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TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair

William Galanos (W6GQ) on November 14, 2012
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Strange coincidence on two TS-2000's mine and a friend 20 miles away.

Both TS-2000's had an intermittent problem. THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM!

The radio would work fine then all of a sudden, it would stop TX and RX.

Display worked fine, it continued to switch bands, frequencies and everything was still lit up.

You would shut off the radio and turn it back on and it would start working normal again.

Kept hearing a relay chatter every time this happened so took off the top cover where we heard the relay and the noise, there was a relay near the speaker. K201.

I even asked on several online forums for help.

SO there the radio sat, speaker removed with an external speaker hooked up just waiting for the radio to stop working.

Sure enough, it stopped, with the slightest of pressure, touched K201 and the radio started working again.

It did this multiple times over the next several days.

You could press the K201 relay back and forth and make the radio cut out just like it did on its own. Cold solder joint on the relay leg right?

There was A LOT TO DO to remove that board to get to the bottom of K201 and just re-solder the legs, so it took a few extra days to set aside time to do it. Finally a day with nothing to do and plenty of time.

Here is the fun part:

The very first screw removed to take off the board was for IC-202, which was to the left of where K201 was and mounted under the speaker. When this screw was removed, something was odd, ALL THREE LEGS barely had any solder on them and all three popped up off the board!

WOW!!! SO before removing anything else, CAREFULLY cleaned up IC-202 and the board, re-soldered the three legs and fired the radio up.

It worked perfect, I would press on the K201 relay and the radio would not stop working.


My friend immediately took his radio apart and IC-202 had a bad solder joint as well, he re-soldered his and IT WORKED!!!

I never thought of posting my results because we were just happy the radio worked.

I received an email from KF7SN who asked if the problem was ever solved because he sent his radio to Kenwood with the same issue, I believe he stated 3 times and multiple $$$$$ with no joy in the repairs. I will let him tell his repair history. So I sent him an email with the picture and location of IC-202. I also spoke with him over the phone. Told him how easy the repair was and should only cost him time and a few drops of solder. He said after many failed repairs from Kenwood, he put the radio in storage and just wrote it off. He said it would be several weeks before he could get to the radio and try the repair but he would let me know.

Curiosity must have got the best of him, because a few hours later I got this email from Geary:

"Thanks William, sure enough that Voltage Regulator was not soldered to the PCB at all. And I took it off and resoldered it to the board and brought the rig back up stair from the basement and it works fine. I took it very easy going down and up the stairs but I had to check out that IC #202. Thank you so very much, now I have a Radio, a TS-2000 back on the air and it did not cost me a thing. Unlike the last few times it was sent in for repairs."

I hope this simple repair will bring some failed TS-2000's back to the air!

Member Comments:
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TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by W0WCA on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
I LOVE stories like this!
TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by AI2IA on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Thanks so much for posting this article. This is just the sort of information hams need to share.

Whether you own a TS-2000 or not, the description of the problem and the repair opens up the mind to one more possibility of the cause of a malfunction. Today's transceivers are so very complex that in spite of high reliability components, the likelihood of a failure due to poor assembly becomes much greater than in the past.

Thanks again for sharing this very interesting article.
RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by KF4HR on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Thanks for posting this information. Hopefully this post will help others down the road. It sounds like this could be an indication of poor production quality control and inspection processes.

I've sent Kenwood equipment back to the factory for repair more than once and received the equipment back with the exact same problem. In one particular situation I sent my TS-2000 in twice for repair, along with a carefully written letter explaining the problem. Each time I'd get the equipment back with a letter from Kenwood saying they could not find my explained problem and the unit was found to be working properly. On the third time around I finally was able to talk directly to the Kenwood Tech that worked on my TS-2000 (no easy feat) and walked him through finding the problem (unit wasn't keying an external amp on the 2 meter band). After much aggravation, mailing/insurance costs, they finally fixed it.
TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by N7KFD on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!

Based on KF7SN's experience maybe you should let Kenwood know. That way more people won't waist money sending 2000's in for repairs that won't happen.

RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by W6GQ on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
The info was sent to Kenwood. I submitted this article for eHam approval on October 11 and was just approved today, November 14. I had also posted it on yahoo groups, QRZ, MODS.DK and various other sites and have received 4 emails from users who have had their radios sitting because they did not work and this repair brought the radio back to life. Seems like a common problem and I hope a lot more get their TS-2000 back on the air.
TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by N2DY on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Very helpful article. I have experienced similar intermittent problems with one of my two TS-2000s. I will open up the rig and see if I have the same issue. Thanks for posting this.
TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by N6YYI on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
EXCELLENT information. Thank you for sharing this! I am looking at getting one of these this could save me a lot of frustration and time.
TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by W4VKU on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Honestly, after having seen 2 TS2000's fail and
Kenwood service center return back both units stating
that it is unreliable/uneconomical to fix, i will not
recommend purchasing another kenwood.

The radio's were used in a Dxped environment for 2weeks. They returned the unit stating that they see
evidence of corrosion at the connectors etc.

The first rig would put out only 10w on HF. They said
it "could be a problem on the control board" and
"could result in corrosion in the interconnects for
other boards".

The second rig had white noise on Rx for all bands,
but full power out on Tx. The same story about

None of the other rigs that were used in the Dxped died in such a manner.

Kenwood quotes superior air circulation in the product
to the failure as compared to the other radios.

I say, it is crappy design and poor choice of connectors that were probably not gold plated to
reduces COGS.

Oh well, i used to love kenwood from the days of the
130s, 440s, 850. But now i am afraid to touch one.

Good luck to those owners who are able to fix the

RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by W3WN on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Gee, this looks familiar... <g>

Seriously, Bill, just wanted to thank you again for giving me permission to use this in my club newsletter (after it had been posted elsewhere... and I owe you a drink from the barkeep...)

I've had a lot of positive feedback over the article from some of the club members, and I think that there are going to be 1 or 2 more TS-2000's with a new shot at life because of it!

TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by K8GVK on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Since many 2000's do not exhibit this problem, it makes me wonder what production run was involved? Posting the production year(s) would be of help to other owners.

TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by N8GD on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
This is not an uncommon type of problem with many radios. I have a Kenwood TR-7950 2M radio that had intermittent transmit for a couple of years after I bought it back in the 80s. I finally took it apart and found the entire transmit board was one large mass of cold solder joints. I resoldered every connection and voila - the radio still works FB to this day!

I also have an Icom IC-V8000 that had intermittent audio that progressively got worse. I read a post under the reviews here on eHam that the problem was traceable to IC-9, the AF output amplifier IC on the Main Board, which had cold solder joints on its legs. Resoldering those connections fixed the radio and also increased the audio output in addition to eliminating the intermittent audio.

It seems that manufacturers don't always do a very good job of inspecting assemblies for cold or no solder joints. This is even more of a problem nowadays with automated board assembly and soldering techniques. I will file this away for future reference on my TS-2000 and may even open the radio up one of these cold winter days to check it. Hopefully this problem was with older production runs and mine, that was built earlier this year, will be OK. But the knowledge is now there, so a fix will be easy if necessary.

Greg - N8GD
RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by W5DQ on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Great article. I have a TS-2000S/X and although it doesn't exhibit the problem you describe (thank goodness), articles like these are a godsend to keeping our gear up and runnig for years to come. Someday someone may pick up a TS2000 that has this problem and with this info, it can be fixed and put back on the air ... possibly at a low price for the new owner. Knowing these little bits of info helps when shopping for used gear.

Gene W5DQ
RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by KB9TMP on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Not ham related but when I was a "Mr. Goodwrench" the 1986 and up Buick Regals with the TV screen for the radio and AC control was bad about going blank. There was a regulated power supply/converter box just above the gas pedal under dash that would quit working. Pulling them out taking the cover off and re-soldering all of the connections on the board would fix every one of them. It's not just radios that are prone to cold solder joints, modern automobiles have them also.

RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by AF6AU on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Kenwood over the years has issues with SMT solder joints. I have a TM441A 440 FM rig that had SMT chip resistors develop failed solder joints. These 2 resistors are mounted under a to3 regulator transistor (Q205 on the processor board for those with a TM 231/431/531/241/441/541 schamatic). After many hours of systematicly resoldering every SMT joint on the processor board, when these 2 resistors were re-solderd, no more display failures.

