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73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':

from The ARRL Letter, Vol 22, No 40 on October 11, 2003
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73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':

After completing 43 years of publication, 73 Amateur Radio Today magazine is calling it quits. Plans to publish a joint October/November issue fell through this week, and the September 2003 issue was the magazine's last. According to self-proclaimed "El Supremo and Founder" Wayne S. Green II, W2NSD, it was a simple matter of economics.

"After failing a last minute effort to collect on some larger accounts receivable we decided yesterday to throw in the towel--that the September issue will have to be the last," Green told ARRL October 9. "SK after 43 years of publishing."

The first issue of 73 was published in October 1960 from what Green--a former editor of CQ--once described as "a small, dingy apartment" in Brooklyn, New York. Since the summer of 1962, 73 has been based in Peterborough, New Hampshire--Green's home state. The magazine was a pioneer promoter of SSB, FM, solid-state, easy construction projects and the marriage of personal computing and Amateur Radio. His interest in microcomputing led Green in 1975 to found Byte, a magazine devoted to the then-nascent and largely do-it-yourself computer hobby.

At the peak of its popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, individual issues of 73 totaled more than 300 pages of ads, articles and commentary. Heading each issue was Green's inimitable "Never Say Die"--some would say never-ending--editorial, in which he rarely missed an opportunity to tweak the ARRL and his magazine competitors for their perceived shortcomings.

QST Editor Steve Ford, WB8IMY, says 73 published his first article in the 1970s. "I was saddened to hear that 73 has ceased publishing," Ford said. "Wayne's excitement about the growing amateur FM repeater phenomenon at the time was infectious."

Green's 73 editorials and regular round of personal appearances originally concentrated on Amateur Radio and his ideas to improve, advance and grow it. In recent years, however, they've veered into conspiracy theories, cures for cancer, AIDS and other ailments and Green's proliferation of book titles on those topics.

Green says he'll continue his essays on his Web site "for those subscribers who mainly bought the magazine for them." He told ARRL that no definite arrangements have been made yet about how to handle outstanding 73 subscriptions.

CQ Publisher Dick Ross, K2MGA, said he takes no joy from the passing of 73. "The loss of any publication serving Amateur Radio leaves all of us a bit poorer," he said. "Thank you, Wayne, for 43 entertaining, informative, sometimes infuriating, and always interesting years of 73. We'll genuinely miss it."


The ARRL Letter Vol. 22, No. 40 October 10, 2003

Member Comments:
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73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by FJGH on October 11, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Who cares? I can't believe he got money for this rag.
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by WB0IQT on October 11, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I will miss 73. I remember those huge issues in the 70's full of mods and projects. The mag has been thin for a number of years now, yet it was still fun to read.

If you are looking for another magazine to subscribe to, you can get RadCom, the magazine of the Radio Society of Great Britan at a discount by subscribing throught ARRL. Check their website.

73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by KE9V on October 11, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I hate to see 73 go. Wayne has been a publishing innovator and ham radio icon for over four decades. Despite his rambling editorials and sometimes cantankerous ways, ham radio is losing another asset. Thanks Wayne for the wild, whacky ride!
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by KG6AMW on October 11, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I took offense to one of Wayne's editorial musings that we never went to the moon. Having said that, I hate to see any ham radio publications go out of business. His magazine had a very interesting start in early 60's and a good run. Thanks for the memories Wayne.

73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by KE0XL on October 11, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
73 Magazine
Too East Coast.
Too much of Wayne acting like "Joe" flagwaver during
I had a subscription during the time he devoted pages and pages to PC's. That is not why I bought his mag..
I felt during that time the mag. was hijacked and ham radio was left behind.
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by K5PA on October 11, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Wayne Green and 73 Magazine are corner stones that will be missed in print. Wayne is very witty, controversial, but always interesting.

To reflect on his wittiness seek out the April '66 issue of 73 Magazine and chuckle. It will never be like this again.

73's 73!

RE: 73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by AE4X on October 11, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Sorry to see the final chapter of 73 Magazine. I suppose competing with CQ and QST was a difficult thing. When there's less revenue and less advertising support it's hard to keep a magazine and pay your staff.
Wayne is, in the true sense of the word, a character. Some can't stand him; others love him. To me, he's interesting.
I hope we haven't heard the last of Wayne. I used to enjoy listening to him on the late night show, Coast to Coast, with Art Bell.
If you think his editorials are intriguing you should listen to him speak. His ideas may be out there and far fetched but he makes you think and he holds on to the listener.
I guess all that can be said is....73, 73.
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by W4OJC on October 11, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Wayne Green has contributed to Ham Radio in many ways at different times.

