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Keep Your Balloon Antenna Tethered

Created by Paul Signorelli, W0RW on 2023-05-10


Keep Your Balloon Antenna Tethered


   Balloon Antennas really work well but you have to keep them tethered. Having them flying off across the plains with a big wire attached is also not good. The FAA requires balloons, even tethered ones, to be authorized if they go above the FAA height restrictions.


   The balloon shown here is a Para-balloon that looks like a flying wedge. It was filled with Helium and is about 15 feet long. The wedge shape of the wing keeps it flying straight over head. It was flown up to over a mile and did have local FAA Approval. It was used for Low Frequency operations.



   WA2XRM is a Low Frequency station that is celebrating 20 years of operation on 480 kHz.


Paul   WA2XRM


Re: Keep Your Balloon Antenna Tethered
Agree Absolutely worthless article
NO reference to anything wast of type
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Absolutely worthless article.
Keep Your Balloon Antenna Tethered
Absolutely worthless article.