuck K3FT
AD1Y 2000-08-21
The Bully
Nicely stated. In my experience, the bully seems invariably to be someone compensating for deficiencies in other aspects of his personality. It appears that the amateur bands become the arena for the validation of his manhood. As such, he is more likely to be an object of pity than contempt.

Moreover, like most bullies, he tends to back down when he encounters someone whom he cannot cow.