I have never seen such a failure in my old trusty TS-820S or my Icom 751 with big fat old school components. With the old 820, it been oxidation between IC chip legs and their sockets, an easy find/fix.

Think of this, the coefficient of thermal expansion between a carbon SMT chip resistor (and many other parts like relays) is different from the circuit board, and after years of warm/cold, the solder stress cracks, and a function fails or a dead rig..

"The more features it has the more there is to go wrong"- My father use to say this about new cars and appliances, he had NO idea!!

I truly think SMT is planned obsolescense. If thermal or flexural stress fractures of the soldering doesn't get you, oxidation, or tin whiskers in the IC chips will.

RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by W6GQ on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
One thing I would like to mention since you talk about heat, It has always ran hot since I bought it new. My buddy who had his TS-2000 also said his ran hot so we accepted it as "normal". After both radios had this failure and both have been fixed, they both seem to run cooler. No actual testing, we just know that we can place our hands on the radios and no longer feel the heat.
RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by WB0CJB on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
This is why I don't get rid of my Drake TR-4C and Kenwood TS-520S!!!
TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair--address Kenwood!  
by KE6SLS on November 14, 2012 Mail this to a friend!

Hey guys:

It is ALWAYS good to voice serious flaws about radios here and everywhere hams read reviews. However, you MUST TELL Kenwood about it too! They are big boys and they need to know they have a production issue so it can be corrected at time of manufacture.

Too many hams bellyache about this or that and sell off the gear but never address the real situation--tell the builder about the problem and give them the chance to fix it properly and make nice-nice.

I've had a good run with Kenwoods--actually better than all the other mfg combined. If the 2000 has flaws--help them make right by us and the downstream production of the model.


RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by W8QZ on November 15, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
As far as the thermal expansion mis-match: that's a big culprit, with SMT - no leads to take up the difference. Also, with the environmental pressure to eliminate lead in electronics - new equipment built with lead-free solder will be more likely to develop cracks in solder joints. That's why in my day job (military avionics), we still use leaded solder!
RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by N4FBW on November 15, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
SMT parts work very reliably for years IF they are properly soldered. Kenwood seems to have issues with their board assembly and soldering processes. Kenwood owners who find issues such as the poorly soldered voltage regulator should let Kenwood know right away.

I have had many SMT boards built at board houses and there are, unfortunately, many ways a board house can mess up an SMT board. All it takes is one tech who doesn't pay attention and you've got a bad batch of boards!

Rick, N4FBW
RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by AF6AU on November 15, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Notify Kenwood that they have SMT soldering issues? The issue goes back nearly 20 years!

Kenwood's worldwide service center records tell the story to their Q.C. Engineering Department every time they fill out a computer based A.R.M. form. I think their quest for 6 Sigma ends after 90 days to a year after ship date (for those in the know..). But this is NOT only Kenwood, the other makers have the same bugs too. Did you think Icom thought the IC-751 would outlast the memory battery?

My TM-441A is 1996 vintage, and they want it to die, after all Kenwood, or any other company exists by selling NEW gear... they want it to fail after some time, just slightly longer than the other popular competitors.

My work QTH is 5 miles from Yaseu/Vertex's California service center. I have been there in person to the service counter, with a 5 year old FT-817, and ended up scrapping it because of a processor failure. Even though it's still made, they pro-rate the age against the cost of repair. If the cost of repair is 1/2 or more of the rated value of the rig, it's done. 3 hours labor plus parts exceeds the value of a 5 year old current model 817.

Of course Icom drops the IC-706 because they up-sell to the 7000. Smart...

Imagine a world where wine glasses never cracked, car tires and brakes never wore out, a dream?

The sad thing is that a $10,000 rig has more probability to failure than a $900 one has today.

Whatever rig you buy, minimise temperature changes, minimise humidity, minimise motion and shock, minimise power supply glitches and voltage variance, pray if you must, and gamble a bit.

Sorry for not focusing on the TS-2000 thread guys, I just think this issue flows into about ALL MAKES AND MODELS today, and beyond radios too.

Be wary, and careful out there...
RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by K9KJM on November 15, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Yep, ALL brands have troubles, Some models more than others.
Thanks for posting this, Great FYI for TS2000 owners!

TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by N8RAT on November 15, 2012 Mail this to a friend!

