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Created by Mike N2MG on 2019-10-13
eHam Users:

Behind the scenes we have been working on a significant upgrade and modernization for In addition to a new look, the update will incorporate better security, better forums, better mobile presentation, etc.

We'll have the same basic layout, but we've simplified some things to make it easier to find the more popular features. This should also provide major improvement to the site's readability on a mobile device.

The plan is to perform the upgrade sometime in the next week to ten days, maybe earlier. This will require eHam to go off the air for a few hours at some point.

Thanks for your patronage and patience!

73 eHam team

KW5KW 2019-11-08 Website Update
Ok, I just looked at for the first time in a couple of weeks, (out of town, working, going to doctors (as old people do)) and I was shocked. I couldn't find anything, nothing was in it's place. I'm a creature of habit. I draw my gun and fire the same way every time. I check my e-mail the same way. I drive my car the same way (at least I hope I do.)
In other words, why fix something that wasn't really broke. If it needed something then leave the face alone and work on the insides without moving stuff around.

Just my rant.

N2MG 2019-11-01
Re: Website Update
Good catch re: summary view. Thanks.

Yes, config is not available. Sorry for the misleading info.
N2MG 2019-11-01
Re: Website Update
Good catch re: summary view. Thanks.

Yes, config is not available. Sorry for the misleading info.
KG7BZ 2019-11-01
Re: Website Update
OK, found the search. Does not show up on the default "Detail" view. You have to change to the "Summary" view to get the search.

But there still is no "Configure" link.

August KG7BZ
KG7BZ 2019-11-01
Re: Website Update
You say : PS - Use the fields under Date, Caption and Category in Classifieds to Search / Filter.

There IS NO field there to use! There is NO configure link. I can't find a way to do ANY kind of search.

August KG7BZ
N2MG 2019-10-31 Website Update
I've been gathering all your comments with relish and making sure all issues are addressed. Rest assured work continues under the hood and much of the missing functionality is coming soon.

Thanks for the comments.

73 Mike N2MG

PS - Use the fields under Date, Caption and Category in Classifieds to Search / Filter.
K9OSC 2019-10-31 Website Update
Numerous items don’t work as they should. Much prefer the old version.
KE7FD 2019-10-30 Website Update
OK, last comment. I'd been using the mobile interface to the new eHam site (V2), but just now I'm using the full blown desktop view for the first time. It's OK, though I need time to really let it grow on me. There's a world of difference between the two experiences! First impression of the desktop compared to the previous version is that it seems to be about the same level of utility. The mobile experience? V2 is like opening a can of warm cat food with a dull sense of humor.

OK, I agree not to leave eHam.

W2FBS 2019-10-30 Website Update
Really Mike,

I just looked through the comments! So many negatives! Go back to the old site until you have found someone that can really make it better or you will lose a lot of subscribers.
W2FBS 2019-10-30 Website Update
I am sorry to say that I really do not like this format. Plus, many of the so-called features don't work. You tell us to click on a configure link to change the sales items configuration and there is no configure to click on! You need to put more thought into this before you put it out as the replacement for a well-liked site. This will not bring me back to the site very often until you fix it.
K5UJ 2019-10-30 Website Update
The ux is a bit unintuitive. for example in the classifieds, on the expanded view, it isn't obvious that the search function is performed in the boxes above the listings for date, caption and the category drop-down.

Sale item photos: They are there but appearing as the actual photos, not a little camera icon, which is probably what users are expecting. In the sale summary view, look to the right for the photos.

The old reviews had a page that listed the most recent 50 or ~100 reviews, in a table with columns for date, model or product being reviewed, call sign of reviewer, title of review, and rating from 1 to 5 and that's the one thing I miss now.

Subjectively, to me the yellow and green color scheme is getting kind of old along with the eHam logo; it might be time for a remodel job.
W8LV 2019-10-30 Website Update
Please change it back, it's a mess....

K9RJ 2019-10-30
Re: Website Update
I was looking on the condensed view which as I recall had a camera image in the old version that indicated a photo was included. I do seem some photos when looking in detailed view. It would be nice to be able to click on the photos and see a larger image.
KB8UUZ 2019-10-29 Website Update
Well after more than a few days of clicking around, I'm still not impressed with the 'new' look. Very clunky, not at all friendly. hard to find items. Big Green bars with bright yellow printing - hard on the eyes. I, for one, still miss the old layout. Like I've read here from others - "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - I agree.
NA4M 2019-10-29
Re: Website Update
Some Classifieds seem to have pictures - and some don't if ad submitted without one I guess.
N2MG 2019-10-29
Re: Website Update

Classifieds *do* have photos.

