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Classified: Hallicrafters Station. SX-88 SX-101 HT-32A HT-33A Sold

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SOLD!Trying to help the son of as SK. we have a complete Hallicrafters station and more. I have taken pictures of the equipment but did not plugin so i can not guarantee operation. However, this ham was meticulous with everything he had so i can't imagine him having it all connected if it did not work. The station consists of the following

[1] SX-88 Receiver
[1] SX-101 Receiver
[1] HT-32A transmitter
[1] HT-33A Amplifier

Also included are the following but these were not connected so we don't know if they are operational or for parts.

[2] SX-101 Receivers
[2] SX-110 Receivers
[1] HT-32A Transmitter

We would like to sell everything together as in buy the station and get the other equipment as well, so the main station will NOT be broken up and sold separately.
Shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer however we will deliver or meet within 100 miles of Detroit Metro Airport. More pictures available