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10-Meter Dipole with 5 Db Gain

by Dick Reid, KK4OBI  2021-08-20
An "eHam Classic" by KK4OBI

My Flashing Light QSO with the USS Bennington

by Paul Signorelli, W0RW  2021-07-30
A memorable contact with the Aircraft Carrier CVS-20

The NA4IT 'CHEAP' Dual Band Ground Plane

by Scott Duckworth, NA4IT  2021-07-10
An "eHam Classic" by NA4IT

Where is Everyone?

by Randy Cook, K6CRC  2021-06-20
K6CRC shares his dream, or nightmare... A lighthearted look at the future (June 18, 2025)


by James 'Jimmie' R Hilit, II, N8NSN  2021-05-30
An "eHam Classic" by N8NSN

A Simple Pull-Up Mono-Band Vertical Dipole Antenna Design / 4NEC2 Tutorial

by   2021-05-10
Increase your contacts with this excellent antenna design

Go Portable with Your Butternut Vertical

by Scott Evans, N4ZOU  2021-04-22
An "eHam Classic" by N4ZOU

My End Fed Stealth Antenna

by Tom Sowden, W6KAN  2021-04-04
W6KAN shows you his setup

Rebuilding CD45 and Similar Rotors

by Steve Fetter, WA8UEG  2021-03-16
An "eHam Classic" by Steve Fetter, WA8UEG

My First 'Cell' Phone

by Paul Signorelli, W0RW  2021-03-02
W0RW takes a walk down memory lane and shares info on the truly early mobile phones.

Please Do Not Feed the Trolls

by K1JRF John  2021-08-10
K1JRF offers sage advice

Make it Yourself

by Lou, KB2DHG  2021-07-20
KB2DHG shares the thrill of making a DX contact with a simple wire antenna that he built.

210 Countries on a 10 Foot Whip

by Paul Signorelli, W0RW  2021-06-30
Taking pedestrian mobile operating up to a whole new level...

Antenna Tuner Helper

by Paul Signorelli, W0RW  2021-06-10
Switch bands faster and easier!

Homebrewing RF Coils for Your Radio Project

by Edward Peter Swynar, VE3CUI  2021-05-20
VE3CUI walks you through the process

Peripatetic Morse (PM)

by Paul Signorelli, W0RW  2021-04-30
Next time you are out at the park and all the benches are taken, give it a try!

Exploring the Lost Creek Wilderness Area

by Paul Signorelli, W0RW  2021-04-12
W0RW shares the joy of portable operation in the beautiful Colorado mountains

Inexpensive High Quality Ceramic Insulators for Antennas

by   2021-03-26
WD8SBB shares some helpful info to keep more money in your pocket

Remember the Kenwood MC-50 Mic Toilet Paper Roll Baffle? It's Back! Sorta.

by Mike WA4D  2021-03-08
What's old is new again!

Cold Temperature Testing Your Rigs

by Paul Signorelli, W0RW  2021-02-20
How to make sure your rig is going to work in extremely cold environments.