Your findings motivated me to open up my TS-2000 to see what could be done for couple of intermittent problem Iíve had with mine for the last 6 months. One was identical to what you described. The second involved the receiver pre-amp (30 KHz-21.5 MHz) failing after several hours of operation. After removing the top & bottom covers, reconnecting the power supply and a service monitor to the HF antenna input. I removed the speaker, applied power, injected a signal (21.150 MHz) and began tapping with a plastic tuning tool in the vicinity of K201. Immediately the received signal began to drop in and out. I then moved to IC-202 (TA-7808 3-pin regulator) whereupon I discovered none of the leads soldered to the board. Re-soldering those connections cured the problem. I decided to move onto the receiver pre-amp problem. I flipped the unit over to expose the TX-RX board. Tapping the board in the vicinity of Q12 caused the pre-amp to fail intermittently. Moving to the vicinity of R65 caused the pre-amp to fail completely. A hand magnifier revealed one end of R65 to be barely making contact with the solder pad. Powering off the rig and using a pair of tweezers, I was able to completely remove R65 with almost no effort (it was barely making contact on either end). Re-soldering both ends of R65 cured that problem as well. Looks like lead-free solder (or improper technique) is probably the culprit here. Without going through my records, I cannot pinpoint when I purchased the rig. But I think it was around the year 2000. Mine is serial number 30700103. Again, thank-you for a very informative article about the TS-2000 problems!

RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by N1DVJ on November 16, 2012 Mail this to a friend!

Look For The Simple S... ESPECIALLY when it comes to connections.

One of the PRIME tools any tech should have is a wooded dowel. Used to tap on a circuit board or otherwise disturb components safely (NOT in any HV areas, of course!)

Sometimes it's a manufacturing fault, like cold solder joints. Othertimes it could be a component fault, like a lead that didn't take solder because it wasn't clean.

Sometimes it's a design fault. Like Tandy 1000's that used a connector on the power supply board that should be used in a plated through hole. Only trouble was the Tandy 1000 had a single sided PCB in the power supply. As a result, the power connector could flex on the board and the pad would 'lift off' the PCB. This wasn't usually a problem, as long as the unit was stressed enough to tear the trace. But sometimes the connection would develop a 'ring' crack around the connector pin. And for another strange reason this seemed to happen to the +12 more than any of the other pins. And if the +12 line went intermittent, the hard drive or floppy would go 'not ready' for a fraction of a second. What was really a wrench in the works was if you took the machine apart, just moving things around seemed to make the connection 'go good' and you couldn't find the problem. Put it back together and it would work fine, for a couple of weeks. Then start up the intermittent 'drive not ready' errors...

TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by N2TMC on November 16, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
These kinds of issues are why I never buy new. Radios have gotten smaller and smaller and harder to work on. Newest radio I have is a TS-430S and works everyday.

TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by N8RAT on November 16, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
UPDATE: I purchased my TS-2000 new in March of 2002. Curious if this problem might be something confined to any particular production run of these rigs.
TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by KF7SN on November 16, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Hello William W6GQ look what we started lol, its great that so many people have had these same problems and you found the problem and got this repair rolling. If I had not email you my TS-2000 would still be sitting on the shelf. Many thanks again my friend for all of your fine help. And I hope very much we can connect on air some time and have another chat like when I called you via the twisted pair.

Many thanks again and my God Bless.


Geary KF7SN Billings, Mt.,
RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by K9MHZ on November 17, 2012 Mail this to a friend! issue like this is anecdotal, and not a commentary on the reliability of modern gear. I'll stack up my modern rigs against anything I've previously owned over 35 years. But do what you want.
TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by KG0MN on November 19, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Thanks to Williams article I have my TS-2000 back at its operating position. The problem he describes was the exact same issue that he mentioned but I was able to fix the radio myself. Thanks again William for the valuable information.

Kevin - KG0MN
RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by KE4RWS on November 19, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
I wonder if "Geary" attempted to get his repair $$$ back from Kenwood seeing how they charged him for work that never actually repaired his rig?

