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iHAB-7 Launch Announcement:

Created by on 2011-09-25

iHAB-7 Launch Announcement

The iHAB Team is excited to announce the next launch of the iHAB Project! iHAB-7 is scheduled to launch October 2, 2011 at 16:00Z (11AM CDT). The launch is in conjunction with the Southeast Iowa Hamfest, located on the Muscatine County Fairgrounds in West Liberty, Iowa. For those who wish to watch the launch in person, the iHAB Team is asking and encouraging you to enjoy the Southeast Iowa Hamfest. Gates open at 7AM, all tickets are $5, kids (14 and under) are FREE. Preflight will begin at 15:00Z (10AM CDT).

So far the predictive maps are showing for a favorable flight, and close downrange landing location (< 25 miles). Those who wish to chase are welcome to, but please ensure you're equipped with the proper gear. (Radios, APRS, hiking shoes, ect)

The iHAB Team is excited to fly another "FUN" payload. Including a 40 Meter QRP CW Beacon, UHF Simplex Repeater, and Hi-Def Video.

Visit for updated Flight News, and Launch Information.

=== The launch of iHAB-7 will be webcast LIVE starting at 10AM CDT, so please plan to visit Mission Control. ===<


WMME - Muscatine, IA
146.31- PL:192.8
WJV - Iowa City, IA
KDMVJ - Iowa City, IA
145.29- PL: 192.8

LIVE UHF Payload Audio:
[ - Here -]

Telemetry & Tracking:

Live! Tracker -> HERE
APRS (legacy)
Balloon Telemetry-> HERE
Chase Vehicle Telemetry-> HERE
Both Telemetry-> HERE


600g He
Payload #1:

Alinco DJ-C7 - VHF/UHF 3/5mw

UHF Parrot Simplex Repeater
446.mhz PL 1.

4M QRP Beacon
4 Watts
7.028 Mhz
"W0OTM iHAB-7 High Altitude Balloon"
Sample Audio
Four State QRP Group
NS-40 Class E Transmitter

1080p HD video

Keep Looking Up!
Marshall Dias - W0OTM

iHAB-7 Launch Announcement:
I attended the launch; you guys did a terrific job!