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Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day:

Created by on 2008-11-15

First of all, I want to thank those of you with relatives in the military for the service of your family members. It is an honor to serve ones country. Our brave man and women face many dangers that many of us have no idea about to preserve our freedom. It is because of their service that ARMAD was began. This is a great hobby, and it has many possibilities. One of which is to be able to show support and appreciation to those that serve in the military, have served, and to help their families, and the members of our community voice thanks and appreciation "live" over Amateur Radio as a public service.

ARMAD, Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day, is very simple. It is just a way to use our hobby to allow Amateur Radio Operators to show support to our Troops, Veterans, and Military Retired. We also honor their families, and provide an avenue for them to have their voices heard around the USA and world expressing that support. ARMAD is one event, but at the same time a series of events connected together. ARMAD was started as a means of promoting the hobby, and to use the hobby as a tool to show public support to those defending our nation, and the world. Amateur Radio is unique in that when we use our hobby, anyone around the world has the ability to listen in and hear what we are doing, and saying. Hence, Amateur Radio is the perfect way to provide a public service of this nature. ARMAD is designed to be one major event, while at the same time it is a series of local events that join together for a common cause. We ask Amateur Radio Operators to get on the air during patriotic holidays, and other military related events to express thanks and appreciation to our Troops, and Veterans. We also take this event to a new level of involvement as we ask Amateur Radio Clubs, and Operators to welcome military families, military members, and the general public to these events to participate with us. The event can be a small as a gathering in your shack or back yard, to a big rally or celebration at a public venue, or any other location that you may see fit to hold it. The goal is to get as many radio's on the air at a given time to show support. An event such as what the High-fivers Net did on Veterans Day fits perfectly in this operation. The reason for asking as many Amateur Radio Operators as possible to get on the air for these events is to promote publicity. If we hold events where only Amateur Radio Operators are involved, there can be no growth, or public awareness of our hobby because the public is not aware of our activities.

ARMAD events also promote unity for a common cause that is dear to the hearts of many families, and the public. In the past we have held events here in Fort Wayne, Indiana and elsewhere with as few as two or three operators, and also with as many as 25 Ham Operators, elected officials, private companies, military displays, support from sports teams, and other interested parties. The goal is always the same. Public service, and to promote Amateur Radio. These events instill a sense of pride in those that serve as they hear our voice, and hear of what we are doing through the local and national media. That is why we also encourage each local Amateur Radio Operator, and club to contact and work with the media in your area to let them know what we are doing as a collective effort. The more Amateur Radio involves the media and the public in these efforts the more publicity we generate, and the more coverage we receive. This helps us reach out to our communities, and gain new Amateur Radio Operators, and support from the people that we provide public service for. There are also many military support groups, and organizations that are eager to join in with Amateur Radio to help make these events a success because this is one facet of public service that effects all of us here in America, and abroad. Amateur Radio has the tools, and the personnel to make events like this very meaningful.

If you wish to get involved to help your community honor those in the military you may do so at your level of comfort. Contact local Amateur Radio Clubs, Nets, and other interested people. Plan an event at a venue and seek out sponsors, and make a program to honor those that serve. Invite military support groups to the event. The DAV, American Legion, Military units, Recruiters, Schools, The Pariot Guard, American Legion Riders, churches, Blue and Gold Star Families, Yellow Ribbon groups, Political leaders, and others. Invite military Amateur Radio Operators to be on the air to receive thanks, and to respond to those folks on the air that are expressing thanks to them. Invite Mars and Amateur Radio military radio clubs, and ask your American Legions, or other Veterans organizations if you can operate from their facilities and have a short program to honor our military people. Set up at a Veterans Hospital, or you may just work the event from your home shack. ARMAD is growing, and has the potential to promote our hobby to our citizens, and to reach those that serve our nation. It is open to Operators and Groups worldwide, and is somewhat like a field day event.

Every day new groups find out about ARMAD, and Amateur Radio as a result of what we are doing. These groups are eager to work with Amateur Radio to show appreciation with us. All we have to do is plan events and work with them. Find out what these groups are doing in your communities and work with them providing a special event station to display our hobby.

The main ARMAD event is held each Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend. Other events are on the air as requested, and during other military, and patriotic holidays. Such as local Reserve or National Guard Units returning home. Greeting Troops at the Air Port, sharing honors with local Veterans groups, or military support organizations. Including Amateur Radio is a great way to honor our young men and women in the military, and is a great way to promote and grow this hobby. We have the potential during these events to pick up a huge amount of media attention. This is the also a goal of ARMAD. To promote Amateur Radio to the general public through exposure.

In 2009 we are planning to take ARMAD on a road tour to promote what we as Amateur Radio Operators can do for our Troops, and our communities. If your Amateur Radio Club or you as an individual would like to become involved please contact ARMAD with your ideas. (

"Let's "Ham It Up For The Troops."


Emery McClendon / KB9IBW

W3FHT 2008-11-21
RE: Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day:
"My Father fought on Iwo Jima in World War II and came back alive!

What did your Father do? "

He built bombers at the Glenn L. Martin plant in Baltimore, so did Mother: remember "Rosie the Riveter".

KI4SDY 2008-11-20
Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day:
My Father fought on Iwo Jima in World War II and came back alive!

What did your Father do?
KB9IBW 2008-11-16
Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day:
As of 11/16/2008 ARAMD has received several responses from Military Support Groups that are interested in working with Amateur Radio Clubs for ARMAD-09.
This is a wonderful opportunity to promote Amateur Radio and to show support for our Troops, and Veterans, as well as their families; and our communities. If you would like to work with these groups to hold a special event station and receive help with drawing a crowd to the event contact

We have plenty of time to plan some very nice Special Event locations, and to have a great time. We are also planning to run a mobile station during ARMAD-09 and doing an on road tour. Plan to work us as we travel around the country.

Let's work together and promote Amateur Radio. These military support groups work together, and they are involved in some very big events which would love to have us demostrate our hobby. Let's show our unity in 2009 and gain some publicity and new Ham's into the hobby.