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Icom IC-7300

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2019-11-08W6RUHF Radios66.126.40.151
Bought this 7300 in June of this year and I am finding I just don't use it much with the other radios I have. All items that came with it are unopened. Radio as new. $850 shipped. Thanks, Terry W6RU

Used Eimac 8877 Tube

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SOLD!I have one 8877 left that instead of putting out 1500 to 1600 watts like my new tubes I had, will run 1400 watts output. This is with 50 watts drive on 20 meters with about 3100 volts. $350.00 Paypal shipped. Thank You, Terry W6RU

2 New Eimac 3CX800A7 Tubes

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SOLD!Sold the amplifier and won't be needing these any longer. Matched pair of NEW 3CX800A7 tubes that have been tested in my amp before I sold it.
2014 production date. $ 1200 shipped. Paypal preferred. No trades. Thank You, Terry W6RU, Bakersfield, CA.

2 New Eimac 8877 Tubes

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SOLD!Continuing to get rid of stuff I know I will never use. Here is a matched pair of Eimac 8877 tubes in new condition. I did test both of them on 20 meters with 50 watts drive for about 1/2 minute each to confirm they are good. Date code is 0437 on both of them. I would like to sell as a matched pair, $1400 shipped. Thanks, Terry W6RU. Bakersfield, CA.