What platform are you using?
For what ad (URL) do you expect a photo and not get one?

-Mike N2MG
K9RJ 2019-10-29 Website Update
Why are there no photos in Classifieds?
W6XY 2019-10-29 Website Update
Hi Mike, congrats on the revised website, I can only imagine what it takes to do it and all the follow-up issues.

I found two for you: (1) The PayPal error happened to me too, so I used my Visacard; and (2) I still don't have access to the Spot filters, nothing new appears in the menu since I subscribed. I've checked and confirmed that my subscription was paid on 10/25.

Good luck and thanks!
N2MG 2019-10-28
Re: Website Update
Best to deal with these issues privately. Send me an email.
I've tested this again and it works fine here.

Exactly what error did you get?

-Mike N2MG
N2MG 2019-10-28
Re: Website Update
I'm trying to keep up with your comments. Keep 'em coming!

Mike N2MG
W5NM 2019-10-28 Website Update
I attempted to donate to via PayPal and it would not work..... Told me my information was incorrect. BUT
when I purchase something from another website OR go to PayPal itself and log-in it all works fine. ????

Carmine W5NM
KJ4DGE 2019-10-28
Re: Website Update
For all the negatives, you have to keep up with the times. FF works for me, yes to using older versions being the problem and the larger print is great. Going back to the old site is not an option so learn, adapt, overcome folks. New things sometimes rub you the wrong way until you use them for awhile. My only surprise was the article section which had been top left is now bottom right. Leave it there!, I have already gotten used to the new format and yes bugs will get fixed but the new "look" is much better than the old IMO.

Having built my own site I know what its like to have users complain about this and that. Eham users have to understand to keep the site going you need to visit the sponsors sites even if you don't buy anything. That's what pays for Eham being on a server and being hosted. I will be renewing my membership soon BTW.

Love the bigger text right off the bat though. If you stop growing and moving you cease to be relevant in today's world. Good job on the upgrade and the fast fixes.
K8EZB 2019-10-27
Re: Website Update
New website a huge improvement visually. Crisp, bright, modern, more readable design. Long overdue, IMHO. Still some bugs to iron out, however. For example, when entering a post to a forum topic, the "buttons" (quote, italics, etc) don't work - do nothing when clicked.

K5UJ 2019-10-27
Re: Website Update
"The new site is not properly compatible with Firefox, so I will be visiting less frequently until the bugs are fixed."
K5UJ 2019-10-27 Website Update

I'm running the latest version of FF and it works fine. Perhaps you should upgrade. If you are using a machine and OS that are several years old, it is advisable to move to the latest version of your OS also. If this means a new hardware platform so be it. Old machines and operating systems on the network put your privacy and financial resources at risk.
N5KO 2019-10-27
Re: Website Update
Thank you for your detailed, actionable feedback. We have fixed the problem.

Many thanks and 73.

Google searches for eham forum information are broken now. For example I was just now searching for some antenna information and I got this link from a a Google search -

But is now broken because the new forum upgrade path is now -

the path is now /forum instead of /ehamforum
N7SWL 2019-10-26 Website Update
Nice update! I hadn't logged in for a few days and was surprised, pleasantly by the update! Nice job.
WW4DX 2019-10-26 Website Update
I subscribe to the line of thinking “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. Unfortunately it’s now broken.

K5WLR 2019-10-26 Website Update
Classifieds are fubared. When you click on the Classified link, what is shown on the link are not the same ads as what is shown on the main page. This seems to be a problem with showing ads that are new since the last visit. I can't change the setting to show all ads as I get a 404 error when I try to do this.
K2CBI 2019-10-26 Website Update
Old format was easier to navigate. I don't see any improved features on the new site. Sorry to be negative.
N3OO 2019-10-26 Website Update
This is a down grade.....geeesh.
KB6QXM 2019-10-26 Website Update
Found bugs and some suggestions.

1) Classifieds are now a flat file and not being able to sort by the type of listing. If you click on the legacy link, you get a 404 error.
2) In mobile, you should have the ability to expand/collapse.
3) In mobile, you cannot get into the survey to look at the answers.
4) Survey on web. Not all selections available.
W8RXL 2019-10-26 Website Update
Sorry admin team, you need lessons on how to roll out an upgrade. If you used a commercial service to do this, get your money back because they did a crap job.

