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Introducing Yaesu 'System Fusion':

Created by Dennis Motschenbacher K7BV on 2013-09-24

Yaesu's complete System Fusion C4FM / FDMA Amateur Radio Digital Communication System was introducing to North America ham radio operators yesterday late afternoon at the 32nd Annual ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference in Seattle, Washington.

Yaesu's FT 1DR Handheld and FTM 400DR mobile digital and analog dual band transceivers, already available, were discussed as well as a new key system components, the new DR-1 Dual Mode Repeater.

This conference is an international forum for radio amateurs to meet, publish their work, and present new ideas and techniques.

Presenters and attendees have the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn about recent hardware and software advances, theories, experimental results, and practical applications.

Attendees frequently are Amateur Radio individuals experimenting at the very leading edge of the kinds of new technology that keeps Amateur Radio constantly moving forward.

It was our intent to show our respect to these individuals by launching the new Yaesu System Fusion C4FM / FDMA Amateur Radio digital communication system during their proceedings.

Yaesu encourage all interest parties to download the attached Yaesu Product Bulletin as well as our new System Fusion Product Brochure to acquaint themselves with its full capabilities.

We are certain that many will applaud the fact that System Fusion is "FM Friendly" meaning both Analog and C4FM Digital users can share one repeater and communicate with each other.

With this one hugely important feature, Yaesu has shown their deep appreciation for their customers who for years and years have purchased their VHF and UHF Conventional FM Analog products.

Yaesu's System Fusion provides an opportunity for a smooth transition to Digital for hams choosing to make that change without having to lose contact with their friends who may not be making the change at the same.

Yaesu will release additional purchasing and availability information to their North American Dealers in the next few weeks.

We fully expect there to be a large number of System Fusion repeaters on-the air-widely serving the Amateur Radio community by year's end!

Please join us as we celebrate this very important day in Amateur Radio history!

Thank you.

Best regards,

Dennis Motschenbacher K7BV
Executive Vice President Amateur Radio Sales

WS4E 2013-09-25
RE: Introducing Yaesu 'System Fusion':
The AMBE patent # 6199037, issued Dec 1997, expires Dec 2017.

At that point anyone will be free to use ABME in their devices and develop their own implementations of ABME royalty free.

Maybe then that poor quality codec that sounds like using skype on a 56kbs dial-up connection will replace analog FM.
WB9QZB 2013-09-24
RE: Introducing Yaesu 'System Fusion':
Attachments couldn't be added to this News anouncement,
however if you join the Yaesu System Fusion group at:

you can find the attachments there.

73, Mark, WB9QZB
W1MSG 2013-09-24
Introducing Yaesu 'System Fusion':
Yup FM friendly, so more repeater pairs tied up with unused repeaters. Plus it has no infrastructure, no repeaters, no network or anything else yet. Doubt it will gain a foot hold. Radios aren't that much less expensive than the Icom's. Be curious to see how much the repeaters cost.
K1CJS 2013-09-24
RE: Introducing Yaesu 'System Fusion':
Yeah, Chuck--but with one big difference. This system is FM friendly, Icom's D-star is not.
K1DA 2013-09-24
Introducing Yaesu 'System Fusion':
A solution in search of a problem as Icom has already demonstrated. Hey, maybe I can put one in my solar powered car.
K7CB 2013-09-24
Introducing Yaesu 'System Fusion':
"Yaesu encourage all interest parties to download the attached Yaesu Product Bulletin as well as our new System Fusion Product Brochure to acquaint themselves with its full capabilities."

I don't see any attachment nor do I even see a link to where it can be downloaded.