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2023-06-04********Towers & Access********
selling my US TOWER TRX-80 raising fixture : has an electric winch on it instead of a hand crank : good condition - no known issues - has been in storage since it is excess to my needs : this is " not " the heavy duty (HD) model : only thing you may need to purchase will be some mounting bolts at a local hardware store - i have the bolts for the arms that attach to the tower base : these sell for $1600 new : i m selling mine for half price $800 : payment by zelle or paypal or cash money : local sale only (in Arizona) - no shipping : no trades : willing to travel a reasonable distance to meet in Arizona : pictures available upon request

US Tower ALM 31

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2023-05-29********Towers & Access********
ALM (Aluminum Light Mast) 31 with MARB rotator base and raising fixture. Includes Yaesu G-1000DXA rotator and controller. Components comprise a free-standing, crank-up, tilt-over tower. Purchased in 2020 and used for about two years. Selling because we downsized. My cost was approximately $5K. Save thousands. Asking $3K.
Additional photos are available. I will not sell components separately. Pick up in Sierra Vista, AZ.

Wanted to Buy

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2023-05-28********Towers & Access********
I’m looking for a good used self-supporting tower. 40-60 feet. Telescoping would be best, with motorized winch. Either including accessories or having factory accessories available. Will pick up. I’ve looked at U S TOWER with the 30” base.
Also, I will install in western Washington- Northern Idaho.
I would like to find help installing
Thank you. 73

NEW 12 volt 10 watt s0lar panel

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2023-05-27********Towers & Access********
12 V 10-watt solar panel New in box. Excess to my needs. $20.00 + shipping 73

New Tower Hardline/Grounding Kits

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2023-05-27********Towers & Access********
Ground your tower and/or hardline. These are (NOS) new old stock, RFS ground kits for 1-5/8" hardline cable, but could be used for other sizes. RFS part # 15579774. Will work on Andrew 1 5/8" hardline. Replace the end clamp and use on any size hardline. Resize the strap and use for grounding your tower legs.Kit comes with:
(1)one fresh roll of 2-1/2" x 24" butyl tape (Rubber coax sealer)
(1) one #6 copper ground wire w/lug kit and stainless hardware
(1) one roll of 3/4" x 66' black electrical tape.
Five (5) complete kits for $69 shipped.
If you have any questions call 301-233-0910. Thanks, Dave N3EJT


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2023-05-26********Towers & Access********
Aluminum Tower sections by Universal Tower. Unused 10ft.x14" top section with 2" collar and mating 10ft.x18" Tapered section. Local pickup: Chicago suburb. Both, $250. You can create a 20 or freestanding, self supporting tower or roofmount it with appropriate bases. Thanks for looking.

FS: NN4ZZ TiltPlate

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2023-05-25********Towers & Access********
NN4ZZ is no longer selling TiltPlates. This model came from Degen Design in Ontario, the new owners of TiltPlate sales & service. This is the "Mini" tilt plate, which will actually handle fairly large antennas. This unit was purchased new 2 months ago and has not been used (long story). The original cost shipped from Canada was $1,110 CND ($827 USD), I'm selling it for $650 + $50 shipping. Note that Pack & Ship is $120 at the UPS store!

Upon request, photos of additional hardware, specifications, and the original receipt will be sent via Email.

73, Bill AA4M
Tucson, AZ

Large Tower

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2023-05-24********Towers & Access********
Towers for sale. $85 per sec Rohn 25 size. Several small beams, $30 to $75 each. Let me know if interested. the large 3” pipe tower is Sold and not available.
USED, 2 Large Towers, solid rod is Approx is 50' and the angle tower is 100’ Price are Negotiable
$6500 for the Solid rod tower and $4000 for the Angle Tower,
not a tower expert. Please be advised that if you purchase these items, you accept all responsibility AND LIABILITY for your installation and/or use. I will not be legally responsible for accidents or condition of tower. You should have an engineer confirm the items are suitable for use. DO NOT purchase if you don't agree to these terms!
Lipan, TX
Location is approximate

W8WA Tower and Antenna Dismantle

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2023-05-22********Towers & Access********
All hams,

We are in the process of dismantling my contest station in northern Michigan. At age 84, my wife and I are downsizing from a 6 acre residence to a smaller home on a city lot.

I have a total of 5 towers up at my estate. All Rohn towers are spoken for (SOLD).

However, my largest tower at 140 feet is up for grabs (FREE) for anyone who will take it down. It is a AM broadcast tower 20" on each leg and in 20 foot sections. Flat plates hold the tower legs together at each section. On top is a beefed up (3" boom and properly tapered elements) Mosley S-402 - 2 element 40m beam, which is also free with removal.

This tower and antennas were put up by Bill Maxson, N4AR, with his Rohn 65 ginpole, which I do not have. Some have suggested using a crane for removal. Bill called it a "stealth" - "no wiggle" tower in his many years climbing this tower. It held my Eu stacks.

Best regards,

Lee Ewald

Or..3 bedroom Home on 6 acres with all antennas and 5 towers $465,000.00. Located across from beautiful Torch Lake.

Glen Martin RT-936

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2023-05-19********Towers & Access********
Fully assembled Glen Martin RT-936 roof tower,, LR-4800 lightning rod, MA-1049 medium duty mast and KB-1100 sidearm, arriving in West Palm Beach, FL June 12th. Asking $350 OBO. Pick up only. PayPal or cash only. Package will be available as long as I maintain the self storage unit I'm renting - Probably about a month.

Looking for Rohn 65G or Rohn 55G Tower sections

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2023-05-17********Towers & Access********
I am looking for Rohn 65G or Rohn 55G heavy duty tower sections for antenna projects in Southern California. Will pay 4k for 120 ft of Rohn 65G if in good condition. Let me know what you have available and where. Thanks! KH6USA


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2023-05-09********Towers & Access********
SOLD!For Rohn 25 bor similar tower
$100 for the set


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2023-05-09********Towers & Access********