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Classified: 811A/572b tube filament burn in kit

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For Sale, is an 811A or 572B tube filament burn in kit, ready for mounting in an enclosure or on a small board. The tube output voltage is adjustable through a variable resistor. Comes with a used 811A tube, porcelain tube socket, 6 Amp transformer, line cord wired for 120vac and adjustable voltage filament resistor. (120vac transformer terminals are sealed with RTV) The AC Voltmeter is not included. The RCA 811A tube does not show any shorts between all of the plate cap and bottom tube pins, but there is no guarantee on the RCA 811A tube performance. $60.00 plus $16 ship. Pay check or MO.
Also Pictured is a Porcelain 4 pin porcelain tube socket and porcelain plate cap that can purchased for an extra cost of just $10 more for both. Fits 811/ 572 TUBES.