A lot of broken things like links to articles, permalinks on already indexed pages and the front page was poorly designed.

You large top of page banner ads are too large, the banner needs to be fixed to be a bit flexible.

Looking at it on my iPhone was really bad, everything was shoved around and hard to navigate.

Sometimes the idea of a back end upgrade is great but when the user experience suffers so much that members or users drop off, then maybe the admins didn't do their job.
WY5T 2019-10-26
Re: Website Update
The only problem I’m seeing is that when I set my configuration to see all ads it defaults back to new ads only... it’s done this on 2 other computers... I’m open for suggestions
Bill Orr / WY5T
N5INP 2019-10-26 Website Update
Google searches for eham forum information are broken now. For example I was just now searching for some antenna information and I got this link from a a Google search -

But is now broken because the new forum upgrade path is now -

the path is now /forum instead of /ehamforum

Maybe it will get re-indexed by Google I do not know. But even if it is it will ruin a lot of embedded links in other posts and sources of information out there that will never be fixed.
N2SLO 2019-10-26 Website Update
Sorry web page admins- this new website update is "terrible". I am proficient in technology, with some old school in me. Trying to navigate this website is horrible. I am an advocate for change, if the change is for the better. Not sure why the need to change a true and tested format. Why the need for all these "colors". Way too much GREEN/YELLOW, like a St. Patrick day beer fest. Over highlighted! Sorry guys, please go back to the old format, QRZ is much easier on the eyes and organized better. I agree better security due to Cyber is a must, but this is not organized. Sorry.
W2MSK 2019-10-26 Website Update
This new website look is a BIG STEP BACK! Too large type, hard to read, not enough info on first page. BRING BACK THE OLD SITE!!! Change is not needed, old site worked well and was familiar.
AJ4EV 2019-10-26 Website Update
For years I enjoyed the forums. Using a laptop it is horrible to navigate. From a long time subscriber - goodbye.
K5DHL 2019-10-26 Website Update
Well...... I like the new web site format..... actually I like it a lot. 73
KB7FXJ 2019-10-26 Website Update
Sorry but I too like the old site layout! I have been using eham for 38 years but I guess no more. To hard to find stuff.
K6LIE 2019-10-26 Website Update
Why is it in the website world that everything that is working well has to be changed, not necessarily for the better. Obviously, people are getting paid big bucks in IT and have to be justified in their work...thus...always changing the look of sites.

W6UXB 2019-10-26 Website Update
Love the new layout of the eHam web site, it did need refreshing, the only thing I don't like is the big red letters telling me my subscription has expired, be a little more subtle folks, 73 Geoff
K1VVC 2019-10-25 Website Update
It never ceases to amaze me how companies (remember "New Coke") and apparently web sites take a smoothly running site that subscribers are comfortable with try to "improve" their product. For eHam, a great way to loose subscribers, especially when you introduce it and it's not even working 100%.
KB4MRX 2019-10-25 Website Update
Not able to filter DX spots by call sign
W4RCN 2019-10-25
Re: Website Update
I have the same problem. My paypal login is correct as I can login directly, but not thru eham to renew my subscription. I do not like the new site, Please go back to the old.
WA0WHT 2019-10-25 Website Update
Hadn't logged in for a while, but did today and was met with "Your subscription has lapsed!" in red letters. Tried to contribute with PayPal, but applet didn't like my ID/pw even though my login works on the PayPal website and checkouts on other websites. Tried a different browser; no joy. Have others recently had similar trouble?
KH6KM 2019-10-25 Website Update
I've enjoyed eHam web site for years and had nothing but good to say about it.
Today...not so much. Please change it back to what it was.