His article pointing out in the early 60s that many of us had (have) become "appliance operators" was such a landmark (and true) article.

I think about that article every time I buy a length of coax with the connectors already installed...Wayne was right then...and several times since.
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by WD40 on October 12, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
73's Wayne, it's been a long and interesting ride.
RE: 73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by KA5N on October 12, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Boy am I glad I didn't buy that life subscription to 73 (your life or ours). Some folks may not know that Wayne Greene was the editor of CQ for 2 or 3 years before he started 73. He really expanded it and had some great articles before he got fired or quit or whatever (depends on who is telling the story). The early years of 73 were great and the huge 70's issues are terrific, I still dig them out when I am studying some aspect of ham radio. In latter years Wayne just got too weird for me. Last thing I read by him he was eating everything raw after washing the food with "silver collodion" (water that has had pure silver soaking in it for a while). That is ok with vegetables but he was eating raw chicken! Yuuck!
So long 73 you already been dead for some time.
Allen KA5N
RE: 73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by AE4X on October 12, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Actually, as a pharmacist, silver colloid is regarded as a dangerous substance. It should NEVER be used and it's a crime that these companies are trying to sell it. They get away with it by not having to have FDA approval. There is known evidence that silver colloid accumulates in the liver.
I cringed every time I heard Wayne talking about it; same goes for half the products advertised on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell/George Noory (HCG hormone, etc.)
Raw chicken is probably not a great thing to eat either (salmonella, etc.).
Wayne is an interesting and highly intelligent man, no doubt, but he may have too much silver colloid on the brain thinking that we didn't land on the moon, aliens our running our government and the cellular telelephone is a CIA conspiracy trap.
I wish him well and hope he finds the time to regroup himself in his quiet New Hampshire retreat for his next ham radio idea. I'm sure the loss of 73 magazine will not affect Wayne financially (I can only imagine what he's worth).
Maybe Wayne will have a solution for this BPL impending crisis. 73, Wayne.
RE: 73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by W3DCG on October 13, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Well, it is sad to see any ham radio publication go QRT. I never did get around to subscribing- in 1979 Field and Stream won out 2nd to QST as a Novice out in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
In 2001, again QST won out due to economics and value, somehow, between 1979 and 2001 I acquired 4 kids instead of multiple magazine subscriptions!
At this juncture, I'm lucky to have one, plus annual membership to the Zoo.

Perhaps an On Line Magazine, at very reduced cost? What about all those Contests, what's going to happen...

Oh wait, that's CQ.

Sorry. I'll miss the covers in select bookstores.

73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by VE3XNB on October 13, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I too will miss 73 greatly. It is what first really got me interested in Ham Radio. I was first disapointed when 73 disappeared from the magazine racks here in Canada, but at that time I had a very BAD feeling. QST had also disappeared from the magazine racks but IMHO there is just no comparison between the 2 publications.


RE: 73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by KE6I on October 13, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Good luck Wayne with any future ventures, and thanks for all the magazines. Mostly I read them back at the Berkeley library in the late 70's/earl 80's.

(But, guys, stay away from that silver.)
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by K5UJ on October 13, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
In going QRT 73 may be trail blazing again. I don't see the other magazines continuing in their current form indefinitely. QST has cut down on the number of pages they publish. For one thing, if you are reading this you probably do not rely on the magazines as your first and primary source of ham news. The cost of printing and mailing is always going up but more important, younger people simply do not rely on print for information the way older people do. Over the next 20 or 30 years I expect the surviving magazines to be totally online.
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by FORMER_K0PD on October 13, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I as a subcriber to 73 mag will miss it as it was the only mag that ticked you off on one page and excited you on the next.Wayne was indeed filled with what one would call a alternative view of life.But as ridiculous as Wayne thinking the moon landing never happened he also made one think about the Big Drug companies control over medicine and research.But most of all he asked the question's that needed asking about how the ARRL operates and whether they were indeed working on what Ham's need.
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by WB8VGE on October 13, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
well that explains why I have not been paid for the last year for articles and columns I have done for the O'l green. Oh well... easy go... Mike, WB8VGE
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by AD7DB on October 13, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
His magazine stopped being something to be taken seriously for any reason quite a few years ago. But the mags he put out during 1976, 1977 or so... hundreds of pages per issue. LOADS of great articles. Well worth buying. I sure miss those issues. Even the ones from the 1960's... for a time he made covers that resembled Playboy, QST, MAD, a U.S. Army Training Manual... lots of others. Nobody could imitate his wit, and it was refreshing to have a different view on things. Wayne showed how much FUN ham radio could be. With the death of his mag sometime around 10 years ago, it's just been a thin walking zombie until Wayne decided to just bury it. Hey, at least 73 Magazine didn't die because Wayne died first... or did he?

