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Title: Congratulations to FLARC on their 60th anniversary!
Post by: W4KYR on October 11, 2016, 02:01:49 PM
Congratulations to the Fairlawn (NJ) ARC on their 60th anniversary!

When I lived in NJ, I was a member of FLARC. We used to have our club station at the old recreation center in Fairlawn and we would open every Friday evening as long there wasn't a play going on and informally meet and talk ham radio. It was one of the few clubs (for miles) that had it's own club station in the building.

We used to hold monthly club meetings at the rec center as well as have VE exams every few weeks. If I recall correctly, at the time we had a 2 meter SSB station, a packet station as well as two HF rigs. One was a Drake and the other one was an hybrid Kenwood. We had a 40 ft tower with a 3 element beam and an 40/80 meter dipole as well. The time frame was in the early to late 1990's.

In addition to having a club station, we also a fair collection of older but still usable ham radio equipment. We were allowed to borrow some of those older receivers or transmitters for up to two weeks at a time.

So eventually after I left NJ, they had to close the rec center and the station. But the club lives on in a new building with a very impressive set up from what I hear.

Some of the older members might remember me, my name is Bill and my old calls were N2QJJ and KF2OK. I was a member of FLARC in the mid to late 1990's.

Again, congratulations and thanks for many great years.