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Easy-Up Dipole for 60-Meters And?

Created by on 2019-12-12
Easy-Up Dipole for 60-Meters And?

If you haven't yet checked out the 60M channels - 5.332 to 5.405 MHz - you are missing out on a lot of pleasant mid-range daytime QSOs.

Often the reason is your multi-band vertical, or G5RV dipole, doesn't cover that band, and not many commercial options are available. The following paragraphs will detail my solution, both easy and cheap.

Using the tried and true 468/f gives a length of about 87' for mid band, which for a regular dipole would be about 43 1/2' per side. My yard lends itself to the off-center-fed approach, as a sturdy fence post is about 2/3 of the way to the property line.

For an OCF to work, you will need a 4:1 balun. Fortunately, several small, light 4:1 baluns are available (see eBay) from China. These have a maximum rating of 200W, but the 60M band has a power limit of 100W ERP - relative to a dipole. Perfect.

You will need one mast of up to 25' for the center. I use an MFJ fiberglass extension mast, but a sturdy metal pole would also work. The fiberglass mast is light enough for one person to erect, and strong enough to stand 50mph+ winds (with a lot of willow-like swaying). Fasten the balun securely at the top, with a 58' wire on the Positive balun terminal and the 29' wire on the other terminal.

For an inverted vee installation try to keep the long wire end 8-10' off the ground. The short leg should be higher off the ground to maintain a symmetrical angle. Use a light coax for the run down the pole, and tape it to the pole. At ground level, use another 60 to 70' length of coax into the shack.

That's all there is to it. I recalled that an OCF dipole could also be used on EVEN multiples of the fundamental, so was not surprised to find dips for the 30M band and the 15M band. 2 x 5.3 = 10.6, close to the 10.1MHz band, and 4 x 5.3 = 21.2, just right for the 15 Meter band.

My SWR results were as follows: 60M - 1:1, 30M - 1.6:1, 15M - 1.3:1. In addition, there were SWR dips on 12 and 10 that could be used with an internal tuner, but I haven't yet tried this antenna on those bands, which are open only sporadically of late.

Due to the nature of 60M, a high angle antenna leads to excellent NVIS results, and out to 300 miles this antenna outperforms my vertical wire.

Low cost and easy to try, see how it goes for you and let me know.


Easy-Up Dipole for 60-Meters And?
I built and erected a OCF dipole recently and while not for the 60 meter band it works pretty much as the OP has stated at 25 feet in height and given the dimensions stated, it also can surprise you. I worked Jamaica on 17 meters day before yesterday running 100 watts with a 5 by 5 signal report. Not bad considering I was not even looking to do this, just turned the dial and there was an op there. Folks, experiment with antennas once in awhile. It might surprise you what you can make work with a little effort even with crappy band conditions.