73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by WB8ELK on October 14, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I was Managing Editor of 73 for almost 3 years starting in was great fun and a chapter in my life I'll always remember fondly. My first article was published in 73 in 1989 and I can't remember just how many ATV columns I wrote for 73 over the years.

Wayne was always encouraging of innovation and new modes of operation....and not as cantankerous to work with as you might think. He gave me free rein to choose articles and layout the issue as long as I left him enough pages for his editorial (of course). 73 was his monthly open forum to the World and as always his goal was to stir folks up and motivate. I surmised that he had the following formula for his editorials:....50 percent of the subscribers agreed passionately with what he was saying, 50 percent vehemently disagreed....but 100 percent of them bought the magazine just to see what he would say next....the tricky part is keeping a 50/50 balance <smile>.

73s to 73....I'll sure miss you,

Bill Brown WB8ELK
Huntsville, Alabama

73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by AD7DB on October 14, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
A couple of more things... he had a huge continuing series of "CB to Ten: Part XXX" articles, all involving how to convert old 23 channels CBs to 10m AM. Seems that there were tons of those obsolete units when CB expanded to 40 channels. That was good info, I thought. Helped me understand the issues concerning doing conversions in general.

The license study guide sections were very good. This was before the pool was published. They actually taught some deep theory.

I'd sure like to buy the back issues on CDROM if they ever come out. I have the QST ones from 1940-1979, and the old Ham Radio from 1968-1976 so far.
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by W6JE on October 14, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I thought the Fun! column that ran in 73 back in the 80s was really superb. I wonder whatever became of KI2U?
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by K8AG on October 14, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
One more nail in the coffin for techies and tinkerers. Sorry to see it go.


John Pawlicki, K8AG
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by W0RSP on October 15, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
The passing of any ham radio publication is a loss to the hobby, regardless of how controversial or wierd the associated personnel might be. Remember that hundreds if
not thousands of hams are actually responsible for that long series of monthly mags. The major weakness of 73 was its lack of strict technical editing -- just about
anything could find its way into print, both the well-
designed and/or well-researched articles as well as the
"not so well" etc. Nonetheless, the ton of stuff does
include a lot of technically sound materials, including
much of the "ground-breaking" material that Wayne published. Incidentally, I have a stack of 73's from
later 70's and 80's -- don't know how many or exactly
what, but since I'm facing retirement and can't take
everything with me, it's available to the highest bidder! I've xeroexed out most of what I wanted anyhow.

72, Ade
RE: 73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by KE6I on October 15, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
DId 73 Magazine ever pubish back issues on CDROM/DVDROM? Wouldn't mind having that. (Though I don't want a ton of old magazines in the house.)
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by K7LA on October 15, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Good riddance.
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by WB8UHZ on October 15, 2003 Mail this to a friend!

73 was once an interesting magazine, but then
turned into what could best be described as a
CB rag. Later, in recent years it was not worth
the paper it was printed on. When it became a
CB rag you could really see that Green was only
interested in himself and selling magazines he
like others could care less about the negative
effect on ham radio.
RE: 73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by KB6NU on October 16, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
Anyone interested in joining with me to talk about buying the name from Wayne Green and putting out a "new 73" magazine? I'm semi-serious about this. I have 15 years of editorial experience with electronics engineering trade magazines and have been a ham for 32 years.

I think our slant would be to write articles aimed at newcomers to the hobby and all of those who have a license but are not actively using them. The product would be a combination online/print publication.

What we need is a publisher, i.e. someone who can go out and sell advertising.

E-mail me if any of this sounds interesting to you.


RE: 73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by WA7NDD on October 16, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I hope he paid you. I talked to many people who had written articles for 73 and never got paid. I was one of them. He owed me $180.00 and it took several letters and months. When I finally shamed him enough he paid me. He must have been hurting then becasue he paid me with a peraonal check. This was about 1995.

