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Cold Temperature Testing Your Rigs

by Paul Signorelli, W0RW  2021-02-20
How to make sure your rig is going to work in extremely cold environments.

House Cleaning?

by   2021-01-30
What can we do to clean up the bands and get rid of illegal equipment?

Top Ten Steps for Successful Portable QRP Operation:

by Paul Signorelli, W0RW  2021-01-12
How prepared are you? What steps do you take?

My First SOTA Activation

by Steve Hersey, K7OFG  2020-12-26
K7OFG shares his experiences, and the view...

Mono Band Vertical Antennas Using Bamboo Poles

by Greg Danes, KJ4DGE   2020-12-14
If you hurting for space, consider going vertical!

The FCC Just Reissued My Old Call Sign!

by Paul Signorelli, W0RW  2020-12-02
Who has your old call sign? Have you checked?

Can It Really Work? (Just Get On The Air!)

by Tomas, NW7US  2020-11-22
Becoming active can be your most effective "station" upgrade, and will surely lead to better things ahead!

RF Safety Distancing

by Paul Signorelli, W0RW  2020-11-10
Some safety advice for pedestrian mobile operators

Power Line Noise in the City

by Paul Signorelli, W0RW  2020-10-30
Tired of RFI / EMI? There are great solutions to solve your problem(s)!

Modify MFJ949E Tuner to Avoid RF Shocks and Hand Influence

by Robert Casey WA2ISE  2020-10-18
WA2ISE shows you how to avoid an unpleasant experience...

Remote Tuned Slinky Dipole for Restricted Hams

by James Zappulla, N1FDX  2021-02-10
An "eHam Classic" by N1FDX

How to Get On 220 Without Spending a Lot

by Greg Danes, KJ4DGE  2021-01-20
Try out the 1.25–meter band, without breaking the bank!

Tools and Supplies for the Ham

by Phil Salas, AD5X  2021-01-02
An "eHam Classic" by AD5X

Astatic D-104 Shock Hazard

by Paul Signorelli, W0RW  2020-12-20
Some sage safety advice from someone who almost lost his life.

Not Your Typical Mobile Mount

by William Ohlrich, KD8QAE  2020-12-08
An "eHam Classic" by KD8QAE

Print an Official or Unofficial Copy of Your Amateur Radio License:

by   2020-11-28
Need a paper version of your license? Follow this helpful "how to" and obtain a printable version for free!

Taking My General Exam

by Howard L Walker, KI4VEO  2020-11-16
KI4VEO shares his unusual jump to General and wonders if anyone else has had anything similar happen...

Don't Be 'Fazed' by Phasing!

by Bob Raynor, N4JTE  2020-11-04
An "eHam Classic" by N4JTE

The Mini Saga of the ALDA (103)

by w0wca, Bill  2020-10-24
W0WCA shares his story of rig rescue work

1000 CW QSOs

by Tate Jackson N3BXZ  2020-10-12
N3BXZ shares his progress with Morse code operation