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An Indoor Antenna CAN Make YOUR Day Too!

Created by Trippy, Harry Brown, AC8S on 2023-04-30


Sunday, March 5, 2023, a DAY, THAT WILL LIVE, FOREVER, in my life, and, in the ham community!!!


For YEARS, I have NEVER, EVER, been able, to make a voice contact, with an indoor antenna, NEVER, been able to do that, until this HISTORIC, day!


I put up the 16-foot 8-inch end fed, for 10 meters. But it didn't make any contacts, where it was located, in my 2nd floor apartment. Instead of putting it up where it was, I moved the end fed!


I put my AM radio, on a far away station, early this morning, and I moved the radio to the left, and the station got louder, till it reached its loudest point! So, yours truly, put a piece of gorilla tape, exactly, where that location is, on my blind rod, then put the end fed right there, and that's where it was when I made history!


Write this down, THIS DAY, Sunday, March 5, 2023, at 13:54Z, or, 8:54 AM!!!

On 28.349, with only 12 watts, and my 16-foot 8 inch end fed, I, AC8S, worked? How about IK8UND!!!


The speech compressor is on, and it will stay on, FOR SURE, with a mic gain, at 50!!!


He called once, I went back to him, he said, "who's the alpha charlie 8?"

I went back to him, and he said, "is it alpha charlie 8 foxtrot?

I told him "alpha charlie 8 sugar."

And he said, "Alpha charlie 8 sugar, 59 500."

I told him 59 Michigan."

He said, "got it, 59 mike India, chow!"


And you better believe, I wrote it down, oh yes, I did!


HISTORY has been made, from this station!!!"


It was worth all the Pepsi I drank to stay awake to make this HISTORIC, contact!


I will never, EVER, forget this day!!!


Am I gonna stay with 12 watts, certainly not, but now we knew it's possible, for indoor contacts using the BBTD, that Corey, KD3CR, built, and uses indoors, and has made over 1300 contacts, also, a 16 foot 8 inch end fed, including the 3 inches at the unun, and, the 3 inches, at the insulator, has also, made an indoor, contact, at least on 10 meters!


This will be going into my greatest days of my life, file!!! If I could ONLY MAKE, a BBTD like you have, Corey, oh my gosh what it  would do!


Now, to figure out how long of an end fed I would need, that will work on 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12,, because I know it will certainly WORK on 10, 6 and 2, yes I said 2 meters!!!

I know that the 111 foot 5 and a half inch, that I made, didn't work.

Anyway, HISTORY has been made, it is possible.


Anyway Corey, pal, you've done even more indoors, than I have, over 1300 contacts worth, on the BBTD, I just would LOVE, to see what it would DO, in this, apartment!!!


Do I feel Joy? That's an understatement, this took:

  1. Prayer, for a long time now.
  2. determination!
  3. Hard work!


After all, a blind ham isn't supposed to build an antenna and it would work?

That's been proven wrong, oh yes it has!!!

And, if you want, pass this on to any ham who thinks they cannot get on the air, indoors!!!


This will now change, this hobby, forever, with the BBTD, or the end fed!!!

I still, will be trying the slinky dipole.


And yes, I will be rewriting my antenna article, and going back, to the234, for a quarter wave, and 468 for a half wave, because that, is what this 16 foot 8 inch end fed was made, length wise!


Harry, AC8S, now going to take my meds, and go to bed, But this joy, is unreal, JOY, INDEED, one of the GREATEST DAYS, of my life, 2nd only to February 4, 1978, and you guys can ask me about that, if you want! No more, will a ham operator have to give up the hobby, because he/she cannot put up an HF indoor antenna, because we now have, 2 antennas, that WORK, VERY WELL!


So, as you can see, reader, Sunday, March 5, 2023, is right up there, as one of the GREATEST DAYS OF, MY LIFE!



An Indoor Antenna CAN Make YOUR Day Too!
Congrats on your first indoor antenna contact, may there be many more to follow.
An Indoor Antenna CAN Make YOUR Day Too!
That greats, congratulations on your success.
But in you post you said there is a 2nd date that was a good one for you. I will venture to guess from this post
I just read, it could be the date that you got your license??
An Indoor Antenna CAN Make YOUR Day Too!
Good for you! Bravo! It is a joy to hear about another person's joyful ham radio experience! 73!