I am still sorry to see 73 go, but not after he got off the mark with his "Never Say Die". QST is about had it for me also. I only subscribed out of habit this last time, but I think it will be the last. The AES catalog is a better deal.
73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by WY3X on October 16, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I think of it this way- it was a fair substitute for "Ham
Radio" magazine. All the great articles were explained in
laymens terms and were easy to understand. Sure- one had
to make personal conclusions about Wayne's editorials,
but is there anyone who would argue that they were not
interesting reading? I thought not. One month a couple
of years ago 73 was gone from the magazine rack at Barnes
& Nobles. I wondered what had happened, and assumed that
73 went belly up at that time. Like another fellow above
my comment, I would be willing to pay for a CD with all
the back issues on it as well. Some of you may not like
73, but amateur radio has lost a friend in the loss of
the publication called 73, Amateur Radio Today. Wayne
Green, I salute you for a job well done. Your magazine
will be sorely missed in my household!

RE: 73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by KC8VWM on October 17, 2003 Mail this to a friend!

In my mind 73 was gone when it left the magazine racks.

I remember it was close in proximity to those "Popular Science" magazines. I think CQ was there too.

Then came the early PC experimenters magazines in the 80's. They wiped out virtually every other "hobbyist" magazines left standing on the shelf.(except Guns n Ammo) :)

But, I do have fond memories as a youth spending countless hours pouring over 73 back in the 70's.

Some of the projects I remember in particular related to building an auto-patch for your radio (new idea at the time), a CW practice code oscillator, and of course my favorite, antennas.

As far a PC's are concerned, I think there is too much emphasis on them in society today. Too bad, cause many people will not be able to experience the radio hobby like the days when 73 was on the racks.


RE: 73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by KG4YJR on October 17, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
To Dan KB6NU, who wrote:

>>Anyone interested in joining with me to talk about buying the name from Wayne Green and putting out a "new 73" magazine?<<

Without going into it too much or doing any research, aquiring the name/trademark 73 might come with unexpected expenses. I do know that it is copyrighted. Just from hearing in several converstaions over the years from others with thoughts of saving a failed business, it seems like they might inherit some of the old problems or have to pay-off old debts as part of the deal. I would like to see a different ham magazine out there besides QST or CQ. One that isn't the same thing as an AES or HRO catalog as another writer posted so maybe you should still keep that in mind and keep us posted if you do.

RE: 73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by K7VO on October 22, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
In recent years 73 was best used shredded for lining my ferrets' litter pans. Actually, I'd have been afraid that litter would have been toxic to my ferrets.

Yes, it was a good magazine 15-20 years ago.
RE: 73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by N2WEC on October 24, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
I just came from his Green's web site. He cannot possibly believe all that crap........or can he?
RE: 73 Magazine Says '73 and QRT':  
by 4X1MK on November 13, 2003 Mail this to a friend!
73 and MAD magazine

After MANY years, I picked up a copy of MAD, and was
sorely disappointed to see how it had degenerated... just a cheap imitation of its old self. Sadly, the same with 73, a magazine that I treasured and grew up and matured with.

I received my first 73 magazine in 1963... it was indeed great for many decades. Later I was a regular contributor to its international column for over a decade.

Things seemed to get a bit strange about 5 years ago, when they never sent me the payment for an article I had written for them and published (The El-Cheapo - a collinear dipole for HF). Another ex (verteran) columnist confirmed for me that there was definitely a problem in getting payed, and as such he "resigned".
(I remember Wayne editorializing in the old days about how he got writers for his mag by paying promptly, something which he accused CQ Magazine, of which he was once editor, of not doing.)

The last straw for me was about half a year ago when Wayne wrote in his editorial that the terrorist attacks of 9-11 occurred on the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, so that "the Jews" would "coincidentally" not be hurt in these attacks. Actually Yom Kippur was on another day entirely, and as people of all nationalities were hit in these atrocities, so were those of Jewish ethnicity... I wrote him about his erroneous statement, which I said added fuel to those who blame Jews for all the world's troubles.

Something so volatile and untrue like that should have been carefully researched before printing, and this casts a big question on the reliability and truth of all his other statements.

Indeed it could be that Wayne has been "losing it", going "off the wall" during the last while and in spite of all his self-congratulatory statements, there may well have been some problems.

Having said that, it is sad indeed to see the changes of good things going under. The demise of 73 was a process underway as observed by anyone who continued to receive the mag.

I remember fondly the "old 73", all the great articles that enriched my ham radio activities, and am very grateful for.

As George Harrison's (of the Beatles) song goes, "All Things Must Pass", and so it is.

New and good things will continue to arise nourished from the compost heap of the past!

73 to you all,

Ron 4X1MK
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