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US ARDF Champions Prepare for International Competition In Korea:

Created by The ARRL Letter on 2018-07-19

US ARDF Champions Prepare for International Competition In Korea:

Results of the 18th USA National Championships of Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) are now in the record books. Some of those who took part in that event now are hoping to win positions on ARDF Team USA, which will travel to Sokcho, Korea, in early September for the 19th ARDF World Championships IARU rules limit national teams to three persons per age/gender category.

This year's USA National Championships took place near the ski resort town of Truckee, California. Events included foxoring, a combination of ARDF and classic orienteering on 80 meters; 80-meter sprint, and classic 2-meter and 80-meter ARDF competitions. Fourteen US-eligible competitors in the four events took home first-place awards.

Veteran ARDFer Bob Cooley, KF6VSE, set the competitive courses at Little Truckee Summit, a well-mapped area in the mountains north of Truckee at 6,300 feet of elevation. Meet Director Jay Hennigan, WB6RDV, was responsible for starting-line operations, medals, and many other details.

The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU establishes ARDF championship rules. For scoring and awards, participants are divided into 11 age/gender categories Most categories for males over age 40 and females over age 60 already have a full slate of Team USA candidates for the world competition in Korea, although uncontested openings exist for females and younger males, so it is possible for inexperienced radio-orienteers in these ranges to join the US team, ARRL ARDF Coordinator Joe Moell, K0OV, explained. Contact Moell, if interested -- do not contact the Korean organizers directly.

The Homing In website carries the latest information about upcoming ARDF activities. Read more -- Thanks to ARRL ARDF Coordinator Joe Moell, K0OV


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