I've always had very good results from Kenwood's repair facility but this is just an utter disgrace, and I'm afraid I'd have something to say to them about this is it were my TS-2000. However, this is great info to keep in mind of this ever happens :)
RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by WB4DX on November 21, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Just think of what the ham radio economy would
be like if every ham built his own stuff and held
onto his rigs for for his lifetime.
We wouldn't be able to buy anything because
there would be no manufactures out there making
anything! We ran 'em out of business!
Sure keep your old rigs, cool, I wish I would have, but at least
Invest in technology every 7 yrs. or so. They are not
all bad. At least we'll have companies around
making radios other than the chinese.
I see the end of the Icom, Yaesu and Kenwood amateur
divisions just as soon as Wouxun comes out
with a hf / 2m / 440 rig for around $500.
It's only a matter of time, they need to wake up and realize
That we don't need $500 ht's with gps. (unless we are hunting for sasquatch) We get along fine with one that costs $200 or less.
The days of the ridiculously high priced rigs are
I deal with smt at work, it's a royal pain, literally I get migraines at least twice a week using the magnifiers.
this was a great article though, much appreciated!

RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by K9MHZ on November 21, 2012 Mail this to a friend!

John, I was right with you until the "$500 GPS HTs" and "ridiculously priced" gear remarks.

New gear today is very affordable, especially when making a real dollars comparison to gear pricing in the past. Wouxun won't be able to offer a rig that will have the quality and features of an Icom 7600 for $ just won't happen. Also, not everyone is buying an Icom 7800 or ID-51 (when it's offered).

Great points about supporting current manufacturers...they're producing some very nice stuff, while operating on very slim profit margins compared to some of their other divisions like biz band and avionics.

73 and cheers.
TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by KE4ZHN on November 23, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Theres nothing more frustrating than an intermittent connection. Those will drive you nuts trying to figure out. The worst ones are those that wont replicate the problem when you want to repair them. It usually will only do it when you least expect working a rare one. Good job on the repair and good advice to those who own a TS-2000 with this issue.
RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by KA4KOE on December 4, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Early model serial number TS-940s were notorious for soldering issues on the power supply board and elsewhere. Don't buy one with a number lower than about 6 million, if memory serves.

RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by VA1CQ on December 6, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
"...Of course Icom drops the IC-706 because they up-sell to the 7000. Smart... "

Be careful what you read; it may not be true. The reason for most equipment being discontinued is due to unavailability of parts from suppliers with no acceptable alternative available. The IC-706 series had a life in the order of 15 years. This is an incredibly long time in modern manufacturing.
TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by KA1J on December 9, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
Although my problem was with my first rig, the TS-820S that I bought new, I had myriad cold solder joint problems with this radio, too many to mention in this post. It was not confined to one area or board, it was with multiple boards and throughout.

I say this not to distract from the thread, only to amplify the message of cold solder problems in at least two of these radios.

RE: TS-2000 No TX/RX Possible Repair  
by N1DVJ on December 9, 2012 Mail this to a friend!
VA1CQ has a point. There's already problems with older FT-817s and availability of some parts.

Most companies have 'rules' about the parts. Like all chassis parts need to be available while the unit is in production, then main chassis for so many days after production ceases. This becomes confusing when units are still in the stores and warehouses but from the factory point of view, it's a dead unit.

Then there are times when manufacturing can't get parts to build new. Sudden discontinuing of the product. However a LOT of companies make their 'repair parts' purchases at time of each production run. The only problem with that is what can happen when parts expire. Batteries for Radio Shack HTs are a prime example. They bought a big lot of batteries that aged in parts till they were almost dead by the time customers started needing them.

And every manufacturer can have problems when technology changes. Not just of the product, but manufacturing technology. When Radio Shack came out with their first digital scanner, the COMP-100, it was incredible. But within months of it being in customers hands it was a nightmare. Thank God it was a 'one-shot' and quickly replaced by the PRO-2001. But... When the COMP-100 worked, it was absolutely incredible. But the problem was the circuit board for the controller was so dense it cracked the vias and became intermittent when it was turned on and off. Coupled with a poor lacquer to 'seal' the board, it would swell depending on humidity.

I fixed my COMP-100 and it was rock solid. But it was a lot of work. I baked the control board in my oven at about 120 degrees overnight, then the next day spent the day soldering wire-wrap wire through every via. Yes, a PITA. Took three tries till I got it working right, then I sprayed the board with clear lacquer. I ended up selling the thing years later to someone who wanted 'that' scanner. It was still reliable.

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