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W0RW Lending Library: 'LibraryThing' Helps Sherlock Organize His Books

Created by Paul Signorelli, W0RW on 2019-09-10

W0RW Lending Library: 'LibraryThing' Helps Sherlock Organize His Books

You all know the many scrap books and miscellaneous papers Sherlock has at his 221B Baker street apartment. Now all his books are on line at "The Library Thing". The LibraryThing assigns you a `Registration Name' and allows you to enter the titles of your books and it selects the possible matches and you select the correct one and it enters all the title/author information. It is a free site.

Now you can to get all your technical books organized on the web. This free Library Web site called `LibraryThing' is at where you can list all your books, videos, etc, and keep track of them.

There is an additional link available for a fee to a site called 'TinyCat', (That is short for Tiny CATalog). It allows you to set up a lending library and your friends can access your book list and `check them out'. TinyCat keeps track of who has what and when they are due to be returned. Watson tossed out all my 3 x 5 Library cards that I used to keep track of my library books. You can see my TinyCat library at: .

I have my Library set up so that prospective users must have prior approval. After approval they can select a book from the scrolling banner or add a key word in the search block to find one (like Spy, Code Book, or Crime).

When someone wants a book, and it shows as 'Available', They just press the "Check Out" button, then type in the password , Then check it out. When I get the notice I pack it up and mail out.

You can write your own review of the book and it shows other similar books in the Lending Library. Most of these books can be purchased in hard copy or digital form from Book Stores or found in your local Library, but if you are living in the hedgerows of Gilnahirk this can be great way get the book you want by mail.

The Media Mail Book Rate is very inexpensive and they will pick up prepaid Media Mail books right out of your postbox. No need to go to the Royal Mail Office and stand in a queue.

Here are the Rules for my Lending Library:
It is all free but there are rules to keep everything moving.
Only 2 books at a time maybe ordered out at a time.
Return books after 1 month. Users pay return postage, Return books via "Media Rate". Use the 'TinyCat' Web page to request books.
Procedure: I send the books to you, You read and return the book(s) to me or send them on to next person as advised on the circulation list.

This is a Free Lending Library. If you have never ordered books before then you have to send me an email so I can approve your name and address, (Send email to

Sherlock, W0RW

AA7LX 2019-09-13
W0RW Lending Library: WOW ! Unbelieveable !!
Wow, what an idea-- if this is true... I must "study" this System of lending/borrowing Books ! What an incredable idea! Wow !!
'73 George, AA7LX

W4FID 2019-09-12
W0RW Lending Library: 'LibraryThing' Helps Sherlock Organize
This is GREAT! The ham spirit of yesteryear is alive and well. Share. Help. Trust. Think of ham radio as a fraternity. A connection between hams that crosses the "boundaries" between what modes we like best, how we enjoy the hobby, our age and demographic differences.

50+ years ago as a 14 year old high school kid a guy gave me a good receiver to use to help me get enough on the air time to upgrade from novice to general. He trusted me to pay him a few bucks whenever I could from my paper route money. My dad didn't believe a man would give a kid a good radio as he was driving me to the guy's house to pick it up. Adults picked me up and drove me to club meetings and hamfests.

The "good old days" were indeed old but VERY good. Nice to see some of that living on.