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Jim Tylee:
Hi Paul,
        Yes its a  genuine ctss board from Yaesu, which replaces the 1750 pcb the ctss will not run continuously unless the call button is kept depressed.

Jim Tylee:
 Hello Steve,
         Yes it works perfectly with the original 1750 board, havent tried talking with call button depressed yet. Tried pressing f then tone and i do not get the display in top right corner, which leads me to think it is not a compatable model..

         thanks for replying Steve



I'm certain mine is a B model too from it's freq coverage.How else do I tell? I don't have the CTCSS board but:

When I do the F and TONE thing a segment fills on the LCD display - under the TONE icon. NOT in the top right as the manual says. What does yours do?


Jim Tylee:
     When i press f and then tone i also get the bar, but the manual states in the top right hand corner there will be a indicator for ctss, i dont get thie display at all. The only way it will tx the ctss tone is if i keep tone button depressed, then the repeater will come up but on pressing the mike button i cannot go through the repeater......

     The whole thing is a pain,because even if it worked there is no 1750 on the ctss pcb so its down to a whistle.......    anyway i will have to leave it for a while because the external hard drive has packed up now on the p.c.

        thanks Steve..jim.........

I apologize for opening up a 4-year old topic but I spent considerable time reverse-engineering all this, and I didn't find it either.
I do have the answer now, so for the benefit of others:

On the CPU-board, near the microphone jack, there are 2 jumpers, JP04 and JP05. On European rigs, with 1750 boards, these are set to 'burst'. Change both junpers to 'call' and you should be all set.
No need to change the model from B/C to A or something like that - that only changes repeater shift and band edges.

With this jumper change, you get:
- Call button now behaves like a 'call channel' or 'home channel' as it is
  known on newer yaesus
- You loose the ability to send 1750 bursts (no big loss)
- The tone board only gets power if 'tone' is on. Hence, if you leave the
  1750 board in, you will get 1750 Hz on all TX when you enable 'tone'.
  Change the board for a tone board and you should be all set.

If you can't find a FTS-7, use another board: pin1=+5V, pin5=GND,
pin6=CTCSS out

I actually took apart the old 1750 board and replaced the circuitry
with a CTCSS generator of own design. YMMV.

I'm interested in a PDF of the original installation manual of the
FTS-7 module. If you have a copy, my amsat.org address works.


Geert Jan PE1HZG

COPYRIGHT: inclusion of this info on for-pay mod sites
requires my permission.
Thanks for playin'


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