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Title: Buxcomm / www.packetradio
Post by: AC4RD on August 19, 2015, 03:55:54 PM
I've been inactive for a few years, but recently I started thinking about playing with radios again.  I wanted some simple mobile stuff--some whips, ferrules, mounts, and such--and took a look at Buxcomm.  I've bought a bunch of stuff from Buxcomm (www.packetradio) over the years; good prices and fast service.  And I've gotten a ton of helpful advice from Buck, K4ABT, over the years--I emailed him a half-dozen times when I was first trying PSK and RTTY with his "Rascal" interface and was confused. 

I've been out of radio for a few years, but I was pleased to see Buxcomm still in operation; I ordered some small antenna parts and some cable, got good prices, and super-fast shipping.   Thanks, Buck!  73!