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Ham Domain (Rewritten):

Fred Atkinson (WB4AEJ) on February 27, 2007
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Quite some time back, I wrote an article on how to very inexpensively set yourself up with a ham domain so you could have an email address that reflects your handle and callsign (, for example) and a basic ham Web page (site) (, for example).

Several months ago, I discovered that the domain registrar I was using discontinued giving free email accounts with new registrations. I had to post a warning notice on the article about that.

However, I've found another registrar and documented the process on how to do it for an entire year on less than ten dollars with twenty-five megabytes of mail space, both Web and client email access, and some other goodies, which I won't spoil for you.

Check out the article at:


Fred, WB4AEJ

Member Comments:
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Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by KG4RUL on February 27, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Quick! Alert the folks at IBM that there are Amateur Radio call signs with this combination of letters!

Way too many lawyers with nothing useful to do!

Dennis KG4RUL
RE: Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by K9FV on February 27, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Good article - and perhaps of interest to several folks.... Dennis, was this a post to the wrong article?

73 de Ken
RE: Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by WB4AEJ on February 27, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Thanks, Ken,

No, he was responding to the right article. Read the part about N7QVC and you'll see what he means.

If you (or anyone else) undertake the project, be sure to email me with your domain so I can add it to the ham domain table.


Fred, WB4AEJ
Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by AI2IA on February 27, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Everyone should read the horror story about N7QVC. This is the kind of stuff that makes my blood boil. How many of us have call signs that are part of some organization's registered name? Who knows? I recently found out that my call sign, AI2IA, is part of the logo of a software group as, get a load of this, "Artificial Inteligence To Information Access." I am not going to put up there symbol here, but it has AI2IA smack in the middle of it.

They haven't bothered me, and I haven't bothered them, and I hope that it stays that way.

Well, people in general will copyright, patent, and outright steal ideas, money, inventions, private property, domain names, or anything else that they want to grab, but now they want to have exclusive use of words and numbers in the English language.
RE: Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by KC8VWM on February 27, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Apparently my callsign reflects that I am a financial planning consulting company.


RE: Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by K7UF on February 27, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
I am not certain of the policies on this board about advertising one's own business, so sorry in advance if this is inappropriate -- but, I can also provide domain registration, e-mail and website hosting at pretty good rates.

Take a look at of you are interested.
RE: Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by WB4AEJ on February 27, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Actually, netiquette would've suggested that (as a courtesy) you email the person writing the article and ask if that was OK.


Fred, WB4AEJ
RE: Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by W5GNB on February 27, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
My callsign could be an infringement upon my own business of "GNBengineering".

I wonder if I could sue myself??

If I represent myself in court, I could pay myself out of my own business expenses for time lost on the job plus "professional" services.

I could write off these expenses on my taxes, and perhaps become RICH because I didn't have to pay any stupid LAY-YER to defend me against myself!!


RE: Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by KC8VWM on February 27, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
I supposed as both the plaintiff and defendant in this case you could always choose to ensure a long and tiring legal battle with yourself and eventually settle out of court with yourself... However you are going to need a witness to stand trial. I suspect that since you are the only one that really knows of your own engineering act ivies then you are the best qualified person who knows about your own business activities so you might consider sending a subpoena to yourself to give testimony as an expert witness to your own case..

I would start by mailing yourself a registered letter and then give yourself 30 days for a reply. If you don't reply to yourself in that amount of time then you should call the county prosecutor to serve yourself a notice to appear and then simply take the three of yourselves to stand in front of a judge on the People's Court which happens to be on the air right after Jerry Springer and just before Jericho. Hams can't miss watching Jericho you know.

Good luck on your infringement investigation into yourself.
RE: Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by K4JF on February 28, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Uh, oh. I just discovered JF Asset Management. I'll have to find out if they have been in business longer than 1942. If not, I was here first. Or I can get them to sue JF Paintball. That should be an interesting fight!!
RE: Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by KG4RUL on March 2, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Well, I look and found that "RUL" is:

An electrical lighting equipment manufacturer in Yogoslavia

"Radical Unschoolers List" people who let their children run wild to learn about life or some such nonsense

A computer file extension for expert system rule files

A labor law firm in Louisiana

The Russian Union of Legates



Too many potential lawsuits, so little time!
RE: Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by NA6M on March 2, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Check out

$7 per year plus they host DNS. For hobby use, this is suitable. In my internet presence, I run all my own servers, mail and web alike. Drop me an email if you would like to do the same and I will show you the way.
RE: Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by WB4AEJ on March 2, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Go Daddy (the registrar in my article) also provides DNS plus a twenty-five megabyte POP box.


Fred, WB4AEJ
RE: Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by K4JF on March 8, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Respectfully suggested: To lessen the possibility of your being sued over your callsign, don't register it as a COMMERCIAL site. In other words, don't use ".com", which means commercial (yes, I know a lot of people don't follow that, but that IS what it means).

We should use ".net" or ".us" (if a U.S. ham), or even ".org". But not ".com", (unless it is a ham business, of course) because we are, by law, not commercial entities.
RE: Ham Domain (Rewritten):  
by WB4AEJ on March 9, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Well, it might lessen it to some minor degree, but it wouldn't eliminate that possibility. Using a .org might get you in trouble with some non-commercial organization. Using .net, .us, .ws, .biz, or .info would get you noticed in the search engines if some lawyer were to search for it.

Fred, WB4AEJ
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