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Title: Bryan Fields W9CR ex-KB9MCI lousy repair lousy attitude
Post by: W6MTF on December 23, 2016, 03:53:46 PM
Bryan Fields wanted me to spell his name right in my negative review, after I informed him of his overlooking my two requests for some programming after he repaired my Motorola CDM1550 222MHz radio.
First off, note that I had said there was no hurry on the repair I shipped a Motorola radio to have WB filters installed.
A couple days later he suddenly advised the radio was packed and ready to ship. I thought nothing against that but when it arrived I discovered he had placed the faceplate on upside down, that is when looking at the radio face with the lettering right side up the heatsink is now at the top side of the radio with the manufacturers labels etc showing and the top cover is now what it rests on. This is a screaming oversight on his part. >:(
We had already had a few words about his lack of interest in programming 6 frequencies into the rig after reset the firmware and programmed a simplex freq in it for testing purposes.
I suppose he didn't want to bother replying to my request enclosed with the radio to please add a few freqs, after all it was properly programmed when I sent it and he wiped out all the data when he did his testing which BTW was unnecessary as it worked fine.
And I had a couple more radios that needed his filter mod which I was waiting to send him but he is the LAST person on earth I would ever consider sending anything to.  Of all the hams I have ever dealt with this guy is the WORST!

Why my comment on his attitude? well, when I informed him he put the faceplate on 180 degrees out he said I "didn't recognize quality work"! If that's not a insult what is? This guy needs to learn something about doing business, even if its part of his 501(c)3 non profit business. When someone engages one's technical services they deserve some respect especially if they paid good money for it! 
Well, W9CR's workmanship quality is BAD his attitude is WORSE ! 
I would NEVER recommend W9CR for anything. 

Title: RE: Bryan Fields W9CR ex-KB9MCI lousy repair lousy attitude
Post by: K4SAT on February 04, 2019, 05:26:28 PM
You do know that the control head on that radio can be inverted giving two different mounting options? Its pretty easy, a caveman can do it.