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CQmaps is Reopen for Business:

Created by on 2018-07-19

CQmaps - Professional Maps for Amateur Radio is back into production and sold exclusively via Axles And Antennas: Overland & On Air.

CQmaps originally operated from March of 2015 until November 2016 and provided the Amateur Radio community with the best in personalized ham radio maps available on the market. CQmaps shipped more than 2000 individual maps during that time and gained a 4.9 out of 5 review rating. After an 18 month hiatus, CQmaps has been reopened but this time under the Axles And Antennas umbrella.

In keeping with the original product line, all CQmaps products are again offered with your Call Sign, name, QTH coordiantes, Maidenhead Grid, and Time Zone information. You will be able to choose from the ever popular Aziumthal Projection Map (Centered on your QTH), World DX Map, US Mai denhead Map, and the US Call Sign District map. Also offered is the one and only Yaesu Rotor Controller Azimuthal Insert Map.

Maps are available in 24x36 inch and 19x13 inch. Maps are printed on heavyweight matte finished paper and have an option of lamination. Maps can also be ordered on DuPont Tyvek for the ultimate in durability.

Axles And Antennas would also like to extend a warm "thank you" for your purchase by including a 19x13 US Call Sign District Map with any map order, no minimum. And in keeping with original CQmaps shipping policy, all US map orders are shipped free with standard shipping.

Thank you & 73!

James / N4EGA

Axles And Antennas

*please note that while the website is up and running, we will be making minor changes throughout the next few weeks in order to better ensure you have pleasant shopping experience. If you run into any issues, please email me directly at