Kelly N4DXN (ex: KH6KM)
NT9M 2019-10-25 Website Update
Looks good on my Moto phone.
What I am missing is a way to see more than just the last 20 reviews. How can I do that?
W2EUS 2019-10-25 Website Update
I can no longer sort "Review Counts", "Last Review", and "MSRP $" in Reviews. I hope you add this feature back. Otherwise I like what I see so far.
WC4R 2019-10-25 Website Update
Nice change! It took a few moments to learn the placement of the usual items. Once I got re-trained, I like the improvements. I'm sure it will lend to better additions later. Many won't like change but this one was worth it.
KT4ZE 2019-10-25 Website Update
Looks great! I have used on 3 different browsers and my iPad, so far it works fine. A little easier to read for these old eyes.
G8HQP 2019-10-25
Re: Website Update
What I have gleaned from this thread is that the main aim of the change was to improve use of the site using mobiles and tablets, yet many such users prefer the old site. Meanwhile, those of us using laptops also find that the old site was better. The old site did not require the use of two different vertical scroll bars to move around a page!! The new site is not properly compatible with Firefox, so I will be visiting less frequently until the bugs are fixed.
KE7FD 2019-10-25 Website Update
Sorry my posts are so broken up; having difficulty locating this tread when scrolling and finger hits submit. My eyes, my eyes. Make it stop. The new format is more annoying than all the LIDs I've encountered on 80 & 20 meters combined.
KJ1R 2019-10-25 Website Update
I like it! Nice job!!
VE3TMT 2019-10-25 Website Update
Forums are useless on Android phones.
KB8UUZ 2019-10-25 Website Update
I for one liked the old format better. Easier to navigate, see new items and not get blasted with bright green bars with yellow printed messages. And, having to stumble around to find what I look at each day - company reviews, new items for sale and product reviews.

But alas, people *MUST* improve things - even if there is no real reason to do it. ....sigh.....
K5WLR 2019-10-24 Website Update
Go Up button does not take you up to the top of the page... using Firefox.
K5WLR 2019-10-24 Website Update
Problem with ads. I am getting the same ads since the change. Tried to change the settings from new to all and got a 404 error. Same thing when reset was clicked.
K5WLR 2019-10-24
Re: Website Update
KE7FD 2019-10-24
Re: Website Update
I kinda hate to ask, but does anyone know of a comparable site to use in place of eHam? My index finger's already getting carpal tunnel from all the up and down, side-to-side. I'm getting queasy, need to look away...
KE7FD 2019-10-24
Re: Website Update
Follow up on my previous comment:
Is this the type of thing that compels people to abandon one site for another? I liked eHam. What did I do wrong to be treated this way? Was it something I browsed incorrectly?
KD8QDL 2019-10-24 Website Update
I really like the new site! It is more attractive and colorful than the old and I believe it will whole even more I. The future. Thank you for making the investment in money and time for this great new look. I really look forward to exploring what you have worked so hard to improve.
KE7FD 2019-10-24 Website Update
Wow, the new format really...stinks. If I could lug around a 19 inch monitor attached to my cell phone, it wouldn't be so bad. Using eHam with this format is going to take a lot more work for the user to garner value from now on. I liked the previous format, didn't have a problem with it. If it works, don't fix it.
W0FK 2019-10-24 Website Update
I am among those who do not care for the new look. The "old look" worked quite well, and the changes don't quite do it for me. The layout does not work well on a smart phone, and the text is huge on my desktop monitor. I miss having the content all on one page, I often saw something that interested me simply because it was there. The new format requires me to search for something to uncover it via pull down menus, and I won't do that very often and may miss a lot.

I also note some issues, including no search function for classified ads I can find, and the "save" settings for classified ads results in an error code: " The above error occurred while the Web server was processing your request."

73, Lou, W0FK
G4AON 2019-10-24
Re: Website Update
The problem I have is using a small iPhone SE, whichever way I orientate the phone, it's hard to view/reply to the forums.

The old site was OK in that regard.

73 Dave
NA4M 2019-10-24
Re: Website Update
QRZ info now shown in Callsign Search.
K5WLR 2019-10-24 Website Update
Callsign search link to QRZ information is broken. eHam local information shows up, but not the QRZ information.
KLONDIKEMIKE 2019-10-24 Website Update
Looks OK. Feature missing which for me is a high priority, the ability to have a list of all new posts in ALL Forum sections. Gone! Now I have to visit each sub heading to view new for only THAT section. Very cumbersome and time consuming. I don't do cumbersome and I don't have the time.
N2MG 2019-10-24
Re: Website Update
Re : browsing on small phone

Much of the effort was to take into account the site's functionality on tablets and phones.

On a Samsung 6S I can browse rather easily.
Now, instead of zooming in and out, and scrolling left and right, and scrolling up and down, I mostly scroll just up and down.

What feature are you trying to use that is giving you grief
AJ4EV 2019-10-24 Website Update
Sorry but I too like the old site layout!
G8FXC 2019-10-24
Re: Website Update
I was also about to comment on the new layout presented on smaller screens like phones and tablets - it's not very usable! Personally, I was perfectly happy with the old layout, but I could live with the new one on full size screens. I tried to browse the site on my phone last night and gave up - it was just too difficult.
G4AON 2019-10-24
Re: Website Update
The new web site is hard to navigate on a phone. The old site was quite easy, the forums are the hard part.

