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New Android App RFinder...Your Worldwide Repeater Directory:

Created by on 2011-04-10
For immediate release
de W2CYK from the home QTH

Android application - Repeater Finder
Find it in the Android Market

We are pleased to announce the release of our first Android ApplicationRepeater Finder (RFinder)

25% of the proceeds of this app funds youth programs in Amateur Radio!
RFinder allows you to find repeaters all over the world based on your current location or a specified location. It allows sorting by distance or by Trustee callsign as well as filtering by band and radius in miles or kilometers.

Repeater Finder (RFinder) taps into a worldwide repeater database, including IRLP and Echolink information. Our database is growing daily.

If we do not have your repeaters listed.please do not refund.instead please send us a national list we don't have and get a 75% refund (25% goes to fund youth programs in Amateur Radio)! It will be loaded within 48h
send to

The application only stores information for repeaters within approximately 80 miles (125 km) from your location on your handheld at any one time, saving you room on your device. It uses geolocation either via cell tower triangulation, GPS or manual location entry (so you can look up the repeaters you will use on vacation or business trips, etc.).

If anyone has lists of repeaters from their countries we would love to incorporate that into our database. We already have:

US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, England, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands
Worldwide IRLP and Echolink nodes.

Planned Future Developments
IRLP and Echolink Status
Integration to Google Maps
Callsign Lookup
Current Grid Square display ***In today's release***

New Android App RFinder...Your Worldwide Repeater Directory:
Once upon a time [1985], KA9Q gave away EPROMs with TCP/IP on them, to run on air instead of AX.25 for FREE...

Now we have a repeater directory app that if you don't contribute data, you don't get a "refund" & a quarter is diverted to some "for the children" charade.

Who says you can't make money on ham radio?