Can consideration be given to looking into making the site usable on a small phone screen?

73 Dave
NN3RP 2019-10-24 Website Update
Great job! Keep up with technology, security, etc.

I would love to see more on user authentication to provide for a more robust access.
WA2ONH 2019-10-23 Website Update
Thanks to the staff at eHam for today's update. It appears everything is "there" but it's like coming home and someone arranged all the furniture! That's OK it's simply new and different but we'll get used to!

One thing I noticed in the CLASSIFIED section. The individual ads list the USER IP ADDRESS but now it's not connected to the service which identifies where that IP ADDRESS is located, that is IP vendor/city/state/ region etc. Something to reconnect?

Question: Does this "new" version place a time limit on the ability to make comments in the Forums. It's those topics which were started 5-10 years ago being inactive until today when someone adds a comment to "reactivate" it. I would like a topic to have say a 6-month or max a year response time for additional questions. What say?
K4RTS 2019-10-23 Website Update
I thought the old layout was excellent. Oh well...looks like I'll just have to get used to the new look.
KD6CCP 2019-10-23 Website Update
I was very happy with the older format. The newer one looks like too many of the other net sites. What I liked about the older one was it was easy to see everything on one page in a manner that made sense. Oh well....
N5RV 2019-10-23 Website Update
I like it, so there! LOL!
N1HMT 2019-10-23 Website Update
Not enthused about the new design, I understand improvements on security etc. but why jumble the home page things that were on the right are now on the left articles are below classifieds etc. when you get old your eyes and brain get accustomed to things and when you manipulate for what may seem improvements you lose.
K8CAC 2019-10-23 Website Update
Do not like the new upgrade or layout.
NZ4ZN 2019-10-22 Website Update
Thank you and good luck with the upgrade, I hope it goes smoothly for you!
K7LZR 2019-10-22 Website Update
Please keep the ability for the seller to delete a classified listing and/or mark sold. QRZ uses an interactive form for classifieds and it is SO annoying because a seller must reply to his/her own post to tell the moderators that the item has sold, and even after that the listing stays up FOREVER. I've had people contact me years later about an item which I sold years earlier.

So please do not let eHam classifieds operate this way.
KB6QXM 2019-10-19
RE: Website Update
When are the e-ham site updates/facelift going to be completed? I hope it was not a change to the color and that's it.

New UI? Less animated GIFS and a look of a website that looks like it was made in the 21st century.

Updates please.
KF5KWO 2019-10-18 Website Update
Excellent, congrats on the updates. I love the yellow color scheme, I’ve been coming to this site since...i don’t know when. As early as 2001, I’m guessing. I let my subscription lapse, but I’m inspired to resubscribe today.
K5UJ 2019-10-16
RE: Website Update

About the website: I was wondering if this site would ever get an update. It's definitely 20 year old html. I am against web designer changes that degrade functionality, but updates are important for site security. Another factor is that around 2 years ago, Google began ranking sites lacking mobile display design, lower in their hit lists. If you have a site and you want it near the top of a search result you have to have a page design configured for mobile device display.

You fellows limping along with 15 year old computers badly need to upgrade your hardware platform and OS and web client. The IT world moves forward on these three separate tracks. I don't like it--I'd like to be able to buy a computer and run it for 30 years like any other cheap ham but in this area of technology it just doesn't work that way. If you are running ancient PCs on the network you are vulnerable to hacks and compromises period.

One suggestion: It's dumb to have to log in to look up a callsign when there are other on-line utilities that provide license data to anyone with no authentication.
VK4FFAB 2019-10-16
RE: Website Update
Amateur radio was once respected and amateur radio operators were respected as someone with a fair amount of technical knowledge. Now, not so much. If you mention that you are into amateur radio, you are looked down upon as being OLD. "They still do that?"

I dont know what circles you walk in, but most of my have fiends are under 40 and are into home brew, construction and RF electronics.

If the only thing sold about the hobby is that you can talk to people, then of course the younger crowd will laugh at us because talking as a reason to do ham radio is a joke.

Ham radio should be about self education in radio electronics and construction. Instead it is adult CB for black box operators who for the most part would not know which end of a diode is the cathode and which is their elbow.

The things that made this hobby great in the past will make it great again in the future and the sooner we move past the notion that black box operating adult cb is the pinnacle of the hobby, the sooner the hobby will become great again. But this would require people to value self education, electronics and construction greater than wackers, talkie talkies and contests.

N2MG 2019-10-15
RE: Website Update
Thanks for the comments!

Keep 'em coming.

Mike N2MG
KB6QXM 2019-10-15
RE: Website Update
Outstanding! I have written articles about how our younger generation perceive us. If you look at most amateur radio websites, they look like something out of the beginning of the the world wide web. Animated GIFs are out. Nice navigation, mobile responsive sites are in.

Professionally I have been the Product Owner for customer-facing web portals and eCommerce applications for Fortune 500 high-technology companies in the Silicon Valley. It is bad enough that most Millennials and Gen Z do not want to get involved in amateur radio. With cell phone technology and video apps, the world is at their finger tips. I know as I have worked my entire career in the Silicon Valley.

Amateur radio was once respected and amateur radio operators were respected as someone with a fair amount of technical knowledge. Now, not so much. If you mention that you are into amateur radio, you are looked down upon as being OLD. "They still do that?"

Now with public-domain software such as Wordpress, it is easy to build a respectable looking website. It is bad enough that the Millennials and Gen Z look as if this is a hobby for the "older crowd", we do not need our websites to validate that idea.

73. Look forward to the joining the 21st Century.
N5RV 2019-10-14 Website Update
Thanks for the update Mike and hope it goes smoothly.

N4CQR 2019-10-14
RE: Website Update
Thanks, eHam staff for the things you all do. For Free!
K9MHZ 2019-10-14
RE: Website Update
Why don't you guys email Mike directly with your suggestions? They do a great job, so relax, everything will be OK.
K9FV 2019-10-14
RE: Website Update
Congrats on having a GREAT long running website. I do understand the need to stay somewhat current, but PLEASE DO NOT take the route QRZ did with their recent upgrade with all the graphics and garbage,
W8RXL 2019-10-14 Website Update
Just a suggestion.

With a large number of sites doing “upgrades”, one thing that they seem to ignore is testing the software with a bunch of regular users to find bugs and prevent crashing.

A number of sites did this and had a seamless and quick change over with the old system on the side and intact just Incase something went really wrong.

I know many service providers for forums and websites lack any idea of how to handle this properly and leave the site owner in a lurch when something goes wrong,

WC4R 2019-10-14 Website Update
Thanks for building the #1 "GO TO" ham radio web site. Good luck with the update. 73
K3SSB 2019-10-14
RE: Website Update
Good Morning:

You're my first stop each morning and a big part of my internet routine.

Good luck with the update.

tnx es 73 de K#SSB

Tom G, Sr.
EA4BNB 2019-10-14 Website Update
I use as the initial page, so when I start my browser it is the first page I read. Congratulations and thank you.
KK4LMR 2019-10-14 Website Update
Been reading this website since 2012. I have a 15 year old Mac which is slowly dying, this is one of the few websites that I can access with no problem. I am nervous about "updates"
K9MHZ 2019-10-13
RE: Website Update
Thanks Mike!
NN2X 2019-10-13
RE: Website Update
Eham is a great web site...I am on this site constantly...Thank you (The team) for continuing the improvements!



PU2OZT 2019-10-13 Website Update
Working so much better on a smartphone, very well done, thank you!
KE5KDT 2019-10-13
RE: Website Update
I will take you at your word. You guys have been great in supporting this site. My favorite all around place for everything ham radio.

I remember when QRZ decided to completely change their homepage format to have an over abundance of graphics with every story title. It made it painful to try and scan through what was on the page. Many, many, many users of the site complained and begged them to not go that route. Well it is their site so they can do what they want and they did. I finally gave up on it since it was so much trouble to find items of interest.

So, we hope you keep that promise to make is look much as is currently does and easy to access.
SWMAN 2019-10-13
RE: Website Update
Hi Mike,
Actually I like eham just the way it is, no problems reading everything here. But maybe the new design will be better. Good sight and thank you. Jim W5JJG
DL8OV 2019-10-13 Website Update
OK, good luck with the rollout of the upgraded site.

I do have one feature request for the next version after that. After logging on and clicking on Forums I see ALL of the forums including those which I have no interest in. Could you possibly give us the ability to see only the forums we want on a per account basis?

Peter DL8OV